Saturday, September 16, 2023

Saturday and Home From Camp

We were both were up early this morning even though I didn't sleep well at all.  Karan slept well but we had breakfast ready in the dining hall early and we got the day finished pretty well. We got home a couple of hours ago on Saturday afternoon. I went up to Mr. G's awhile ago and got a small butter pecan flurry. I brought it home to eat it. It was the only thing that sounded good. 

We didn't have nearly as many there as we had hoped.

 Part of the problem was they were not required to pay their $50.00 deposit in advance of the weekend so those who decided not to come at the last minute did not lose a thing. They had expected 15 Friday night and about 35 or 40 on Saturday. Nowhere near that many showed up and there was lots of leftover food. Luckily it could be frozen and used later at another event.

We had a nice trip back home even though there were still many detours along the way.

We stopped at Chetopa and Karan bought a cute purse that was on sale.

It is 7:12PM now and I will soon take my bath and put my p.j.'s on. I am tired but I will read awhile before I go to bed.

More Later...


Friday, September 15, 2023

Friday and Camp

I slept well last night and was up at 5:00AM. I finished packing for my priesthood retreat and loaded my luggage in my car. This afternoon I will go over to Coffeyville to Karan's to put everything in her car about 2:30PM or so. She will drive to the campgrounds. It's about a 1 1/2 hour drive and her car is much newer then mine. Mine is 15 years old. I think hers is five years old. They are both Hondas but mine is a Civic and hers is an Accord..

I just took my walk and got back at 7:45AM. I had quite a bit of trash for some reason...almost a full sack. I put it in my trash receptacle when I got home.

Blondie came for breakfast this morning and ate quite a bit. When he finished, I took the food back in the garage and covered it and wiped out the dish. He will be hungry tomorrow. I won't be back until afternoon so he will miss his breakfast.

More Later... 

I did catch "the weather on the 8's" this morning. Today will be 84 degrees and partly cloudy, tomorrow is to be 81 degrees and AM showers, Sunday is to be 84 degrees and  sunny, Monday is to be 87 degrees and mostly sunny, Tuesday is to be 87 degrees and PM thunderstorms, Wednesday is to be 84 degrees and  84 degrees and AM thunderstorms,  Thursday is to be 84 degrees and scattered thunderstorms. That's 4 days of possible rain. I hope it materializes. We certainly need it! Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday! 

I won't go to Karan's until 2:00PM or maybe even 3:00PM. It's only 10:08 AM now so I have awhile.

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Thursday and Packing

 I had a unfortunate problem today.I picked up the cup that had the water that I had soaked my partial denture in and drank a couple of huge gulps of it before I realized that was not my water but it was the chemical I had soaked my partial denture in. I read the caution on the box and realized I may have poisoned myself. I called the 800 number on the box and talked to the woman that answered and told her what I had done. She said I might have some problems with the chemicals in that mixture.  I might get sick to my stomach. She suggested I drink a lot of water and she would call me back in an hour and check on me. I got a bowl and took it with me into the living room.....just in case. In an hour she called me back and I told her I had had no problems.but had drank two bottles of water.She said that was the correct thing to do. It had diluted the chemicals in the water I had drunk. I feel fine and it has been several hours now.

I went in the living room and watched the "weather on the 8's". Today is to be 81 degrees and AM clouds and PM sun, tomorrow is to be 82 degrees and partly cloudy, Saturday is to be 81 degrees and partly cloudy, Sunday is to be 86 degrees and sunny, Monday is to be 89 degrees and sunny, Tuesday is to be 88 degrees and partly cloudy, and Wednesday is to be 83 degrees and partly cloudy. That's the rain..just a cloudy week. 

I also found Blondie waiting for his breakfast. He ate his fill and left  and I took the cat food back into the garage and covered it.

It's 7:01 AM and I may take my walk now. Blondie was out there when I was getting ready to leave. He had eaten quite a bit earlier. So I didn't give him any more. 

I got back from my walk at 7:39AM. I had quite a bit of trash this time. I put the sack in my dumpster when I got back home.

