Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fun Day

Today should be a fun day. I got up early, as usual, and baked a pumpkin pie. This morning at 10:00 Bob and Scott and I will meet Leslie for a tour of the Independence Museum where they have a Holiday decorating craft show going. It's always excellent. I attend every year. Afterward, we will all go eat lunch out. Then Leslie and I will go to Alberta's Mary Kay party from 2:00 until 4:00 while the guys stay at Leslie's and watch TV. Then tonight we will take Scott out to eat at Tavern on the Plaza. Bob and I have not been there for quite awhile. We used to go every Saturday night but the last couple of times we've been there, someone's small children made a runkus and spoiled our evening out so we have not been back. Hopefully, that won't happen tonight

We will eat pumpkin pie this evening after dinner.

Scott will probably leave Sunday morning before we leave for church.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Surprise

We had a surprise this morning. Scott called and he is coming today instead of tomorrow. In fact, he's on his way. That means he will be here tomorrow too and probably leave Sunday morning.

Slinky got sick after eating something he found on the patio this morning when I let him out to do his duty. Then , as we all know dogs do, after vomiting it up he returned to it again. I couldn't chase him away. Well, he's outside again now. He is determined to be outside when it gets above 40 degrees. He loves the sunshine. I am happy he wants to do that because soon enough he will spend his winter in the kitchen as he is spending his nights there now.

I did some cleaning this morning and then Bob and I went to the market and bought some more groceries. We stopped at Wilson's so Bob could get some more hearing aid batteries.

Now we are simply waiting for Scott. If he gets here in the next ten minutes, we will meet Leslie for lunch in Independence.

I have a roast I will put on for dinner tonight. That's an easy meal. I may bake a pumpkin pie this afternoon too. I have the makings for one and we will need dessert.

We ened up going to Bartlesville for something different to do. Scott bought some jeans and some seats there. We got a heck of a deal on the jeans. After all the discounts they gave us, $40 Levi jeans cost him $24.

Then we came home and ate our dinner and later had popcorn. It was a nice quiet evening.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Nice Party Last Night!

When we went to John and Leslie's last night, they had planned a party. I thought we would just go for ice cream and cake but Cyndi and Jeff were there and Jeromy (our grandson) and Marlene, his wife, were also there. I took the chocolate peanut clusters I made and Leslie not only had ice cream and brownies but also a fondue of chocolate that we dipped strawberries into. Everyone brought birthday cards and Jeromy brought me a fancy chocolate bar. Leslie gave me a Christmas "Welcome" sign to hang on the house. That was a nice surprise.

Today we will go to Ministerial Alliance at Windsor Place. They have changed the location from the Conference Room on 1st street to the Assisted Living facility on 8th street. They did this at the last minute so I have had to rush around and notify everyone and hope they get their message.

That's all we have on the agenda for today. It might be a nice quiet day after that.

Tomorrow we have nothing planned. I don't know whether Scott plans to come this weekend or not. Originally he did but after his disappointment with Becky, he may not. I will have to ask him if we should expect him. He is disappointed in her because she is so busy. The woman has to make a living. He doesn't seem to realize that. She does barrel racing and streaming of live video of rodeos. Consequently, she does not have time to spend every moment talking to or texting him. He needs o get a life...poor guy. He is not comfortable being alone at all.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Regular Wednesday

This is really a regular Wednesday even though it's my 74th birthday. As usual, Bob didn't get me a card. Oh well, we are going out to Leslie's for ice cream and cake tonight. I guess when you're 74 it's no big deal.

I got my hair done this morning in Independence and met Juanita for breakfast. She gave me my card and gift certificate last Wednesday just in case I didn't make it for today's appointment. (if it had snowed, I wouldn't have made it). Then she bought my breakfast this morning.

I went by Nannie La Rose's (women's clothing store) after the breakfast and checked out my options for a gift. They always have something I can use. Sometimes it's just socks or earrings but they carry the kind of clothing I like. This time it was a cute vest which I can use with several different colors of pants. I am very happy with it. That's my birthday gift to myself.

We watched the president's speech last night and basically, I agree with his strategy. We will send 30,000 more troops but at least he has an exit strategy. Bush would have had us there forever. The war thus far has cost us $937 billion dollars and I'm quite sure that terrible cost, not to mention the lives lost, has not helped our economy at all. Just think, when Bush took office, the country had a surplus. Now our great grandchildren will be paying off this terrible debt. And what have we accomplished? Nothing really. We have destroyed the country in Iraq and Afghanistan and killed a lot of civilians. No one can win a guerrilla war and we should have learned that in Vietnam.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Beautiful Tuesday

It's a beautiful Tuesday today. I went to my sister's home to sit with her while my brother-in-law went to breakfast with his friends. We had a good visit although she continues to repeat nearly everything she tells me each week. I believe her disease is getting worse.

