Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Busy Saturday

I met Bob A for breakfast and we decided to go to Bartlesville this morning. He has a problem with one of his tires making noise when he drives and he wants to talk to Sears...where he bought the tires.

I want to go to Christopher and Banks and see what they have for spring. Spring is right around the corner.

I called Phyllis F about going with us to Silver Dollar City on April 13 and 14th. She will check with her boss and see if she can get that Friday and Saturday off work and then let us know. I think she would enjoy that.

I did go with Bob A. to Bartlesville and he learned that his tire noise problem was struts. He will have to get them least on the back. Afterward, we went to Dink's bar B Q and had Bar B Q...the best around.

Then we came back to Coffeyville and he brought me home.

I will go up to the hospital in a little while and visit Howard. He had an emergency appendectomy yesterday. Judy, his wife, is in California. Patrick, their son, will come down and take care of Howard after he gets out of the hospital.


I went to see him a little after 2:00 this afternoon. He was in pain and had rung for pain medication three times and was told Brenda was "on her way". I waited a little while and asked him if he wanted me to go tell them at the desk. He did. So then I went to the desk and told them he was "in pain". They told me Brenda was "on her way" in too. He wanted me to stay until she came. In about ten minutes she showed up. Then she spent another ten minutes entering the medication on the computer before giving him his shot. He told her the shot worked well at first but didn't last long.

Once again I am reminded why I don't like hospitals. They do everything at THEIR convenience and not the patients'.

I didn't stay because he was uncomfortable and I told him I would come back tomorrow afternoon when he might be feeling better.

He really needs an advocate.

Friday, March 9, 2012

A Day Off

I am so happy to have Friday off. That gives me a three day weekend. I have my laundry going right now. At 6:30 I will leave to go get my hair done. Then I will come home and do some cleaning. Bob will come by at 11:30 to pick me up for lunch over at Cherryvale at Just Us.

I hear Romney is in Mississippi today campaigning. He is blasting President Obama for the price of gas. Anyone who studies these things knows the president, any president... has nothing to say or nothing to do with the price of oil. That is set by an international oil cartel. I also read the other day that our oil is exported and then we buy it back instead of just processing it here and keeping it here. Exporting it makes no sense to me at all. Also I read that if we did build that pipeline to the gulf, the Canadian oil would also be exported. That's why they're wanting to build the pipeline to the gulf. There would also be the chance that there would be a leak and that would be an enormous problem.


I went to Independence to get my hair done earlier. Afterward, I called my 90 year old friend there and she was in some kind of trouble. She asked me to come to her house and then hung up. I went over there and she was in a tizzy. She spent $325 to learn that her favorite dog has diabetes and she will have to inject it with insulin once a day every day. She has glaucoma and can't see well at all. She tried to give it it's shot this morning and bent two needles trying to get the insulin in. She only had one left but she thought she got today's shot in the dog. I suggested if she couldn't do it, that she should have the dog put to sleep. She is a nervous wreck about it. The dog is now incontinent and also occasionally has some sort of seizure. I suggested it was just too much for her. I did go to the vet and get some new needles for her. She will have to make that hard decision by herself if she can't manage the daily shot.

What a mess! I feel so sorry for her.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hard Work Thursday

My daughter, Leslie, called about 5:00 and she and her husband wanted to take me to dinner. I happily accepted. I seldom get any time with her anymore. Between her demanding job and mine, we simply don't have time. I enjoyed dinner and a good visit with both of them.

Gay contacted me this evening and they will not be able to go to lunch with Bob and me tomorrow after all. They have two conflicts in their schedule. So Bob and I will go alone. That's alright. We will catch up on our visiting. I will go to Independence for my hair appointment early in the morning and then out to see my sister, Phyllis, at Windsor Place when I get home. Then Bob will come by at 11:30 and pick me up for lunch.

Thursday At Last

I left work at 11:40 to pick up Bob A. for the Lenten Luncheon at Grace Fellowship Church. It was chicken and noodles, mashed potatoes, green beans, a roll and a drink...all for $3.00. It was good and stuck to my ribs pretty well.

I am so disgusted with the Republican candidates. They all are wanting to go to war with Iran or to bomb Syria. Warmongers...all. They all claim to be Christian. I wonder how Jesus, who went about peaceably making changes to his culture under the Roman government, would feel about their proposed methods? He was killed because he was "perceived" as a threat after the Temple incident. But he made his cultural changes peaceably. I believe in intense diplomacy.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday At Last

When I married Bob on such short notice, He and I both determined that I would make it work. He felt the same way. He had never had a family and we were his first family. He loved everything about being married and having a family but he got his idea of what "family" like was from the TV show Father Knows Best. That was never going to work with me. I was raised to be independent. Mother never wanted either of us girls to be clinging to her skirts.

As we got older, Bob appreciated me more. He stopped being forever critical. That was my main criticism of him. Nothing I ever did was good enough for him in those first twenty five years. After those first twenty five years, he had worked through all of that and he became very dear to me. The last thirty one years were very good.

Enough of that..

I will pick up Bob A. at noon and we will attend the Lenten Luncheon at Grace Fellowship Church. It's usually good food and fellowship. There are usually 100 people there. This year may be smaller. I took the ad by the paper, which has gone to a twice weekly newspaper and was told they couldn't get the ad in until today. The paper comes in the mail anymore. Some people's mail doesn't come until afternoon so I will be surprised if we have a good crowd. I hope I am surprised.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Exhausting Monday

After work, I immediately came home and baked two cakes for today. I got them iced after they cooled and will load them into the trunk of my car this morning and take them to Independence. I called two people on my way home from work to see when I could expect their cakes and both had forgotten. I had it in Sunday's bulletin and also announced it. Both of these people were very busy yesterday and both eventually brought cakes by my house. They are good people. Phyllis F. brought hers by too. So now I have five. I e-mailed Bill and he is bringing one too. Two will come from Neodesha and three from rural Independence.

I was really exhausted after all that. So I went to bed at 8:00 last night.

More later...

This morning Bob A. and I took our five cakes to Independence and then ate lunch at Big Cheese. I got back in time to go into work at 1:00. Then I did all myy filing the first couple of hours and spentthe rest of the time typing labels for old files. At 4:40, Lynette told me to go on home. Instead I went to Wal Mart and got oatmeal for my breakfast and some bananas and frozen fruit for my dinner smoothies.

Tomorrow noon I will leave work about fifteen minutes early and pick up Bob and he and I will attend the Lenten Luncheons out at Grace Fellowship church. We have to leave at 12:50 regardless of what's going on in order for me to get abck to work on time.

Gay and Tony may meet Bob and me for lunch on Friday at Just Us in Cherryvale. She contacted me today.

Also tomorrow I turn in my time sheet. Thursday is my payday.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Busy Sunday

I went to church this morning and afterward seven of us went to eat at Hog Heaven. It was pretty good but couldn't compare to Dink's in Bartlesville.

After that I came home and did the newsletters and then finished my book. It was a biography of Gene Kelly. Pretty interesting.

This evening I picked up Gary and we went to Lively's to Living the Questions. It was a good evening. Then I took Gary home and came home to take my bath.

It was a busy day but a productive one. I will work tomorrow.