Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday and No Breakfast

I will not be going out for breakfast this morning. Bob has that terrible cold and I don't want to sit across the table from him until he gets past the contagious stage. He does a lot of coughing and does not cover his coughs. I'm afraid I'll get his cold. I definitely do not want another cold. It's been awhile since I've had one and I'd rather not have another one.

He was not happy when I told him he really needed to stay in away from people with that cold and cough and not go to breakfast this morning. He said he would come over to do some laundry later.

I have the Living the Questions group tomorrow evening and I don't think he should come and infect everyone with his cold then either. I don't think they would appreciate his presence under the circumstances. I don't know how I will handle that if he decides to come anyhow.

I have the leftover meatloaf I intend to have for lunch. I am going to fix some boiled potatoes again and warm the meatloaf up in my skillet with a new tomato sauce and also have broccoli and applesauce. I have two more puddings and I still have cookies.

I did not sleep well last night. I woke up at 2:00 and slept fitfully from then on. Finally I got up just before 5:00.

I let Missy out for a few minutes after it got light but that black cat was out across the street and she wanted to go over there and fight it. She growled like a dog. I made her come back in the house. She was not a happy kitty.

She is lying here on the daybed behind me now.

More later....

Bob came over while I was writing some e-mails. He had been to Braums over here on the corner of my street and eaten breakfast.  He just checked in with me and stayed about thirty minutes.

More even later...

Bob came back for lunch and stayed until 12:30. I am going out to church to run off the bulletin for the service tomorrow and fix the worship center.  

I got the worship center made and also ran off the bulletins.   I emptied all the trashes too and put away the mouse traps.  Some one had left packages of hot chocolate out a couple of weeks ago, and mice got into them.  I set traps and caught two of them and that is evidently all of them.

Anyhow everything is ready for tomorrow now.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday at Last and Exercises Again

I went to bed at my regular time last night but slept well only until some time after 3:30. At 4:00, I finally just got up. I read my e-mail and checked my bank account.  I spent over $233 on my car yesterday and was concerned about my budget. I will have to be careful since I will have to stretch it until the 11th of the month in May. That's when my next social security comes in. I had hoped to repay the $200 I had borrowed from my savings last month but I may just have to wait another month to start doing that.

Today I will go to exercise class and perhaps for coffee and a cinnamon roll afterward. We will see.

We will have our leftover tuna noodle/pea casserole for lunch today. Bob will bring his salad. I will have pudding and cookies for dessert.

Tomorrow we will work on finishing up the meatloaf with boiled potatoes and a veggie and Bob's salad. We will finish up the pudding and cookies. I still have the rest of my fish and chips from yesterday from Garfield's but they overcooked it and I'm not impressed. I may just toss it.

More's almost 5:00 and I need to make the bed and dress.

O.K. The bed is made up and so am I. I have dressed and fed myself and Missy. She is wanting to go outside but it's still dark and we do not go out in the dark. No telling what may be under the cars on the carport at this time of morning.  It's going on 6:00 now.

I watched some of the Democrat debate last night. About 9:00, I gave up and went to bed.

More even later...

I went to exercise class and had to lead it because Kay had a doctor's appointment. She came back in for the last thirty minutes.

Then a group of us went to Utopia for coffee and cinnamon rolls. I brought one home for Bob too.

His problem turned out to be a cold, sure enough! He came for lunch blowing and coughing. I really did not want him over here because the last thing I want is a cold.  He ate lunch and stayed awhile and then went home.

He came back in the evening to watch TV but after Brooks and Shields comments, he went home. He was miserable.

I don't think we ought to go to breakfast in the morning either. He doesn't cover his coughs. I tried to think of a nice way to tell him he needs to stay home until he's well but I'd probably offend him.

Missy and I watched TV until 9:00 and then we went to bed. 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thursday and a Trip to Bartlesville

I will go to Bartlesville to get an oil change at the Bartlesville Honda dealer this morning and if Bob is up to it, he will go too. Last evening he was feeling much better. He thinks the sore throat is simply allergy drainage. While we are there, we will eat out somewhere.

