Saturday, December 4, 2021

Saturday and a Rest Day

It has been a busy week. I have had very little relaxation. I have had some kind of project going all week.

There is no church tomorrow due to the rise in the virus cases in Montgomery County. We are taking it one week at a time. So I will watch the church services from Toronto Canada tomorrow like I did every week after we closed the church due to the virus last year. We will take opening the church services in the building one week at a time.

I was so exhausted after all the yard work yesterday that I went to bed at 8:30PM last night and slept through the night. I was up after 5:00AM this morning too.  

It's nearly 7:00AM now and I will go watch "the weather on the 8's" and check on the cats and get back to this later....

I haven't seen any cats this morning. I did go to the market for three things I needed. They aren't carrying my cranberry/grape juice anymore in the small bottles. I had to buy a large bottle this time. That will work for me though. I still want to support our local market.

I see I am going to have to give up on raking until all my neighbor's trees finish dropping their leaves. This morning I had more leaves on the yard even after I worked so hard to get the yard cleaned up yesterday. It was a waste. Oh well...

I got my ceramic Christmas tree down from the kitchen cabinet this morning. I gave my usual Christmas tree away two years ago after Karan got that homeless woman into Sycamore Landing. We gathered up odds and ends of furniture for her so she would have a home again. I gave her my Christmas tree because there was no place for it in my present apartment and she could use it. 

There is only one plug in in the den and I have my computers and printer hooked into that one. I plugged the ceramic tree into a plug in behind the sofa in the living room. I probably have some more Christmas decorations in the attic but I would have to climb onto the pull down ladder in the garage to get them and I probably shouldn't do that.

I guess I will get back to my book.  

More later... 

I checked my mail and I had received the  check for the class newsletter from our class treasurer. It's for stamps and to have the newsletter printed off for the 52 classmates who are not online. Since I only go to the bank in Coffeyville on Wednesdays I was not aware that all banks are not open past noon on Saturdays anymore. So I had made an unnecessary trip to Coffeyville. I will have to cash the check next Wednesday.  

I still haven't had lunch and it's almost 3:00PM so I had better eat something besides the peanut M and Ms I ate earlier today. Those are not particularly nutritious. I have some frozen meals and I will eat one of them. 

And that's what I did. 

I have been working on the class newsletter this afternoon. It's coming together pretty slow this year...of course there are fewer of us this year. It's 4:30PM now and I guess I will go back to my latest book.  

Instead of reading my Kindle I watched my annual December movie,  "The Christmas Carol" with George C. Scott as Scrooge. I downloaded and bought it years ago and watch it every December. It gets me in the mood for Christmas.

 No photo description available. 

My granddaughter, Sara, gave me the little nutcracker for Christmas... years ago.. and my son-in-law John made me the little Santa Claus.

May be an image of christmas tree

My sister, Phyllis, made me the ceramic Christmas tree years ago when they lived in Topeka.  I use it every Christmas. I am sure I have a few more Christmas decorations in the attic. Maybe tomorrow I will get the car out of the garage and get them down. Since I am to get new carpet from my new landlord on December 23rd, I will need to get the Christmas decorations put away before that.

It's a little after  7:00PM now and I will go take my bath and read until bedtime...probably around 9:00PM-9:30PM.


Friday, December 3, 2021

Friday and A Quiet Day

After this week,I could use a quiet day. I have had problems with the desktop computer all week. This morning it was frozen solid and I had to do a cold reboot. For some reason, it won't stay on the internet. It continually disconnects. Something to do with it's connection to the router. I troubleshoot it and it will connect for a short while then it disconnects again. 

The laptop doesn't have the problem so it must be the desktop computer. That's what Cox Complete Care said last week when I had them check it out. It's something about the network adapters according to troubleshooting. I just hope I can get it to hold the signal long enough for me to send the completed class newsletter to Four County Mental Health when it's finished. 

I managed to send the class newsletter to the laptop computer and I will put the newsletter together on that computer and send it to the woman at Four County Mental health for printing by attaching it to e-mail from there.

