Saturday, January 29, 2022

Saturday and Reading

I slept very well last night...didn't wake up once during the night. I got up about 5:30AM, as usual, and made my bed, dressed and got myself ready for the day. I don't have anything on the schedule for the day except to continue to read. I may look up something to watch on Amazon Prime. I started to do that yesterday but decided to just read instead.

It's 6:08AM and I probably have missed "the weather on the 8's"  just now and it's a little too early for the cats too. If they're out there at all, it's usually around 6:30AM. 

I guess I'll go make my Chai and watch the weather channel. 

It's 23 degrees here in Caney and clear outside! I checked and there are no cats out there yet.

About 6:45, I checked again.. and both Scruff and Blondie were out there. That little black and white cat was out there too.They wouldn't let it eat and I think that is fine. I think it's someone's pet and I am already feeding Blondie  who belongs across the street two houses down. Blondie is a friend of Scruff though so I tolerate him. 

It's 10:48AM and I have been reading all morning. I have finished another book. I think I will go down to Copan Truck Stop and have a small chef salad.  That sounds good to me. 

And that's what I ended up doing. I had changed my mind and was going to eat at "Pies and More" in Bartlesville but they were closed on Saturdays so I also bought gas while down to Bartlesville. Then I stopped at Copan Truck Stop on my way back and had my small chef salad as my original idea was. 

It's 54 degrees and sunny now and it's 1:11PM.

So More Later.....

I have been reading all afternoon and finished one book and begun another. It's almost 8:00PM now. The neither of the cats came for their supper. I had my bath at 7:00PM and have my pajamas and robe on. I am really tired of reading.

I saw the latest "weather on the 8's" tonight and they are forecasting rain on Tuesday and snow on Wednesday and Thursday. I am not looking forward to that. Wednesday is my hair day and I will be driving to Coffeyville to get that done. I don't have anything I have to do Thursday and Friday but clean the apartment.  

I believe I will try to go to bed earlier then usual.....sometime before 9:00PM. That's an hour away now.


Friday, January 28, 2022

Friday and a Trip to Chanute

 I slept fairly well last night...did wake  up a couple of times but got back to sleep each time. I was up and made my bed and dressed and got ready for the trip to Chanute to see Gay by 5:00AM. I haven't seen her since October so hopefully we will have a good visit and catch up.

I am having my breakfast oatmeal and coffee now. It's 5:25AM and according to my desktop computer it's 28 degrees and cloudy today. We will see.

I plan to leave here about 9:00AM. If I get there a little too early I will walk around downtown and look in any stores that are open. 

In a little while I will turn on the "weather on the 8's" and later,,,at 6:30AM... I will check on the cats. Scruff didn't come for supper last night..only Blondie did. 

More later... 

According to the "weather on the 8's" forecast, we could get snow next Tuesday. That's the day I usually go to see Nancy in Bartlesville. I may have to put that off a day or two. 

It's 6:15AM now and Scruff came for breakfast but I didn't see Blondie. He may be in the house where his master lives. Another pretty black and white cat came but it wanted Scruff's food even though I took another dish of food out there. So I brought the extra dish in and when Scruff finally left I brought the double dish in too. I don't want a strange cat trying to run her off her dish.  

It's 7:25AM and Blondie finally came for his breakfast and Scruff came back for more too. That black and white cat earlier scared her off. She and Blondie get along pretty well. They are sharing the double bowl now.

It's 8:30AM  and I believe I will just start my trip now. I may take my Kindle and if I am way too early, I will just read in the car. I may stop and buy a drink along the way. And I may check out their Walmart and see if they have any Chai Latte. I still have a couple of boxes but since they are so hard to find I would buy a couple more if I can find them there.

I have finished my vacuuming of the living room. So everything but the dusting is done. I will do that when I get back home this afternoon.

 More much later...

It's 2:00PM now and I just got back home from my lunch and visit with Gay and Adele, her sister, at 11:00AM . I met them at Opie's restaurant there is Chanute and we enjoyed their buffet.  It was very nice. I did check at their Walmart  for Chai, but they didn't have any at all.