More Later.. Then I called Sally and asked her to go to Copan to lunch with me and she agreed. She also asked me if I would like to go to Garden Club with her afterward. I agreed. So we looked around Caney for Nora Grayum's old house. It was back to almost falling down again and they had fixed it up beautifully when they lived there. What a shame.

After we went through Myrtle's Market, we went to the garden club meeting. They had decided since they couldn't get younger people to participate, they would just disband. They served refreshments and then we all left. It was nice seeing Karen Rankin again. She had a clothing store in Independence when I was working at the radio station and she bought advertising from me.

After the meeting broke up. I took Sally home and dropped by Main Street Service. The woman who ran the office showed me how to get all four of my windows rolled up and down instead of just the driver's side. She also showed me how to get my bright lights to stay on.  

It's 3:49PM now and I will finish packing for the weekend tomorrow morning and go over to Karan's in the afternoon at 2:00PM for her to drive over to the campgrounds south of Joplin for Friday and Saturday there for the priesthood meeting. 

More Later...


Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Wednesday and a Hair Appointment

 I was up at 5:00AM again this morning and dressed, made my bed and got myself ready for the day. I caught "the weather on the 8's" and also Blondie waiting for his breakfast. I took it out to him and he is eating now.

Here's the forecast:

Today is to be 81 degrees and partly cloudy, tomorrow is to be 81 degrees and partly cloudy too, Friday is to be 81 degrees and also partly cloudy, Saturday is to be 79 degrees and AM clouds and PM sun, Sunday is to be 85 degrees and sunny, Monday is to be 86 degrees and mostly sunny, and Tuesday is to be 85 degrees and partly cloudy. No rain this week at all.

I will check on Blondie and see if he is finished eating. So more later... 

Yes, he was finished and gone. He ate all the wet cat food and some of the dry cat food.  I took it in the garage and covered it again. I have had my breakfast bar and coffee and Chai Latte too. It is 6:25AM now and 52 degrees and clear.

I will leave at 8:00AM for Coffeyville and my hair appointment there. 

I went for my walk at 7:05AM and it was very nice and cool. I got back at 7:45AM.

I will leave at   8:00AM for my hair appointment. Right now I need to change the batteries in both my hearing aids. They both told me I needed to change both batteries.

I got both hearing aid batteries changed out and left for Coffeyville and my bank there to withdraw $50.00 for the week and money for my hair appointment and afterward I went out to Woodshed in South Coffeyville and filled my tank with gas. Then I came on home.

I went out to Sonic and bought a kids Wacky Pack for my lunch. It was $2.18. 

More Later...I read until bath time and I also printed off a list of things to take to the weekend retreat. I will finish packing Thursday evening or Friday morning. I don't have to be over to Karan's until Friday afternoon about 2:30PM

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Tuesday and a Dental Appointment

I slept well last night and was up only once in the night and took my two meds. When I opened the front door at 6:00AM, Blondie was there for his breakfast. I took it out to him and he ate his fill. I took the food back into the garage and covered it. And then I caught the weather forecast the second time it ran. It's dark out since it's only 6:24AM.

But here's the forecast. from "the weather on the 8's".

Today is to be 79 degrees and AM clouds and PM sun. tomorrow is to be 81 degrees and partly cloudy, Thursday is to be 80 degrees and mostly cloudy, Friday is to be 77 degrees and mostly cloudy, Saturday is to be 81 degrees and partly cloudy, Sunday is to be 85 degrees and sunny and Monday is to be 86 degrees and mostly sunny.

We had rain yesterday afternoon/evening. My bright lights were not  working unless I held the "bright" button down so I will go see Josh Elliott and see what the problem is this morning. They stopped working as I was driving home last night in the rain and the dark. Everything driving toward me had bright lights. It was all I could do to watch the center line of the highway to get home safely with only my dim lights.

I have a 10:30AM dental appointment to get my teeth cleaned and examined.

More Later... 

I went down to the service place where Josh usually works. He was not there but the woman that works in the office was. She showed me how to get them on. But still they weren't staying on once I stopped putting my finger on the bright button and holding it down. 


