Saturday, January 14, 2017

Saturday and Breakfast Out

Even though it's nasty outside, we intend to go to breakfast at Eggberts this morning. I will drive. My car should not have ice on the windshield.  It sets under a carport. Bob's is out in the open.

I slept well again last night. That's a good thing. I have had about 4 days of good sleep now.

I probably won't go anywhere else today. The weather is too nasty. I will just read my book. The apartment is clean and the laundry is done so there's nothing else to do. I guess I could gather up the things I want to put in the rummage sale in March at the senior center.

I still have that "network threat" on my desktop computer. It says my router is not configured correctly and it says the network threat is in an e-mail from Fed X.  I have never opened their attachment but evidently I don't need to to have their "network threat" invade my computer. I ran smart scan on Avast and nothing else was discovered.

More later...

The drive to Eggbert's for breakfast was not too bad. It is barely freezing so far.  I drove slowly so I would not skid. Mostly men were in there for breakfast. I was the only woman except for the waitresses.

I will read this afternoon. more later.

I read most of the afternoon and soaked some beans for Monday. Bob came over for a little while. He was going to the bank to get some money. When he left I went to Country Mart and bought some ham pieces to put in them and some cornbread mix.

I guess I will go back to my book.

More later...

I finished my book! It was very interesting! It's amazing how little black history we got in school back in the 50's. This was the book, "Hidden Figures" and was about the black women mathematicians who worked on the math needed to design planes during World War II and their experiences during the civil rights movement and during the space program. It;s also a movie right now. I wish I could see it.. Coffeyville has no movie theater. The nearest one is in Independence Kansas twelve miles away and there is one in Bartlesville Oklahoma forty miles away too.

More even later...

Bob didn't come over this evening. It was just too nasty to get out. I took my bath and Missy and I lay on the sofa and watched TV until I simply couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. 

I went to bed shortly after 8:00. That may be a mistake.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday and Anticipating an Ice Storm

In about an hour we will see if we actually get the freezing rain.

I slept fairly well last night considering the cut on my finger. Luckily it's on my left hand. I have left the band aid on it. It bled so profusely last night I hesitate to disturb it.

I have nothing planned for the day but exercise class and then only if we miss the freezing rain. I still have my new book to read if we do get it.

I guess I'll get ready for the day and get back to this later...after breakfast.

So, more later....

I don't believe the freezing rain has started yet. It's still dark out so I am not sure.

I have had my breakfast and fed Missy. I am still smarting from my injury from her claw last night. Much as her attack hurt my finger, it hurt my feelings worse.  I have not been friendly with her yet this morning. I know most she doesn't know what is wrong.

I got the crossword puzzle done and it is beginning to get light out. Soon I will be able to see if we are getting the freezing rain.

I got another warning from Avast that I have some problems in my network. One of my e-mails that I considered troubling continues to set it off and I didn't even open the attachment. It is supposedly from Fed X about a problem delivering a package.  I ran smart scan on my virus protection from Avast and it was blocked but evidently not deleted.

More later....

We have had some freezing rain but not a lot so far. Bob came for lunch and I invited Marilyn R. too. She brought cookies to eat with our pudding for dessert. We had a good visit. 

I read all afternoon since the weather was cold and damp.

Bob came back at 5:15 to watch the news here and to watch Brooks and Shields on PBS as they analyze the news.  He left at 7:00 and I took my bath and Missy and I watched TV on the sofa until 9:00 when we went to bed.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thursday and a Very Busy Day

I slept pretty well last night. I woke up once but managed to get back to sleep. When I got up and got around, I stripped my bed and cleaned the house. After two loads of laundry were done, I vacuumed the carpets and dusted and washed the bathroom and kitchen floors.

I took my plastic bags up to Genesis and also stopped by Stan's office and made a payment on my hearing aid. 

Then I began to work on my crossword puzzle. I did that for awhile until time to start lunch. Bob came over sometime after 11:15 and we ate lunch. now he is working on his checking account online (even though the alarm goes off regularly and he had to remove an adware.) I haven't been able to get rid of all the adware.  Every time I think I have removed it all, it comes back again. Strange...

I just finished cleaning up after lunch. I will send the rest of the taco burgers home with Bob. It will give him something for suppers. We are under a severe weather advisory and he may be stuck at home. It is supposed to begin freezing rain by 6:00 AM tomorrow morning.

More later...

I have been reading. My mail just came and I got a check from one of my classmates....for me....for the work I have done on the newsletter. How nice!

I have begun reading my latest book. Another gift from my friend, Bill.

Bob came by at 5:15 and we had popcorn for a snack. He left at 7:15 and I took my bath and lay on the sofa with Missy.

