Friday, October 20, 2017

Friday and a Trip to Springfield

I slept well last night. Missy woke me up with her bath at 3:00. I did manage to get back to sleep until 5:00.

I got myself ready for the day and fed Missy and myself, Strange, she knows something is going on when I get my carry-on out and begin packing.  I still have to mail off the book I sold last night. I will also go on to exercise class this morning and to Utopia afterward for a cinnamon roll and a Utopiachino. Marilyn wants a ride home because she has put her car in the shop at Carters.

Leslie will pick me up between noon and 1:00. Then we will drive to Springfield for the Mission Center Conference. That begins tomorrow at 8:30. I am nearly packed for the overnight. Bob will come pick me up at 8:40 for exercise class this morning.

I may not get back to this today since the morning will be so busy.

More later..

This trip turned unexpected.  The trip over to Springfield went uneventfully. We stopped at Joplin just long enough to get a milkshake. Neither of us had had lunch. We got to Springfield in plenty of time, got to our hotel, a lovely Holiday Inn Express, and checked in. Then we went to meet the others for dinner at a nice restaurant.

After dinner, we went to the hotel to go to bed and met some of our dinner party who had not yet found a hotel room. They had checked all over the city and all the rooms were taken. They were stuck without a room for the night.  There were several sports events going on this weekend in the city and all the hotels were packed!

So, we conferred and decided to offer them our second bed and Leslie and I would just sleep together.  I took my bath and got ready for bed and Leslie soon followed suit. Elizabeth, the woman, was fooling with her smart phone, checking it, etc.  The light was disturbing our ability to get to sleep so I pulled the covers over my head and finally got to sleep. At 11:00, a frightful snoring woke me up and it woke Leslie too. Elizabeth had the loudest snoring I had ever hear. The sound filled the room. Neither of us could imagine how Ken could sleep through that noise every night....and it went on all night. Leslie and I got two hours sleep.

I finally got up and dressed quietly in the bathroom at 5:00 and went down to the lounge to just eat some light breakfast. Leslie soon followed. We had our light breakfast there and decided between ourselves not to mention our experience to anyone at the conference.  Finally we went back up to the room and they were dressed and ready to leave for the conference.

The conference went well. There was a lot of legislation to cover and both of us were very tired. Finally, at 3:30 we decided to leave so we would get back home before dark. It was all over but an ordination anyhow.

I got home at 6:00 or so and Bob A. was here watching the news. He had come to feed Missy her 5:00 treats and clean up after her at the litter box.

After he left, I unpacked and took my bath and cleaned up after Missy again and Missy and I went to bed.

What an experience! Both Leslie and I were amazed that neither of them mentioned the snoring. Surely Ken has learned to sleep through it or maybe sleeps in a separate bedroom at home. But they never acknowledged it at all. Elizabeth did offer to pay Leslie for half the room. That was good of her and Leslie accepted.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thursday and Apartment Cleaning

I slept really well last night and got up about 5:30. I made the bed, dressed and got myself ready for the day. I also fed Missy and myself.

I will make soup again today. It is cool and it's soup weather. We finished off the beans and cornbread yesterday. We ate two of the cupcakes too. I still have two more for today.

I will clean the apartment again today.  I have no plan for the rest of the day.

I want to see just how cool it's going to be today. I just missed the "weather on the 8s" on the weather channel. It's back on now. It's 50 degrees right now.  It's suppose to get up to 80 today....76 tomorrow and rain on Saturday when Leslie and I will be over to Springfield Missouri for Mission Center conference on Saturday. The meetings start at 8:30 so we have to go over the evening before it starts.  

I suppose I ought to do laundry again today too. Missy peed on the bath mat I keep under her litter box......again.

I got the apartment cleaned and the soup is in the slow cooker.  I also washed both bath mats. I decided not to put a mat under her litter box. While the mats were washing, she peed again and missed the litter box and peed on the bathroom floor. I got an old towel rag and wiped it up with 409. I may just do that. It appears she can't judge distance anymore.

Juanita called and wants me to pick up a wedding card for her and bring it to her on Tuesday while I am up there for my hair appointment. She wants me to write a check for her to send as a gift. I have a dinner in Coffeyville at 11:30 on Tuesday so I hope I won't be long. If she has her checks and bank statement I may have to rush through that process. It has been going very well lately.

Bob and I are taking Phyllis F. to the Salvation Army salad luncheon on Tuesday too. I need to buy another ticket. I can't do that too early because I will be gone to Springfield on Friday afternoon and Saturday for our Mission Center conference. She probably would not have her statement by Monday.

