Saturday, August 28, 2021

Saturday and No Particular Plan

I slept well last night and was up shortly before 5:00AM, made my bed and dressed and got myself ready for the day. I am working on my breakfast now. I never did get the dusting done yesterday so I will work on that this morning. Of course, I will have to do some watering of the plants and flowerbeds. The heat is really getting to the plant in the back. I may have to toss it. It looks pretty scraggly. I also need to clean up the leaves in the back yard again when it gets light out.  I will do that before it gets hot today. I may do some raking and bagging in the front too. It depends on how early the heat sets in.

It's almost 6:00AM now and I want to go check "the weather on the 8's". They are expecting another hurricane in the south today. I believe they are calling it Ida. You couldn't pay me enough to live in an area where there are annual hurricanes are even floods. There are tornadoes in Kansas but I have never had to live through one and I am almost 86 years old.

Both Blondie and Scruff came for breakfast this morning. They really like that wet cat food Suzanne brought me.

I went out to Sonic later on this morning and bought a cherry limeade slush for my lunch. Then I went to the post office for stamps and out to Dollar General for toilet tissue and contact cleaner. I worked on the new puzzle for a couple of hours. It's a doozy!. Nothing sounds particularly good for lunch and it's 1:40PM now and 91 degrees . 

I ought to check how the flowers are holding up. I watered them this morning but its pretty hot out there now. 

The clock is not working and that's fine. Susan thought it was but the hands are too tight and they cannot move at all. I paid her the $65.00 he told me it would be so I guess that's for labor because he did work on it. He just couldn't get the old thing going. 

More later.. 

I read all evening after working on the puzzle for a couple of hours. I finished the last of the three books I downloaded from Amazon this week. It's almost 9:00PM now and I will go on to bed.

Friday, August 27, 2021

Friday and Dusting

I slept well last night and was only up  once in the night and then I got right back to sleep.

I am having my breakfast now. I have made my bed, dressed and got myself ready for the day.  I got all my housework done yesterday except the dusting and I will do that sometime this morning or tomorrow morning. 

If Nancy remembers we are to go to Copan for lunch today. I will check with her at noon to see if she remembers. We are supposed to go to lunch at 1:00PM.

I also picked up another puzzle at the senior center on Wednesday and can start it this afternoon. 

I will go turn on the TV and watch the "weather on the 8's" now that I have finished my breakfast. I will get back to this a little later.  

It looks like we are forecast heat in the low to high 90's this week. No rain in the forecast. The south of the country is forecast another hurricane...Ida.

Only Blondie came for breakfast today. I have not seen Scruff this morning.

I have watered the plants and the front flowerbed. After awhile I will change my shoes and water the back flowerbed. 

More later...

After the CBS news was over I changed my shoes and went out to water the back flowerbed.

I also took my plastic bag out and picked up the leaves in the back yard.

More later...  Now I need to go get Nancy for .It is 12:45AM.

I took Nancy to the Copan Truck Stop and she bought us each a small chef salad. Then we took a ride in the car. We went to Independence and on to Sycamore. Then we came back to Caney and I stopped at Nancy's for a visit.

I got home shortly before the CBS evening news came on and watered the plants again. 

At 7:00PM I will take my bath and afterward I will read until bedtime. That is usually 9:00PM. 

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Thursday and Apartment Cleaning

I slept very well last night...might have something to do with going to bed at 10:30PM. I was up shortly before 5:00AM. I have had my breakfast and am drinking my Chai now. I got a lot done yesterday so I might not get as much done today...even though this is cleaning day.I am expecting Schwans today. I ordered a few frozen meals. I don't do that much because they are pretty expensive but the convenience is nice and the meals are good.

I will watch "the weather on the 8's" and the morning news before I begin my cleaning. I will also check for the cats to come for breakfast. They like that wet cat food Suzanne gave me and eat it all.

Just Scruff came this morning and I fed her. Later Blondie showed up but he can eat at his home. I wasn't going to open another can to feed a cat who has an owner. They can feed him.