I slept well last night after "the mystery" was solved. I still do not remember taking that money out of my IRA but looking back at my bank statements for last year showed I had used it to double my car payment each month. I guess that's fine and a good thing to have done with it, but I still don't recall doing it.  It was a very stressful time in my life and I guess I have just blacked it out.  That, in itself, is scary. Ah, the fun of old age!

Missy is patiently waiting for me to make my bed and get dressed so I can get her some cat food. I guess I will get back to this later.

I've fed Missy and myself.  I took her out briefly but it was too cool out there. I did the crossword puzzle in the Reporter and texted Bob. He did not answer me so I don't know if he received my text. Sometimes his phone takes 20 minutes or more to respond to the signal.

I need to finish work on Sunday's bulletin so I'll go into the den and do that on the desktop computer.

More later...

Well I got the bulletin finished and went at 9:30 to pick up Bob. I took my cat by the Honda agency to have the oil changed. It was also time to rotate the tires and change the fluids. The just before they finished they found that battery was down to only 25% life left. I decided to let them put a battery in it too.  I sure don't want it to go out in the heat of summer. So I ended up spending $233.00 instead of $19.95.

We ate at Garfield's Restaurant in Bartlesville and used a $5.00 off coupon I printed off the e-mail.  We both had fish and chips and fries and it was very good. Afterward we stopped by the heart clinic there and Bob checked on his appointment. He thought they had put the wrong year date on it and sure enough, they meant 2017 instead of 2016.

Later after I took Bob home,  I took Missy out in the sunshine. My niece, Denise, came by and we had a good visit. We sat out on the carport and enjoyed the sunshine. She left about 5:00.

Keith called and we had a good visit.

Bob came by to read the paper and watch the news so.... more later.....

Bob began to fell bad again and he doesn't know whether it's allergies and drainage or a cold coming on so he went home early. He had taken a Benedryl tablet.  I hope it's not a cold.

I took my bath and Missy and I sat in the recliner until 9:00 when I went to bed. She soon followed me. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wednesday and Game Day

I slept from 12:30AM until 5:00AM after the exhausting day yesterday. I got to sleep finally by taking a Benadryl capsule.

Today I will fix my meatloaf and then go to exercise class and later go to Walmart to buy groceries.  I must get on with my life and let all those agencies do their work. I have done all I can do.

More later...

I got the meatloaf mixed up and ready to go into the microwave at 11:00. We will have boiled potatoes with that and a veggie and Bob's salad. We will have Karan's cake she left us for our dessert.

Speaking of Bob, he called a while ago and I missed his call. I returned his call and he told me he had a sore throat and had better not go to exercise class this morning.  He is taking Cold Ease. He suggested I start taking it too. I did start taking it. It seems to cut the length of a cold by several days and I am hoping that starting it will help me avoid catching it. I caught my last cold from him. I generally try to avoid contact with folks with a cold. But he eats with me and I can't avoid him altogether.

More later....

Lunch was good and I took some of it to Marilyn R. my neighbor in the fourplex. Bob and I will have it again on Saturday. Tomorrow, if he's up to it, we will go to Honda of Bartlesville and get my oil changed. It's finally time.  Then we will eat out somewhere down there.

I went to Bingo but this time I didn't win anything. This is not my month, I guess. But anyhow, it was some fun to lighten the load.

I did find out where my IRA went. I took it out myself and put it in my checking account and used it to double my car payment for 14 months.  I still don't remember doing it but I checked my bank statements and sure enough I deposited the check the day after I withdrew it. What a mess I caused!

It was a very stressful time for me but that's no excuse for ignorance. I had had an incident with what appeared to be my Cox Communications account. They had e-mailed me that they needed to update my information and I gave them all kinds of personal information.  After I sent it off, I discovered that although it looked like Cox's web site, the e-mail address was slightly different. So, evidently, fearing my IRA might be compromised, I guess I took it out and used it to double my car payments.

