Saturday, December 21, 2019

Saturday and Peanut Clusters

I slept well last night and got up about 5:00AM. I have dressed and got myself ready for the day. I have had my oatmeal and coffee and am working on the Chai now. I opened the front door a few minutes ago to find three cats waiting for me to bring them some food. I have done that now and will get back to this blog.

I intend to make my peanut clusters today. I will have to go out to the Dollar general store at 8:00AM to see if they have any tins left for me to put the peanut clusters in. Leslie gave me one yesterday but I went off and left it in the back of her vehicle. I also left my funeral bulletin in the door pocket. So I will have to look for some more tins today. I do have a few small boxes I could use in a pinch.

More later...

I went out to Dollar General as soon as they opened and found several Christmas cans and also found the two I had at home. When I got back home I made the peanut clusters and after they set up I packed them into the cans with waxed paper between the layers. I got that finished and read awhile. I would like to get this book finished before I go to Coffeyville on Monday to get my hair done. Then I could drop this one by the library too.I have a luncheon date with Gay and her sister Adele on Monday too at 11:30 AM. They have an appointment with Dr.Eslicker in Bartlesville that afternoon.

Well, back to the book, I will return it tomorrow at the Coffeyville library. And I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch.

I'm still working on the class newsletter too. I will wrap it up this week and get it up to Four County to have it and the envelopes printed off.  Then I will need to get some stamps or stamp money from John.

More later...

I finished the book and this afternoon and then watched some Dateline on TV after I had my bath. I went to bed early ...shortly after 9:00PM

Friday, December 20, 2019

Friday and a Funeral Trip

I am going with Vivian and Leslie to the funeral of Kenny Wilson. Kenny was our Mission Center's treasurer. He was only 56 when he had a heart attack and died. Leslie worked with him on the Campground's committee.

I slept very well last night and got up a little after 5:00AM. I had gone to bed around 8:30PM and had plenty of sleep. I dressed and have had my oatmeal and coffee and am working on my Chai. I also fed four cats ...two of them are growing up kittens.

I am also doing my one load of laundry. I still have over an hour to get it dry.

Tomorrow I will make my peanut clusters and try to find some Christmas tins to pack them in for friends.  I will also take some out to John and Leslie's for our gift exchange at 11:00AM on Tuesday.  I will make up some cranberry bread for that occasion too and I will take my apple cider out too. After we have our gift exchange, Jeromy's family will leave for Topeka for Marlene's family Christmas.  I plan to go to "Just Us" over at Cherryvale for my Christmas meal. I have made my reservation there. Leslie is on call this Christmas. Bob A and Joanne and Joanne's daughter, Nancy are going to "Just Us" too. I will drive over to Joanne's and we will all go together.

More later...

I drove out to Leslie's at 7:30AM and  we drove over to Opolus to pick up Vivian  to go to Nevada to  Kenny's funeral. There were about 900 people there at that huge Baptist church and it was the best funeral I had ever attended ...if any funeral can be said to be "best".  It was very tastefully done and the funeral sermon was mostly about Kenny. He was extremely well loved by the entire community and was only 56 years old. and had had a fatal heart attack last week. After the funeral, there was a very large dinner at the Country Club there. Many of those people attended that too.

We got back late and were all very exhausted. I went to bed earlier then usual. I read for awhile after I had my bath and put away the clothes from the dryer and then went to bed at 8:30PM

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Thursday and a Surprise

Last night when I was ready to go to bed. I noticed the notebook was charging again.

This morning, once again, I tried to boot it up and it worked this time. I think it is the battery. I found the right sized screw driver but was unable to loosen the screws. I was afraid I would round them off if I kept trying. I think it needs a battery. In fact, this laptop needs one too. It is plugged in but not charging.  Over the years I bought at least two batteries for that laptop Keith gave me that was just like this one. That's the one the postal service ruined.  This one is identical and Scott gave this one to me. I have to leave it plugged in because even though it has a battery, it is not charging.

