Saturday, July 29, 2017

Saturday and Breakfast Out

I slept well last night but then I took Zyrtec too. That makes all the difference. I got up shortly before 5:00, got myself ready for the day and fed Missy. I took her out for 15 to 30 minutes until it was time to go get Bob for breakfast. Then I got Bob and we went to Eggberts for breakfast.

I have washed the bathroom floor again and also cleaned the carpet in from of the doorway to the living room. I will see how that worked out with the dry carpet cleaner. So, more later..

The carpet cleaning worked well. I used the dry method. I did not want to use water on it. It never looks the same once it's been wet. 

I took a nap with Missy and later watched an old movie with Bob. It has been a quiet day with not much going on.

I noticed someone had changed the password on this blog account but between google and I, we got it fixed.

After Bob left, I took my bath and went to bed about 9:00.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday and A Day Off Housework.

I slept well last night until 2:00 AM and then I just couldn't get back to sleep. Finally I got up and took a Zyrtec and after a little while I dropped back off to sleep and slept until 5:15. Then I got up and got ready for the day.  I fed Missy and myself and watched the weather. The Zyrtec wore off early. I sneezed and sneezed this morning.

Missy is ready to go out and I may as well take her out there.

More later...

We spent 30 minutes outside and then she wanted to eat something and get a drink so we came in briefly.  She wants to go back out now but I want to stay in awhile and watch the news.  I watered the front potted flowers while I was out there and drank my Chai. I also texted Bob to be sure he was still among the living. He was.

More later...

Phyllis F., our pianist at church,  just called me to say she would not be at church on Sunday. Hopefully, Leslie will be there to use the overhead for the music....if not, perhaps Kelly can do it. He knows how too.

I am presiding this Sunday for Bill.

Vic came by while I was gone and left me a dozen Porter Peaches. He called me later to tell me they were still a little firm and to leave them out at room temperature for a few days until they softened up before trying to eat them or use them.  I thanked him for them and told him I would bake a Peach Brown Betty when they softened up.

Bob and I are going out to El Publito for lunch today. I just can't come up with anything to make for lunch today. I thought about a chicken potato casserole but when he suggested eating out instead..I jumped on it. After exercise class, we all went to Utopia. I had my Utopiachino. One of them is in my freezer now.

Missy is sleeping in my chair and has been all morning while I was gone. She was in that chair when I left for exercise class and still in it when I got home from exercise class and Utopia. 

More later...

Vic left me a dozen Porter peaches this morning while we were at Utopia. This afternoon I set them on paper towels on the windowsills in the kitchen to try to further ripen them. They are pretty hard right now.

We went to El Pueblito for lunch...and I ate too much. I haven't been able to eat anything...even yogurt, this evening. In fact I took a Tum awhile ago.  Bob came at 5:15 and we watched the news and Brooks and Shields on PBS and then he left at 6:30.  I can't take ET on CBS. It's just too silly.

I took my bath and watched TV with Missy after I watered the plants on the east side of the apartment. I also did a load of laundry. Then about 9:30, I went to bed. I get so tired anymore. Must be the mileage....

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Thursday and Cleaning Day

I did not sleep well last night. I woke up at 2:00 and really didn't get back to sleep and just finally got up at 3:00. I had a lot of stuff going through my mind and couldn't get settled back down. I will need a nap this afternoon. It rained last night and there is a 40% forecast for today too.

I got dressed about 5:15 and got my own and Missy's breakfast. I even prepared the strawberries I bought on Tuesday for today's dessert. I even have short cake and whipped cream.We will have hamburger pie for our main dish. That has green beans in it. We will need a salad. Hopefully Bob will bring one.

Missy and I went out at 6:30 and were enjoying the coolness out there when that scraggly stray grey cat came by and Missy got all excited and was going to take him on.  So I brought her in before she got hurt and shouted at him to "scat"! He's gone now and I will take her back outside in a little while.

I want to scrub the kitchen floor and vacuum today. I ran a wet swifter over it yesterday but that really doesn't get it clean. It just takes off the worst. I have to get down on my hands and knees with an old towel and 409 cleaner to really get it clean.

More later...

I got the kitchen floor scrubbed and the dining room and living room vacuumed before I played out. I will vacuum the hall and bedrooms later.   I even took Missy out again for awhile.  Now she is my chair.

More again later.