I went to my dental appointment at 10:30AM and had my teeth cleaned and polished.  Then I called Sally to see if she wanted to go to the Dairy Queen in Independence and have their $7.00 meal deal. She did... so I picked her up and we went up there and we ate. Then afterward I took her home and came home myself.. We really like that $7.00 Meal Deal.

I took my bath at 7:15PM and will go back to my book again. It's 73 degrees now and mostly sunny.  I will read until 9:00PM or so unless I get really sleepy.

Monday, September 11, 2023

Monday and Laundry

I slept fitfully last night and was up shortly before 5:00AM. I ate my breakfast bar and drank my coffee and am now working on my Chai Latte. I opened the front door shortly after I made my bed and got myself ready for the day.and Blondie was out there for his breakfast. He didn't eat much and I had the feeling he had already eaten somewhere else. I took his food back in the garage and covered it. I put a good half of his wet food back in the package and put it in the frig. I may feed it to him tomorrow.

I did catch "the weather on the 8's". Today it is  supposed to rain. There is a 90% chance of that. And wouldn't you know, we are going to Tulsa to pick up Gay's sister and brother-in -law at the airport there. But first we are having lunch at El Pueblito at 12:30PM in Coffeyville and afterward she is also going to shop for shoes at Brown Shoe Fit Company in Coffeyville. Then after that we will leave for Tulsa.

I did catch the weather report. Today there is that 90% chance of rain and 73 degrees. Tuesday is supposed to be 78 degrees and  partly cloudy, Tuesday it is supposed to be 70 degrees and partly cloudy, Wednesday is to be 80 degrees and partly cloudy, Thursday is to be 77 degrees and mostly cloudy. Friday is to be 79 degrees partly cloudy, Saturday is supposed to be 79 degrees and partly cloudy and Sunday is supposed to be 93 degrees and sunny. That's the week! One day of rain and that is today. 

It's 6:19AM now and I had planned to get the shingles shot today. My shingles appear to be gone now. I will check with Urgent Care in Coffeyville and see if they will give it to me.

No, I have to wait a month to take the shots. Urgent Care told me that.

I left for my walk at 7:05AM and got back with  a half a bag of trash at 7:35AM. I set my dumpster at the curb to get the trash picked up today. I looked and Stephen didn't have any so I left his at the garage door. 

More Later ... I read until time to leave for Coffeyville.

I got to El Pueblito a little before 12:00 noon and Gay was still in Cherryvale. She had run into a lot of road work along the way. She was about twenty minutes late for our lunch. After lunch (which she paid for),  we went to Brown Shoe Fit company where she found some neat shoes and she bought them. They were Sketchers...very cute.

Then we went on to Tulsa and eventually met her sister and her sister's husband at American Airline's gate. They had a great time with their grandchildren in Texas. We had a rainy trip back from Tulsa and I had an even rainier one on the way home. About halfway home, my bright lights went out. It was raining very hard and I could barely see the road without my brights. All the other cars were using their brights. I just watched for the yellow center line until I got to Caney. I took my bath as soon as I got home. It was 9:15PM and I was very tired. I will drop by Main Street Repair and have it checked out tomorrow first thing. I will need bright lights at night when others use theirs.

I have a dental appointment tomorrow at 10:30AM here in Caney. They will do a cleaning and exam.

More Later...I am very tired. I will go to bed as soon and I take my Melatonin.

Sunday, September 10, 2023

Sunday and Church

I slept fairly well last night....was up twice to go to the bathroom...because of drinking more water then usual.  I was up at 5:00AM, made my bed and got myself ready for church. I got my coffee cake in the oven and it will come out shortly. I also fed Blondie and he ate almost all of his wet food and even some of the dry food too. Then he left and I took the food back to the garage and covered it.

I caught "the weather on the 8's" too. Today is to be 88 degrees and partly cloudy, tomorrow is to be 72 degrees and showers, Tuesday is to be 79 degrees and partly cloudy, Wednesday is to be 77 degrees and mostly cloudy, Thursday is to be 72 degrees and AM showers, Friday is to be 76 degrees and partly cloudy and Saturday is to be 81 degrees and partly cloudy. 

