Saturday, December 10, 2011

Changed Saturday

Everything changed at 7:10 this morning. My brother-in-law called then and said, "Margie, can you come over?" I said I'd be right over and put Slinky in the garage and went over to his house.

He was sitting in his recliner looking kind of wane. He had been having chest pains for an hour and now his chin and jaw were hurting. I suggested we go to the emergency room and he didn't argue with me. I dropped him off at the door there and parked the car.

I got him checked in while they started an IV treatment. He immediately brighten up. His heart rate was 120 and he was having atrial fibulation. His body corrected that right away. They entered him into the hospital for an overnight stay. I stayed all day and came home about 5:30. I will go back in the morning at 7:00 so I can be there when the doctor makes rounds. If he doesn't have another episode tonight, they will release him in the morning. They will give him a different blood pressure med with an ingredient to prevent the fibulation.

I came home, took a bath and am watching TV. My daughter just called and checked on him. I brought her up to date.

I will bake my cookies in the morning before I go to the hospital.

Busy Saturday

Today I will go eat breakfast with Bob A. at Eggberts and then afterward go out to Leslie's to help her clean house. After that, I will come home and bake cookies for her cookie exchange party tomorrow afternoon.

That should be fun. She has her house decorated to the max. If I can remember, I will take my camera and take some photos to post here. I need to get some more AA batteries. These in the camera are quite old and may not work.

Next week will be very busy...busier then usual. I have that doctor's appointment on Monday where he will scrape and burn that basal cell on my chin. Then Tuesday I will take Bob A. down to his doctor's appointment. I forget the name of the test but they will put a tube down his throat and examine the damage done by his acid reflux disease. He will be out of it afterward for several hours. He will come home with me until he wakes up completely and can drive on over to his house.

Tuesday evening, if I get home in time and he recovers in time, I will go to the library board meeting at 5:00.

Thursday at 3:00 I have another hair appointment and at 6:00 is the CMA Christmas dinner. I will fix some baked beans for it. They are having ham.

So far, I have nothing on Friday except my work.

Saturday is also free but Sunday evening I have the Living the Questions group at Bredesens. I need to get the DVD from Karan. I left it there last week.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday At Last!

I will take my car up to Gary's at 7:30. Bob A. called last evening and he will meet me there and take me to work. I will suggest that we go over to Cherryvale to Just Us for lunch after I pick the car up. He may not want to do that but I will ask. I do have a couple of TV dinners in the freezer.

Leslie called last night to see if I wanted to go to dinner with her and John but I really was just too tired. I had taken a coupon up to Arby's mid afternoon and ate their chicken pieces, curley fries and a small drink so really wasn't all that hungry.

Slinky slept through the night last night until 4:00 this morning. I let him out to pee and then back in and back to his bed. Missy, on the other hand woke me up at 3:30, wanting outside. Animals!

Saturday after breakfast with Bob A., I will go out to Leslie's and help her clean house for the cookie exchange on Sunday evening. Saturday afternoon I will bake my cookies. Bob A. and I will ride out to the cookie exchange together Sunday afternoon. Leslie has her hands full this week. She has that cookie exchange party after having the sermon on Sunday morning.

More later about the results of the examination of my car. ....

Oh my! The bill came to $190. I had to transfer some more money from my small savings. My house insurance comes due in January too. The four spark plugs came to $36.30, the air filter was 12.84 and the cabin filters were 25.18. The rest was labor. The plugs were in bad shape and the air filters, all three of them were deplorable. I never saw such filth. It was piled up on top of those filters an inch deep and looked like hay and straw. I doubt they had ever been changed in the 11 years since the car was new and not in the eight years I've had it. I have always trusted that those who changed my oil checked those things too. They have charged enough. Most of my oil changes are close to $40.00.

I took it to the Honda agency in Bartlesville last time and afterward asked if they had checked the cabin filter. The associate looked at his computer and plainly said "this car doesn't have them." That's the first and last time I take it there. I will probably take it back to Gary next time. At least I know he and Brandon check it over carefully.

I got my AT & T bill today and they raised my local telephone rate $5.00 a month. I will talk to Leslie about cancelling my local telephone too. I had already cancelled my long distance a couple of years ago. I have my cell phone which she pays for on her family plan. It's always something.

Bob and I went over to Cherryvale to Just Us for lunch and had a good lunch there. We do that about once a month....sometimes twice. We both really enjoy the home cooked taste of the food. The dessert is included for a total of a flat $10.00.

We will also have breakfast tomorrow at Eggberts.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday...A Hair Day!

After work this morning I will go to Independence to get my hair done. I washed it last night. I just couldn't stand it anymore. She will undoubtedly re-wash it but at least it's clean now for work.