Gay and Adele came to Opie's about 11:00AM and we had a good buffet lunch. I had browsed around in some of the stores downtown but didn't buy anything.

Dean called me while we were there at the restaurant and plans to drop by here in Caney when he leaves Tulsa for his home in Topeka. I am not sure when he will be coming but I have no plans for the next couple of days so if he wants to stay and visit, that will work out fine. He may need to get back home to Rod, his son. 

Dean had been to Texas to visit relatives (the Plattner's..his aunt) and stopped at Tulsa to do some shopping. He got here at 3:00PM and he wanted me to come out to his car and was not going to stay awhile. He had wanted to pay to have the newsletter sent out last December and I told him our treasurer, John Wade, had sent me the $164.00 that was in the class's account and that was enough to take care of the newsletter expense. 

But he gave me the $100. anyhow today and  told me to go shopping with it. He will be back in the spring to check on his farm at South Coffeyville. But he wanted to get back to Topeka and Rod before dark. I could understand that. It's a 2 1/2 hours drive to Topeka from here.

It's 36 degrees and sunny now. It warmed up some today.

More later... 

When I got back home from Chanute, I got out my furniture polish and polished all the furniture. 

My older son, Keith, just called me and visited with me quite awhile. He called at 4:15PM and just hung up at 4:57PM. That's a nice long conversation. I really appreciate that.

Blondie and Scruff came by for supper. I fed them both and put away the cat food in the garage when they finished and covered it.

I went up to the corner and bought a small Butter Pecan Flurry. It's a good thing it was a small. It was very rich.

At 7:00PM I took my bath and put my pajamas on. I will read until bedtime...probably 9:00PM or so. I was up pretty early this morning and it was a very busy day too.



Thursday, January 27, 2022

Thursday and Apartment Cleaning

I got up at my usual 5:00AM and dressed and was getting ready to put my makeup on when Scott called. We talked for a long time and had a chance to catch up. It had been awhile since I had heard from him. 

He has a part time job there in Tennessee now. Ginger really didn't want him to go back to North Carolina and be separated anymore.  He works for a company there in Gallatin that does labeling and if I heard him correctly and it's mainly called part time. But she's happy he is there with her. Gallatin is a small town nearby and there aren't a lot of job opportunities there. He seems happy with it though and he gets to be home.

I am dressed and getting ready to fix my breakfast now. I haven't had the weather on yet and I haven't checked on the cats either. It's time for their breakfast if they are out there. I will get back to this later. I need to check "the weather on the 8's" and check on those cold cats first.

More later...

Both cats were there for their breakfast and they ate quite a bit before they finally left to find some warmer places to rest. I brought in the food. It's 32 degrees out there this morning and cloudy. It's 7:13AM now  and I am behind my usual schedule. I have had my breakfast though.and am just now drinking my chai latte.

In a little while I will being my cleaning. The first thing I always do is mop the bare floors before I begin vacuuming. I have the kitchen and the bathroom, the floor in front of the front door and the edges of the rug in the dining room. 

I'd better watch the CBS news and then get to it.

I vacuumed everything but the living room. I am exhausted from pushing that vacuum sweeper through that plush carpet.The only thing I have left for tomorrow though is the living room carpet and the dusting and I can do that tomorrow afternoon or perhaps vacuum before I leave for Chanute tomorrow.

It's9:00AM now and 32 degrees and sunny....that's always good! I got my checkbook balanced too.

I guess I'll go back to my book.

It's 3:52PM now and I have read all afternoon and finished it.  Instead of eating my chili for lunch, I went out to Sonic and bought a medium Blast. Only ice cream sounded good to me. I may eat a little chili at supper time.

I did have a small bowl of chili for my supper.

In a bit, I will turn on the TV and see if there's anything worth watching.

More later ....  

I just watched the evening CBS news. I checked on the cats but only Blondie was there for supper. He ate his fill and when he left, I put the cat dish away and covered it.