It looks like two days of rain...Tomorrow (Monday) and Thursday.

We can certainly use it.

The coffeecake is done and cooling out of the oven on a rack. I put a glaze on it and that is cooling too. 

I took my walk at 7:45AM and got back at 8:27AM. It was a very nice cool day with no wind. It's 8:30AM now and at 9:15AM I will start for church. The breakfast starts at 10:00AM. I will get the plates out and perhaps make myself some Chai Latte and some coffeecake.

I put some plastic over the cooled coffeecake. Now I will start for the church.

We had a nice breakfast at church and Leslie had the service and it was very good! I brought home some coffee cake and will share it with Sally. I don't know if I will go down to see Nancy on Tuesday. She was completely out of it when I was down there two weeks ago. They had moved her into the Alzheimer Unit. I didn't go this past week. She didn't even know me when I was down there the week before and we were even even out on the patio in back, and she kept falling sleep even in the chair. I finally just gave up and left. 

More Even Later... 

Has anyone reading this blog read Robin R. Meyers' book "Saving Jesus From the Church?" We studied it years ago in church school class and it was fascinating. I just uncovered it again and am rereading it.  It is still fascinating! The sub title is "How to Stop Worshiping Christ and Start Following Jesus."

I recommend it to anyone wanting to uncover the truth about the Christian religion.

Tomorrow I will meet my oldest friend, Gay, at El Pueblito in Coffeyville for lunch, go from there to Brown Shoe Fit Company so she can find a pair of shoes and then on to Tulsa to pick up her sister and brother- in-law at the airport. Then we will drive back to Coffeyville and I will pick up my car at El Pueblito's parking lot and I will drive myself home. It will be quite late by then.

I took my bath this evening at 8:00PM..a little later the usual. I had stayed up to watch 60 Minutes..It was late because of a football game but it was about 9/11/2001 and about the towers falling and over 300 firefighters killed in the wreckage of those two buildings. Altogether 2996 people were killed in the collapse of those two buildings.

My Bob took early retirement from his job at Phillips Petroleum in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, and he took a 13 week chaplain's course at Hillcrest hospital in Tulsa so he could volunteer for the American Red Cross as a volunteer chaplain. He went to every major disaster in the twelve years he worked as a volunteer for them. He went to 9/11 twice. As soon as they got planes flying again they sent him to work with the survivors and the families of those families that lost a firefighter or an office worker. He stayed 3 weeks that first trip. Then in February, they sent him back to New York for another 4 weeks.

When he and the two others got back home in February the Red Cross was going to have a news conference the following Monday. However, they learned that Bob was going to talk at church to tell about his experience. The TV station from Pittsburg, Kansas, came to our church that morning wanting to hear and film his experience. We told them the Red Cross was having a news conference on Monday but they insisted they would stay in the back of the church and not cause any disturbance so rather then to make scene about it we took then at their word. They were very quiet and did not cause any disturbance. They also caught the news conference the next day at the Red Cross in Coffeyville.

Both my sons were in the National Guard in the army and both served in Afghanistan and Iraq after Bush "activated" the National Guard and sent them to Iraq and Afghanistan. Three years ago I told my youngest son about the experience with KOTV and he googled the station to get their number to see if they would still have that tape. He caught the station manager just as she was leaving the TV station and he asked her if she would still have that tape. He explained his interest. She said she would stay and look for it and asked my son what his address was and he told her his and mine. We figured nothing would come of it but my husband had died in the meanwhile in May of 2010 and he told her that. A week later, we each got a copy of their interview. My daughter wanted a copy of it and so did my older son. So did the other couple who went to 9/11 in February too. My older son is an IT for the Department of Defense and he put it on my computer and my younger son put it on his computer and my daughter had her copy. We also made a copy for the other couple who went to New York in February.

Every once in awhile I play that copy of my husband's interview at the Red Cross just to see him again.

I am going to read awhile and then go to bed at 10:00PM.