Saturday, July 11, 2009

Laid Back Saturday

I mowed early so we could go to Bartlesville this morning before it got horribly hot. When we got home around noon, it was awfully hot...over 90 degrees. Slinky was very overheated and I let him in for the afternoon. I read most of the afternoon and brought the checkbook up to date.

We let him out about an hour ago so we could go to dinner. When we got home an hour later, he was overheated again. So I let him back in and put the fan on him. He didn't eat a bite of his supper. He's resting now.

We will watch part three of "The Power of Myth" with Bill Moyers and Joseph Campbell. Bob has really enjoyed his birthday gift from me.

Surely it will cool down after that and we can put Slinky out for the night. What does one do with a dog that gets so hot and we live in southeast Kansas?

Tomorrow we have church. I am presiding and Bob has the sermon. I hope we have a good attendance.

My crepe myrtle, rose of sharon and black eyed susans are all blooming now. I will post the photo of the black eyed susans.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Home From Camp

I got home about 10:30 this morning and it was a great week. Before I left this morning we had camp cleanup and I cleaned the woman's bathroom in the dining hall. We had cinnamon rolls for breakfast since they were mopping up the floors and getting the camp ready for Camp Quality. Camp Quality is for children with cancer. It is free for the children and there are lots of councilors and a doctor on staff and a nurse on duty 24/7.

The pool was almost finished. It should be filled today. It was finished too late for our camp. It will be nice next year though.

I started my laundry after I got home then went to Independence to meet Bob, Leslie and Cyndi for lunch. We ate at the Railroad Inn, which is Italian food.

Tonight we will have a light supper. Missy, the cat was glad to see me. She was not happy that her bowl was nearly empty and Bob lets it get so low that she can see the bottom of the dish and she always thinks that it is empty if she can see the bottom of the dish.

Slinky was glad to see me too but he thought I would let him in the kitchen. Finally I did because he was so hot!

I took my camera but forgot to take any photos. Oh well....

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Camp has been really nice! The weather has been excellent and I have had a really good time here. Bob brought over my laptop Monday evening so i could pay bills but I haven't had a lot of time to post since I am teaching a two and a half hour class every afternoon. We have flag pole devotions at 6:45 AM followed by breakfast at 7:00. Then we have a prayer meeting and a class. After lunch I have my class. There is recreation following that. At 5:15 we have dinner and cleanup after that. Then we have song service and a preaching service in the evening at 7:30.

Today I have had KP with my chores group so after each meal I do pots and pans and the others run the dishwasher and clean up tables and sweep.

It's nearly 4:00 now and in a half hour we will have the big "duck race" with rubber duckies in the creek. It's an annual affair and we choose a numbered duck and root fro it all the way to the bridge while running along the side of the creek.

Tonight is the last preaching service of the week. The camp breaks up after consecration service in the morning. Before that, we clean the camp to leave it nice for everyone else to come.

We have gone to camp almost every year since Scott was 1 year old and he is now 48. This is the first year I have gone alone though. Even if Bob is out on a disaster, I take a grandchild. The grandchildren are all grown now so there is no one around to bring.