Then at 6:00PM I took my bath and put my pajamas on. I will read until bedtime at 9:00PM. I want to get an early start tomorrow morning....probably about 9:00AM.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Wesnesday and Hairdo Day

I slept pretty well until 3:00AM and then I started being concerned about Gay's directions to Chanute using highway 75 and Kansas highway 39. And the way she guided me was different from the directions she sent me last week  That's an entirely different way to get to Chanute and I have only taken it once and Gay guided me there by having me follow her truck. She sent me the directions last week by e-mail but I am not sure I understand them. I e-mailed her earlier this morning for clarification. It's only 5:02AM now and she won't be sending me the clarification until she checks her e-mail this morning. I won't be going until Friday this week so I have some time for her to give me answers to my questions..

I will be leaving for Coffeyville to get my hair done at 8:15AM this morning. My appointment is at 9:30AM but if I get there by 9:00AM she usually takes me early. I may need to go to the bank first. I will check my cash before I leave. I shouldn't need gas. I bought it yesterday at Bartlesville's Walmart. It was $2.98 a gallon there.

The senior center is closed now. Janet's father has the Covid and she has been exposed so she is quarantined until she finds out if she is going to get it. And since she is the manager of the senior center that means it's closed until she gets tested and gets the result of the test.

Suzanne called me yesterday evening to get the name of my supplement Medicare company.  Their supplement took a huge cost jump and they want to change to mine. I changed mine from Blue Cross/Blue Shield to Lumico there in Independence last fall. My premium went from $330.21 a month at Blue Cross/Blue Shield to $140.25 a month from Lumico. And they pay fine. That's a huge savings.   

It's 5:50AM now and I just caught "the weather on the 8's". It's 16 degrees out there and clear. But next week it will get up to 60 degrees again for a couple of days. Kansas weather is crazy.

More later...

I left here about 8:15AM and got there in time to cash a small check I got in the mail and go out to Walmart and buy a few things I couldn't get at the Caney Market. 

Then when I got back.I looked in the freezer for the pound of ground beef I thought I had in there. There wasn't any. So I went to the Caney Market and bought a pound and also some crackers. The chili is simmering now in my slow cooker . I hope it's good . I haven't made any in several years.  Luckily I still had chili powder, pinto beans and stewed tomatoes. I will see what it tastes like at noon. I wish I had bought some cheese too but I forgot about that.  

More later...I need to eat my lunch. 

Well, I've made better in the past but it was "all right". I should have bought some sharp cheddar cheese and that would have made it better.

Furthermore, my Kindle seems to have died.I charged it but the password area won't come up anymore so I can't get into it. I tried  rebooting it but it won't do that either. This is my second Kindle but I don't know how long I've had this one. I may try to talk to Amazon about it. I may have to buy another one and hope all my books are in the cloud and can be downloaded on a new one.

I woman named Anna at Amazon helped me get the Kindle working again. I thought I might have to buy a new one but she knew what to do so that won't  be necessary. I have been reading ever since I got it working again.

Tomorrow I will clean the apartment again and Friday I will go to Chanute to visit Gay. When I get home from Chanute I will finish cleaning the apartment. I can't do the entire apartment in one day. The amount of fluff from the new carpet shuts it down. That's not good for it. It has to set overnight to begin to work again. 

It's 3:13PM and it's 31 degrees out there and mostly cloudy. I have been chilly all day.

More later... 

I went out to Sonic after my lunch and got a Heath Sonic Blast for my dessert.

It's 4:55PM and still 31 degrees  and mostly cloudy. I have been reading all afternoon. I am so glad I got my Kindle working again.