Afterward, I went to the bank to make a deposit. I called in on "Open Line 69" yesterday morning and was the very first caller. I advertised Keith's car and had no immediate response but later on that morning a man from Independence called and wanted to see the car. He came down and took it for a drive and gave me a deposit for it. Later that day, he called again and wanted to know if he could have it if he finished paying for it. I said, "Of course". So he and his wife came down and paid for it and now we are waiting for the title to come from Keith. I deposited our part of the money this morning and bought a money order for Keith. That is a done deal as soon as we get his title.

Later that morning Bob and I went to vote on the sales tax issue and then went to the market to get some ground beef. He wants meat loaf for dinner tonight.

He has gone to take slinky for a walk right now.

I just read on CNN that the president is planning to be out of Afghanistan in three years. Three years!! By then we will very likely be bankrupt. The war has cost us $937 billion dollars to date. Everyone in America could have had free health care for that money.

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Nuts Abound

... pastor, Rev. Steven L. Anderson, at Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona. Rev. Anderson, also 28, explained not only “Why I Hate Barack Obama,” but also why he and God both want the president dead. “When I go to bed tonight,” Broughton’s pastor declared, “Steven L. Anderson is going to pray for Barack Obama to die and go to hell.” He even goes so far as to claim that:
God appointed [Obama] to destroy this country for the wickedness of the United States of America. God appointed him because that’s what our country has turned into. That’s who we deserve as a president.

And yet, even though we may deserve Obama, Anderson urges his congregation to pray for the president’s death, issuing imprecatory prayers and repeatedly asking God to kill the president. Most dramatically, and in an interesting shift to the passive voice, he said Obama “ought to be aborted” because the president is pro-choice, and therefore a “murderer.” Despite all this Anderson has insisted to reporters that he was not calling for vigilante violence. ....

Anderson believes in the death penalty for homosexuality, and the death penalty for abortion (which is of course understood to be murder). And these points are highlighted in the sermon he gave the night before Obama’s speech in Phoenix:

… you’re going to tell me that I’m supposed to pray for the socialist devil, murderer, infanticide, who wants to see young children and he wants to see babies killed through abortion and partial-birth abortion and all these different things—you’re gonna tell me I’m supposed to pray for God to give him a good lunch tomorrow while he’s in Phoenix, Arizona? Nope. I’m not gonna pray for his good. I’m going to pray that he dies and goes to hell.

Anderson’s anger is hair-raising as he shouts: “I am not going to stand by… and let faggots run the church! It’s bad enough that we’ve got a bunch of faggots running the government!”

It might be tempting to dismiss Anderson as the meaningless leader of a small congregation whose post-controversy service drew, by his own account, only forty-nine. But he says such extraordinary things all the time—as his effective and demagogic appearances at teabagger rallies and other venues of the far right have shown—and it doesn’t take large numbers of people, acting singly or in cell groups, to commit horrific acts of violence in God’s name.

Virulent ideas, and a will and a capacity to carry them out, are all that matter. We have seen many such cases in recent years in which at some point, actions meet the demands of the words of leaders with particular ideas about what God may require.

Busy Sunday

As usual, Sunday was busy. We went to church and then afterward to Sirloin Stockade with John and Leslie to have my free birthday buffet. My birthday isn't until Wednesday but Bob wanted to eat with John and Leslie so we did. The food was usually is better during the Sunday buffets because the church crowd is there, I guess.

We came home and I got my letters ready to go out. I had only two to write this week since we had a pretty good crowd in attendance for the Hanging of the Greens. The church looked lovely and the service was nice. There was lots of scripture and song. Unfortunately, our best voices were absent so the singing was a little thin.

We went to Living the Questions at Bobby and Karan's last night. When we got home at 9:00 I went straight to bed exhausted, as usual. They are holding these too close together in y opinion. Twice a month is plenty in my opinion but they are planning them nearly every Sunday evening. We may have to get to the place where we only attend part of them.

I had e-mail from Keith yesterday. He sent the photos he took on Thanksgiving Day. The one above is of our family. I also heard from Scott. He stayed at Becky's until late Sunday. She will be going to Los Vegas this next weekend and he plans to come home.

I will call Windsor Place Catering today and see if they can cater our holiday dinner at church. We may be too late to get it scheduled. That would be such a great relief..not to have to do all that cooking again.

We will also go to Bartlesville today to let Dr. Holland look at Bob's incision and do post op. They said the biopsy showed three sides clear of any cancer but the fourth side was questionable. I hope they don't have to cut it open again. It is healed now.

This afternoon, I will make Chunky Turkey Vegetable Soup for supper. Then I will freeze any leftover turkey. Ah, it was a good holiday. It was good good to have all our kids together again. The only bad thing about it was the loss of Keith's car. We will attempt to sell it on Open Line. If someone knows how to put a motor in it, they can have a very nice 2002 Dodge Intrepid car for $500.