Saturday, February 11, 2017

Saturday and Breakfast Out

I slept very well last night. I awoke at midnight and went to the bathroom but went right back to sleep and slept until nearly 5:00 when I got up, made the bed and got myself ready for the day. I will pick up Bob at 6:45 and we will go to Eggberts for breakfast.

I don't really have a plan for today. I may strip my bed and wash the bedding. It depends on how I feel after breakfast. I have been feeling well except for getting so tired. I guess that's all a part of the healing process. I am just not used to naps and resting all afternoon.

More later...Missy is patiently waiting for her breakfast.

Well I fed Missy and later picked up Bob for breakfast at Eggberts. It was good and filling too.

When I got home I stripped my bed and changed it and washed the sheets and pillow cases.  Then I remade the bed with some older sheets that were in better shape. So now everything is done. Wednesday I dusted with polish, Thursday I scrubbed the vinyl floors and Friday I vacuumed the carpets. Now everything is nice and clean.

It's only 9:50 and I don't know what I will do the rest of the day.

So more later....

Bob came by about an hour ago and asked me to go to Independence with him for a Big Cheese Pizza. We just had one on Tuesday but you really can't get enough Big Cheese pizza.  Of course, I said "yes!"

Now I will lay on the sofa and get some rest. More later...

Later Missy and I went outside in the 780 degree weather. What a winter! She was so glad to get to go out again. She lay in the dead grass and rolled around happily.  Finally Jeannie came out so she went back in the house. Jeannie is a stranger to her and she is leery of strangers. Jeanie lives in the very next apartment of the fourplex from mine. Strange cat!

I did get some rest this afternoon and later Bob came to watch the news. When he left I took my shower and washed my hair. These showers ruin my hairdos. I will be so glad when I can bathe again. 

Image may contain: tree, sky, house, plant, grass, outdoor and nature

This is the latest photo of my son and daughter-in-law's new home. 

About 9:00, Missy and I went to bed. 

Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday and Another Week Gone

Where does time fly? It's another week gone by. Time flies when you get old. Maybe that's because there's so little time left.

Today I will vacuum the carpets. I got the bare floors done yesterday before we left for Joplin.

I slept well last night. I woke up at 12:30 and went to the bathroom and it took awhile to get back to sleep...but I did get back to sleep and slept until after 5:00.

I've made the bed and dressed and fed Missy and myself and watched the news and the weather. It's supposed to be up over 70 degrees today but very windy.  I don't have anything planned for the day except cleaning.

I got the crossword puzzle finished this morning.  I was working on it when Bob came last evening but I gave it to him to read. Then I never got back to it.

I did some laundry yesterday evening. I noticed this morning that both Missy's afghans were covered with cat hair so I ran them both through the dryer on "fresh air" setting and then had a wad of hair to clean off the lint screen.  I should have done that weeks ago. I usually do it at least once a week. But I have been off my usual routine ever since the surgery. It was three weeks last Wednesday. I will be so glad when everything gets back to normal...whatever that is. But I really appreciate not having to find a bathroom everywhere I go.  I believe the surgery was successful.

More later...

I went to the market and forgot to get my frozen french fries. Now I will have to go back. I took a list but left it in my purse. Dumb! Dumb! Dumb!

We are having Sloppy Joes and french fries for lunch today.  I have grated the onion in preparation for making the sloppy Joe mix. I have thawed the ground beef too.

More later....

The Sloppy Joe's turned out well and after Bob went home after lunch his daughter, Denise, came looking for him.  He did not go straight home. She stayed awhile and visited but then after I texted him she was looking for him, he said he was home now. She went to visit with him.

I lay on the sofa with Missy and rested while watching TV.  Later I finished reading the new Readers Digest and when the newspaper came, I did the crossword puzzle.

He came back in the evening to watch the news and watch Brooks and Shields on PBS.  After he left, I took my shower and Missy and I watched TV until 8:00 when Missy and I went to bed. I was very tired.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thursday and a trip to Joplin

I slept fitfully last night. Finally I started counting my breaths (one two, one two)  and finally fell asleep again. Sometimes that works. It did last night. I got up sometime after 5:00 and dressed and got myself ready for the day. I fed Missy and myself and watched the weather and the news. Then I worked the crossword puzzle in the newspaper. That's a nearly every day occurrence.  It helps my memory. At least I think it does.

