Saturday, January 4, 2020

Saturday and Church Christmas Decorations Put Away

I got up at 5:30AM this morning, had my oatmeal and coffee and Chai and fed the two cats that showed up for breakfast...mama cat and Yellow Tom. Later young Tom came and I put some food out for him/her too.

I put away the bowls when they were finished and covered them with clean white paper napkins. Then I read until time to go out to the church north of Dearing and help put away all the Christmas decorations. There was plenty of help and we were finished in an hour and a half. That makes a difference !
We had Melissa and Kelly, Karan and Leslie and me. It only took us an hour and a half and we got everything put away in the shed and the storage room inside.

After we finished I drove back over to Caney and will read until lunchtime. It is 11:10AM now and I am getting hungry.  I need to bring in the things I bought at Dollar General over at Coffeyville. I needed cat food, sugar and powdered sugar.

More later...

I read my new book this afternoon and enjoyed the sunshine in my back bedroom streaming through the windows. I finished it.

Cyndi texted me that she needed some cleaning supplies and trash bags so I went out to Dollar General  and bought what she needed.

I finally got a hold of Nancy. She and her classmates made a trip to Bartlesville and enjoyed the sunshine too. They were gone all afternoon. She wants to have lunch on Monday so I will plan on that.

I brought the cat dish in after they finished eating this evening. I will not leave them outside anymore. I've lost two Tupperware blue bowls and three double dish black bowls. I have two of those blue bowls left and the third black double dish.

I will take my bath at 7:00PM and try to stay up until 9:00PM before going to bed. I only made it until 8:00PM and just went on to bed.

Friday, January 3, 2020

Friday and No Particular Plan

I slept fitfully last night but finally got up at 5:00AM. I fed the two cats as usual. When I opened the front door they were patiently  waiting for me to bring their food dishes out filled with food. They ate well and when they finished I brought the dishes back in the house and covered them.

Soon after that, a large dog came by but when I opened the door  to retrieve the dishes, he ran off.

I had my usual oatmeal and juice and watched the news on TV.

The apartment is clean and the laundry is too so I have no plan for the day.

More later....

I went out to start my car and saw that it was time for an oil change so I went to Bartlesville for that service at their Honda agency. While I was there, I refilled my gas tank. I had received three books in my mail and I took them with me and started working on reading one of them.

I got back home about 4:00PM. I watched TV and read all evening. I took my bath at 7:00PM and finally went to bed at 9:00PM

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Thursday and Cleaning Day and a Thief

I slept very well last night. I woke up several times but got right back to sleep until 5:00AM when I finally got up. I have had my oatmeal and coffee and am drinking my Chai now. I texted Bob at a little past 6:00AM, and he is up and slept well.

Two cats, mama cat and the yellow Tom cat, showed up for breakfast this morning. I have fed them and left the porch light on for the others.

About 8:00AM, I will go out to Dollar General and see if I can find another of those little black double bowls for mama cat.

I will start my laundry in a few moments and start my cleaning after the news is over.

More later...

The laundry is in the dryer now. I will start my cleaning after I get that put away and after the CBS news.

I went out to Dollar General and bought another divided cat dish and used two of the round blue plastic Tupperware dishes I used to feed extra cats. I have no idea what happened to the other ones. I looked all over the yard but didn't find any of them.

More later....

I put the new divided dish out for the cats and two of the blue plastic Tupperware bowls out and filled them with cat food and then I went back to putting away my laundry. In about an hour, I looked out to see if the cats were eating the food I put out and the new dish and the two blue Tupperware bowls were gone too.  I walked around the neighborhood looking for the new dishes (or even the old one) and the two blue ones but there was no sign of any of them. Someone, possibly a kid, is stealing my cat bowls. That is disgusting! There is no sense in buying another new divided one, the thief would just come take it too. So I will just  use the last two blue bowls I used for feeding the extra cats. I had four of those blue bowls but now I only have two left.

Someone may have caught  the kittens and taken them away. I haven't seen any cats except the Tom cat and the mother cat since that kitten came in the house and I spent the better part of an hour trying to catch it last week. Caney doesn't have a shelter so I just don't know what to think.

But I don't think I am not going to buy any more divided bowls. The thief that stole the last two would probably just steal a new one again.

