Saturday, August 10, 2019

Saturday and a Missing Dog

I slept fairly well last night. I was concerned that Hoover, their male Corgi, didn't come home last night. But Leslie said that wasn't anything strange. He roams around and knows his way home.

Leslie called this morning to see how everything was going. I told her about Hoover and she said to call Ray, Alberta's husband, when we finished talking. Hoover often goes down there and even to Jeromy's at times. Jeromy is her son, my grandson.

I tried get get Ray but only got his voice mail.  I left him a message to call me when he was able but that has been an hour or more and he has not called me back.

I have had a cup of vanilla coffee and  my oatmeal and some orange juice and my meds. That is all I want for now.

More later....

I still haven't seen Hoover. I have half a notion to get in the car and go look for him. But I hate to leave Raven and Mini here alone and also Octavia who stays outside all the time.

I did though. I drove down to Jeromy's home about a mile down the road and no one appeared to be there and I didn't see Hoover there. Then I drove over to Ray and Alberta's house and talked to Ray and he hadn't seen him either. I drove up north on the road to the highway because Ray said one time he found him up there. But I didn't see Hoover there either. I personally believed someone saw a nice looking male Corgi and took him. Otherwise, he surely would have come home to eat this morning.

I ate some more of that tomato basil soup and crackers with peach tea for my lunch.

I talked to Jeromy and he began to look for Hoover too. He looked around his property and also Ray and Alberta's Then he thought of the old garage and since he had a key to it, he came up and opened it...and there was Hoover. He had been in that locked garage ever since John locked it up yesterday when he stopped working on the new kennel. He had not had food or water. After Jeromy let him out, I called him and he raced back to the house. I gave him a bowl of water and some food and finally put him in the air conditioned garage to cool off with food and water in there. He lays right over the vent. I was so relieved! I thought the only answer left was that someone had seen him down by the road and picked him up.  It is 2:30PM now.

I have been watching TV. Epstein hanged himself in his cell and I have been watching that news story on CNN.

Now it is 3:30PM and I am reading one of Leslie's books. I checked on Hoover and he is doing alright in the cooler garage. It's was too hot for him outside. I feel sorry for poor Octavia. She cannot be in the garage. She chewed the wiring out of Leslie's SUV a couple of weeks ago when she was in there and that is a very expensive repair. So now she is having to stay in the garden shed and that is not cool but it is out of the boiling sun. It's 92 degrees out there but more like 106 degrees with the humidity.

Both Mini and Raven are in the house where it is nice and cool. Octavia is not housebroken and neither is Hoover. They both have plenty of water where they are though.The garden shed is right next to a large water bowl under the faucet and there is plenty of food out there on the back porch where she can get to it. Since he had not eaten nor drunk anything in almost 24 hours, I had put a bowl of water and a bowl of food in the garage with Hoover.

I will get back to this later. I will get back to Leslie's book now.

Hoover wanted back out of the garage and against my better judgment, I let him out. He relieved himself a couple of times but wanted out of the garage.

That didn't last long...maybe ten minutes ....and he wanted back out of the heat! So he's back in the garage.

There's a slight breeze this evening so I let Hoover back out of the garage. He seems to be fine with that now. I took the food and water back out when he went out for the night.

I took Raven and Mini out so they could do their number. Then I took my bath. It is 7:30PM and I will try to go to bed at 9:00PM again this evening. Maybe I can read until then.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Friday and Out to John and Leslie's

I slept very well last night. I am almost all packed for my weekend stay at John and Leslie's home. I will be there with the dogs while they are gone to the Missouri retreat.  I will be there until late Sunday afternoon.  I only have a few things to pack.

The mama cat and three of her kittys were here this morning eating breakfast. I filled the dish twice. I also filled their water dish. They will have to find another source for food for a few days. I hope someone else is feeding them too.

I am to go out to John and Leslie's place at 2:30PM this afternoon.

I couldn't figure out what to eat yesterday or last evening so I went out to Eggbert's and had a bowl of soup. That was good... although I brought home part of it for my lunch today. I had my regular oatmeal for my breakfast this morning and will take the box out to the kids' house since I have oatmeal every morning.