I see the desktop computer is disconnected again now. I ran troubleshooting and it still says it's the network adapter. It's connected again now but it doesn't last more then a few minutes. Now it won't stay connected at all. I will just shut it off and have Leslie come hook up the laptop to the printer. I will need to have access to the printer.

It's 6:49AM and I will go check out "the weather on the 8's" and the cat situation. 

Both cats came for breakfast and I fed them.

 May be an image of tree and grass 

I have been raking leaves but the dumpster is full and I have only done 3/4 of the front yard. I still have the side yard and the back yard to do.

May be an image of tree and grass 

This is the part of the front yard yet to do. Big job!!! 

I was going to mow the rest of the front yard but I can't get the mower to start. I have never had any trouble starting it in the past. I wonder if it could be the spark plug. I don't know a thing about spark plugs so I guess I'm stuck.

It evidently wasn't the spark plug. It had just set too long.  I will continue to try.

It's 10:00AM now.

It's 11:00AM now and I finally did get the mower going and the rest of the front yard mowed. The rest will have to wait. I am exhausted though and I have a lot of leaves against the curb and when I get rested up I will take a black yard bag out there and pick those up before they blow back on the yard. I drank a bottle of water. That helped.

I got hold of Krystal and she is going to mow the rest of the yard for me. And she can do it today. I had suggested Saturday or Sunday or even Monday but she said she could even do it today. So that would even be better! I don't know what time she will come....probably sometime after 4:00PM or 4:30PM. She works at the Bartlesville post office.  But whenever will be fine.

It's 12:08PM now and I have blown what leaves I couldn't pick up across the street where they came from. My dumpster is full and there is a full bag I couldn't get into the dumpster. I am very tired and will read awhile and then fix me some lunch. I froze half of the chicken and noodles Suzanne gave me before I went to Tennessee. I will thaw those out for lunch.

That's what I had for lunch and it was good!!!

 May be an image of outdoors and brick wall  

This is my 86th  birthday gift from my daughter...she said it was me!

Steven, my landlord, texted me this morning to tell me my new carpet will be laid December 23rd. That will be fine. It will be an all day job but they will move my furniture to the family room/den and garage and put it all back where it was afterward. I will be so glad to have some new carpeting. Every time I vacuum I get a wad of dirt as large as my fist....and Suzanne had it cleaned before I moved in. The elderly lady that lived here before me was handicapped and could not clean well. 

More even later...Krystal came and mowed the leaves. She even swept the leaves at the curb into piles and I helped her pick them up and bag them. I gave her some extra money for all the work she did.  l don't know how long the leaves will stay cleaned up but I can't work that hard again. My neighbor to the south has large trees that leave leaves in my yard too but I can handle the back yard.

It is 6:00PM and soon I will take my bath and I will probably go to bed early tonight. I am very tired. It's 8:00PM now and I will just go on to bed.

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Thursday and Lunch With Suzanne

I slept well last night but then I went to bed quite later. I finished my latest book first. I took my bath at 7:00PM but didn't go to bed until midnight.  But I was still up at 5:00AM. 

I also worked on the desktop computer all evening. It would not connect with the internet. I must have tried a dozen times to get it to connect. I finally was able to get it to connect just long enough to send a copy of the class newsletter to the laptop. And of course, the laptop can't print. The last update Microsoft did to it made to Windows 7 made that happen. 

I had received a couple of pieces of news from classmates and since I am trying to get it finished in December and get it printed off  at Leslie's printing office, I may have to send it attached to e-mail when it is finished to the woman that prints it for me there at Four County Mental health.

Suzanne called me last night and invited me to a birthday lunch at the Copan Truck Stop. She wants me to meet her there at 11:30AM. From there, after lunch, she will go on down to her sister's house in Bartlesville and I will go up to Independence in time for my 2:40PM appointment at the driver's license bureau.