I just called Bob A. His eye finally stopped hurting last night and this morning it doesn't hurt at all. That was a real mystery. It was really bad pain. If it was back this morning I was going to suggest he go see Dr. Ruttley, the Opthamoligist here in town. I'm glad he's o.k today though. He is going to Independence at noon for his caregiver's support group at Big Cheese. I will be going up at 3:00 for my 3:30 hair appointment.

Tomorrow I will need to remind Bob that I need him to take me to work after I leave my car at Gary's. It hasn't given me any more problems starting but I need to get it checked out before the dead of winter. If it's going to be a problem it will be a problem in either the cold of winter or the heat of summer.

I will contact Leslie this morning sometime and ask her if she would like me to come up after work tomorrow and clean her house. She is having her cookie exchange on Sunday afternoon and she wants it to be clean. I could also go help her on Saturday if she'd like.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Work Wednesday

This will be another work day and I will have to put Slinky in the garage. It is 18 degrees out there and he would freeze. The garage stays much warmer since the hot water tank is in there. He will not like that! He hates the garage. But I have no alternative. I was not working in past winters and in terribly cold weather so he was able to stay in the kitchen. I have nothing else planned for today. I only hope my car will start this morning. Friday I will take it in to Gary's at 8:00 and Bob A. will take me to to work and pick me up afterward.

And I have another problem. The back door dead bolt will no longer close. The front door did the same thing and last summer I had to dig out the area where the lock enters and move the latch up to get it to lock again. It looks like I may have to do the same thing with the back door. My guess is the house has shifted with the changes in the weather. It was working fine until Monday.

Tomorrow at 3:30 I have a hair appointment. I should have washed it today but was too lazy to do so. Besides, I'm having it done tomorrow. I look almost human when Carol finishes with it. It just looks clean when I wash it myself. I have no clue what to do with my hair. The only time I tried to use the curling iron on it, I ended up burning myself.

I haven't heard anything out of my youngest son in several days. I hope things are going alright with him. Keith called day before yesterday. And, of course, I saw Leslie at church on Sunday.

More later...

Scott (younger son) called me after he read this blog. That was nice.

Slinky wanted to go outside in that 18 degree weather and so I went on to work and left him out. It got up to 47 degrees before I got home and he did not come back into the house until 4:30 this evening.

He is sleeping in the kitchen right now and it is 6:30 in the evening. I don't know what I will do with him when it gets even colder. I guess I will force him to go into the garage.

Bob A. called me at work to ask if I wanted to eat lunch with him at Eggberts and I did. He had been struggling all morning with pain in his right eye. After we ate we went into the Urgent Care and the PA there numbed it and washed it out thoroughly.

The numbing wore off in about 15 minutes and the pain returned. Finally he put an ice pack on it and took an ibuprofin. Finally about 5:00, the pain stopped. I told him if it returns he needs to go see an opthamologist tomorrow. I would take off work and take him to Bartlesville if he needs to go. We don't fool around with our eyes. We only get one set. I will call him in the morning.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Busy Tuesday

This will be a fairly busy day. In a few moments I will need to bake my two cakes for the dinner tonight at Independence's First Christian Church. I have Phyllis F's cake already and Cyndi will be bringing hers later this morning. Karan will bring hers today too.

I probably need to remind her. She gets so busy she forgets a lot of things.

I hope Bob A. will go with me and help me carry them in. Then perhaps afterward we will eat at Big Cheese.

He learned yesterday at the doctor's office that using Prilosac is just a stop gap treatment and will not "fix" his problem. Meds will not do anything permanent. They have stopped working in his case and he is often sick after eating. He really needs the surgery. The valve that is supposed to close to keep food from coming back no longer there so there is nothing to stop him from the constant reflux. Dr. Sandhu will take a stitch or two in that opening where the valve is supposed to be and that will create a valve and allow it to close once again.

He went to Bartlesville to do the paperwork in preparation for another test to have a look at that area in his esophogus and see how bad it is. He has an appointment on the 13th to get that done. I will drive him back afterward. I have an appointment in Bartlesville too on the 12th. Dr. Eslicker is going to scrape and cauterize the place on my chin where I have a basal cell carcinoma. So we will be in Bartlesville next week two days in a row.

Well, I had better get those cakes baked. Perhaps more later...