Bob and I will go to Joplin to eat at Olive Garden today. We plan to leave about 10:00. It's an hour and a half drive. After we eat, we will walk their mall. We always like to check out TJ Maxx there. And I like to check out their larger Christopher and Banks women's wear store....not that I need anything.

I checked at the video store for that movie Scott told me about....Hacksaw Ridge... It won't be out on DVD until the 26th of the month.  I will check back after that.

It's 7:30 and I want to wash the kitchen and bathroom floors this morning before we leave so I will get back to this later....

Well, I got the bathroom and kitchen floors washed before I left for Joplin. Then we found that when we got just west of Baxter Springs, there was a big detour. We had to drive north to Columbus, Kansas, and then ten miles further to another road just north of Baxter Springs before we could meet up with 166 again. That was 10 miles north and 10 miles south out of our way and the same thing coming home. 40 extra miles was not what we had planned on. We could have gone to the Owasso, Oklahoma Olive Garden closer. But we did enjoy lunch there.

I was able to find another round table cloth though at Bed Bath and Beyond. It is similar in color to one I already have but has a different pattern. So that is fine. That gives me four 60 inch round table cloths. I will need to find some napkins. I wasn't going to pay $8.95 for two napkins to match the tablecloth. I would have wanted four anyhow. I only paid $19.98 for the tablecloth.

We got back to Coffeyville at about 3:30. Missy was very glad to see me again.

I will eat a cookie and some milk and lay down awhile. I drove in from Edna. Bob was pretty sleepy.

More later...  

I didn't lay down long. The newspaper came and I got up to retrieve it and took Bill's over and put it on the mailbox there.  Then around 5:00, Bob came over to watch the news and we finished off the ice cream.

After he left, I took my shower and got ready for bed. About 8:00 I was completely played out and Missy and I went to bed. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wednesday and Dinner Here Again

I did not sleep well last night. I went to bed too early and woke up before midnight. About 1:30 I got up and took a Zeequil dose. Then I slept late. I didn't get up until 6:00, which is late for me. Missy and I have both had our breakfasts now and I am watching the weather and news. Yesterday was almost like spring at 71 degrees.

Today will be colder and windy. But the springlike weather is not finished yet. Later this week it will be up to 70 degrees again.

I don't have a plan for today except to cook lunch. We will have chicken tenders and boiled potatoes with a veggie. Bob will bring a salad. I don't have a plan for dessert.  We finished off the apple brown betty with vanilla ice cream last evening. However, Marilyn R. brought me a half dozen cookies and that inspired me to bake some too. Then we had mixed fruit with some cookies for dessert.

We plan to go to Joplin tomorrow and eat at Olive Garden. We will also walk the mall over there. I am getting stronger all the time. Today is three weeks since my surgery. It will probably be another three weeks until I am back to normal...whatever that is.  I do not intend to go back to see the doctor that did the surgery. I am so unhappy with him. His surgery was good but his patient relationship is deplorable.

More later....

We did have lunch and it was good.

Afterward I went out to Walmart and bought the few groceries I needed and then stopped at Brahms and bought milk too. Then I came home to have a nap. Missy and I napped off and on until 4:00 when I waited for the newspaper to come. It usually comes by 4:30.

I read the newspaper and later Bob came over.  We watched the news and finished off the vanilla ice cream. After he left I took my shower and Missy and I watched TV until 8:00...when we went to bed.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tuesday and Hair DayI

I slept very well last night! That's strange.... since I went to bed at 8:00 again. I awoke at 12:30 and went to the bathroom but got right back to sleep.  Then I woke up once more at 4:00 but again, I got right back to sleep.

I have loaded the cakes into my car trunk already. I have also got myself ready for the day and fed myself and Missy too. And it's only 6:25.

It's supposed to be 79 degrees today...on February 7th! That's unbelievable! We have not had much winter yet. The coldest weather was in January.

I will pick up Bob at 8:20 this morning to take the cakes to Independence to the First Christian Church and then go for my hair appointment. Afterward we will kill some time until 11:00 when we will go to Big Cheese for a pizza lunch.