After the police got involved, the loan officer at the bank got busy and found the picture of the check in her records. So when I walked in this afternoon she was prepared to show me the check and sure enough, it was my signature on the back. Just nine months before that, I had had to change banks  because my former bank was sold and I had to change all my direct deposit information for social security, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and both my credit cards that I pay online.  That stressed me out and then Juanita my blind friend had me do hers for her.  It's a wonder I remembered my name at that time.

I feel badly that I got my son, Scott, in the mess. He e-mailed a lot of people trying to  "fix it". Now he knows it was his mother's memory problem.

It was a mess!

Bob came over for awhile but he had taken a Benadryl tablet and got too sleepy to stay. He went home to get ready for bed. I will take my bath and watch Nature and Nova with Missy on PBS in 15 minutes. At nine I will go to bed.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tuesday and a Trip to the Beauty Shop and Lots More

This morning I have a 9:00 appointment at the beauty shop in Independence. Boy do I need it!  The wind and the retreat just ruined it and I have a hard time doing anything with it myself. So I am looking forward to the beauty shop appointment. We will eat at Big Cheese at lunch.

I made a 10:30 appointment for Thursday at Honda of Bartlesville for an oil change for my car. The gauge finally says 15% . That's what left of the oil life. Bob will go with me and we will eat lunch there somewhere. I will make a meatloaf tomorrow with boiled potatoes, veggies and a salad. Then Friday we will have our tuna noodle casserole again with salad.  That will take care of the week's meals.

Sunday evening I will host the Living the Questions group here. It's been awhile since we've had it. 

I slept really well last night and woke up at 5:00AM as usual. Missy has had her breakfast and I've had my oatmeal, cranberry juice and coffee.

We will leave for Independence about 8:20.

More later...

We went up the Tyro road way and I got my hair done in Independence and then we went to the Merle Norman store and I bought mascara. After that we went to Walmart  and I bought some little catnip mice for Missy. Later we went to Goody's and looked around. Then we finally went to Big Cheese and had our mini pizzas. Then we came home the Sunflower Road way and I took Bob home. I came home and gave Missy one of her catnip mice. She played with it awhile but really just wanted to go outside. So I brought her outside. Spoiled rotten cat!

More even later...

I spent the afternoon researching what do do about my identity theft. I went to the Coffeyville branch of Equity Bank to see if this manager could move ahead to get that signature card from Wichita where they sent all the First Federal Saving and Loan records when they bought those institutions.  She promised me she would track it down. I had heard that from the loan officer in Independence but have heard nothing more from her. I had talked to her counterpart in the Independence office of Equity Bank last week when I first received notice of the distribution.  When I talked to her I was not even sure my IRA was at First Federal Savings and Loan since I could find no paperwork showing that. I recall looking into all the banks trying to find one that paid more then 1% interest.

It was such a confusing time for me. My bank, Bank of America, had sold to Commercial Bank and I had rolled over my IRA to some institution but I wasn't sure it was First Federal Savings and Loan. In the meantime, I looked for paperwork and all I could find was where I had rolled it out of Bank of America but nothing to show where I had put it.  Furthermore, I had never had a report on the distribution. They had that record of deposit paperwork at Equity Bank and it showed my IRA had been rolled over to First Federal Savings and Loan in May of 2014 and removed on February of 2015...not even a year later.  I knew I wouldn't have done that.  It wasn't to have matured until February of 2019. But they gave me a copy of that paperwork.

Then I went to see Judge Cullins to get some legal advice. He suggested I go fill out a police report and report it locally so they could open a search warrant to get the office in Wichita to find that signature card. That's the only way I'm going to be able to prove it wasn't me that took out all my IRA money.

