Saturday, February 5, 2022

Saturday and Finishing Vacuuming and Dusting

I slept well last night and didn't wake up once. Strange..because I went to bed earlier too.,,,around 8:00PM. I wonder if it has anything to do with the bowl of ice cream I had before I went to bed. Oh well...I'm not complaining. It might have been the snow shoveling I did yesterday too. I got the walk and most of the drive cleaned up. Going out the past couple of days sure made a mess of my car though. It's filthy! If the weather ever warms up again, I will wash it.

Today after I watch the "weather on the 8's" and check if either or both of the cats are here for breakfast, I will finish my vacuuming. I still have the living room and dining room to do....and the dusting.

The weather will be awesome the next week. Today is to get up to 42, tomorrow will be 44, Monday will be 50, Tuesday will be 59, Wednesday will 57, Thursday to be 54, and Friday to be 62. I am looking forward to next week.

So, more later... Now I had better finish my vacuuming. It's 8:00AM.

No cats at all. I worry about what has happened to them. It's been days.

I finished the vacuuming and cleaned up the sweeper and put it away. I have washed the filters again and left them out to completely dry until tomorrow. I also wiped out the inside of the canister with a damp paper towel.

I will rest awhile before I begin my dusting. It's 8:30AM now.

I got the bedroom and den done and will begin on the living room and dining room soon. 

First I want to take a break.I sent the list of this year's lost classmates to the online classmates. I probably need to bring my lost classmates list up to date soon. I will wait to see if any of the other classmates can shed light on what has happened to the seven I lost this year...those whose newsletters were returned to me.

More later...I will get back to the dusting...I see it's now 14 degrees and sunny outside. I finished my dusting and read for awhile. Then I got hungry and had another bowl of that chili I had fixed earlier this week and frozen. I thawed it out yesterday and had some for my lunch then.. I have enough for one more bowl. In this weather, it really hit the spot.

I just went up to Mr. G's drive in and bought myself a small butter pecan flurry. Boy, those are really good! I can't do that too often if I want to watch my weight or I might have to watch my weight go "up".

It's 39 degrees now and sunny.

More later...

I've been reading most of the day and as expected, the battery is down again on my Kindle. So I have plugged it again.  It will probably not be fully charged until late tonight or in the morning. It's 6:04PM now and I had better check and see if the cats are out there yet..

No, no cats. I may have lost both of them over the snow and ice.

About 7:00PM, as usual, I will take my bath. With the Kindle charging, I can't read. And there's nothing on TV but basketball and golf. In other words,..... nothing. 

It's 39 degrees now and sunny....although it is getting dark..little by little.

I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM if I can't find anything else to occupy my time. But that's three hours away. 

Friday, February 4, 2022

Friday and Vacuuming

I slept well last night and was up shortly before 5:00AM. I made my bed and got myself ready for the day. I am having my breakfast now and it;s 6:05AM.

The desk top computer says it is 11degees and clear. I guess the snow won't be melting anytime soon. I did wash my own hair last night in the tub and it is so short that I just blew it dry. It doesn't look terrible but it doesn't have that "finished" look that Toni gives it either. But it will do. It is clean at least.

I had to reboot the Kindle this morning. I had charged it overnight and the sign in screen didn't come up so I did what the Amazon service person told me to and held the reboot button in for 40 seconds and it did come up. I downloaded one new book and gave them back one. I can only have ten free books on the Kindle at once. So if I already have ten, I have to send one back.

I  am quite sure the cats won't be out there at 11 degrees. I hope they have found shelter somewhere or they will freeze to death if they don't starve first. 

I will go check out "the weather on the 8's" and also see if they will be outside my door.

I watched "the weather on the 8's" and the temperature is still 11 degrees out there. The cats are nowhere to be seen and I sure don't blame them but I'll bet they are very hungry unless they are catching birds or someone else is feeding them.

It's almost 8:00AM and I suppose I should start my vacuuming.  

I got the bedroom, hall and den vacuumed and cleaned up the vacuum sweeper and put it away. I am leaving the filters out to dry overnight. Tomorrow I will put the dry filters back in it and vacuum the living room and dining room. Pushing that vacuum sweeper is really hard on that plush carpet plus the sweeper would get overheated if I tried to do it all at one time. The first time I vacuumed it several weeks ago after they first put the carpet down, that happened and I had to let it set overnight before I could use it again. So I have been doing the vacuuming in two days rather then ruining the vacuum sweeper. It makes me wish I still had that Hoover that was self propelling. It died several years ago. I bought it in 1981 right after I quit Blackledge's store and moved to Coffeyville. So it had a good long life.