Ginger is ordering my airline tickets for my trip to Florida in December. She is ordering them for November 29th...Scott's birthday...and until December 10th.  That way I will be there for both Scott's and my birthdays. That's ten days. I will have to trade with someone for the December 3rd sermon. I will be gone then.

More later...

I worked most of the afternoon with the Cox tech.  Yesterday there was an update on Windows 10. It took 20 minutes to download. It had an error that caused "sleep" to shut down and the techs are reporting them to Microsoft. They will have to send an update to fix it.

Bob came over this evening and I ironed a pair of his jeans.  He is going to a Mexican dinner at Sycamore Landing...where he lives. 

I will watch TV tonight if I can find anything to watch. 

There wasn't much to watch but Missy and I stayed up until 9:00 before we went to bed.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Wednesday and Bunco

My  sleep was off and on last night after 2:00 AM.  I don't know whether my new glasses to cut through the blue light of the screens is working or not. Time will tell.

I will pick up Bob for exercise class this morning at 8:40. After that, I will take him home and then come come home and warm up the beans and make some more cornbread muffins. We will also have cupcakes for dessert.

This afternoon, around 2:00, I will go out to Asbury Village to play Bunco.

More later...

I did take Missy out for a little while...perhaps 20 minutes, but it was too chilly for her and she wanted back in the apartment.

I am washing both her rugs again. She peed on one yesterday and the other one last night. I guess it's her age. She will be 15 in March.

I am feeding her the new senior food I ordered from Amazon. She really likes it better. It's strictly for senior cats. I can no longer find it at Walmart here or in Independence. I even ordered her litter from Amazon prime. They do not charge freight.

More even later...I will pick up Bob in 15 minutes.

I got Bob and we went to exercise class. We ate the rest of the beans and I fixed some more cornbread muffins.

Afterward we  sat on the carport for awhile and had Missy out there. She did not like the breeze though so Bob left and I came back in to read the paper. I talked to Adele, Gay's sister,  and she asked me to pick up Gay's daughter, Kathy, at the Tulsa airport this evening at 5:45.  I agreed to do that and she contacted Stephen to find out which plane she was coming in on. She said she would have Stephen, (Gay's son) contact me with the details. Stephen called me a half hour later and said he would pick up Kathy and take her home with him for the night and then loan her one of his pickups to drive to Chanute tomorrow. I was happy about that. I was not looking forward to driving the 72 miles to Tulsa and then driving an additional 50 miles on top of that 72 miles back to Chanute after dark. The deer are out at this time of year and many are hit by vehicles. I texted Adele about his change in plans.

More later...

I went to Bunco at Asbury Village  this afternoon. Afterward I went home and read the papers. Bob came about 5:00 to watch the news on TV.

After Bob left this evening, I took my bath and laid down with Missy on the sofa and we watched "Nature" on PBS. That's her favorite program. At 9:45, we went to bed.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Tuesday and Hair Day

I did get the glasses and they may be working. I slept very well last night. I did wake up at 2:00 as usual but after I got back to bed, I got back to sleep.

This morning I will deliver the cakes by myself. Bob has a board meeting at the senior center. We may drive back up to Independence to eat at Big Cheese after I get my hair done.  We look forward to that every other Tuesday.

I have no plan for the afternoon. I may rake leaves. They are becoming a real pest. I may just blow them off our area. They will be back continually as the fall progresses.

More later...

I went to Independence by myself and delivered the cakes. Then I went to my hair appointment and came right back home.  I washed my car since the weather was to be nice this week. When I got home Bob came over and we drove back to Independence to eat at Big Cheese. We decided to drive on to Bartlesville to check out the new TJ Maxx store there next door to Lowe's. We walked all over the store and Bob bought some new socks. That's all we did. Then we drove back to Coffeyville and he took me home. I laid down with Missy and took a rest. I don't know that I slept any but I did rest.

When we got up, I took Missy outside for awhile. She loves it out there in the sunshine. After the newspaper came, I read that and we came back inside. It was too windy to rake leaves. That will have to wait for a calm day. We were probably out there 30 or 40 minutes. She was ready to come back inside and have her treats.

Later, Bob came over to watch the news and we had a small bowl of Butter Brickle ice cream. After he left at 6:30, I took my bath and laid back down with Missy and we watched PBS until bedtime.

It's 8:25 now and I will try to stay awake until 9:00 when Missy and I will go to bed.. 