It's a mystery....

Well, I changed my mind about buying another divided cat food dish. I went out to Dollar General again and bought another one. This time, however, I am only going to feed them morning and night and I am going to leave the front door open while they eat so I can see who is stealing all those bowls. After the cats have had their fill, I will bring the bowls back into the apartment and wash them and then leave them in the apartment.

More later to this saga.

Keith is seeing a urologist to make an appointment for his kidney stone surgery.

I heard from Ginger, Scott's wife. today too. Both the boys have found great women for their wives. And, of course, Leslie has a long time spouse in John. They have been married 44 years. It will be 45 years this June.

I called and talked to Scott. He is about an hour away from home now and has been on the roads since 4:00AM this morning. He is coming home from North Carolina.

Suzanne called a little while ago and invited me to go to Walmart with her in Independence. She will be by about 1:30PM to pick up the rent and will pick me up then too.

More later...

Sure enough, Suzanne came by at 1:30PM and picked me up and we went to Bartlesville to their Walmart store  and she brought gas as well as groceries. Then we stopped by the car wash Leslie showed me a couple of weeks ago and Suzanne washed her SUV. It really needed it. We vacuumed it out and washed the windows and wiped them off.

Then she went to Brahm's and bought a few more groceries. She dropped me by the apartment and we went to see the damage to the back door in the duplex next to me. It's 4:35PM now and I will watch the news on TV in a bit and then watch Amazon Prime this evening before I take my bath at 7:00PM.

More later....

That's exactly what I did. I put the cat food out for mama cat and big yellow Tom and they ate and then young yellow cat came too and after he/she ate I brought the food dishes in washed them and closed the front door. At least for this evening those three cats got fed and that dish stayed inside with me for tonight. I will try the same tactic tomorrow morning.

It's 8:00PM and I have had a big day. I believe I will just go on to bed.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Wednesday and New Year's Day

I went to bed as usual last night..about 9:00PM. Then at midnight, I heard a huge explosion that woke me up! Someone in the neighborhood shot off a large gun...several times. Then someone very close by shot off a lot of fireworks. It took me awhile to get back to sleep. However, I did sleep until 5:30AM  which is later then usual.

I had my usual oatmeal and coffee and Chai for breakfast. I opened the front door at 6:00AM and two cats were waiting for their breakfast. It was mama cat and the yellow Tom cat. I think the younger ones are scared off after I had to catch the one in an afghan . that ran into my apartment a couple of days ago. He/she must have told the other kittens about it's horrible experience and scared them off. :)

I watched the news this morning and then went out to Dollar General to get a few things,,some cat food, some Trix and some small paper plates for the coffeecake I serve at church. I wasn't sure they would be open since this is January 1st of 2020...but they were. There was a sign on the door saying they were open every day.

More later...I am watching CBS news.

I watched a recorded video called "Wonder Boy". Then I called Nancy to see if she wanted to go down to Bartlesville and drive around and see what all was open on New Years Day. She was delighted to go. We walked around T J Maxx and just looked around. We didn't buy a thing. I showed her where we used to live down there on Wayside Drive. Then after wandering around Bartlesville for awhile, we came back home. I asked her if she wanted some ice cream and she was game. So we went out to the Sonic at Caney and had a small milk shake.

Then I took her home and came home myself. I haven't had much to do today so I just dinged around with Nancy. Tomorrow I will clean the apartment. I do that each Thursday.

More later....

I  watched TV  most of the evening and when I went out to feed the two cats, I found the cat bowl was gone. I got out two of the little blue ones I used for the kittens but the little black two bowl bowl, was gone. I walked around the yard and looked for it but it was gone. I will go back out to Dollar General and buy another. The little mama cat always prefers it. :)

About 7:00PM, I took my bath and at 9:00PM, I went on to bed.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Tuesday and a Busy Day

I woke up fairly early but then I went to bed early last night too. I had a little dab of oatmeal even though I was going to pick up Bob A. for breakfast in Coffeyville at 7:00AM. I fed two cats....the Tom cat and the mama cat. Two of the seven that have given up eating here. The one I took out of the apartment the other day must have "told" on me.

Anyhow, I got around and went to Coffeyville to pick up Bob. After we had breakfast and I took him home, I went out to Woodshed to get gas and got my hair done and also went  to the Walmart store there to get a few more groceries that I can't get at Dollar General here.