It's 8:38PM right now and I am getting ready to go to bed. I had my bath at 7:00PM and read the rest of the evening. I was up very early this morning and I am pretty tired. I will be cleaning the apartment tomorrow so I need to get some rest. I will do the mopping and vacuum the bedroom and halls and the den tomorrow. I will save the living room and dining room until Friday afternoon.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Tuesday And A Visit With Nancy

I slept well last night and didn't get up until almost 6:00AM...unusual for me. I have made my bed, dressed and got myself ready for the day.  I will leave for Bartlesville about 9:15AM. I want to buy gas again before I go to see Nancy at 10:00AM. Then after my visit I will eat lunch at McCalister's and have my oil changed at Tate Boys. It's really not time to get it changed according to the icon on the dash but it's been many months since it was changed and I know it must need it.

I will take my Kindle  to read while I wait.

I may drop by their Walmart before I come back home and see if they have Chai Latte since I found some  (not much) at Coffeyville's Walmart and at Independence's Walmart too, Between the two of them I got three boxes this week.

It's 6:36AM now and I imagine the cats are out there wanting their breakfast. I will check that and also the "weather on the 8'" now

I got in there in time to see the weather report and also checked and found both cats waiting patiently for their breakfast.I got them fed and when they finished.I put their food in the garage and covered it. 

I noticed I had newspapers in my small mailbox by the front door. Suzanne had been here sometime yesterday and I didn't see the papers until this morning. It's 7:20AM now and I just finished my Chai Latte.

I will watch the CBS news now.    

It's 9:05AM and I am getting ready to go to Bartlesville now. I will likely be gone most of the day since I am going to visit Nancy, eat lunch out and also get my oil changed this afternoon.

More later...

I got my gas at Walmart and then went to visit Nancy. We  decided to eat lunch at McCalister's instead of at the assisted living. Then we took a long drive around Bartlesville to get her out of the Assisted Living for a change.

We also decided to have lunch out in a restaurant each Tuesday when I go down there to visit. I then took her back to Assisted Living.

I left at 1:15PM or so and went out to Tate Boys and had my oil changed.  I had a $25.00 gift certificate they sent me for my birthday and I used it to pay for part of the oil change.

Then I came back home.

I get my hair done in the morning at 9:00AM then I will come back home. There is no game day tomorrow because Janet's dad has the Covid  and she is exposed so the senior center is closed until she finds out if she got it from him or not.

I will go to Gay's on Friday and have lunch with her at Opies. It's 2:54PM now and it has been chilly all day. I will continue to read now.

It's 6:04PM  now and the temperature is 29 degrees and cloudy. I will take my bath in about thirty or forty five minutes and put my pajamas on. I will read this evening until bedtime at 9:00PM.

It's 8:04PM Now and I just got off the phone with Suzanne. She called to get the name of my new Medicare supplement. Hers and Steve's premium went way up this year. I gave her the information and she is going to see what sort of premium they would get. 

I'd better get in there and get my bath. I am an hour past my bath time.

More tomorrow....


Monday, January 24, 2022

Monday and Laundry

I slept better last night and was up shortly before 5:00AM. I dressed and got myself ready for the day and then stripped my bed and started my laundry. 

Now  just put it in the dryer.

I am eating my breakfast and having my coffee. It is almost 6:00AM now.

As soon as I finish my oatmeal I will go watch "the weather on the 8's" and see if the cats are out there for their breakfast. They missed supper last night so they may be hungry this morning.

When I first opened the door only Blondie was out there for breakfast  but as soon as I put the food dist down and came back into the house, Scruff showed up too. They are sharing that double dish now. 

According to my desktop computer, it is 34 degrees out there and clear. It's 6:20AM now.

More later... 

It's 7:19 AM now and I have just finished drying the laundry, folding it and putting it all away. That's the bulk of today's work. I took the trash out to the curb today even though our trash pickup is tomorrow. I will be gone to visit Nancy tomorrow.

I was going to watch the Chiefs/Bills game last night but instead a spent a lot of time trying to get on Zoom to watch the mission center worship service. I missed all but the last 25 minutes of the service and all of the game. I see Patrick Mahones won it in the last few minutes.It must have been a great game by what the CBS morning news said.

