Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Another Busy Wednesday

Last night was restful. I tried to watch the PBS American Experience show and did see most of it but I had a hard time staying awake. After it was over, I took my bath and went to bed and slept very well.

I'm going to do some cleaning this morning so I can come home to a clean house. I got my laundry done yesterday and ran the dishwasher last night.

Today I will fix dinner again at noon. We will have pork cutlets, mashed potatoes and gravy, salad and veggies. We will have mixed fruit again for dessert. Tonight at 5:30, I have a PINCH meeting at the Church of God in Christ. After that, I will come home and pack and fix the meatloaf for Thursday's dinner. I will work in the morning so Leslie and I can leave at 2:00 in the afternoon.

I moved my summer sandals into the extra closet this morning. Yesterday morning I switched my clothing. It has cooled down and now I am ready to wear a little more sleeve. I could use a few more pair of shoes. I have two pair of black, brown and blue but some are pretty old and look very worn. I have to wear Clark's shoes because of the bunion on my left foot. They give my toes more room.

I will work in the morning tomorrow instead of the afternoon since Leslie and I will be leaving at 2:00 in the afternoon.

This is the end of my pay period and I will need to get my supervisor to sign my time sheet so I can fax it off in the morning.

About Romney,.... I think he has done some permanent damage to his campaign. He is rightfully perceived as out of touch with at least half the population. I continue to remind him that although I get by mostly on Social Security and a part time job, I am not unhappy and simply limit my wants and mostly spend money on needs. I do not consider myself a "victim". Furthermore, I worked over sixty years paying into Social Security and do not consider it an "entitlement".

In his own words, he has no desire to work for me so I have no desire to vote for him. I have looked for months for work outside of the government program I work for and have found that no one wants to hire a person 76 years old. I know they are not supposed to refer to my age but with all the experience I have had working all those years, and the fact that I am obviously healthy, they do not hire me. So it's not that I do not want to work, it's that no one will hire someone my age.

I hope other Republicans feel the same way. I also have no desire to vote for someone who feels Palestinians have no desire for peace. That's a very dangerous point of view.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Busy Tuesday for Romney

Romney has dug himself a large hole that he may not be able to get out of. Someone sneaked out a video of him at a fundraiser saying he really can't be concerned about 43% of the American people because they don't pay taxes. This just confirmed the commonly held belief that Romney is completely out of touch with the common folk. He called a hastily contrived press conference on twenty minutes notice last night to try to explain away what he said. I don't believe he succeeded. I watched the conference and he seemed to just dig the hole deeper. This may have alienated his base which is made up of many of these "poor" folks whom he believes live on "public assistance". I have news for Romney. I get social security and it is not a government gift. I paid into it for over 60 years and am now receiving what that insurance paid for. I have a part time job and I do pay taxes. That is noted on each paycheck.

This morning I must go feed Cyndi's cats. Then at 9:00, I will pick up Bob to go get out haircuts and deliver the cakes to the church in Independence. Then we will eat at Big Cheese there. Then after that I will go to work.

I have nothing on the agenda for tonight. I will watch American Experience.

The movie we watched last night was a disappointment. It was called "Descendants" and starred George Clooney. Neither of us was prepared to deal with a movie about a dying woman. My brother-in-law just lost my sister in July. Furthermore, the phone rang 6 times during the movie interrupting it each time. I will return it today.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Lost Sunday

Yesterday was very busy...too busy to even blog. I went to Church School and church and afterward we ate together..eight of us did, at least. After that I came home and began compiling a list of all the participants at last summer's church camp. It took the rest of the afternoon. I didn't even get my letters out for the members. I will do that this morning.

It will be a pretty busy week. I will return the DVD, "J Edgar" to the library this morning. Then I will fix lunch (actually we're having the Mexican casserole I froze from last week) and go to work this afternoon and after work I will bake my two cakes for the dinner in Independence tomorrow evening. After they cool, I will ice them.

I will feed Cyndi's cats tomorrow morning and then Bob and I will deliver the cakes to Independence and both of us will get a haircut from Carol. Then we will eat lunch at Big Cheese. Following that, I will bring him back home and go on to work.

Wednesday I will fix pork cutlets and mashed potatoes and gravy with salad and veggies for dinner and then pack. I will fix my Thursday meatloaf and put it in the frig Wednesday evening. I also have the PINCH meeting Wednesday at 5:30 so it will be later when I make up the meatloaf.

I will work Thursday morning instead of afternoon and fax in the time sheet to Aime, fix the meatloaf and potatoes with salad and veggies for lunch and then Leslie and I will leave for Independence, Missouri, about 2:00 in the afternoon. John Whitmer Historical Association weekend begins Thursday evening. I will leave Bob the meatloaf meal for warmup for his Friday dinner.

Leslie and I will start back home early Sunday morning. We hope to get back in time for the Sunday services at church and the cookout afterward. Bashams are having the Living the Questions dinner over at Cherryvale Sunday evening but I don't intend to attend. It will have already been a huge day.

It will be a very busy month and October is just as busy... every weekend something. I don't ever want to over schedule myself like this again.