Saturday, August 24, 2013

Another Hot Saturday

It should be hot today again. I should expect that. It's August after all. I received my new laptop battery yesterday and charged it all night until it had a full charge. A full charge is evidently only 2 1/2 hours with this battery. Now I am supposed to keep it up until it discharges and then recharge it again with the computer turned off. I am supposed to do that three times. Then once every few weeks I should do it again so the battery will take a full charge. We will see how that works.

I will be leaving in a few minutes for Saturday morning breakfast. We will go to Sirloin Stockade today because Eggberts is closed for their move to their new building. I will go over to Bob's in a few minutes.

I don't have a plan for today but I am doing some laundry and will remake my bed after awhile. I would like to go to Bartlesville. Why, I don't know. We were just there last Saturday.

More later...

We ended up going to Caney to Eggberts and we had a good breakfast. The Sirloin Stockade was not open until 7:30. Then later I went to the Medicine Shoppe and got my meds. Then I drove out to Leslie's and picked up the meat. She was not home and John didn't even come in to say hello. I asked him for a sack and he told me from the living room where they were kept. I thanked him and left with the meat. I will fix a tuna noodle casserole for about 1:00 PM. We ate plenty of breakfast and I, for one, am not hungry.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Again

It's Friday again and I left about 6:20 for Independence where I went to the bank and then got my hair done. When I got home we went to exercise class. I hope that exercise doesn't hurt my arms further. I really feel I need the exercise.

I slept very well last hurting of any kind. I got up around 5:00AM as usual. After drinking my coffee and taking my meds, I took Missy and went outside for a little while. She loves it out there around 5:45. I couldn't stay out long because of my appointment.

After the 9:00AM exercise class, some of us went to Utopia and had coffee and a scone. Then we came on back home. Bob just called to say he has gone to ICC in Independence to pick up his granddaughter at college. I will fix dinner/lunch a little later because I'm not sure when he will get back. It will probably be closer to 12:30 or 1:00 before we eat today. I don't have a plan for this afternoon. We will have pork cutlets, mashed potatoes and gravy and a veggie. Bob will bring salad. I haven't fixed dessert yet but I believe we will have fruit. I will set it out in dessert dishes to thaw.

More later....

Well, we had dinner about 12:30 and it turned out fine. Bob went home to take a nap.

I received my new laptop battery and will let it charge overnight with the computer shut down. Then I am supposed to use the battery after it is fully charged until the computer reports that the battery is low. I am to allow the battery to cool for thirty minutes and then recharge it again. I am to do this for a total of three charges/discharges and then rundown and recharge the battery at least every few weeks. This is to keep the battery operating at peak performance and will keep the charge level indicator accurate. That is evidently how you keep a new battery broken in. This is according to the instruction sheet that came with the battery.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Calm Thursday

This will be a calm Thursday after such a busy Wednesday. I need to do some cleaning today. I have tracked in quite a bit of grass and I imagine Missy and even Bob has too.

I also still have my white pants to iron. I need to go to the market after dinner. I need quite a few things. We will have leftover meatloaf for dinner/lunch today. I will fry some potatoes and have a veggie. Bob will bring a salad. I still have two chocolate puddings so that is what we will have for dessert.

I slept real well last night. My left arm bothered me all day yesterday so I took two Aleve with milk before I went to bed. I stayed up until 10:00.

More later...

Our leftover dinner was very good. I tried to take a nap afterward but simply could not get to sleep. I finally got up and went to the market and got a few groceries. I still need to go to the bank and also get some pork cutlets for tomorrow's dinner.

The painter is painting Bob's deck now and it looks a lot better. We walked over to Braums and had an ice cream cone this evening then we walked over and looked at the progress.

Keith called on his way home from work today and we had a nice visit.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Different Wednesday

This will be a different Wednesday. At 7:00 AM Bobby and Karan will pick us up and we will go to the parking lot north of Sirloin Stockade to wait for the bus to take us to Kansas City for the performance of "The Buddy Holly Story" and a buffet dinner. I have been looking forward to this as something different. I have been very bored lately. Even though we have done some different things, still I have been bored. For one thing, I miss hearing from Scott, who is in Korea. He used to call a couple of times a week. He will be there for a month. It will be a quiet month here during that period.

I didn't sleep well last night. I awoke at 2:00 AM with both arms hurting. I couldn't get comfortable. Finally I got up and took two Aleve with the last of my milk. I finally got back to sleep but then I had one of my rare nightmares.

I will try to get back to this blog after I get home.

Well I didn't blog when I got home but we did have a real good time. There was a lot of music in this play. It was never my kind of music but it was very well done. I was never into rock and roll.