Monday, October 16, 2017

Monday and Exercises

I slept fairly well last night. I awoke at 3:30 but got back to sleep after awhile. I got up at 4:45, made the bed and dressed and made up. I am ready for the day.

I guess I will go to exercise class this morning and afterward I will fix lunch. Betty, my landlady, brought me some catfish yesterday... all ready to cook.  I have never fixed catfish before but I guess I will give it a try. I need to get some cornmeal. I guess I will dip it in oleo and then roll it in cornmeal and then fry it. That's how Betty says she does it. Rick brought us four little pieces that Carmen fried last evening. I shared those with Bob...he was here then.  We will have baked potato with ours and a veggie. Bob will bring a salad.

I am doing a load of laundry again. Missy peed on the bathmat that I keep under her litter box again yesterday. She has been doing that quite a lot anymore. I have washed one or the other mat twice already this week.  This is the third time.

More later...

Well, the fish turned out to be "all right"....certainly nothing I would write home about. The rest of dinner was just "all right" too. I had no dessert.

I took Missy out several times today while the weather is nice but she refused to stay on the carport and I was not going to run after her all morning so I made her come back in the house.

I baked my cake for the First Christian Church in Independence and got it iced too. While I was at it I baked four cupcakes for Bob and me. We will eat the rest of the beans and cornbread muffins on Wednesday. Bob has a meeting at 9:00 tomorrow so he will not be going with me to deliver the cakes. I may just come back home and we will drive back up to eat at Big Cheese tomorrow.

I am waiting for the mailman now. I hope to get the new glasses I ordered from Amazon that filter out the blue light from the computer, the TV and a smart phone. That is in all probability what is interrupting my sleep anymore. I take my contacts out when I take my bath and I am hoping I ordered strong enough glasses to be able to see. We will see.

More later...

I took a good nap with Missy this afternoon. The new glasses did come and I will give them a try. Bob came over and watched the news and when he left I took my bath and laid down with Missy to watch TV..using the new glasses. We went to bed at 8:30. I simply could not stay up any longer.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sunday and Church

I slept pretty well last night. I woke up at 2:00, went to the bathroom and after I heard her gentle "mew", I cleaned up Missy's litter box.  Then I went back to bed. I didn't get back to sleep until sometime around 3:00 AM. But I didn't wake up again until 6:00.

I got up and dressed and fed Missy and myself and will watch the weather channel and work on the blog for awhile.

We were forecast for some serious weather last night but it went north of us. That's good!

I need to send the Coffeyville Journal the Church Brief for next week. I usually do that on Saturday but I forgot to get that done. So I will do it this morning.

Bob drives this morning. He will pick up me and then go get Phyllis F. In all probability, after church, we will go to "Just Us" over at Cherryvale for lunch.

So more later...I will get the Church Brief done.

Well, I got that done and also ordered cat litter from Amazon Smile. That weighs so much I have a time getting it to the car when I buy it at Walmart. Amazon will send it to me freight free.

Phyllis picked us both up from church and afterward we all went  to Great China for a change. Karan went too since Becky didn't come to church today.

Then she brought us all home afterward. We had a very good dinner.

Now I will do my newsletters and get them in the mail tomorrow...the ones that are not in e-mail.

So more later...

I got the newsletters done and those not in e-mail out on the mailbox to be picked up tomorrow.  I also got a birthday card off to Steve D. whose birthday is Thursday.

I have the laundry in the dryer too. Missy wet on another bathmat so I have that one in the washer waiting for more laundry to be done. I guess I will go get the crossword puzzle finished in the Independence Reporter. I got part of it finished before Phyllis F. came to pick me up this morning.

I did find out something about my friend Gay. I called Adele, her sister, this afternoon and they are waiting for Gay to be released from the hospital this afternoon. One thing they learned was that she was very low on B-12 and also very low on B-1..thymine. That could make her disoriented and dizzy and unable to stand so they are thinking that was her problem. They are giving it to her IV because they think she does not absorb it well.

Time will tell if that is the case. Adele is staying with her and sleeping in the bed with her...just in case she needs someone to be there with her. I will call Adele tomorrow and see how Gay is doing at home.

More later...

Bob came over to watch TV while I was gone to get gas. He stayed until 7:00 and left before 60 Minutes was over. Strange....

I will take my bath and get ready for bed. It is 8:45 and I usually go to bed by 9:00. I ate some fish brought to me by my neighbors and it did not set well. It was very good but I just couldn't seem to digest it.

I guess I'll go to bed.  It's time.