I got the apartment cleaned yesterday and am ready for the visit from Dean on Tuesday afternoon. My dental appointment is in Cherryvale on Tuesday morning at 10:30.  I should get my new partial at that appointment. I will wash my bedding early Tuesday morning. Dean will take my bedroom and I will sleep on the daybed in the den. I always give my company my bed. Last time he came, in the spring, he was very impressed with the new mattress and box springs Leslie had bought me last year. I told him it was a gift from John and Leslie.

I am washing my towels and underwear this morning. They are in the dryer now. I want to have clean towels for Dean too. He wanted me to pick a restaurant for dinner on Tuesday. I told him about Eggberts and the Copan Truck Stop and even Tinker's Glasshouse in Bartlesville. He told me cost was no problem...I was to pick where we have dinner while he is here. I chose Tinker's Glass
house under those circumstances. Last time he was here, we had all our meals out. He said I was on vacation too.

More later....Oh yes, I am taking my laptop computer to John and Leslie's this afternoon.

By the way, this is what Ginger's "Sarge" looks like now. He is a Cowboy Corgi.

Image may contain: dog

There he is with Ginger.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and dog

Little cute chunk!

You know, I have been watching the CBS news. I like to record nearly everything I watch so I can skip through the commercials. I hate commercials.  And they are everywhere. When I was selling radio commercials, I tried hard to come up with commercials that made sense but were still attention catching. Most of the ones I see on TV are just aggravating. When I record the programs, I can just skip over them and watch the programming when I want to.

It used to be forbidden to advertise pharmaceuticals. But they dominate the commercials now and they can only be prescribed so why on earth they advertise them is just so the patient will ask the doctor for them.If you listen to the disclaimers, (and you should) they often have horrendous side effects such as cancer and other horrendous side effects. If I didn't just have to have the treatment, I would skip the med. I certainly wouldn't ask for it!

Rant over....

I couldn't figure out what to have for lunch so I just went on in to Independence to their Dairy Queen and had a blizzard. I forgot about the soup I had brought home. Then I looked around their Goodys shop for awhile before going on out to John and Leslie's. When I got to their home, Leslie showed me about the care of the dogs and also how to work their Dish remote.

They left about 4:00PM and I put my car in their garage and brought in my stuff.

About 5:00PM, I cooked some tomato basil soup and ate that for supper with some crackers. It was very good.

It's 5:25PM now
I sat and watched TV most of the evening. Every once in awhile I would go out and look for Hoover, their male Corgi. He never showed up. At 8:00PM, I took a bath and put my PJs on  and at 9:00PM, I went on to bed. Mini soon joined me. She slept next to me on the bed all through the night and I slept off and on...mostly on.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Thursday and Cleaning Day

The internet is very slow this morning.. I woke up early after a storm started early this morning with thunder and lightning. . I had no internet or TV signal. After I called Cox, they got the TV up but the internet is still very slow.  I have nothing in the den room at all and very little in the living room and I finally got my Echo back too.

I got the cat food out in the dish and in a lull in the storm the mom and one kitten came to eat some but then the storm started again and they left for shelter.

I want to clean today. Tomorrow afternoon I will go out to John and Leslie's to be there for the dogs...especially Mini and Raven, who are inside dogs.  They will be out of town until Sunday evening.

Strange...the only thing I am able to access on the internet on this laptop is my blog....nothing else.

Cox must have got the internet back to full speed. Now I am able to access the other sites.  It's 8:00AM now and still raining hard! I haven't started cleaning yet and probably won't until after the CBS news.

Everything seems to be working fine now. 

It's 8:40AM and still raining. I wonder if this is going to go on all day? CBS News is over at 10:00AM and I will begin cleaning then.

It's 11:40AM and I had to get hold of Cox to get some issues straightened out. I was cut off twice and finally reached a tech that I could hold onto.  I had to change my password for my account. I almost couldn't get the mail program to accept the new password. Aggravating! I am having the tech come out Monday afternoon to check if I could spend another $5.00 a month and get enough Wifi that I wouldn't have to use the USB wireless adapter to get online in the den. There is no charge for the check up. We will see.

I should start my cleaning I have wasted all morning.

More later...

I got my carpets vacuumed and my bare floors mopped this afternoon. So all I lack is dusting. I will do that in the morning. I may do my little dab of laundry too. I will wait and see. I will want to pack a few things to take to John and Leslie's for my two day stay makeup and a couple of changes of clothes.