Keith's deposit came in this morning and he gave me more then usual. That may be a mistake. I contacted him by e-mail to tell him about it. I don't get my social security until tomorrow so I was really happy to get his deposit.

I had a problem with my range yesterday. It didn't seem to heat right. The lights showing that it is heating  did not come on. It was heated a little but at the end of the time for my cake, the cake was still not done. I raised the heat to 375 degrees and still the lights did not come on so I raised it to 400. The lights still did not come on. Finally after overtime, I tested the cake again and it appeared to be done so I took it out and set it on the rack to cool and later iced it. I don't know how it came out. I will alert Barbara about it at the church so she can check it out when they cut it. I hate to have to call a repairman. This is the glass top that Cyndi gave me and it might be very expensive to repair.  Betty, my landlady, would not have it repaired.

I was telling Karan about it and turned it on and this time the lights came on. I don't know what is going on. It's a mystery!

I don't have a plan for today.

We delivered the cakes and I had my hair appointment and then we went to Walmart to do a little shopping. Bob only wanted gum and soap and I only wanted oleo.   So we then went to Big Cheese and waited in the car for the place to open. We had a good pizza and a drink there.

I took him home and then went to wash my filthy car. It looks much better now. I used Armorall on the inside too.

When I got home Missy was glad to see me. I will lay on the sofa now and rest.

More later...

I got some rest but did not go to sleep. Bob came over early but he left at 6:30. I took my shower and stayed up until almost 8:00 but was so tired  Missy and I went on to bed. 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Monday and Meeting Myra

Today I will meet Myra for a visit and lunch. It has been awhile since we've met. I will probably leave for Bartlesville about 9:00 AM.  The mall opens at 10:00 and we always like to look around the mall before our lunch. I need to go get some money for the week at the ATM. I get my hair done tomorrow too.

When I get home I will need to  bake and ice my cake for tomorrow.

I slept well last night for a change.  I stayed up after the Living the Questions group and watched the rest of the Superbowl. It was exciting! I did not expect the Patriots to win but they had a great second half and even overtime for the first time in its history.  After Bob went home I took my shower and went to bed. Again, I was very tired.

Bob will be on his own for lunch today.

More later....

I met Myra shortly after 10:00 and we looked around Christopher and Banks and then walked the mall for awhile.  After that we went over to McCalisters and had lunch and had a nice long visit. We had a lot to catch up on.

I am home now at 1:40 and just called Phyllis to tell her I was here. She wants to bring her cake over. She will be here in about 30 minutes. I will get mine in the oven as soon as I get hers. Then I will remind Karan about hers. She may remember. Hopefully Bob will remember too. He seldom forgets his. 

More later...

Karan remembered her cake this time and brought it over when she got it iced. I got mine finished too. I hope it's alright. It appeared my oven was not heating correctly. I hope it was just a fluke. I had to turn it up to get the cake done.

I lay down this afternoon and took a rest/nap.  I'm not sure I went to sleep this time but I did get off my feet..

More even later...

Bob came in about 5:00 and stayed until 6:30. I watched TV after taking my shower until 8:00. Again, I was very tired but hated to go to bed that early. I was afraid I would wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to get back to sleep. But I was so tired!. I went on to bed.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Sunday and Church

I slept fairly well last night. At least it was better then usual. I still went to bed at 8:00 last night. I simply could not keep my eyes open any longer. I had vacuumed the apartment and even took a nap in the afternoon.Then I went out to church and did some cleaning and decorated for today's service.  Still I was exhausted.

I got up about 4:45 this morning. It will be another big day. I am presiding at church and we will go to Just Us for lunch. I imagine the congregation will be small today. John and Leslie are in Rapid City for a weekend meeting for his business. So the little great grandchild will not be there. Karan  has a cold and may not be there. Tonight I have the Living the Questions group. So after I do my newsletters, I will bake my apple brown betty to get ready for that 7:00 meeting.

Tomorrow I will meet Myra at the mall. We will have lunch so Bob will be on his own for his lunch. It's been awhile since I have seen Myra. While there, I also want to buy a birthday gift for of my great grandchildren. I usually get her a book. I had an aunt that always bought my sister and I books for gifts. That way we got in the habit of reading.  When I get home I will need to bake and ice my cake for the First Christian Church in Independence on Tuesday. So Monday will be busy too.

More later...