Saturday, June 25, 2011

No Tarp

Of course the roofers didn't show up yesterday and they didn't bring a tarp as they promised. So it's sprinkling now and I put the patio cushions and the bedding for Slinky in the shed and left the shed door open. Today is our trip to Branson and I can't put Slinky in the garage when it's supposed to have a temperature of 98 and a heat index of 102. I had the cushions back on the chairs and put the rugs on the patio so Slinky would have something to lie on and then it began to sprinkle. So I went back out and put everything away again.

If and when I ever get this roof back on, under no circumstances will I ever use this company again. They cannot seem to keep their word.

More later....

Friday, June 24, 2011

Hoping For The Best

Hoping for the best at work this morning. I'm hoping they have some work for me. I have sat and looked at four walls for a couple of weeks now with perhaps two hours worth of work the entire two weeks. I simply can't stand to be idle.

I'm also hoping they will get the roof on my patio today. I talked to Vincent last night and he said if the roofing didn't come in they would put a tarp over the patio to protect Slinky for the weekend. I have a feeling I'm getting the run around on this roof thing. There's not a lot I can do about it right now though.

I'm going to meet my friend, Gay, for lunch at Cherryvale this afternoon. Bob A. is going with me. We are hoping Tony will feel up to coming. They are bringing their 12 year old granddaughter too. Gay says she's well behaved. We will see. First I have to drop by Independence at the First Christian Church and pick up a video the pastor has promised to loan me. It is an overview on Islam.

It rained last night. Luckily I had put Inky and Slinky in the garage. I don't know what I'll do this morning if it rains while I'm at work. I guess the old dog will just get wet. I'll open the shed in hopes he would go in there.

More later...

No work again today. I shredded about a dozen pieces of paper and that was all there was to do. Thank goodness it's Friday! Tomorrow we go to Branson.

Tony wasn't up to coming to lunch but the great granddaughter was very nice. We had a good visit. Gay and I did most of the talking though. I'm afraid we overpowered Bob A.

When I got home, I missed Missy Kitty. If you look closely, you will see where I found her.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday With No Work

Another day with nothing to do at work. I worked perhaps ten minutes and sat and looked at the wall the other two hours and 50 minutes.

I hate it when there's nothing to do. I'm no good at all at just sitting and doing nothing.

I did find out that I can take the week of July 11th off for camp. That will be a welcome relief. I am to co-teach a class. Madaleen has done all the printing for it so all I have to do is team teach with her. I am so looking forward to that week. I will have to hang on to the money for registration.

I am going to Independence today to have lunch with Leslie. If she doesn't get called out, that is. I will leave at 11:30. She gets off at 12:00. It has been a couple of months at least since I've been able to do that.

After Leslie and I had lunch, I went to Wal Mart up in Independence. They have a superstore with a lot more goods then we have here.

I have let Slinky into the kitchen. He is so hot. It is 89 degrees here now but feels like 100 degrees.

More later...

I watched one of my all times favorite movies on TV this afternoon on Turner Classic Movies. It was "To Sir, With Love". Does anyone remember it? It was a very good movie with lots of lessons for life in it.

This evening it is raining. I put Slinky in the garage. That will work for tonight but it may rain in the morning and there is no dry place for him with the roof off the patio. Then Saturday we will be gone all day to Branson to see that production of "Noah". I called Vincent this evening and asked him if he was sure the roof would be on tomorrow. He said "if the roofing came in". I told him about my dilemma with Slinky out in the rain with no shelter at all. He said he would bring a tarp over and cover the patio for the dog if the roofing didn't come in. We'll see. I am certainly tired of this run around.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday the 22nd of June

Well, it's Wednesday. I wonder if I will get the roof on my patio today. I want this mess to be over. I am tired of having to take all the cushions from the furniture into the shed every time it rains here.,,,and it's rained at least twice a week ever since they took the old roof off. I also have to put Slinky in the garage when it rains. So far, it hasn't rained while I'm at work. I don't know what the poor dog would do if it did...just get soaked, I guess. I don't have a dog house for him. He probably wouldn't use it if I did. He won't use the carrier and I have tried to get him to go in there out of the weather. I finally just put it away.

Also, I wonder if I will have work to do at the office today. Yesterday they had very little for me to do and I get so bored just sitting there looking at the four walls. There isn't even a window in that office. I have read my kindle but I feel very strange reading on the job. I did buy a new kindle book yesterday. It's called "The Case for God". I started it last night and it appears to be very interesting so far.

I got part of my back yard flowerbed weeded last evening. I have a ways to go to finish it but it's at least started now. The weather is supposed to be cooler the next few days. That will be nice.

More later...

Well, I finally got hold of Vincent, the guy in charge of my roof and he said it would be Friday before the roofing would be in. That's good to know. Now if he just sticks to his word. I've had "his word": a number of times and it changes on a regular basis.

I checked in with the hospital and also went to see Phyllis. She was only "with me" about five minutes and then went back to sleep. She was sitting at the table but nodding asleep.