I watched some TV and then went to bed about 10:00. Missy was glad to see me back and lay in my lap all evening then she slept all night on the end of my bed.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Busy Tuesday

Today will be busy. Soon I will fix my meatloaf for lunch and put it in the frig to bake later. I am thawing the meat now. All I will have to do when I get home from Independence is put that meatloaf in the microwave and cook it, peel the potatoes and cook them and fix some frozen veggies. Bob is going to bring coleslaw over for lunch. We will have some frozen strawberries for dessert. I will set the table now.

He just left. I sit out front in my chairs and watch the sun come up every morning. I let Missy out then too. When he sees us out there, he comes over and joins us. Missy stayed pretty close by this morning but then I heard her growling and saw another cat nearby next door just coming around the corner. I told her "no" and Missy ran for the carport door. Bob went home to put his laundry in the dryer and Missy and I came back in the house. I sure don't want her to try to fight again after all we went through with her cat wounds last spring. She seems happy to be back in the house now.

My hair appointment is at 10:00. Bob is going with me to buy groceries for the food basket at church at 9:00. After my hair appointment we will go back to the church and leave them and then come back home and I will probably start the lunch/dinner.

I don't have a plan for the afternoon...except maybe a nap.

More later...

We had a very good dinner/lunch. Afterward I did take a nap. This evening Leslie called and I asked her to meet me for a milk shake at Braums. She had a hair appointment at 5:30. So I walked over to Braums and she bought me a milk shake. We had a quick visit.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Evercise Monday

I now have another computer problem. For the second time in that many weeks, I have accidentally let my laptop battery run down. I forgot to plug it back in. It is only charging half way now. Now I am going to have to buy another new battery. This one had lasted a long time...several years. I had bought a couple in the past because I like to sit with it on my lap...unplugged for an hour or two at a time. Now it is going down pretty quickly. Darn!

I forget the company I bought this one from. I think I have it's address saved in my e-mail folders though. I will check it out before I order. For right now, I have just plugged it back in and am sitting with it on my lap that way.

I slept pretty well last night. My arms still ache some off and on nearly every day but it is something I can put up with rather then to constantly take Aleve for it. Nothing else really works to completely kill the hurting.

We went to exercise class this morning and I got through it alright. Sometimes the exercises hurt my arms. When that happens I avoid those.

I still have tater tot casserole left from Friday so I will warm it up for lunch/dinner. I also have two servings of that dessert I took to church yesterday so we will finish that off too.

I don't know what I have on the agenda for today or tomorrow....outside of getting my hair done tomorrow morning. Before that I will go to the Independence Wal Mart and buy some groceries for our church's food basket. I also need to get a few things for myself and the church. I will fix a meatloaf for lunch Tuesday and have mashed potatoes or boiled potatoes with it as well as a veggie. Bob will bring another salad.

Then Wednesday we will take our bus trip to Kansas City for the dinner theater of "The Buddy Holly Story". That should be fun and something different to do too. It will be a long day. We meet at the parking lot at 7:00 AM and leave at 7:30 AM for Kansas City and I don't have a clue when we will get back. Whatever! it should be a fun something different to do anyhow.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Different Sunday

Today will be a little different. We have a guest minister coming and a potato bar afterward. I am taking a bag of shredded four Mexican cheeses. I am also taking Judy's Cherry Oatmeal Delight for one of the desserts. I have never made this dessert before but it looks and sounds good. We will see. Bob is taking some Bacon Bits. There will be at least a dozen different toppings for the potatoes.

Yesterday morning Bob and I went to Bartlesville. First he bought gas at Dewey where it is a little cheaper at $3.27.9. Then we went to the mall where I found another new top at Christopher and Banks. I had two pair of olive green slacks/jeans and nothing that really went with them. That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it. I had a 40% off coupon so the $30 top only cost me a little over $19.

Then we were going to eat at Dink's Bar B Q but Dink's was closed. They had some kind of special occasion (they didn't say what it was) and wouldn't open to the public until evening. So we decided to go to Chili's. There we found a two for $20 deal and both bought a 6 ounce sirloin. It was very good and it had been quite awhile since I had had a steak. My Bob and I used to go to Garfield's now and then for their 6 ounce sirloin and it was always very good. So for something different, that was a treat.

I just took the Cherry Oatmeal Delight out of the oven and it smells really good. I will try it at the dinner and if I really like it, I may make it for the Living the Questions group the first Sunday evening in September.

When I get home after the dinner, I will have my letters to do. Then later this evening I will watch 60 MInutes, the news program.