I went to start my car after I got the cakes out of the oven and it just about didn't start. Finally, it turned over just enough for me to give it a little gas and it took hold. I went up to Gary's Automative and had Brandon check the battery. The battery was fine (it was only two years old). He said sometimes these older Hondas do that. The car is a 2001 vehicle and has 153,000 miles on it. He suggested I should start by having the plugs checked. I don't recall the last time I had anything done with them. So I have an appointment to take the car in to have them checked on Friday. Then I went on to visit Phyllis at Windsor Place. Bob A. will take me to work on Friday and I will leave the car with Gary's. I have no idea what that will cost. It certainly isn't in my budget.

We did take the cakes to Independence later and we did eat at Big Cheese.

I came home and cleaned my bathrooms and read the rest of the afternoon.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Ah Monday!

It's Monday...thank goodness. This will be a fairly quiet day. I'm ready for one!

We had some excitement last night after the Living the Questions group. I stayed to help Karan clean up and while I was visiting with Bobby and her, suddenly she said "Bobby, turn off that's smoking!" He turned to look at the lamp and turn it off and at the same time she turned and he then looked at a reflection in the glass doors next to the lamp and there was a fire on the desk! We ran over to the desk where she had had a candle burning all evening. It had burned down to the candle ring and caught the scarf on fire. Bobby ran over to try to smother it and I shouted, "Karan get water!" It quickly spread and I picked up a decoration next to the fire and Karan threw the first large cup of water on it and went to get another cup. About that time, the smoke alarm went off. We were about to get it out and when she threw the second cup on the fire and it finally went out. There was water everywhere though and Bobby's beautiful antique desktop was scorched. We got a roll of paper towels and worked on getting the water cleaned up off their laminated dining room floor and the desk for the next forty five minutes.

Bobby said, "thank goodness you stayed, Margie! If you hadn't been here, one of us would have been in the bedroom and the other in a shower." The house might have burned down and we might have died of smoke inhalation." That fire was quickly spreading. Later I got a sponge and cleaned the wall behind the desk that had been scorched. We were all very grateful that we got it out before there was any more damage.

I got home about 11:00.

I had Slinky in the garage. When I got home I let him out to pee and then wanted to get him back in the garage. He does not like the garage! It was 20 degrees outside but 40 degress in the garage. He did go in but he barked off and on all night.

I'm going to the doctor this morning with Bob A., my brother-in-law. He is having a consultation about surgery for his acid reflux. It is getting really bad. He had a CT scan last week and many other tests and they found that part of his stomach is now up above his diaphram. He has been pretty miserable the past couple of months. I suggested he should go to a gastroenterologist for the surgery and not use the GP surgeon. He has one in Bartlesville that does his colonoscopies each year. He wants to get a second opinion. I guess there are two ways to deal with that surgery. In the first method the surgeon stretches the stomach back down where it belongs and wraps the stomach around the esophagus. That requires a longer recuperation. In the second method, the stomach is stretched down even further and secured to some ligaments in the stomach area. He wants to learn which method this surgeon uses. The second is preferable. After the surgery, I want him to come over here to my second bedroom because I don't think he should be alone after the surgery. We will see. Slinky might be barking all night here while he is trying to get some rest.

Anyhow, that and my laundry and cleaning the bathrooms are all I have planned for today. I will bake my two cakes tomorrow morning and we will take them to Independence at 11:00 tomorrow. Perhaps we will eat at Big Cheese again afterward.

I am looking forward to being home tonight.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Again

I had a really good time yesterday evening. The Living Christmas Tree was really neat and the music was lovely. The fellowship of the folks from the bus from Trinity United Methodist Church was also great. The meal at Crackerbarrel was good and I sat with some folks I didn't know. It's always a good idea to get acquainted with someone new. It rained all afternoon and even into the evening and I had considered just staying home where it was dry and warm. Then I reconsidered that idea. I had paid for the trip and the performance and if I didn't go, I would not only lose my money but I would have just sat around all evening with nothing to do but read. I can read all winter. I decided to go on and go and I am so glad I did.

Today will be busy. Bob A. will be presiding and I will have Leslie help me serve the communion. I also have the sermon. It's the one published below on this blog.

Slinky stayed out last night. I had put him in the garage where it was relatively warm and went on to bed. The minute I went to bed, he started barking. So I got up and let him outside. It wasn't too cold so he climbed back up on the chaise and stayed outside. I got the first truly uninterupted sleep in ages and I slept until 6:00...amazing! It must have been the trip and the fact that my tummy was full. I don't usually eat dinner if I've had a good lunch. But yesterday I had a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch and Slinky got half of that.

So this afternoon after lunch, I will do my letters and then fix my dessert for tonight's dinner over at Bobby and Karan's with the Living the Questions group. I want to go out to Wal Mart too and get some frozen rolls to take. I will have to put Slinky in the garage tonight. It's supposed to be very cold. In fact, tomorrow it's supposed to snow. We'll see.