I was removing matter from her eye and she took a swipe at my left hand with her claw. It cut me like a razor blade and the ring finger on my left hand was laid wide open at the tip. It bled profusely and I ran into the bathroom in terrible pain and  immersed it in cold water. Blood covered the sink. I finally got a band aid on it and then another one. It throbbed for an hour and I finally went to bed.

I bawled her out properly.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wednesday and My Pre Opt Appointment

This morning at 9:30 I will need to be in Bartlesville at the hospital for my pre opt appointment. I will leave at 8:30 to get there in time. I will miss exercise class. I hope to be able to go to Bingo at the senior center in the afternoon at 1:00.

I slept very well again last night. That's two nights in a row, I have stayed up a little later. Maybe that's why.

We will finish off Bob's vegetable soup for lunch. I also have fruit and cookies for dessert. My ground beef didn't get thawed in the frig.

My surgery is next Tuesday. It's an overnight thing. I will go down on Tuesday and come home on Wednesday. I hope everything goes well. I do not have the greatest confidence in doctors. In the early 2000's I had a failed bunion surgery and I went to a specialist for that. Then doctors were not able to properly diagnose my Bob's cancer until a week before he died in 2010. I had a serious infection on my face four years ago and they misdiagnosed that too.  They called it cellulitis and it was actually Erysipelas. It caused my face to swell up and turn bright red. The infection was close to my brain and could have been even more serious...perhaps even fatal.... if  doctor Eslicker in Bartlesville hadn't finally diagnosed it correctly and prescribed a much stronger antibiotic. As it was, it or the antibiotic caused septic tendinitis. It took a year of exercise to get that cleared up. 

I worked all evening cleaning up Bob's notebook and it still finds many threats. They are adware but they still set off the alarm. Keith may just have to wipe it clean too and we will have to start over. When we get the Dell back I will send him the notebook. Bob will just try to sell it after it is reformatted and Windows 10 re-installed. He wants $100. for it.

It is 7:30 and the program is still finding adware on this notebook. I think getting it cleaned up completely is going to be impossible.

More later....

I went to my appointment and am now all ready for  my surgery on next Wednesday, They did a blood work up and tested my heart.

I got home in time to warm up the vegetable soup for lunch. Then instead of going to Bingo as I had intended, I filled out an application for work for Dennis at Pepsico. It remains to be seen if he gets an interview.

I am still trying to clean up Bob's notebook too.

More later...

Bob came over at 5:15 to watch the news and  a Big Bang Theory episode. After he left I took my bath and got ready for bed and lay with Missy for a couple of hours and watched TV.  We bth went to bed at 9:30.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tuesday and Hairdo Day

After Karan brings her cake, I will pick up Bob and his cake and go to Independence to deliver our cakes and get my hair done.  Karan had forgotten again. She is very good about appreciating my reminders though.

I slept fairly well last night. I made the mistake of eating a lot of nuts and stuff while I watched the movie. So I ended up taking a couple of Tums before I went to bed. I awoke in the night but did get back to sleep. I got up about 4:30 and dressed and made up my face for the day.

Both Missy and I have had our breakfast. I got some birthday cards in the mail yesterday and some ready to go in the mail for those in our congregation that have January birthdays. I send out birthday cards for the congregation. I think it helps for people to know we appreciate them and love them.

I also packed and sent off Scott's Dell computer to Keith to get it reformatted and ready for Bob. He paid the $20 postage. I meant to send Keith the DVD of my Bob's interview at the Red Cross office after his experience at 9/11 back in 2001.  Red Cross deployed him for three weeks because he had had chaplain training. He worked with grief dogs. Then they sent him back in January of 2002 for another three weeks. KOAM TV out of Pittsburg, Kansas, had recorded that interview and had it archived.

I have been checking out my checking account. It balances so far. I have to watch it closely because I use my bank card to pay for things and then forget to write it down sometimes.  That makes a mess. But it's fine this time.  I get my social security tomorrow. Until then, I must be careful.

More later...

John W., class treasurer, brought by the check to reimburse me for the three ink cartridges I had to buy to put out the newsletter.  I deposited it in my checking account. That will help.

I delivered the cakes with the help of Bob A. and then we went to eat at great China. After that, we took the Tyro road and went out to see the terrible fire damage to Kelly and Melissa's home. It is a total loss.  They are staying with Gene, Melissa's father. He lives nearby.

When I got home, I sent off Scott's Herald and the key to their home. I forgot to give it back to him at the airport.

Now it is 1:00 and I want to read my Reader's Digest.

So, more even later...
I worked on getting Bob's notebook cleaned up and also read my Reader's Digest.