But first, before lunch, I will clean the apartment. Right now I will finish my breakfast and begin mopping the floors. It's almost 6:00AM  At 6:30AM I will check on the cats. They didn't come last night so I don't know whether they will come this morning or not.

I transferred enough money last night to pay for my crown this month but I want to try to save $100 a month to put back in my savings and build it back up. There's only $1,000 in there now. 

I have everything clean except the dining room. I will vacuum it when the next commercial comes on.  It's almost 7:00AM now and both Scruff and Blondie came for breakfast. I fed Scruff first and then when she was gone  Blondie came. I was feeding him and Scruff came back.  I think the vacuum cleaner noise scared her off before.

I am still having trouble with the internet connection and the desktop computer. The laptop will no longer print so I mess with the desktop computer until it finally connects to the internet. That way I can send the finished newsletter to the woman at Four County Mental Health to print it off.

Keith and Leslie just contacted me by text and wished me a Happy Birthday! :) I saw Scott's greeting on my facebook page....and his ex-wife, Taresa, also sent me a greeting there.

I finished my cleaning except for dusting. I have cleaned up the vacuum sweeper too and put it away. It's only  8:15AM so I have plenty of time before time to leave for my lunch date with Suzanne. I am supposed to meet her at 11:30AM and that is three hours yet.

More later....

I went down to Bartlesville to the US Cellular store and one of the the women that works there helped me figure out how to unblock blocked numbers. Then I went up to Copan and waited for Suzanne to come to have lunch. She not only bought my lunch, and we also shared a piece of coconut cream pie and she brought me gifts. We had a nice visit. My hairdresser, Toni, also gave me a gift yesterday. Suzanne went down to Bartlesville afterward to visit her sister and I drove up to Independence to renew my driver's license.

It is 3:20PM now and I just got home from Independence where I renewed my driver's license for another 4 years. That will make me 90...if I am still around at that time.

 There's nothing on TV that I am interested in watching...even the news is depressing. Lots of violence and thousands and thousands of people that don't have sense enough to get vaccinated. This pandemic will go on for generations if they don't mandate vaccinations.

It's 6:30PM and I have had my bath and have my pjs on. I will finish this and then go read again. When I get more tired, I will go on to bed.


Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Wednesday and Bunco

I slept pretty well last night but about 2:30AM someone rang my doorbell.I got up and put on my robe and went to the door but no one was there by then. I don't know what that was all about but I did get back to sleep and slept until almost 6:00AM.

I checked my e-mail this morning and I had news from two different classmates. I copied and pasted their news into the class newsletter and saved it. To my knowledge, we only had one death this year. At least I only heard about one. We may have had others. I usually find out when some of the newsletters come back.

Both cats came for breakfast this morning. Neither came yesterday evening so I am not surprised.

I will have a big day today. I need to go by the market and buy a treat for the Bunco game this afternoon. I get my hair colored and cut at 9:00AM and then I have to mail a package off to Keith and buy stamps. I will take my Kindle and read until time for Bunco. I have Bunco at 1:00PM until 3:00PM and then if I have any of my treat left I will check with Marilyn and see if she is home after her surgery and if so, if she wants the rest of my treat. If she is and does, I will drop by her apartment and see if she is up to a visit.

More later...

I got my hair done and then went to Sonic and got a cherry limeade slush. After that I went to the post office and sent the package back to Keith so he could exchange it.

I washed my car and cleaned it all up inside and out. Then I went to the senior center and sat and read until time for Bunco. We played halfway through the games and then we ate our treats and then played again until 3:00 or so and then I took my treats over to Marilyn's. She was happy for the company and as I was leaving she came in the kitchen to have some treats. I was so glad I stayed and visited with her. 

On the way home I looked at the text that came while I was at Marilyn's apartment. Montgomery County is red again which means we have too many cases of Covid19 to hold church in our building so we will be back on Zoom or watching the services online from Canada.

When I got home I checked the mail and  looked to see if the cats were out there for supper. I didn't have lunch or supper but I did have an ice cream bar. I turned on the news but was recording it so I thought if I watched the recording I could edit out the commercials.