I went out and scraped the snow and ice off my sidewalk and driveway again. It's not bad out there if you're dressed properly and I was. It's a little after 9:00AM now and still 11 degrees and sunny but it's supposed to get up to 35 degrees today. 

It's 11:30AM now and I have been reading all morning. I just warmed up some of my chili in the microwave. It is still good. I had frozen it to make it last but I have enough now to have it again tomorrow and polish it off.

I took a drive up to Independence this afternoon. It's a little past 3:30PM and the roads are clear now. On my way home, Keith called and chatted with me awhile.It's always good to hear from him every couple of weeks. He usually calls me on his way home from work and we chat and bring one another up on any news.

It's nearly 4:00PM now and I guess I will get back to a book. I needed to get out of the house. I have been cooped up for so long. It was even good to get out there this morning and clear the walk and driveway.  I need more of that kind of exercise.

So, more even later... I took my bath at 6:30PM and plan to go to bed at 9:00PM

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Thursday and More Snow

I slept well until 1:30AM and then my phone beeped with a text. I looked and there was no new text. That has happened a couple of times in the past. I don't know what the problem is. I got back to sleep just fine but it took me awhile. I slept until 5:00AM when I got up and got myself ready for the day. It is 5:28AM now and I am having my breakfast. My only plan for the day is to clean the apartment. First I will mop the bare floors and then vacuum two rooms and the hall. I will save the other two rooms until tomorrow.

Soon I will go turn on the TV and and watch "the weather on the 8's". And only Blondie came for supper last night. I don't know what Scruff did for food..maybe nothing.

The desktop computer says it is 13 degrees and a winter storm out there. If that is true, that means I will not be going anywhere today. I just plugged in the Kindle. I will be reading again. 

I just checked outside and all that sidewalk my landlord scraped off for me last evening is covered with new snow. There is no clear place to feed any cats that might come for breakfast. I may have to scrape snow just to get to the mailbox today.

 May be an image of 1 person, snow and tree 

This is what 4 to 5 inches of snow looks like in southeast 7:36AM in the morning. 

I read all morning and finished another book. I ate the other half of my peanut butter and jelly sandwich from yesterday for my lunch.

It's 11:21AM now and the snow has appeared to stop now. I took my snow shovel out and tried to clean off the walk and part of the drive and some over to the mailbox. The mailman had to walk through the yard to bring my box to the front door yesterday. If he has anything today that has to come to the front door, he won't have to walk through so much snow.

The batteries had gone out in my furnace thermostat this morning  and I was out of double A batteries and the thermostat was not going to work without them. I hunted around for something that had double A batteries in it and remembered the little lamps I had bought for the top of my desk. Sure enough the lamps had double A batteries in them so I used two of them to get the thermostat to work I have heat. Great!

More later...

It's 1:26PM now and I have been reading since I shoveled the snow. I  am starting another book. By the way, the phone chirped again while I was reading and when I checked, there were no new messages or text. Darn phone is mystery to me.

I read awhile and then decided to go out to Dollar General and buy three things I need and can't get at the market.....wet swiffers to mop with, almond milk, and batteries to replace those I took out of the lamp this morning to use in the furnace thermostat.   

I would have stopped at Mr. G's again and bought another small butter pecan flurry but...they were closed. Darn!

I drove very slow and was very careful how I put my feet down when I got there. Everything is very slick. I guess I will get back to my book now. It's 2:30PM in the afternoon now.

It's nearly 6:00PM now and in another hour or so I will take my bath and get my p.j.s on. In the meantime,I will read some more.

I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM ...

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Wednesday and No Hairdo Day

I slept well last night and was up shortly after 5:00AM, made my bed, dressed and got myself ready for the day. I hope to be able to go to Coffeyville today and get my hair done and go to the bank. I have a check to cash. The next two days it's supposed to snow so I will stay in and read. I just thought...I should charge the kindle or I won't be reading until I do. 

I am having my breakfast now and my coffee. It's 6:04AM.The desktop computer says it's 27 degrees out there and a winter storm with snow soon. I thought we just got rain last night but it's not light enough to tell yet.

And I doubt the cats will be out there. It's too cold out and if it's raining, I sure doubt it.

I will go check on "the weather on the 8's" now and try to see what all it's doing.

Well, it rained all night and then turned to freezing rain and snow. We are to get three to five inches. I will be washing my own hair this evening. I won't try the roads. They sound treacherous. I opened the door and saw the snow...and of course, no cats. They would have no business out in this weather. They will just have to go hungry.....poor things.

