Saturday, November 19, 2016

Saturday Morning and Breakfast Out

I slept poorly again last night and woke up at 2:30 to go to the bathroom and couldn't get right back to sleep but finally did get back to sleep about 4:00. I got up at 5:00 as usual and made the bed and dressed. As soon as I get going on this blog, Missy will be ready for breakfast.

Bob is doing fine with his recovery after the tooth extraction Thursday. He has been taking it very carefully. He has had a dry socket in the past and that makes him vulnerable for another.  He takes a blood thinner and that complicates it even more. He has an appointment on Wednesday for an MRI about the pain in his hips and legs. This is something relatively new. It started about ten days ago. He dreads that.

I will pick him up in about an hour for breakfast at Eggberts. He will have to be careful to eat something soft and this is the second day following his dental surgery on Thursday.

I need to dust this morning. Except for dusting, the apartment is clean.

More later....

I got the apartment dusted after breakfast.  Now it is nice and clean.

I read all afternoon and later..after 5:00, Bob came over and watched TV with me until 8:00.  Then he went home and I took my bath and watched TV with Missy in my lap until bedtime. I was very tired.

Bob hurts every time he moves. As long as he sits still he is fine.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday and Exercises

I slept better last night and after awhile Missy must have come in and climbed up on the bed. I awoke at 2:30 to go to the bathroom and she was there. She pouted all evening and could not be coaxed back on my lap.

I got up about 5:00 and dressed and got ready for the day. Missy is a little standoffish this morning but is lying here on the daybed.

I decided to cook that chicken. It had been thawed since Wednesday. If Bob can't eat it, I'll eat what I can and give the rest to Marilyn.

He finally answered me. It's 7:30 and he isn't up yet although he was awake. He said he got through the night just fine.  I will go on to exercises whether he does or not. He probably should not. He might lose his clot and have a dry socket. You have to be careful of an extraction for several days. A dry socket is no fun. He had one once before and should know.

I believe today is cinnamon roll day at Utopia. If it is, I'll go to have one.

Well, he says he's going so I will pick him up in about ten minutes. I hope he will be careful.

More later...

We did go to Utopia and several others did too. He had some tepid coffee and a soft cinnamon roll, which he ate very carefully. I saw Marilyn L. there too but she was coming in just as we were leaving. I took Bob home and now I need to go to Walmart for a list of things.  Marilyn R. told us there would be no games next week because of Thanksgiving.

More even later...

I went to Walmart and bought my little dab of groceries I needed. That came to about $26.00. I also stopped by the Health Food store and bought another bag of pecans and one for Sue.   That was $20.22. I will take hers Sunday to church.

More even later..

Bob came over about 5:20 and read the papers he had missed and watched Brooks and a woman from the Washington Post. (I forget her name)  Shields was gone evidently on assignment.

After he left, I took my bath and Missy and I watched TV until 9:00 when we went to bed.. 

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thursday and House Cleaning Day

I slept poorly last night. I had that PINCH  meeting on my mind from last evening and it disturbed my sleep. I did get the article out to the newspaper about our meeting before I went to bed.

I stripped my bed first thing this morning and did two loads of laundry. Then I scrubbed the bathroom and kitchen floors. Later when I got home from going to the dentist with Bob I vacuumed the apartment. It just needs some dusting now. That can wait.

Bob came over shortly after eight and we went to my dentist's office. He lost a filling yesterday and his regular dentist was not in the office until next Monday. He did not want to take a chance on a toothache by waiting that long. I took him to Dr. Conrad, my dentist, and explained the situation to Paula at the front desk and she gave Bob an appointment for 3:00 this afternoon.  I will go with him and we will see if it can just be filled.

Dr. Conrad may just want to crown it....who knows. It was a large filling that came out in two pieces. Paula gave me some paperwork for him to fill out and I helped him fill it out.  We will take it in with us when we go at 3:00. She said if they had a cancellation she would call him to come in earlier. I doubt that they will. I was surprised they could get him in this afternoon.  They may just put a temporary filling in and have him come back later. It probably depends on what it needs.

It's a windy day and the leaves are everywhere again. 

More later...

It was a non functional tooth and badly broken. There was nothing above it to bite against so Bob just had him extract it. No sense putting $2,000 into a tooth that is non functional. It would have had to have a root canal and a crown plus a couple of pins to build it up.

Bob is resting tonight. It is still bleeding a little. I imagine that's because of his blood thinner.  He is staying home and staying in this evening. Dr. Conrad is going to call him about 9:00 to see how it's doing.

I was holding Missy this evening and she tried to bite me. I bawled her out and made her get down out of my lap and she went in on the daybed and is pouting.  She is getting very crotchety in her old age.

I have had my bath and am ready for bed and it's not 7:00 yet. I will try to stay up until 9:00 but I slept poorly last night.