I have had trouble off and on all afternoon getting my e-mail to stay connected. Cox changed my password today after they got the TV and internet up and running. It took me half a day to get everything going again. They have changed my password twice. Aggravating!!

It's 4:05PM now. At 5:00PM I will watch the news.

I watched the news....same old stuff..over and over again. Then I watched Dateline and came in the den to play solitaire.

It's 7:37PM now and I will go watch an episode of "Murder She Wrote" before I go to bed at 9:00PM. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Wednesday and Hair Day and Bunco

I woke up early after a very restless night. I slept just off and on after 1:00AM. The book I am reading disturbed my sleep. It's a free one and I am not going to finish it if it is going to disturb my sleep.

I texted Bob and we decided to have breakfast at Eggberts there in Coffeyville at 7:15AM.  I picked him up after going to the bank. We had our breakfast and when I took him back home, he loaded my banker's boxes back into my car for me to take back to store in my attic. Joanne had used them when she packed her daughter for her move to Sycamore Landing.

I went out to their Walmart and bought the groceries I needed and later went to Brahms for milk. I stopped at Paradise Tanning to get my hair done first. My appointment was at 10:00AM but Toni saw me out there in the reception room at shortly after 9:00AM and decided to go ahead and do me early. That meant I had three and a half hours before the bunco games began. I decided to come on back to Caney and put the groceries away and also the boxes back in the attic. I also wanted to call Atmos Energy and find out why I did not owe a bill in August. I found out it was because I paid twice in July. I paid the bill that was due in August on the 2nd on July 24th. So that even left me a small credit balance. It's 10:50AM now and I still have plenty of time. I will leave here for the 1:00PM bunco game about 12:30PM. By then, I will have the mail...if I get any. It is usually here by 11:30AM or so.

More later...

I got my newspapers  today in the mail and read them and did the crossword puzzle in the Reporter. At 12:30PM, I left for Coffeyville. I got there in time to play Bunco. Michele was supposed to provide the prizes but she is working on Wednesdays now and didn't bring the prizes. I am to bring them in September. I will get  them the last week in August at Dollar General or Hobby Lobby. Bunco is the first Wednesday of each month.

On the way through town I stopped and bought more pecans and also stopped at Sonic and bought a cherry limeade freeze.  

I got home about 3:30PM and deadheaded the flowers and watered them.

Nancy came by to see where I had been. She had come by several times to check me out.  I had not seen her since Monday at brunch.

It is 6:25PM now and I did break down and finish the book. I can't say I liked it. It was way too violent.

I will take my bath at 7:00PM and go to bed at 9:00PM. I hope I can sleep better tonight.  

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Tuesday and a Very Hot Day

I slept well last night and didn't wake up until before 6:00AM. I got up and dressed and ate my oatmeal and had my coffee.

I waited until 9:00AM to go out and trim. It was already pretty hot. The only time I went out after that was to go out to Dollar General for a few groceries. Other then that, I stayed in and read. I had a chicken pot pie for lunch and peach iced tea. Later I had some trail mix.

Suzanne called and asked me who I had to mow for me and I gave her the name and telephone number of the family. She has given up on Zeke, my neighbor, to keep their mowing up weekly and is going to have my mower mow their yard too and add it to their rent.

Leslie called me to see if I could keep Raven this next weekend. I had intended to do that here but after my neighbor told me they had been inundated with fleas, I thought I had better not.  Raven doesn't have fleas, I know. The kids use meds to prevent that. But I will instead go out to John and Leslie's and stay there from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening while they attend a retreat for Mission Center officers near Fayetteville, Ark..

I have no idea where their fleas came from. Alice certainly didn't have either a dog or a cat. Suzanne thinks they may have brought them in with their moving boxes. They have had an exterminator spray for them.

I tried to read this afternoon but fell asleep several times.

I read the Readers Digest as well as some of my new free Amazon book this afternoon. I am watching the news now. It is 5:55PM now.

I see John Vanatta is mowing next door now. He is the father of the girl who mowed my yard. He is using his riding mower. That grass is very high and that will make quite a mess.

More later...

I asked the girl to come in out of the heat. She was sitting in his pickup truck in the heat. She did come in. I gave her a glass of iced peach tea. After he had done the bulk of the mowing and the trimming, he  came and got the girl  to let her finish up. They charged $35.00 to mow that yard. They are only charging us $25.00 for mine. I don't know what the difference is except for the trimming and the fact that they used John's riding mower.