Then Bob A. came by and we went to the funeral of the sister of Gene D. She died this week. gene lost his wife just a couple of months ago and now he has lost another sister. Some people just can't get a break.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday and Still No Roof

This is Tuesday and I just got home from work. I still have no roofer here to put the roof over the patio. This is really aggravating!

I had about 45 minutes worth of work to do today at work. Another boring day.

I don't have a plan for today. I should do some house cleaning or at least run the sweeper so that may be my plan for today. Cyndi will come by later on this afternoon and pick up my church VISA card to put on the van for Saturday. She will call first and see if I'm home.

Tomorrow after work, I have to check in at the hospital as chaplain. They will call me the next week if someone needs to see a chaplain. My term lasts until next Tuesday evening.

More later....

I got some housework done so the afternoon was not a complete waste of time. Also, My brother-in-law came by at noon to talk to me about my sister. We went to lunch.

Missy got sick this afternoon and threw up on the rug in the dining room twice. I quickly picked her up and put her out. Then I cleaned up the rug. It looked like her cat food so I don't know what got into her unless she had a hairball.

Another mystery..

I am angry with Inky. This morning he climbed my tree and jumped on the birdhouse that had my little wrens living in it. I was watching them feed their little ones the past two weeks. When the birdhouse fell, it broke into pieces and the two little baby birds fell on the ground. before I could do anything, Inky had them and killed them and then wanted to play with their bodies. I got a paper towel and picked them up and put them in the trash can. I was furious! The mother birds was devastated! She scolded him for an hour and acted like she was frantic. The mockingbirds dive bombed him too. I am too angry with him to give him any attention today. I know they are only doing what is natural for them. But when you like to watch birds, you have no business with cats.

I went out after the sun went down a bit and started cleaning out my flowerbed in the back. I didn't get it done but I got a start on it anyhow.

I am looking at John Huntsman for president. He is fluent in two dialects of Chinese. He has worked for both Republican and Democrat presidents. He was a very good governor of Utah. He refuses to bad mouth the president or any other Republican candidate. He says he respects them all...and the president. That's refreshing...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Another Aggravating Day

Once again my supervisor went off and left for another town without leaving me anything to do. I read my Kindle all morning. The director had nothing for me to do either.

Then I got home, and as I figured, the roofer had not come. It has another 60% chance of rain again tonight so I will have to bring Slinky's bedding into the garage and put him in there too and the rugs and the chair cushion in the shed. I will be surprised if they come before Wednesday or Thursday. What a mess this has been.

I went to Independence after work and attended the MC3 meeting. Afterward I went to Big Cheese and had a mini pizza. Then I went over to Cherryvale since I was that close, and bought Leslie's birthday gift. Her birthday is the 1st of July. I got her the cute recipe book holder she was admiring the day she bought her birdbath.
I'm always delighted when I find something she really wants and likes.

We got the van!! Cyndi found one we can get in Tulsa and she works in Tulsa on Fridays so she can pick it up. It's a twelve passenger so four of us will have to ride with Bob A. That's fine. Bobby and Karan will ride with us.

We are going as a congregation to Branson on Saturday to see the musical production of "Noah".

When I got home, I did the minutes and fed the animals. Then I started calling those who are going to Branson to make the arrangements for meeting.

Tonight I will watch TV. I am tired although I haven't done all that much. I will have to watch the weather. We're supposed to be under storm warnings again. I will need to get the dog and his bedding into the garage and the cushion off my chair and the rugs from the patio and get them into the shed.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday AfterThe Storm

We had a heck of a storm last night with that golf ball sized hail. I hope my new roof isn't ruined. I didn't get to bed until after 12:30. And I had leaves all over the patio this morning from the trees in my backyard. Slinky's rugs were soaked. I hung them over the lawn furniture to dry this morning and put the rag rugs in the washer. They are in the dryer now.

I went out at 4:30 this morning and swept the patio and picked up all the leaves off the floor of the patio. I took my old sponge mop out there awhile ago and soaked up all the standing water. It didn't seem to hurt my framework paint job...thank goodness!

I let Slinky out of the garage where he spent a peaceful dry night and fed him his dog food and oatmeal. He seems quiet now. He was terrified last night. It's going on 7:00 now and I'm still in my duster. After I finish this I will go get dressed.

I'm hoping the rugs are dry by this afternoon. We have a Father's Day cookout planned after church at Bobby and Karan's home. I hope it doesn't rain again. There probably won't be many there because these kinds of holidays are usually for families. I will bake my beans in a little while. I picked up the hamburger patties on Wednesday and took them to Bobby and Karan's to go in their freezer.

More later...

We had a real nice service and also a good party/picnic with lots of good food. Nine came to the picnic at the Maritt's. Everyone else had a Father's Day celebration to attend. Gene had lost his sister yesterday and I didn't expect him at church but he was there. He had a Father's Day celebration to attend at Steve's.

Slinky was very hot when I got home so I let him into the kitchen. He is relaxing here now. I will get my letters done while I am keeping him company. I will stay home tonight and watch 60 minutes, I guess.