I've been reading all morning and it's 11:30AM now.  I am going up to Copan Truck Stop and have my small chef's salad for lunch. I can't handle another frozen dinner.

Back later... 

I did go up to the Copan Truck Stop and had a small chef salad and iced tea. When I got home I read all afternoon until a little after 4:07PM.  

I was tired reading by then and got up and moved around to get the kinks out of my knees and legs. Too much sitting definitely isn't good for you. 

I will be going to visit Nancy in the morning and later after lunch, I will get the oil changed in my car at Tate Boys. I have a $25.00 gift certificate they sent me for my birthday and it expires in February.  It can be used for tires or service.

I went out to Dollar General and bought my bandaids and then came home and read some more. I turned on the news about 6:00PM. I had missed the CBS news which comes on at 5:30PM unless I recorded it. I will check on that in a little while.

It's 6:05PM now and in thirty minutes I will take my bath and put my pajamas on and be ready for bed later..probably about 9:00PM.

Both cats came for supper and I took their food out to them. When they are finished I will put the food back in the garage and cover it.

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Sunday and Online Church

I slept poorly again last night and stayed in bed until almost 5:00AM. I just can't seem to turn off my mind sometimes. I have made my bed and got myself ready for the day. I am having my breakfast now. My Kindle is charged again so I imagine I will read again today. In this changeable kind of weather there's not much else to do. Outside of the news, there's not much on TV that I am interested in.

I will turn on "the weather on the 8's" in a little bit And in about 45 minutes, I will check on the cats. According to the desktop computer, it is 32 degrees and clear.

Back here later... 

I finally got to see "the weather on the 8's" . The weather channel went through three 8's before they showed the local weather. 

First Scruff came to eat and ten minutes later Blondie showed up. They both ate their fill and left so I brought the food into the garage and covered it...until this evening. 

It's 10:28AM and I have been reading all morning. In a little while, at 11:00AM, the worship service from "Beyond the Walls" will be on my computer.  I will watch it since it's my only option for my church. 

As usual, I watched the "Beyond the Walls" out of Toronto, Canada.  It's after- noon now and I will have lunch soon. The worship service was, as usual, very good. And the music was great.

So, more later... 

I had a frozen meal for my lunch. It was meatloaf and mashed potatoes and gravy. Not the greatest meal but filling. It is 1:00PM now and I believe I will go get a cherry limeade slush at Sonic. I didn't have anything but water for a drink.

It's 47 degrees now and sunny.

I did get my cherry limeade slush and later contacted Leslie to see if she was home and if I could come see the new week old puppies. They were so cute and their eyes aren't even opened yet either. They are just a week old today. 

She wanted to go into Independence and get a blizzard at Dairy Queen and wanted to know if I wanted to go and Mini, her grown blond corgi. I decided to blow us to the blizzards and get ice cream for Mini too...hers was free.

We ate our blizzards and Mini ate hers from a cup too. Leslie put it in a cup holder in the back seat and Mini ate it all. I had one large teaspoon left and I offered it to her. She climbed into the front seat and ate that too. She is such a neat dog!

Kiki has five puppies. It is her first litter, It will be awhile until they are old enough to sell.They did get their tails docked this past week. They need to be six weeks old and weaned before they can be sold.  Buckeye, the last male puppy from Octavia's two was sold today to a couple from Neodesha. 

Then I came on back home and back to my book.

It's 4:34PM now.

More later...

It's almost 5:00PM now and I need to go out to Dollar General and get some more bandaids.  I used the next to last one on that quarter sized sore on my leg this morning when I changed it. 

I went out to Dollar General to get the bandaids and there were 9 or 10 people in line and one checker. I will get them later when they are not so busy and have more help. I put the bandaids back and came on back home.

I tried and tried to get into Zoom but it took me 35  minutes to actually achieve it. Zoom just would accept  the passwords I had. That's not the first time that happened either.

Oh well!

At 6:00PM, the Mission Center service will be on. I will watch it. In another 2 1/2 hours I will take my bath and at nine o'clock or so, I will go on to bed.