Saturday, September 18, 2021

Saturday and Dusting

I slept well last night...was up a couple of times in the night to go to the bathroom but got right back to sleep.  Since I have been drinking more water I get up in the night more often. But the water keeps me hydrated.

I am dressed and having my breakfast now and my coffee. I don't have much planned for today but dusting and trimming the yard. It sure looks better since Krystal mowed yesterday evening although, of course, it's still awfully yellow.. I will trim before it gets too hot. It's 6:20AM now and I want to go check "the weather on the 8's" and also see if there are either of the cats are out there. I think they have about given up on me feeding them the cat food they want now.

Sure enough, no cats came for breakfast. They definitely do not  want dry cat food any more.

It's a little after 8:00AM now.

It's 9:50AM now and I have done a lot of raking leaves in the front yard. I put on some plastic gloves and scooped up the leaves and put them in a black yard plastic bag. I left about ten feet of the west front yard because I completely wore out by then. I should take the mower and mow more than there are. Maybe I will do that after I rest awhile.

I watched the part of the CBS news that I had missed because I had recorded it late. I deleted the last part that I had already seen. The nice thing about recording programs is you can delete the commercials and just watch the news itself.I hate's mostly pharmaceuticals, car dealerships and furniture stores  with a few odds and ends thrown in.  

It's 10:45AM now. There is a conflict with my laptop computer and the printer. I have to print from the desktop computer now. Evidently something changed in the connection. I will have to call Cox Complete Care.

Cox Complete Care reinstalled the printer but it still doesn't work from the laptop. He even set it back four days to restore the former settings but that didn't work either. I have to attach anything I want printed and send it to the desktop computer to get it printed. Whatever, least I can print off anything by sending it to the desktop computer. 

At 1:30PM, I went over and visited Nancy for a couple of hours. It's 4:45PM now and I just got home.

In a little bit I will turn on the CBS evening news. 

There was no CBS evening news thanks to a football game. I took my bath at 7:30PM after reading since I got home from Nancy's. It's 7:45PM now and I will read again until I get too sleepy....probably 9:00PM The wind is coming up. I can hear it blowing out there. There will be leaves everywhere tomorrow. I never did get the trimming done or the dusting.Tomorrow is another day though.

Friday, September 17, 2021

Friday and Lunch at Coffeyville

I woke up a couple of times in the night..once to go to the bathroom and take my meds. Shortly before 5:00AM, I just got up. I had slept pretty well.

I am going to eat my breakfast and watch the CBS news and then go over to Independence to Walgreen's to pick up my thyroid med and then go on to Coffeyville to get my blood pressure med and have lunch at the senior center there.That lunch will be $3.00. Asbury Village, a nice retirement home, then donates the money to the senior center. While I am in Coffeyville I need to go to the bank and pick up my new checks too.

Then I will come back home because Krystal or one of her girls are going to mow my poor yellow yard.  I will need to trim this week too. I also will need to dust again sometime today.

More a little later. I am going to fix my breakfast. 

I have had my breakfast and coffee and I will fix my Chai Latte and go watch "the weather on the 8's" now and perhaps check on the cats.

So more even later... 

No cats came for breakfast this morning. They evidently don't want to eat dry cat food after being spoiled to the that Suzanne gave me.

I left for Independence to get my prescription filled there and Walgreens. For some reason I had two there and  then I went on to Coffeyville to get my blood pressure med and stop at the senior center for the lunch Asbury Village for us. 

It was a good lunch and only $3.00 and I had a good chance to visit with Richard Akers, one of the two men who did the redoing of our home on Catalina in Coffeyville. He and his stepson did wonderful  work. Everything they did was perfect. They took three small windows out of the dining room and replaced them with huge windows which gave us a lot more light. Then we had them put new cement board siding on the entire house. They replaced the carpet in the dining room with some really nice flooring. We spent a lot of money on that house and the woman who bought it from us has just let it all run down. It's a shame..a pitiful shame!

After I got home from Coffeyville and looked at my two prescriptions from Walgreens, I noticed they were the very same prescription. Except one was $28.00 dollars and the other one was $18.00. 

So, I went back up to Walgreens and talked to them about that problem. They refunded the full payment on my debit card and just charged me for the lower cost prescription. But that had meant a second trip to Independence.In the meantime Krystal had come and mowed for me and called to find out where I was. I told her I was on my way home from a second trip to Independence and would be home in 15 minutes. When I got back home, she came over so I could pay her before she went to her second job at Pizza Hut here. Luckily I had left the mower out on the front sidewalk and the trash bag in front of the trash container. She wasn't unhappy with me for not being here when she mowed. The yard is looking so much better. In the morning before it gets too hot, I will trim . I had intended to get gas for the mower while in Independence but I didn't want Krystal to be late for her evening Pizza Hut second job. The mowing won't need to be done for another week.I will get gas sometime next week at Woodshed in South Coffeyville.