It is nearly 6:00PM now and I am very tired. At 7:00PM I will take my bath and read until bedtime.

It's 11:20PM now and I finally finished my latest book.

Now I will go to bed.

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Tuesday and Visiting Nancy

I did not sleep well last night. I was awake off and on after midnight.  Finally I just got up and dressed shortly before 5:00AM. I am having my breakfast now and it's 5:25AM. In a little while I will go check the weather and see if the cats are out there waiting for their breakfast.  

About 10:00AM, I plan to go visit Nancy at Green Country Village Assisted Living. Right now I will go check the weather.

The weather looks like it will be nice all week.

Neither of the cats came for breakfast  this morning. Strange....They are usually here by 6:30AM and it is 7:48AM now.

I heard  from Stephen, my landlord, and he is sending another man here from Owasso to measure for my carpet. Lowe's was not sure when they could get any carpet. I told him to just let the man in because I knew I would be gone until at least 4:00PM on Wednesday. Stephen says his father shares my birth date only he is 82.

I did go down and visit Nancy. She does not like it there but she will have to try and get used to it. Naturally she wants to go home to her own home. But she really is beyond that. Caneyites Mary Chastain and Joyce McDaniel were there and they took her under their wing. Mary had moved to Bartlesville because one of her sons lives there. She went to live with her sister briefly but she said she was too bossy and she is perfectly happy to be at Green Country Village Assisted Living.  They were to play Bingo after their lunch.

I went and got gas after I left and also stopped at Copan Truck Stop and had their small chef salad and iced tea. Then I came on back home and have worked all afternoon on getting my newsletter ready to add new information as it comes in. I e-mailed those with e-mail and told them I was beginning to work on it. The others will just have to start sending their news. 

I also worked again on my sermon for December 26th.

I made up a mailing list of those that do not have e-mail. I will send those off those after I get the newsletter duplicated by the woman at Four County Mental Health. Hopefully she can do it for me again. I have all the envelopes addressed already. I did that a few weeks ago.

Oddly enough, John Wade, our class treasurer, called me this afternoon while I was working on all of this and he is sending me the money we have left in our classmate's account for stamps. I think he said it was $125.00.

It is 5:12PM now and I am tired. I had to charge my Fitnus again this afternoon. It sure didn't last long. I had just charged it yesterday.

 I did some work in the yard. I am tired of reading.

I may mow the back again on Friday just to clean up the mess of leaves. It depends on if the weather holds up till then.

More later..

It is 6:22PM now and in a little bit I will take my bath and read. There's nothing on TV I am interested in. TV is pitiful anymore. It's too much violence and stupidity.

Tomorrow I will get my hair done at 9:00AM and then at 1:00PM I go to the senior center and play Bunco. I want to check on Marilyn afterward. I will need to get a treat for Bunco at the market here in Caney. Whatever I have left I will take to Marilyn..if she's up to company. She had surgery last week on her back.

Then on Thursday (my birthday) I will clean the apartment and at 2:40PM, I will go to Independence to get my driver's license renewed.

I don't think I have anything going on Friday.

I hope I sleep better tonight. I will read awhile till I get sleepy and go to bed sometime between 9:00PM and 10:00PM.


Monday, November 29, 2021

Monday and the Dentist

I have not had any trouble out of the tooth I broke last Tuesday. And it also lost the amalgam filling. Today I hope to see the local woman dentist and get that filling put back in. I cannot afford a root canal and a crown that's for sure and the last (and only) root canal I had was a complete disaster. The dentist I worked for at the time wanted to do a couple of crowns to hold a bridge the other dentist had done with an onlay and this dentist was having to re-cement it every once in awhile. As he was redoing the preparation, he got into the nerve by mistake and had to do a root canal first....then a crown.  A month later, the root canal he had done blew up and he sent me to a specialist endodontist out of Tulsa who met me at the office of a Bartlesville dentist. He redid the root canal and charged me $1100.