Then  I dropped by Bob Wade's home to pick up the stamps for the mailing of the 63 newsletters that have to go out in snail mail. A roll of stamps costs $55.00 now! Hillary might be working on the newsletters and envelopes today.  I sent her one of the better copies of the mailing list too... from the Notebook. She contacted me for another copy of the mailing list again.

I came on back home then and warmed up some of the Amy's soup I bought today, cut up the last of the cheese and had some crackers with it. Then I had one of my ice cream bars for dessert. I am going to have to lay off those ice cream things or I will gain pounds.

More later...

I went by Nancy's to take her some more coffeecake but Jess was there so I didn't stop. I went over to Myrtle's Market and looked around for awhile and then when I went back, Jess was gone.
So I stopped and took her the coffeecake and stayed and visited awhile. When I got home I watched some programs I had recorded.

At 7:00PM I took my bath and  got ready for bed. I went on to bed about 9:00PM

Before I went to bed I fed a couple of the cats that came for dinner. Mainly, it's just mama cat and the Tom cat now.

Monday, December 30, 2019

Monday and a Chilly Day

Well, the weather has changed again and it is more like late fall or early winter. And it is the almost the last day of the year. Amazing changes in the weather this year!

Tomorrow I will get my hair done and pick up some stamps from John Wade, my class treasurer. I have no idea when my class newsletters and envelopes will be finished. It is up to Hillary at Four County Mental Health. She will let me know when I can pick them up.

Leslie has taken John down to Bartlesville to have his other cataract removed.

I don't have a plan for today although I may go over to the food pantry to see if they have any fruit.

I have been watching the Tulsa news. It is 7:45AM and I do want to watch the CBS news at 8:00AM.

More later...

I worked on finishing the Class Newsletter on the notebook with Windows 10 on it. Then I sent it on to Hillary to see if that would come out any better and it did! She will use that version to make my copies straight from her computer.

I picked up Nancy and we went out to the distribution center to get fruits and veggies and each of us took a sack. I got one apple and a bunch of bananas. I also got tomatoes.  I will keep some of them and give the rest to Bob tomorrow. He can share them with Joanne or Denise or both of them.

I got my mail. It was my water and trash bill...the largest one of all. $101.26. Even my gas bill was only $48.12. My electric bill was $47.26. Water must be precious here in Caney!  It certainly isn't tasty. I filter every drop I use.

More even later...

I am eating the apple now. I know those and bananas are good for us. Bananas have potassium and the older we get the more we need the potassium.

Tonight, I believe "Bull" is on TV at 9:00PM. That's my favorite program and I always try to watch it. That makes me go to bed at 10:00PM. Sometimes that makes me sleep better. 

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Sunday and Church

I woke up pretty early this morning but since I felt I had my sleep out, I got up and dressed and got ready for the day, I fixed my oatmeal and coffee and then fixed my coffeecake for the Sunday school classes. After it baked and cooled, I iced it and got it covered with saran.

I got over to church about 8:30AM and cleaned up the stuff people had dragged in on their feet.., turned up the thermostat and made the coffee. After Bob and Phyllis arrived. we started our church school class. Karan wasn't there for the class so we started without her.

Leslie brought Shawn. John stayed home and delivered his product to the farmers. Tomorrow Leslie and John will go to Bartlesville to the doctor. John is having his second cataract surgery early tomorrow morning.

After church six of us went to Great China for lunch. I had sweet and sour chicken this time. I boxed half of it up and took it to Nancy after I got my newsletters finished and got them in the mailbox with the flag up.

My neighbor, next door, brought me a nice box of assorted treats . I ate the caramel corn. I had a nice visit with Nancy again this afternoon when I took her the sweet and sour chicken.

The little girls, John and Leslie's grandchildren, were in Topeka with the other grandparents for the Christmas vacation so I had a lot of coffeecake left and brought home five pieces. I will take Nancy some tomorrow.

I fed two of the feral cats this evening. Several didn't come back this time. One yellow tom cat and the mama cat came but I didn't see the others.

I watched 60 Minutes this evening and then took my bath and although it's only 8:00PM, I may go on to bed. I am very tired.