It is 6:20PM now and at 7:00PM, I will take my bath. I plan to stay up until 9:00PM and then go on to bed.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Thursday and an Appointment to Give Blood

I got up at my usual 5:00AM and am having my breakfast now. I have made my bed and dressed already I did wake up a couple of times in the night and got up to go to the bathroom and also take my two meds.. I need to stop at Coffeyville's Medicine Shoppe tomorrow when I go over to the senior center to the lunch Asbury Village serves on the third Friday of each month and stop and pick up my blood pressure medicine. Yesterday Lora called in my two prescriptions. This afternoon after I attempt to give blood at the Bloodmobile here in Caney I will go up to Independence and pick up my thyroid med at Walgreens there. It's a lot cheaper there then the Medicine Shoppe in Coffeyville.They took some blood yesterday at the doctor's office's lab to check my thyroid. 

I will clean the apartment this morning while the commercials are on with the news. Right now I am drinking my coffee. Soon I will go check the "weather on the 8's" and also the cats. It never did rain yesterday or last night after the police issued that storm warning. 

Krystal is having one of the girls (or perhaps herself) mow on Friday evening. The yard is bleached yellow but still needs mowing. The ground is cracking from the dryness too. We really need some rain in this 90 degree weather to cool it off. Too bad we didn't get any!

It's 6:16AM now and I am going to turn on the TV and check the weather.
More later...Well, the weather said rain on Tuesday next week but seeing is believing in my book.

Scruff came to eat her breakfast and she broke down and is eating the dry cat food. I guess if you are hungry enough you will eat whatever is given you. Blondie did not come. Evidently his owners are feeding him.

More even later...CBS morning news is on.

I got all my mopping finished and also the vacuuming. I will need to dust in the morning or maybe this afternoon.

The CBS News is off  now and I am not interested in the Tulsa News. 

Blondie finally came for breakfast and it's 9:06AM. I put out the dry cat food and he turned his back on it and stalked a grasshopper, caught it and ate it. I guess that's some kind of meat. It wasn't dry cat food.  I took that back into the garage and covered it.

I am going to try to give blood again this afternoon at 1:15PM. I have been deferred twice now. One nurse suggested I eat an orange and one said I should have an Oreo cookie. So I ate both. We'll see if that helps. I need to get my hemoglobin up. It's been low the last two times I have tried to give blood and been deferred.

I will have some more of my broccoli cheddar soup with crackers for lunch at noon.

I set the solar kitty out back on the flower bed. I didn't see any leaves in the back yard that had blown over from my south neighbor's trees but I have oodles in the front yard from my north neighbor across the street's trees. I am to have the yard mowed tomorrow afternoon and that will get a lot of them. Whatever is left I can rake up. 

I see I still have hummingbirds eating from my hummingbird feeder in the back. 

I went to my appointment to give blood and was able to give blood this time. That makes my three gallons since I have lived in Kansas. 

After I gave my blood, Suzanne came over and visited with me until time for her classmate meeting at 3:30PM. I really enjoyed that. It's 3:45PM now.  

I read until the CBS Evening News came on at 5:30PM and then watched that. Afterward I went back to my book on Kindle and then the battery of the Kindle went down again and I had to plug it in. It is 7:25PM  now and I will get my hard bound book out and begin reading it again. I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM this evening.

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Wednesday and My Hair Appointment and Doctor's Appointment

I had a time getting to sleep last night after Gina texted me that they were going ahead with putting Nancy in a nursing home. I will miss her. She's the only one here in Caney that I visited. Suzanne is too busy with Judy, her sister, to spend any time with me and besides, she also has Steve. I have outlived all my former Caney friends or they have moved away. My trips to Coffeyville on Wednesday will be my only chance for fellowship now that Nancy will be in Bartlesville. They will be moving her the next week or so.

It is 5:45AM now and I am eating my breakfast. Soon I will go check the weather. We were supposed to have had rain but I don't believe we got any last night..maybe today.

My hair appointment is at 9:00AM and my doctor's appointment is at 10:15AM. I am to have my blood work done today. It has been a year since that was done. I will leave for Coffeyville at 8:15AM.

I will need to check out the cats too.They didn't come back for any supper last night.  Scruff will be very hungry this morning and Blondie can always eat at home.

I will get back to this later. 

Scruff came and ate a little but not a lot. Blondie didn't even show up. He must have eaten at home. 

I left for Coffeyville a little after 8:00AM and got there in plenty of time for my appointment. In fact I went out to Woodshed and got my gas before going to my hair appointment. I took two bags of papers out to Karan's so she could take them to the shelter. After that, I went out to Walmart there and bought some rather green bananas. The ones I bought at our market here were too ripe and didn't hold up even in the frig in the green bag with a paper towel in it..