He came over at 5:00 and I was still trying to get all the adware off his notebook. After he left at 7:00, I took my bath and Missy and I lay on the sofa until bedtime. I watched "Pretty Woman" for the zillionith time.

I went to bed at 9:30.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Monday and Exercise Class

I got a good night's sleep last night. I got up at 5:00 but that is my regular time to get up.

I fixed myself and Missy some breakfast and later picked up Bob for exercise class. It had been awhile since I had been there.

After the class, we dropped by V & S Variety and sent off Scott's Dell to Keith to have the hard drive reformatted and Windows 10 put on it and then I will give it to Bob. We will then send Keith Bob's  little notebook that I have been trying to clean up this week and have him wipe it clean and reformat it too. Then Bob will try to sell it for $100.

I fixed a good lunch today. We had chicken and potatoes and gravy and brussels sprouts and a jello salad Bob brought. And we had ice tea. Bob brought some ice from the Landing's ice maker. I have opened some fruit but what with the jello salad, we neither one wanted any. I will save it for later.

I want to go cash a check before I leave for Bartlesville for my appointment with Dr. Eslicker. It is at 3:30.

More later...

I got down to Bartlesville a little early so I could go look for a Wahoo board at Hobby Lobby. They didn't have any. I went in to the doctor's office a little early because of the paperwork they always need. He found a pre-cancerous lesion on my left ear. I thought it was just sore because I often sleep on that side but he said it was a pre-cancerous lesion so he froze it off.

I got back home at 5:00 and baked my cake for tomorrow. I got it iced before I settled down with Missy to watch TV. Bob left at 7:00 to go home to watch the football gave between Clemson and Alabama. Clemson won I later saw on TV.   I don't get ESPN so I watched  a movie I had seen years ago. "Saving Private Ryan".  I had forgotten how it went so it was like a new movie...very violent and bloody. Missy and I lay on the sofa, covered with an afghan and enjoyed the movie. She has decided she likes to do that rather then use the recliner and sit by herself.

At 11:00 I took my bath and Missy and I went to bed.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Saturday and Another Problem

I am a day late with this blog. Saturday was something else. I finally got all the newsletters finished and in the mail. Then Bob came over to check his bank balance and found he was still infected with malware. I started working on that at 10:00 and worked to clean it up all day until evening. It was a mess. I don't know where he picked it up except through his e-mail.

Keith helped me by downloading AVG free program and it worked on getting it cleaned up all day. It finally rebooted his computer sometime last evening and when I tried to boot it up again it would not accept his password. What a mess.(the reason was, I found, that the caps were locked on).  I will send the Dell Scott gave me to Keith as soon as I get some time to send it off and the funds to do that. My car insurance is due this month and I will need to scrape up that money first. He will reformat the hard drive and install Windows 10 again and see if we can get him on a clean computer.

Today is actually Sunday and I will make up the coffeecake to take to the Sunday School class. Also I will take the other book we are studying for another person to use. I hate having to make 5 copies of the pages we are studying, It's "Saving Jesus (from the church)".

Tonight we also have the Living the Questions group at Karan's home. I will pick up Gary at 6:40 to take him. I also need to send out the material.

And tomorrow I will need to bake my cake for Tuesday's dinner at the Independence First Christian Church.  Bob, Karan and Phyllis and I are the only ones still baking cakes unless Sue brings one to church.  

So, more later...

I came into the kitchen and fixed my cereal and Missy's cat food and treat. Then I started my coffeecake for Sunday School. I booted up Bob's notebook again and it started telling me all about the many threats it has detected. I deleted everyone but there must be hundreds on this notebook. I've been in here over an hour and have constantly deleted threats. I don't know if we will ever get this notebook of his clean.

I have brought my laptop in here to work on this blog. I have also written two "thank you" notes. One was to the kids for my vacation the last two weeks. The other was to a classmate who sent me $20.00 for my work on the newsletter.  Then I did the crossword puzzle in the Reporter. The coffeecake is iced too. I have been busy!

One of our pastor's home burned to the ground day before yesterday. They lost everything but one pickup. Kelly managed to get his out but hers was lost and also her was new. They also lost two motorcycles and all their furniture and everything. I only hope they have a safety deposit box for all their important papers. They have gone to her father's home. He lives alone in a nice home not too far from where their home was located.  Their home is a total loss.  It's terrible. It was only about ten years old.

I will drive to church this morning. My car sets under a carport and Bob's is out in the open where the windows frost over.

More later...

The service went well. We took the guest minister and her husband out to eat at Just Us with us.

After I got home, I worked on Bob's notebook all afternoon and then went to Living the Questions group meeting at Karan's. I got home at 9:00 or so and took my bath and went to bed.