I texted Toni and told her I better not get out in this mess and she agreed she would rather I was safe at home. I will see her next willing.

I will wash my hair in the shower tonight. 

No CBS news this morning. Both of Channel 6's channels are focusing on just Tulsa news and weather. I just turned to ABC's Good Morning America news..the station that doesn't just focus on Tulsa's local news. They seem to realize they have a much larger area to cover. 

It's11:43AM now and I have been reading all morning. I just stopped long enough to warm up the other half of my Bar B Q sandwich from yesterday at Dink's.  It's now 23 degrees and cloudy. The sun is trying to shine now though. 

It's was still snowing here but it appears to have stopped at least temporarily . I would like to shovel off the snow from the walk but it's too cold out there to try to do that and the effort would be futile. It's supposed to snow tomorrow too.

More much later... 

I warmed up the Bar B Q I brought home from Dink's yesterday in the microwave. It was still very good.

Then I read all afternoon.

I went up to Mr. G's later in the afternoon and bought a small butter pecan flurry.  They are so good! The city has been cleaning off the streets today. I sure was glad.

Later about 6:00PM, I heard someone shoveling my snow and looked out to see my landlord getting the worst of it off the sidewalk. He and I agreed it was wasted effort though since we are supposed to get 5 to 8 inches over tomorrow. I did give him the rent check though. I had forgotten yesterday was the 1st. 

I took my bath at 6:30PM or so. I forgot to wash my hair though. Maybe I will get it done tomorrow.  I will get back to my latest book until bedtime. It's only 7:47PM now. I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Tuesday and A Visit With Nancy

I slept well until the middle of the night (12:30AM) when some idiot...just a number...texted me and woke me up.  Luckily I was able to get back to sleep until a couple of minutes later whoever it was did the same thing and woke me up again. Again I was able to get back to sleep. I slept until 5:30AM.

I am eating my breakfast now. In a little bit I will check and see if the cats are out there waiting for their breakfast. I will also check out "the weather on the 8's"on the weather channel.

Well what do you know..both cats were out there very hungry at 6:15AM . I put out the double dish  and told them to share. They are doing fine. According to the weather channel we are under a "winter storm warning". Wednesday and perhaps Thursday we are to get snow and ice 2 to 3 inches of it. This afternoon it starts with rain. I will take my umbrella to Bartlesville this morning. I may have to wash my own hair tomorrow...depending on the weather. According to the desktop computer it is 51 degrees now and partly cloudy.

Those cats didn't waste any time gobbling down their food as fast as they could and going somewhere to find shelter. I went in to check on them and they were gone. I believe the rain may have started. The sidewalk looked wet out there.

More later

It's7:45AM now and I have been watching the CBS news. 

I looked everywhere for my umbrella and finally found it in my trunk buried under a box full of stuff. That's good. This afternoon it is supposed to rain and I may need it. I am thinking I will take Nancy to Dink's  for barbecue at lunch.

I have been reading my latest book but now I am ready to leave.

I planned to leave here about 9:30AM.   

I got away a little earlier then 9:30AM It was more like 9:15AM. I got down to Bartlesville and found that Nancy was up and around. After we visited a bit she dressed and got herself made up. We had decided to go to Dink's Bar B Q for our lunch this time. It had been awhile since I had been there but it was just as good as I thought I remembered. After we ate, I drove by our church down there  and it appeared to be just as viable as ever. No "For sale" signs anywhere.

Then I took her back to assisted living. I wanted to get back to Caney before the rain started.

When I got home, I answered my mail and took it to the post office to mail off.

It's 1:28 PM now and the rain has not started yet.

More later..I am going to get back to my book. I got back to my latest bookand finished it.

Suzanne dropped by earlier and took me down to the former Blackledge building and bought me one of their cinnamon rolls. Then we went out to Myrtle's Market and looked around. After she brought me home I began another book.

It's 6:13PM now and the rain has just begun. At 7:00PM, I will take my bath. 

Then I will get back to the latest book. I plan to go to bed about 9:00PM. 

Monday, January 31, 2022

Monday and Breakfast Out

I slept well last night and was up early as usual. I won't be eating breakfast this morning here in the apartment because Leslie is meeting me at 7:30AM this morning at Eggbert's for breakfast. John is having a wisdom tooth extracted this morning so I am meeting for breakfast with Leslie while that is happening.

I hope he takes it easy for a few days so he won't have a dry socket. I have never had a dry socket but when I worked in the dental office, I used to hear of people who did. As I recall we had to pack the socket with a cotton ball and eugenol every day for the better part of a week..  

I wonder how did John's dental appointment went.