I am afraid to try to get into the battery at this time because I have the class newsletter saved on this laptop. I want to finish it before I do anything about a battery. I send the newsletter off to half the classmates as an attachment to e-mail. 64 of them get it in snail mail. I even have it saved thus far on a flash drive but don't send it off until after Christmas. I will need to update the letter on the flash drive too before I take it to Four County Mental Health to have them print off for me. This year I will have them do the envelopes too.

I got up about 5:00AM, as usual.  I had my oatmeal and  coffee and Chai already. I have even fed three of the cats. The others are probably somewhere warmer.

I have half a notion to go to Independence and see if that man at the TV store next door to Sayers Hardware will try to get those screws out of the back of the notebook for me so I can get that battery out and order a new one that size.

Well, more later...

Well, instead I called Cox Complete Support and a tech is going through the notebook to try to find the three errors I was warned about this week. He is doing a tune up. That will take about an hour so I plugged in the notebook again...... just in case it is the battery.

More later...

The mail came and I got my car insurance bill. In January it goes up $22.00 and change. The Medicare premium went up, Blue Cross/Blue Shield premium went up and now my car insurance premium went up.  My income from Social Security sure didn't go up.

Suzanne called and wants me to come out to their house Sunday afternoon. I will probably do that. She is such a good friend. I think I will make my peanut clusters on Saturday. I will got some Christmas cans to put them in., I have some around here but I am not sure where I put them.

Leslie will be by  tomorrow morning at 7:30AM  to pick me up and we will pick up Vivian after that Leslie will drive over to Nevada for Kenny Wilson's funeral at 10:00AM. It is being held at the First Baptist Church there.

More later....

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Wednesday and a Trip to Coffeyville

I slept well last night and got up about 5:00AM and dressed and got myself ready for the day.  I had my oatmeal and coffee and am now working on my Chai. When I opened the fromt door this morning, I had four hungry cats waiting for their breakfast. I have fed them now.

I hope we don't have fog this morning. I want to see if Bob wants to go to breakfast and also I  have my hair appointment and want to go to the library, go to Walmart and then go get gas at Woodshed and later at 2:00PM, go out to Ashury Village for Bunco. If I can get over there, it will be a busy day!

More later....

The trip to Coffeyville worked out fog.

I went to pick up Bob for breakfast and after I took him home, I went to the bank and got more money. Then I went to Woodshed and filled my gas tank up with gas. Then I went out to Walmart and bought all the ingredients for my peanut clusters for Christmas Eve. Then I went to the library and returned the book I had read. I am still working on the other one. I can't seem to get into it.

I went out to Asbury Village just to find that had decided not to have bunco I came back home and read on that second book .

Then this evening, I decided to play solitaire on the notebook computer. It would not boot up at all. I tried and tried but it would not boot yup. Three times in the last week, it said it had an error and would fix it and then reboot the computer. That worked all three times but it would not boot up this evening at all. I looked up the warranty and the receipt that I had kept. The warranty is for two years and the receipt says it was bought 11/ 23/'s twenty five days past it's warranty date. I am still going to take it up to the Independence Walmart store tomorrow and see if they will still stand behind that warranty.

I finally went on to bed after watching Forensic Files until 10:00PM.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Tuesday and a Cold Morning

I slept very well last night but got up about 5:30AM. I have dressed and had my oatmeal and coffee and am working on my Chai now. I have fed the little cat and some of her kittens. They are very cold but I don't dare let them in my garage. They would climb up on the motor and might get hurt. They can get into the garage across the street. They also don't have a door on their laundry room and the can get in there. There are some blessings when people don't keep up their property. ...not many...not good for the looks of the neighborhood but good for those cold cats.

I heard from Kathryn Tabor, Don Tabor's widow, yesterday. Don died last year and she is looking for a ground floor apartment. I put her in touch with Mary Don Moore King, who had an address she was looking for. She wanted to be put on my classmate list and receive the newsletter. She got well acquainted with my class since she and Don always attended our reunions.  I did that. She had e-mail so I will just attach it to e-mail.

I am still reading the new book I bought off of Amazon. I am not overly impressed with it. After you have read Ehrman for ten years, everyone else seems pretty tame. The author calls himself "progressive" but he is not overly progressive. Of course Ehrman is a true New Testament scholar.