I laid down with Missy and got a short nap. Then I made the hamburger pie and it was good. I even took some to Marilyn R. We had the strawberry shortcake for dessert.

I laid down again in the afternoon  and caught up on some of the sleep I had lost.  It stayed pretty comfortable outside so Missy got to go out some more. I waited for the Reporter out there and it was late so I went ahead and watered the east side flowerbeds. 

Bob came over shortly after 5:00 to watch the news, and stayed until 6:30. Then I took my bath and got ready for bed, I watched TV until 9:00 and I just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. I went on to bed.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wednesday and Exercises and Game Day

I slept very well last night. Of course, before I got too asleep someone got a wrong number and called me and after they apologized and hung up I almost got to sleep and the same person called the wrong number again.  This time they just hung up. I got right to sleep. I woke up twice in the night but got right back to sleep. I got up at 5:15 and got myself ready for the day and fed Missy and myself. When it gets light I will take her out on the carport. She certainly is ready.

I will go to exercise class this morning and I will drive. Bob and I take turns. Also I will go to game day this afternoon. I want to scrub the kitchen and bathroom floors today too. I generally do that on Tuesday but took a nap instead. I don't cook lunch today since Bob has a dinner at Sycamore Landing.

Missy is crying to go outside so I will get back to this later...

This is Missy's favorite place out on the carport. It's the little rug I keep in front of the door inside the carport door. She has confiscated it and thinks it is hers. She has almost destroyed it snagging it with her claws.

 This is the scene of the flowers in pots on the front of my apartment. It's all I can do in these 90+ degree temperatures to keep them alive.  I water them every morning. You can see the water spilled on the concrete. When it's nice, I often sit out there.

More later....

Several of us went to Utopia after exercise class and had a good visit. Mona and Judy and I got into quite a discussion on  discrimination in America.  Mona has felt quite a bit of it as an Egyptian...especially at the college where she works. We all shared our stories of our experiences with discrimination. ..either as a minority or as a woman in America. Just as we all do, we need the fellowship of others who see our point of view and who will hear us out.

I don't know what I will have for lunch. I will look around and see what I have that I can eat.

I ended up with a half price Sonic chocolate milk shake (calories, calories, calories) since I didn't have to cook today.  Soon I will go to game day at the senior center.

Judy came by to choose a couple of my DVDs that feature an entire group of  Biblical scholars that offer their input. We will choose from those two DVDs on Sunday evening when we meet at Howard and Judy's home. Gary e-mailed me he wanted to come. I will pick him up.

So, more later....I'd  better get to game day.

Game day was fun even though there were only nine of us.  When I got home my paper soon came.  And the Journal was in the mailbox. I read the papers and then did the crossword puzzle in the Reporter.  Bob came soon after 5:00 and stayed until 6:30.  When he left I went out and watered the east side flowers. Then I came in and took my bath. Then I watched PBS with Missy. She loves "Nature"on PBS. 

At 9:00 I will go to bed.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tuesday and Hair Appointment

I slept well last night and only woke up once at 2:00 AM. I took my med and got right back to bed and back to sleep.

I got up shortly after 5:00 AM and stripped my bed to wash my sheets.  They are in the dryer now.

I got Missy's breakfast and my own. 

I took Missy out on the carport at 6:30 and she was very good. She just laid on "her" rug and was good.  I watered my front flowers...the ones that are in  flowerpots. We just came back in so she could get a drink of water. She wants to go back out right now but I want to watch the news now. She will have to be patient.

I will pick up Bob about 8:20 and we will go to  Independence so I can get my hair done and if Juanita has her bank statement, I may balance her checkbook too. I haven't heard from her yet though. After Great China opens at 11:00, we will eat lunch there. Tomorrow he has a dinner (lunch) at Sycamore Landing so I won't be cooking again until Thursday.  On Thursday we will have hamburger pie.

More later...

I got my bed stripped, the bedding washed and dried and the bed remade.  That's about all I got done this morning since I took Missy out for awhile.  But that's a beginning. This afternoon I will wash the floors in the bathroom and kitchen.   Thursday, I will vacuum.

So more later....

After I got to Independence I called Juanita and she had received her back statement. I took Bob out to his sister's home to visit with her and I went to get my hair done and later went out to Juanita's home and balanced the checkbook. Then Bob and I had lunch at Great China.  We then came back to Coffeyville and I took Bob to his home. He will take a nap, I am sure and in all probability, I will too. Missy will like that.

More even later...