After they left, I read my book the rest of the afternoon.  In the evening, after my bath and before my bedtime, I watched another episode of "Murder She Wrote" on Amazon Prime.  I went to bed at 10:00PM.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Monday and a Poor Night's Sleep

I awoke at 1:00AM this morning and had a hard time getting back to sleep. Finally an hour later, I got up and took some Melatonin and after a long while, I finally got back to sleep.I slept until nearly 6:00AM. I got up and dressed for the day and ate my oatmeal and drank my coffee and Chai.

It's a little after 8:30AM now and all the news is about the two mass shootings this week...yesterday in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas the day before yesterday. These people are violent because it is a way to gain attention for their pet peeves. The President stokes their hate with his own. Pitiful! I watched the news until they started repeating it..over and over again.

This evening the Vanatta girl will be mowing my yard. I hope she does a good job. Leslie is paying for it. I will be here in case they need help with the mower. I think I will put the gas in it today sometime. The little ten year old said it is her time to mow. I have a hard time pushing the mower through the grass myself. I hope she can handle it.

Nancy just called and wants to go get breakfast. She will pick me up in a little while. She wants to go to the drugstore first. It will probably be at least 9:00AM before she gets here.  I didn't eat anything last evening at all so I guess another meal won't hurt me. All I had was a small bowl of oatmeal this morning.

More later...I'd better go watch for her...

Nancy called back to say she was feeling dizzy and asked if I could I did, of course. We had a brunch...that chicken salad and a muffin with fruit. I am plenty full now and probably will not eat again until mid afternoon.

We had a nice visit. Then at 10:40AM, I took her home. We went by the drug store to pick up her prescription but she had forgotten to call it in. So we went by her house so she could pick up the bottle and take it to the drug store.  Then I took her back home again.

Then I came on home. More later....

I watched several Dateline programs that I had recorded. I tried to download one of my free books from Amazon Prime but for some reason that did not work.

It's almost 2:00PM now . I did go ahead and fill the gas tank on the mower to get it ready for the kid that will be mowing this evening.  Now it's just a matter of her getting it mowed and the bag being emptied into the bag buddy and the bag being put into the trash.. It will be this evening after the mother comes home from work before they will actually do the mowing. The father is supposed to come do the trimming. The child doesn't know how to trim.

They came pretty late and the 15 year old did the mowing. She missed a lot but her dad was there too and he pointed out the places she missed and she went back over it.  They didn't trim though. Perhaps the mother didn't tell the dad he was supposed to do that.

I will do it in the morning.

I went to bed about 10:00PM after I watched  "Bull".

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Sunday and Coffeecake

I slept well last night and only woke up once. I got up at 5:30AM and got myself ready for church. I went ahead and had my oatmeal. I don't want to wait until 10:00AM to eat breakfast at church. That's way too late when you get up close to 5:00AM.

I am fixing my coffeecake, as usual though, and taking it for anyone who wants to take some. The little girls are still in Topeka with the other grandparents.

I have fed the cats the last of my cat food. I imagine they are still hungry but I didn't buy any more yesterday. In fact I didn't go to Dollar General at all yesterday. I did go to Independence but I didn't go into town...just to the Dairy Queen. It was raining there when I left the Dairy Queen.

Melissa cancelled Church School this morning for her 10:00AM breakfast. They don't come to Sunday School anyhow so I guess the class wasn't important to her.

 More later...

We had a good service for Communion Sunday including a short prayer meeting.  Melissa was in charge and she did a good job.

We filled our backpacks and as soon as I got the dishes cleaned up from the breakfast, I realized I couldn't fill the extra backpacks to suit those in charge so I just came home and worked on my newsletters. I have three to go out this week.

I went by Dollar General when I got back home and picked up some more Meow Mix for the cats and filled their bowls again. I also got some more yogurt for myself for supper. It's shortly after 1:00PM now and I will watch some news and recorded programs.

The mower will mow for me tomorrow evening and Leslie gave me the money to pay her this morning. I wondered how that was going to work out with Leslie paying for the job but Leslie evidently thought of that too.

More later....

I watched an episode of "Murder She Wrote" on Amazon Prime and then took my bath and later at 9:00PM, I went on to bed.  I was every tired.