I don't have a plan for today. It's supposed to be very foggy today so I will probably stay home. I got my soup out again and will have that for lunch with crackers and cheese.

I notice my Cox cable came out of my checking account last night. Now just the gas and electric bills will need to come out. They don't come out until the 30th and the 31st.

I hope I will be able to get over to Coffeyville tomorrow for breakfast with Bob, my hair appointment and Bunco out at Asbury Village at 2:00PM.

More later....

I had my soup and cheese and crackers for lunch and and ice cream bar for dessert. 

I went out to Dollar General a couple of times this afternoon. I needed a few groceries and then later discovered I needed cat food too. So I went back for that. They are probably ready for their supper now.

I worked on the class newsletter for awhile and then read for a couple of hours.I have two books that I am working on now. I have watched the news..both the channel 6 news and the CBS news. It is 6:00PM now and when it is closer to 7:00PM, I will take my bath and watch some TV before going to bed.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Monday and Laundry

I woke up about 4:00AM but stayed in bed until almost 5:00AM.  Then when I got up and dressed and got myself ready for the day, I stripped my bed and did the laundry and had my oatmeal and coffee.. When the laundry was dry, I remade the bed.

I don't have anything planned for the day. I opened the front door and there were four very hungry cats and kittens waiting for their breakfast.  I put out four bowls of cat food and they dug in. :)

More later....perhaps.

I have been watching the CBS news and playing solitaire. It's too cold to go anywhere today.  But it's only 9:00AM right now.

I have been cleaning out my desk and trying to get it organized all morning. At 12:30PM, Nancy came over and wanted to take me to lunch. We went to Eggberts and had a chicken dinner...very good. When we came out, it had begun to snow lightly . It still is. She brought me home and and intended to stay in the rest of the day.

Then Scott texted me to asked if they could have my Wahoo board and marbles. I told him I no longer use it and would send it to them.  So I found a box to put it in, wrapped it in brown paper and took it to the post office and sent it off. They should have it by the 19th. I sent it priority mail.

I got a nice Christmas card from an old boyfriend today. He says will visit in the spring. In fact, I was going steady with him when I met and married my Bob in 1954. He later married too but he has lost his wife. He lives in Colorado. He would be 84 too.

I should get back to that mess in the den....More later...

I got the mess in the den cleaned up and got the gift wrapped for the woman with two children that we have adopted for Christmas.

I saw three cats and kittens waiting for food a little while ago so I fed them. Tomorrow I probably will have to buy more cat food.

I started a new book that I bought off Amazon. It is called "Being Christian In the Twenty-First Century". It 's pretty interesting so far. We may want to study it in Church School when we finish the book we are studying right now.

It's 6:30PM now and I will take my bath and dress and bandage my toe. Then come watch more TV.

More later....

I watched "Bull" at 9:00PM and at 10:00PM, I went on to bed.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Sunday and Church

I awoke at 4:45AM and just got up. I had to take Aleve earlier because once again my back was hurting and my right shoulder too.

I put some laundry in to wash while I fixed my oatmeal and coffee and fed the cats and the kittens.

After I ate, I decided to watch the programs I recorded while I was Christmas shopping yesterday morning.

I did that but I wasn't able to do my coffeecake this morning because I did my grocery shopping at the Independence Walmart  and they seldom have the coffeecake mix. So I didn't fix it this morning.

Church attendance was small. It was raining lightly and only 32 degrees so many of our Neodesha members were afraid to drive up because they had sleet and even some of our Independence people were afraid to chance it too. That left the Coffeyville people and me..from Caney. Leslie did a nice job with her service and afterward Phyllis and I went to "Just Us" at Cherryvale. I drove. It misted lightly but the roads were not slick. I drove under 50 mph all the way there. We had a good lunch and I drove back to the church to leave Phyllis to pick up her car. I think the others may have gone to Great China.

I got back home just fine and did my letters and got them out on the mailbox and put the flag up for Michael..

More later...

I stayed in all afternoon and watched some programs I had recorded. Then watched 60 Minutes and afterward took my bath. I switched to Amazon Prime and watched "A Christmas Carol". I watch that every year. It helps to get me into the Christmas mood. After it was over, I went on to bed at 9:30PM.