Then he suggested I report it to the Kansas Attorney General's office. Last of all, he suggested I check all three credit agencies to see if anyone had opened a credit card in my name. I did all that. It took all afternoon.  I couldn't get in to see Kwin Bromley, the police chief. I had to talk to another officer.  He took my statement and made copies of my paperwork but declined to issue a search warrant.  I probably will never see my $3264.28 again.

I went to bed at 12:30 this morning.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday and Exercise Class

I slept really well last night in my own bed. I got up at 6:00. That's an hour later then usual. I was very tired.

I only gained a pound with all that extra food I never eat.  I helped Shirley Ann put away all the tables and chairs and did lots of climbing up and down that hill to the basement of Founder's Hall. That probably helped me work it off.

I have Missy and myself fed and I have made up my bed and myself and dressed. I will finish the morning part of this and wash the bathroom and kitchen floors this morning. Later in the day, I will vacuum and dust. I try not to do that until Jeannie, my neighbor, is up and around. She's a night owl.

I will go on to exercise class this morning. Hopefully the storms are over.

Bob was not feeling well last night so he did not come over. Evidently the Mexican food did not set well. I texted him this morning and he is feeling better.

I haven't decided what to have for lunch yet. I will check with Bob to see he is tired of beans. If he isn't, we will try to finish them off. I would fix some more cornbread.  If he had them all weekend, I will freeze what we have left and fix something else.

I got the both the bathroom and kitchen cleaned before exercise class. I will do my vacuuming after lunch. 

More later...

I fixed a tuna noodle pea casserole for lunch and Bob brought a salad. We invited Karan and she brought cake.  It was a nice lunch. I put a leaf in the table and left it there.

We let Missy outside for awhile  by herself and then realized she was gone. Bob and I both went out and called and called her. Finally I saw her coming from around the apartments next door and she came right back. I called her just like I used to do over on Catalina and she must have remembered doing that.

After I got her back in, I did the vacuuming and now the apartment is nice and clean. Now I need to go to the market.

More later...

Bob stayed and watched the news this evening and an episode or two of old "All in the Family" shows.  When he went home, Missy and I watched some TV and went to bed at 9:00. 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sunday and Back Home

The retreat broke up about 9:30 this morning following the communion service. I had a great time but ate way too much food. I haven't stepped on the scales yet but it wouldn't  surprise me to find I had gained five pounds.

I helped put away the tables and chairs  before I left and said goodbye to everyone. I had loaded up my car early because it looked like rain.  It never did rain though. It all blew over. There was lots of wind however.

I made it back in time to make it to our worship service at church. There were 13 there if  Bob got a correct count. Eight of us ate at El Publeto afterward.  Two of those were my little great granddaughters.

Let's see, there was Leslie, who brought the message, Melissa, who presided, Phyllis who played the piano, Bob, Karan, (the woman who lost Bobby last week), me, John and Sue, Kelly, John B., Maia, and Cheyenne, and  Leeann. That's the 13.

I cleaned up Missy's litter box after dinner. It need to be washed out and new litter put in it. When I got home, she was in the den up under the daybed cover....very unhappy! She does not like to be left alone for two and a half days and nights. 

Bob will be over later to watch 60 Minutes.  I am going to be pretty tired...that's for sure.

More later...

Well, I cleaned out the flowerbed...again.... and swept off the carport...again. I am doing a large load of laundry including Missy's rug that goes under her litter box. I cleaned out the litter and washed the box and put clean litter in it for the next month or so.

She is lying here behind me on the daybed resting.

I a little while I will download the photos I took over at the Women's Retreat. Right now I have to check the dryer.

More later...

This is the director, Shirley Ann.

This is the lodge where we held the retreat.
This is Founders Hall. We slept in the basement dorm. It was neat!

The woman in the dark clothing was our guest speaker from Independence, Missouri. The other woman was a participant. She is a school teacher.  There were 35 of us there. It was a neat retreat! I have other photos but I won't share them here.

This evening, we had a large storm move in and we were under tornado warnings all evening. I went on to bed at my regular time. I was exhausted! We had a little hail but it was just marble sized.