The clock is still ticking but not keeping time because the hands are too close to the face of the clock and they rub. I don't know what to do about that. I tried to pull them away from the face but I don't think that's going to work. Whoever put the clock back together just put them on too tight.

The weather channel says it will be in the 90's this week. No rain and no 100 degree weather.  I watered all the flowers and even picked up the leaves from my south neighbor's tree out of my back yard. The front is just as bad from the neighbor to the north's tree and it's not even fall yet. And I have a tree of my own in the front. I will just let Krystal or one of her daughter's mow them into the mower's bag. I am not up to any more leaves pick up. I need to trim the back yard today. That will be enough work on top of the housework that's for sure. 

It's 7:42AM now and I am waiting for the CBS morning news at 8:00AM.   More later... 

I watched CBS news.  Then Suzanne came and brought me the Reporters and I read them. It is 10:45AM  now.I went out awhile ago and picked up 3/4 of the leaves on the front yard. Then it got too hot to finish. It's 88 degrees now and will get even hotter as the day wears on. 

I am not sure what I will have for lunch. My Schwan's dinners haven't come yet. I have some mini pizzas but I have had them twice lately and don't want to have them again. I may just have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Or I may go to the market and buy something from their deli. That's probably my best option. 

I ended up having the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Peanut butter has lots of protein. I don't  get a lot of protein. I did finish the trimming after all. It looks a lot better now.

I went out to Sonic and got a medium Blast.  I sure didn't need that but it sure tasted good after a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I will go back to reading awhile. I got the mopping done but still have to vacuum and clean up the vacuum afterward.

It's almost 4:00PM now and I just finished the vacuuming and cleaned up the vacuum sweeper. I left the filters out to dry after washing them. I will put them in in the morning after they are dry overnight. I went out back again with a plastic bag and picked up what new leaves had fallen from my south neighbor's tree. A little later I will water again. It's 97 degrees out there now and I need to stay in.

All I will have for supper is a banana.

About 7:00PM, Laura Finney called and asked if Nancy was with me. I told her I hadn't seen Nancy since last Saturday. She said the little boy next door told her Nancy got into a white pickup truck with a man in a white pickup about 5:00PM.  No one seems to know who he was. Laura asked me to come look around town and see if I could find her. Laura was going to stay at her home in case she came back but Caroline and Michael Estes and I were looking for her. Sandy had been called too and she wasn't with her. Gina called me too.She and Dale are in Ohio visiting grandchildren. About that time,Laura called me back and said Nancy was back and the man in the white pickup was her cousin from Oklahoma. He had come to visit her. 

I stayed until 8:30PM and visited with her and Laura. Nancy and I will go to lunch tomorrow at Copan. That's the plan anyhow. We'll see if she follows through this time.

When I got home, I took my bath and brought in the little solar kitty and brought this blog up to date. 

It's 9:00PM now and I am very tired and will go on to bed.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Wednesday and Game Day

I slept pretty well last night but woke up twice in the night with stomach cramps and then ended up oversleeping until 6:00AM. I seldom sleep that late but had stayed up later then usual reading until 9:30PM.

I was going to trim this morning about this time  (7:15AM) but then realized the noise from the trimmer would disturb the neighbor's sleep so thought I'd better just skip it for today. I basically only have the back yard left to do anyhow. I was so glad to get Krystal to mow for me yesterday afternoon.

I have a 9:00AM hair appointment with Toni anyhow and will need to leave here about 8:15AM if I am going to go to the bank too. That's only an hour away and I will also need to water the plants before I leave. And I am just now eating my oatmeal.

I need to check the weather forecast before I leave. I'd better do that right now. Back later...

The forecast was all up in the later 90's for all next week. They took the rain out of the forecast.

I got everything watered and when I went out front to water those plants, both Blondie and Scruff were out there hoping for some of that wet cat food Suzanne gave me. I watered first and then I fixed them a can of it. They scuffed it right down. They cleaned those bowls completely! I brought the bowls in and washed them.