I went to the doctor's appointment at 10:30AM and they checked me over, took my blood pressure and checked my heart and lungs and pronounced me in very good shape for 85.

Then I went to Sonic there and bought a medium cherry limeade slush. I drank that on the way home. When I got to our Sonic, I ordered the child's Wacky Pack and poured the tiny coke that came with that into the remains of the shaved ice from my cherry limeade slush. That made a tasty drink.

I took the solar kitty back out to the sunshine. It doesn't look like we are going to get any rain today. It's nearly 2:00PM now and the sun is shining brightly.

I just got a storm warning from the police department until 8:15PM this evening.  I will have to watch for that and get my solar kitty in before that happens.

I guess I will go read some more... 

It's nearly 5:00PM and I have been reading all afternoon. Now I am waiting for the CBS Evening News.

More later... 

I watched the CBS news and then read my Kindle and finished my book until 10:00PM.Then I went on to bed.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Tuesday and John's Birthday

I slept fitfully last night but did manage to get back to sleep every time I woke up. Finally, I got up at usual time. It is 6:15AM now and I am having my breakfast. I got on the scale this morning and noticed I had lost 4 pounds. I am happy about that and would like to lose five more.It probably won't happen though. One good thing is that I am getting some exercise nowadays. Just picking up the leaves in the back yard keeps me bending over 25 or more times..sometimes twice a day. That has got to be good for me.

Today is my son-in-laws birthday. I think it is his 67th birthday. I sent him a card with a gift in it last Friday. I hope he gets it today. He's a pretty good guy and a very hard working husband for my daughter. He doesn't have a lazy bone in his body. I think they have been married 46 years..very good for today's unstable society.

I will go turn on the TV and watch for the "weather on the 8's" and also check out the cats. They are not happy with the dry cat food but it is better for them then the wet food Suzanne gave me.

Both cats came and Scruff ate some of the dry food but Blondie took one look at it and went away. Scruff came back twice and ate a little bit..but not much!

So, more later... 

I cleaned up the leaves in the back yard again. I hope it does rain tonight and tomorrow. My yard is yellow and and the ground is cracking. 

Then I went out to Dollar General and bought a sympathy card for the Harkins' who lost their grandson this past week. I play Bunco with them but it has been cancelled this week. I got it put in the mail and also the books for Jerod's baby. I bought a large envelope at the post office to send them out in and sent a birthday card for a one year old too. 

More later...the trash people have come and I want to put away the trash barrel. 

Then I got my clippers and trimmed the hedge. I'd like to rake the front yard but it's too hot out there now. It's only 77 degrees but in the hot sunshine it feels hotter then that.

I guess I will go back to my book. My Kindle is charged now.

At lunchtime I went back to my broccoli cheddar soup with crackers. After lunch I went back to the puzzle. Then at 2:00PM, I called Nancy and when I didn't get her on the phone, I went over to her house and we visited for a couple off hours. She was very depressed. Dale and Gina had been over and after I left yesterday they bullied her into agreeing to "try" an assisted living at Bartlesville. She agreed to give it a try. Now she regretted that agreement. While we were visiting they came back and right in front of me, pressed her into getting dressed because a woman by the name of Valerie was coming at 3:30PM to "evaluate" her for an assisted living "trial" in Bartlesville. 

Gina rushed her upstairs to get dressed before the lady came. Let's face it...this is not about what she's what they want....Dale and Gina and her son, David, and his wife want.

Getting old is no fun if you can't stand up for yourself and you let other people make your life changing decisions for you. 

I got a text from Gina this evening telling me they are moving forward with moving Nancy into Green Country Retirement Village in Bartlesville. She told me not to discuss the decision with Nancy. It only confuses her. I have done all I can to help her. When I got to her house this afternoon she was questioning her decision to try it and was depressed that she was leaving her home. They painted a pretty picture of life in a nursing home. Anyone who has ever had anyone in one knows life is pretty bleak in a nursing home. My sister, Phyllis, was in Windsor Place Alzheimer's Unit in Coffeyville for several years.

Every time I went to visit her, she asked me to take her home.

But it is their decision to take her there and they will have to live with the decision.

I have had my bath and have downloaded three more books to read on my Kindle.

At 9:00PM,I will go to bed.

Monday, September 13, 2021

Monday and Laundry

I slept restlessly last night and was awake several times in the night. Fortunately I was able to get right back to sleep each time. I finally got up about 5:00AM and changed my bed and started my laundry. Then I fixed my breakfast and am in the process of eating that now.

When I finish I will turn on the TV to "the weather on the 8's". I imagine it's the same forecast as the past few days...rain on Wednesday but you never know...this is Kansas, you know.

I will also check on the cats. Scruff finally ate most of the dry food I put out there yesterday but Blondie didn't eat anything here. He didn't have his new collar on either. He either managed to slip out of it or they took it off him. Missy used to hate a collar and would lose it as soon as possible.