I am doing laundry this morning. That's all I have planned for the day. After it was dry, I folded it and put it away.

I downloaded a couple more books yesterday evening after I finished reading the three I had downloaded earlier this week. So undoubtedly, I will read again.

The desktop computer says it is 26 degrees and clear this morning.  I guess I should go check out the "weather on the 8's" and see if the cats are out there this morning. They didn't come for supper last night.

Strange, it's 6:44AM  and the cats are still not out there. They are usually there by 6:30AM. I hope they are alright. They didn't have supper last night either.

More later... 

I had breakfast with  Leslie and we had a good visit. I stopped at the post office on my way home and sent off the watch Ginger gave me for my birthday to be repaired or replaced. I hope they can do that. 

Then I came home and made an appointment to give blood on March 2nd. The blood bank is in seriously low condition...worse then it's been ten years.

I ate too much breakfast this morning. I am used to just oatmeal  and a breakfast bar and coffee and chai. I had two pancakes and bacon and that was way too much heavy food. But I took an antacid tablet and I am hoping that will help.

It's 10:43AM and I guess I will go read some more. I will check on the cats too although it's pretty late for them to be out there now. 

It's 1:12 PM now and I have read until the mail came then I got it and paid a bill. I will take it up to the post office in a little while and put it in the outside box. They will pick it up about 3:00PM. I also wrapped up the broken Runmifit and sent it to Ginger. She will send it back to the company and see if they fix it or replace it.

I see it's 59 degrees now and sunny. That warmed up nicely!

I will go back to my book in a minute. 

I finished that book and started another one. It's 4:16PM right now and I went up to Mr. Gs and bought a small butter pecan Flurry. I could really get hooked on those things.

 More even later..

My phone froze this evening and I tried to reboot it to get it to charge. It took several times before it began to charge again. It seems like it's just one thing or another with this phone. I have left it plugged in while I take my bath to see if it's going to charge. After five minutes it only charged one number..If it continues like this overnight, when I go to Bartlesville tomorrow to see Nancy, I will take it into US cellular down there and see if they can figure it out. The phone is charging now and is up to 93%. I don't know what the problem was but it seems to be fixed now. I moved it closer to the wifi. That may have helped.

It's 6:34PM now and I guess I will take my bath and put my pajamas on. I haven't seen the cats all day. They weren't here for breakfast or supper. I will check out there again before I take my bath.

I checked out there for the cats and they were not there. I hope someone has not taken them to kill them...surely not! And yet, at one time I was feeding four and now I am down to two..if they haven't been taken too. 

I had my bath at 7:00PM and am going to get back to my book until 9:00PM or so..

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Sunday and Online Church

 I slept pretty well last night and was up at 5:30AM, made my bed and got myself ready for the day. This morning at 11:00AM I will watch "Beyond he Walls", our congregation in Toronto Canada. It's usually a good service but not like actually being with our congregation in our building live.

I am having my breakfast now and will soon check and see if Keith got his blog site fixed. None of my browsers would let me in last night.I usually put this blog on his blog site too but they all said his site was a security danger last night.  I don't know what that was all about last night but hopefully he got it fixed. I will check a little later.

I will go watch "the weather on the 8's" now and check on the cats and get back to this later. 

It's 6:54AM right now and the desktop computer says it is 32 degrees out there.

Well, we are still forecast for rain on Tuesday and snow on Wednesday. 

I guess I'll check out Keith's site and see if he got it fixed.'s still considered a security risk and I can't get in there.

Keith used a program called Teamviewer version 64 bit to come on my computer and fix his blog on mine by having me download an upgraded free version of his blog.  He was able to get my computer to recognize the  repaired version of his blog. I put my Saturday blog on there and I am now caught up.

I still haven't seen the cats for their breakfast. I will go check again.

No they haven't shown up at all this morning...which is really strange except for the temperature.  It's 44 degrees out there and sunny.

I read all day. I don't think I even left the apartment. I finished another book and then this afternoon I watched the Chiefs play football for the Superbowl. They lost  to the Cincinnati Bengals. 

Then I read another book. I am charging the Kindle again and also my phone. At 8:00PM I took my bath. I plan to go to bed about 9:00PM.

Tomorrow is supposed to be nice. It's supposed to rain on Tuesday and snow Wednesday and Thursday. I only have plans to do my laundry in the morning.

I will probably read another book tomorrow.. 

Leslie called me this evening. John is having a wisdom tooth extracted tomorrow at 7:30AM and she wants to have breakfast at Eggbert's after she drops him off at the dentist office so we will meet several minutes after 7:30AM for breakfast.  

It's 36 degrees this evening and clear.