A few years later I developed an abscess on the same tooth and my dentist gave me an antibiotic to clear that up. Then he wanted to extract the tooth. The abscess had cleared up and I wanted to keep the tooth so against his better judgement, he complied. Several years later while I was at a church camp, it started hurting again and that dentist had retired so I went to the one in Coffeyville I had changed to and he extracted the tooth. That left me with a two tooth gap. The tooth had cracked clear to the gum line and had to be removed. It was a bicuspid tooth and couldn't handle two root canals so over time it cracked. This one is a bicuspid too. So I sure don't want another root canal. I couldn't afford one anyhow. It would have to have a crown too. And my Coffeyville dentist has retired too.

A dentist in Cherryvale made me a partial last year to replace the two teeth I had lost and that has been a blessing and it gave me something to chew with on that side of my mouth.. It only cost me $650. Now he is retired.

Long explain a mess. I hope I don't run into another one with my new dentist here in Caney.

It's 6:00AM now and I have been eating my breakfast. I have not had the weather channel on yet nor checked on the cats. Maybe I should do that.

Both Scruff and Blondie came for breakfast this morning. I guess Scruff  didn't completely give up on me coming back after all.

More even later ...

And so far the desktop computer is holding on to the far.... 


We finally got to see this lovely home over Thanksgiving!! 

More later...

I called the dentist office as soon as they opened and got a 10:15AM appointment. I am going to encourage her to smooth where it broke off and  and just fill it again.  We'll see what happens. It's 9:18AM now.

I actually got to see the dentist at 11:00AM. They were very busy.

After an x-ray determined there was no crack in the tooth, they offered only two options....extraction or a crown. I chose a crown. There wasn't enough of the tooth left to build it up for a filling. And I can't lose any more teeth. I need that tooth to eat. I transferred $1300. from my savings to my checking account. Since I am paying cash, I got a 5% discount.

My appointment to do the crown prep is the 9th at 7:30AM. They will put pins into what's left of the tooth to help hold the crown in place. The crown will be back on the 30th and I will go in that day at 7:30AM to get it seated. 

It's 4:06PM now and the sun is shining brightly. It has been lovely all day and I have read all afternoon...later I went to get a Mocha Crunch Blast at Sonic after I ate my leftover chicken salad from yesterday.  

I plan to go see Nancy tomorrow at the Green Country Village Assisted Living  in Bartlesville. I hope I can get in to see her.

More later...  

I spent the last hour sending out letters and bulletins to those who were not at church on Sunday. They need the announcements and the prayer list.  We have a couple of people who are in very bad shape.

Now I will go watch the evening CBS news and then take my bath. I plan to read until I get sleepy enough to go to bed and sleep. I slept well last night.

Perhaps more later... 

It's 8:00PM now and I will read until 9:00PM or even 10:00PM. When I get tired, I will go to bed.

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Sunday and Computer problems

I can't seem to get any domains on my desktop computer today. My browser can't connect to anything I just get an error message. I am rebooting now. I have to have my desktop computer because it is the only one that prints. I am trying to get it to reboot now but it is very slow coming up. No, it won't connect to anything this morning. It's always something!

 I will need to get into the church's site to get the worship helps in a couple of weeks .

Now I will have to get my breakfast.It is 6:18AM

So more later.... 

I got contacted a Cox Complete Care IT and the IT said it was a computer problem. He tried everything and I had rebooted twice. Finally it connected and so far I have internet on the desktop computer again...for how long, I don't know.

Only Blondie came for breakfast this morning.  Evidently Scruff gave up on me coming back to the apartment. :) 

This afternoon I have worked on the December 26th sermon I am to give. What is difficult is that from time to time the desktop computer disconnects from the  internet and when it does that, I can lose my resources as well as my printing ability.  I just have to deal with that. I go to my internet connection and choose troubleshooting and it will temporally fix itself...until the next time it happens. 

This evening I have watched the worship service of the Mission Center.  It is 6:41PM now and I will soon take my bath. Then later I will go on to bed.