I went to bed a little before 9:00. There was nothing on TV. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wednesday and Bob's Doctor Appointment

I slept pretty well last night. I awoke at 12:30 and went to the bathroom. I could tell I was going to have trouble getting back to sleep so I took a Melatonin tablet. Sure enough...I slept like a baby for the rest of the night.  I may start using them more regularly if the sleeplessness continues.

I am up and dressed and both Missy and I are fed. She is here on the daybed behind me napping. She wanted the carport door open so I opened it for her but since it's cold and dark out, we aren't going out yet. Yesterday afternoon while it was warm and pretty, we went out for a couple of hours. While she enjoyed lying in the grass and eating some of it, I just enjoyed the warm sunshine. I did sweep off Marilyn's carport while she was gone. Since I raked last week, the carports are staying fairly clean.

Today, if we get back from the doctor's appointment in time, I will fix the chicken for lunch. I put it down in the frig yesterday so it should be thawed. If it is too late when we are finished, we may go out to the casino for lunch. I won three free meals for two in the door prize drawing last week at the Cherokee Nation Community Meeting.

I talked to my son-in-law, John, at church on Sunday and he told me all four of the female Corgi puppies are spoken for. That leaves the four males. I thought the males would go first but John said they are harder to house train.  I know that Hoover, the father of these puppies, has to stay outside or in the garage because he is not house trained. He was full grown when they bought him.

More later...

I went to the doctor with Bob this morning and they x-rayed him and found some deteriorating discs in his back that they think may be causing his pain.  He is to have an MRI at 11:00 next Wednesday at the hospital. That may tell them more.  He also had a blood test to determine if his prostate is more enlarged. He also lost a large filling  in one of his molars this morning as he was flossing. His dentist is out of the office today and has not answered his cell answering machine. He really needs to get at least a temporary filling in that hole. He did not eat lunch here today and instead got some tomato soup for his lunch. I encouraged his to call my dentist today to see if he can get in as an emergency.  He did not seem to want to do that. I took Karan and we went to Long John Silvers and we had lunch there.

At 2:00, I plan to go out to Asbury Village for Bunco.

I did go play Bunco this afternoon and later went to PINCH at Sew and So at 5:50. The meeting was supposed to be over at 6:60 but it was 6:50 before it actually was.  The nominating committee did meet and nominated the new officers for 2017. I refused to take the secretary job because I am having my surgery sometime after the first of the year and do not want to have a responsibility anymore until I find out how that is going to work out.

I took my bath after I got home and Misy and I sat in the recliner and watched TV until 9:00. Then I went to bed.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tuesday and Hair Day and Cakes

I slept very well last night. That's surprising since I went to bed so early. I got up about 5:30 this morning. That's late for me. Karan had brought her cake over late last evening.  Now I have all but Bob's. I will pick his up when I pick him up at 8:20.

I must remember to stop at the church and get Sue's cake. It is in the freezer. Johnna may have one in there too.

I got Missy's breakfast and my own. As I was drinking my coffee, Scott called. We had a good visit. I am so glad the boys stay so well in touch. Keith called a couple of days ago and we too had a good visit.

I have about an hour until time to go. I loaded the cakes in the trunk a while ago so I am ready.

I will get my hair done this morning too. After I pick up Bob we need to go out to their WalMart. We need to pick up some small dessert paper plates for the dinner on Sunday at church. We used all we had last Sunday for dessert.  I will fix a meatloaf for that dinner. Then after we take care of that chore we will eat lunch at Great China. Then we will come home and I will take Bob home.

He has been having some pain in his hip area and has a doctor's appointment in the morning in Coffeyville to try to find out what it is.  He felt bad enough yesterday that he had me drive to exercise class.

More later...I will take Missy out while it is light. We do have fog so she wanted to come back in earlier. She is going to be an unhappy cat this winter when it gets cold. She does not like the cold. But she loves to go outside.

More later....

I left to pick up Bob at 8:20 and we stopped at the church and picked up the cake Sue left there in the freezer.  Then we delivered the cakes and I took Bob out to his sister's to visit while I got my hair done. Afterward I picked him up again and we went to WalMart to buy paper dessert plates and paper bowls for Sunday's basket dinner. Then out to Great China to eat lunch. Finally we stopped at the church again on the way back and I left the chairs I had borrowed for the Living the Questions group Sunday evening.

Then I took him home and came home myself. Now I am waiting for the mailman and hoping to get Bob and my Keurig pods today. I have only three left and I think he said he has four.

So...more even later...