I laid down with Missy and fell asleep and took a nap. Soon after I got up Bob came over and stayed until 7:00. When he went home I watered the flowers on the east side and then took my bath and laid down again on the sofa with Missy. I still couldn't keep my eyes open. I did watch PBS where they had "American Experience". They had a program on the Summer of Love in San Fransisco in the 60's.

I went to bed at 9:30. 

Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday and Exercises Again

I slept fitfully last night. I awoke at 2:00 AM and took my thyroid med and then took a long time to get back to sleep. I then slept until 6:00..later then usual.

I got myself ready for the day and got Missy's breakfast and had my own. At 7:00 I took her out for a time outside.  We stayed out until almost 8:00. I watered the flowers in the front and sat out on the patio too and watched the hummingbirds eat.  I watered those flowers and the tomato plant last night.

I will go to exercise class this morning and while there I will cancel my appointment for surgery on my left foot. I have lived with that failure for 14 years. I can live with it a while longer.  My bladder surgery has failed after five months and I won't take a chance on another failure.

Today for lunch we will have the ham and potato casserole and a veggie and some more of Bob's cottage cheese and pineapple.  I may make up some chocolate pudding for dessert.

Bob will be by in about thirty minutes to pick me up for exercise class. I don't plan to do much today. Tomorrow I will do laundry and wash the kitchen and bathroom floors. Then Bob and I will go to Independence to get my hair done and have lunch at Great China.

More later...

After exercise class, we all went to the Daylight Donut shop and I had a chocolate twist and a carton of milk. There were eight of us there.I'm the one of the left with the amazed look on my face.

Everyone else is smiling. That is me on the left, Judy next to me, Mona next to her, Bob next to Mona, Karan at the end of the table Marilyn and Howard on the right side of the table.

We will have a little later lunch because of the chocolate twist. :)

Lunch worked out fine and I took the rest of the casserole to Karan. She is still recovering from her knee surgery.

Bob stayed after lunch and did a couple of loads of laundry.  Then he checked his bank account. I watched some CNN after the news conference by Trump's son in law.

More later..

Bob finished his laundry and went on home to take a nap.

I laid down with Missy and tried to watch TV but ended up taking a nap. When I woke up I went out to Walmart and bought another $20.+ worth of groceries.  When I got home and unloaded them and put them away, Bob came back..about 5:00. He stayed and watched the news. He left about 6:00. I watered the flowers on the east side of the apartment and then came back in and took my bath. I laid down with Missy and tried to watch TV again but, lets face it, there's nothing on TV on Monday evening. Finally I just came in here at 8:30 to catch up on the blog and  at 9:00, I will go to bed. I did take a Zyrtec this evening. My nose is running and I've been sneezing.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunday and Rain

I love rain..even though it will cut down on attendance at church this morning. It has broken the heat wave.

I slept well last night even though I didn't take any Zyrtec.  I feel more alert this morning and I can use "alert", believe me.

I have dressed and am ready for the day. I have fed Missy and myself and we went outside briefly. Then the thunder and rain began and Missy is terrified of thunder. She wanted to come back inside.  Now she is lying on "her" rug just inside the carport door.

I have decided to forego the bunion surgery. I have lived with this failed bunion surgery for 14 years...what's a few more? I couldn't figure out how I could take a bath with my left foot hanging out of the tub. That isn't such a bad thing but getting out of the tub after the bath would be the problem.

Dr. Webb says, "no showers" so I will just live with the bunion.

More later....

The sermon went fine. Afterward, Phyllis and I and Bob went to "Just Us" over at Cherryvale for the buffet.  After that I worked on Bill's bulletin for next week. I am presiding for him. He is the speaker.
Then I put out the congregational newsletter. Those who are not online get one by snail mail. They are out on the mailbox now.

I have some coupons for two small milk shakes from Arby's but they have to be used today. It is the 52nd anniversary of their founding. I offered one to Bob but he said "let me think about it". If he doesn't want to use one, I will use one of them anyhow. I am never too full for ice cream.

He will be over sometime after 5:00 this evening to read the Sunday Reporter and watch the news and 60 minutes.  CNN has a special on the 90's. I think I have seen it.  

More later...

Bob came over and stayed until 7:00 and we had a small bowl of  butter brickle ice cream and a cookie. When he left, I took my bath and laid down with Missy on the sofa and watched the special program on CNN.

I went to bed at 10:30. Later then usual.