I finished my breakfast and am in the process of drinking my Chai Latte. I will take that into the living room while I watch the weather.

More later... 

Scruff is out there eating that dry cat food.I guess if you have no other options, you will eat whatever is offered.  Evidently Blondie is pickier.

The laundry is dry, folded and put away for another week. I even got the leaves picked up and bagged in the back yard. The front yard is impossible. And it is yellow and even the ground is cracking in both yards. I would water but it would use a lot of wasteful water.

I have been watching the CBS morning news. I really am not too impressed with it...quite a bit of nonsense and not much "news". And Gail is really quite impressed with herself. I prefer the evening news.

It's 8:47AM right now.  

I read until nearly noon and then tried to call Nancy to see if lunch was still on for 1:00PM. She didn't  answer her phone so I went over there and rang the doorbell. Her caregiver  finally came to the door and said Nancy was eating lunch she had forgotten out luncheon date. 

David Harkin texted me there was no Bunco on Wednesday. They had a death in the family...a grandson. That is so tragic! I have a doctor's appointment at 10:30AM on Wednesday and, of course, my hair appointment earlier at 9:00AM. So I will just come home after the doctor's appointment and have the child's Wacky Pack at Sonic for my lunch. On Wednesday's it's $2.18 with tax.

I think I will go out to Eggbert's and have lunch today.. That's what Nancy and I had intended to do but she forgot the plan.  It was her idea but her memory leaves something to be desired and if she doesn't write it down, she forgets.

More later... 

I went out to Eggbert's and ate my usual weekly lunch and then came home and read awhile. I went back to Nancy's after lunch and visited with her awhile and then Dale and Gina came and I just stayed about thirty minutes after that and then I came home. I will go back later this afternoon to visit after they leave.

In the meantime, I will read or work on the puzzle. 

I read and worked on the puzzle. Now the battery on the Kindle is down again so I have it plugged in to charge.  It's 6:25PM now and in a little bit I will take my bath...closer to 7:00PM. I am without a book to read now unless I reread  one of my hard cover books. I might watch a program I have recorded or even go into Amazon Prime and read something from there. I will wait and see.

In the meantime I will watch PBS news.

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Sunday and Online Church

I slept well last night even though I woke up several times I always got right back to sleep and even slept until 6:00AM this morning. That's unusual for me since I am usually up at 5:00AM.

I am in the process of having my breakfast now and my coffee. It is 6:50AM now. 

In a little while I will turn on "the weather on the 8's" and see what the forecast is. I will also check out the cats who come for breakfast. They will be back to dry cat food now and they may not eat that anymore so I may lose them. They got used to Suzanne's wet cat food. I will set out the dry food and see if they will eat it.

At 11:00AM I will turn to "Beyond the Walls" on the desktop computer and watch their worship service and sermon and sing along with the hymns.

Both cats came for breakfast but they were definitely not happy with the dry cat food. Blondie went home without eating anything. Scruff ate what little wet food I had out there. She had left it yesterday and I covered it with Saran and put it in the frig. Then she ate a little of the dry food. She has no other options unless someone else feeds her and I don't think that happens. Blondie came back after he saw Scruff eating from the double dish but when he saw it was still dry cat food he turned and went away. And I see he has lost his new lavender colored collar.

More later...

I went outside and watered the flowers and after I watered the back yard flowerbed, I went around with a plastic bag and picked up all the leaves that had fallen from my south neighbor's trees. I can't do the front yard because there are just too many and they constantly blow across the street against my curb and into my yard. My neighbor to the north does no yard work. At least I have the privacy fence partially cutting down the amount of leaves blowing in from the south neighbor's trees.

It's 8:14AM now and I am missing the news.

I watched Face the Nation and caught the latest news. Now it's 10:35AM and I am going to turn on the desktop computer to "Beyond the Walls" to watch that worship service at 11:00AM. They count down the time to 11:00AM.

I'll get back to this later.

I made some broccoli cheddar soup and had a bowl of it for lunch. It was pretty good. I had crackers with it and sugarless punch. I was going to take some to Nancy and tried to call her usual, she didn't answer the phone. I just put it in Corning Ware and put it in the frig. 

I have been reading all afternoon and it is 4:25PM now. 

My next door neighbor here in the duplex has a women staying there now and they have been throwing what sounds like a ball against the den wall. It makes a lot of noise. They may be playing with the dog that usually stays there. I will read until 6:00PM when it will be time for evening church from the South Central States Mission Center. That's about an hour and a half from now.

I watched the Chief's win a game against their opponent by making two touchdowns in 3 1/2 minutes. That was impressive.

Then I turned over to the evening worship service and watched that sermon. It was very good too. It is 6:49PM now  and I will soon take my bath.