I had a terrible disappointment this afternoon. I went to water my new flowers and they were all dug up and the flowers were eaten off. I checked my miniature rosebush and sure enough, the beds were mostly snipped off of them too.  My neighbor said deer had been into hers too.  They had eaten her pansies. They had even been into the dusty Miller and the geranium on the far east end of those in front of the apartment on the north.  That is so disgusting! I had spent $6.00 for those six pansies. And I have nurtured that rosebush that Scott and Ginger sent me for Mother's Day. There are still a few buds on it but most are snipped off. There are still some roses on it too but most of those have been snipped off and eaten too.  I am so disappointed!

Sure enough! The Keurig pods arrived and later in the afternoon Bob came over and paid me for his.  He came for TV too but still was hurting when he moved so went home at near 7:00 to try to get some rest.  I will go to the doctor with him tomorrow. Four ears are always better then two. His appointment is at 9:00 so he will come by at 8:30.

After he left, I took my bath and Missy and I watched TV until 9:00..when we went to bed. 

Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday and Exercises and a Quieter Day

I picked up Bob this morning for exercise class. He is having some pain issues and will go see the doctor on Wednesday. I plan to go with him. After exercises I took him home and came on home to get things ready for lunch. We had leftover roast beef and carrots and potatoes and green beans.

I went to Country Mart and got some biscuits and fixed them to eat with all that. It was good and then we had pistachio pudding afterward.  He went home at 12:00 and Missy and I stayed outside for awhile. Steve did not mow this weekend and so I raked leaves again and bagged them up.  I got the middle finished before I played out. The east side is still a mess. Betty said he would mow this week. He may be able to just mow over those.

I still need to bake my cake for tomorrow this afternoon.  I have Phyllis' already . I will bake mine after I rest up a bit after the leaf raking.

More later...

After I rested up, I baked my cake. Then I did something foolish. I went back on this blog to 2010..the year Bob died, and read my journaling at that time. Now I am grieving again. I think I need to leave the past in the past. I just get sad all over again.

Anyhow, the cake is cooling and when it's cool, I'll ice it.

More later....

I did that. I got it iced and then I spent an hour or so raking leaves in the middle of the fourplex and bagging them. It looks good again now. Then after the mail came, I read my Consumer Reports Health Newsletter. 

Then I went out to WalMart and bought myself some chai. I like to have a cup after my cup of coffee in the morning and after I have my yogurt in the evening.Bob called. He is not feeling up to coming over this evening so I fixed myself a cup of Chai and watched TV until 7:30. Then I went to bed. I was very tired.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday and A Very Busy Day

I got up at 4:45 this morning to begin my day. After I fed both Missy and myself, I started my baking. I first baked the coffeecake and then put my cherry pie cake in the oven.  At church this morning, Johnna is fixing soup and we are to bring salads and desserts.  We will have Church School class and then after that, we will watch a video on the Christmas Child project we are involved in. Then in the 11:00 hour, we will pack our shoe boxes. Bob and I have already packed ours but perhaps we can help others.  We did ours last Tuesday after my hair appointment.

After that is finished, we will have the soup and salads and desserts. I fixed my coffeecake for the little girls and those who want some before Church School class.  I will serve the cherry pie cake for dessert following the soup and salad. If I have any left, I will try to use some of it tonight at the Living the Questions group meeting here at my apartment.  Or I will also fix apple brown betty. I will get some vanilla ice cream to use with the dessert at Braums.  I will need to go get Gary at 6:40. Karan will bring Marilyn.

It will be a very busy day...that's for sure.  So...more later.

There were several desserts at the dinner so I have most of my cherry pie cake left and will use it instead of  baking the apple brown betty. Gretchen e-mailed me that she was also bringing a dessert tonight so we should have plenty with the ice cream I bought this afternoon.

I did the dishes at church and helped load the 55 boxes we filled for the children in third world countries.

Here is a photo of the group behind the 55 boxes.

I did forget the chairs I will need tonight so I went back to get them I also picked up the full trash when I went back out to church. I have no idea where I will put 14 people in my small living room tonight. Maybe they won't all come.  I want to take a hiatus until after the holiday.  There just aren't enough of us willing to make the effort. Everyone likes to come but no one wants to be the host. It was just Karan and Marilyn and me and now Marilyn is fighting this bacterial infection so that's why I have it tonight.

So that just leaves Karan and me. As soon as Judy and Howard pick up their DVD player in Kansas City, they will be able to have us. Joyce no longer has us because her daughter and grandson are living with her and he is just a baby.  Bob has a even tinier apartment and so does Gary.  Gretchen lives in Alabama and just visits here.  She keeps a SUV here in Karan's extra garage. Richard has a tiny house too. Mona and Richard live way out in the country and this is deer mating season.  I don't want to drive in the country after dark.  I might hit a deer.

Anyhow...that's where the group is now.

More later...

Everyone came and they ate all my cherry pie cake with ice cream. We had a good visit and a good video. The discussion was also very good. Howard does a good job of moderating.

After they left, .  I took my bath and Missy and I sat in the recliner for awhile.

Then we went to bed. I was exhausted!