I still have 15 minutes before I need to leave. I want to take care of the registration on my car while I am over there too. It expires the 31st. If I can't get in that office I will do it by mail but I prefer to do it in person if at all possible. I also need to get gas. They closed the Independence office so all of Montgomery County will have to use the Coffeyville tag office. It may be crowded.

I need to leave so I will  get back to this after 3:30PM this afternoon.

I got my hair done at 9:00AM and then went out to Woodshed to get gas. I went to Walmart for a few things I can't get at the Caney Market. I played cards at game day and had a kind of rude awakening A new woman came by the name of Brenda. Karan had gone to take a phone call and Janet had a call on the land lone at the senior center that she was taking.That left me and Darlene with the new woman. I told her4 we were all fully vaccinated and asked her if she was fully vaccinated too. She said "no" and she wasn't going to be either. I told her she should be wearing a mask then and she said she was not going to wear a mask either. I was very uncomfortable with that. She could still be a carrier because that's how my son-in-law got it..from a carrier who did not have it himself. 

I was careful not to sit too close to her but we were just across the table from one another. She wanted us to learn a new game next Wednesday and she would teach us how it went. After I left and was on my way home I called Janet to ask her if the woman had told her she was not vaccinated and was not going to wear a mask. She had been visiting with Janet when I got there. Janet said she never mentioned it. I told her how uncomfortable I was playing with someone who was unvaccinated and would not wear a mask. Karan has atrial fibulaton and Darlene has an irregular heartbeat and wears a sensor to test how to keep track of it. Karan is a dear friend so I called and told her about it. I was afraid call to tell Darlene. I told Janet I would not be coming if Brenda was going to be there. That's just selfish. She could give it easily to any of us if she was a carrier.

I have no health problems but I am almost 86 years old. Janet has no health problems that I know of and she is young but there we were sitting right across the table from someone who could infect us with the Delta Variant if she was carrying it. 

When I got home, Susan Hill called and wanted me to come pick up my grandmother's clock. I paid her the $65.00 David had told me would be the charge. She said she thought it was working. It ticks but the hands are too tight to move. So I guess it will just be for looks.

I watered the plants again. I am too tired to clean up the leaves in the yard now. I also brought the solar kitty in.

It is 6:45PM now and soon I will eat my banana and take my bath. I am very tired. 

I will read after that until time to go to bed at 9:00PM.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Tuesday and Laundry

I slept fairly well last night but was awake a couple of times thinking about having to get my car tag this month and pay the tax on my car. And then sometime before my birthday I will need to renew my driver's license..I will need to go up to Independence to do that. I can take care of the tag and taxes in Coffeyville. That has to be done before the 30th or on the 30th. I have had my breakfast now and am drinking my coffee.

Soon I will go turn on the TV and check out "the weather on the 8's". Then after that I will check to see if any cats are out there wanting breakfast. Yesterday only Blondie came. He was not particularly interested in the food until he discovered it was that cat food Suzanne gave me. It is canned food. He sniffed at it and then ate all of it. Scruff didn't come yesterday and the two of them are the only ones that come anymore. Someone has made off with all the others. I am hoping they took them to a farm and set them loose in a barn...instead of the alternative.

Today I will do laundry. Tomorrow is game day at the senior center in Coffeyville. I will go over for that.  I will need to get a treat for it when I go to get my bananas today at the Caney Market. 

It's nearly 6:00AM now so I will go check the weather. More later...

The weather will be in the high 90'sand 101degrees 100 degrees  all week. I think we are to get rain toward the end of the week..I believe it is Saturday.

Both Scruff and Blondie came for breakfast and I divided one of the cans of the canned cat food Suzanne gave me into the three areas.... the double bowl and the clear square bowl. They licked all that completely clean. It's made by Friskies. They sure liked it!

I am waiting for the CBS news now.... so more later. If I have time I will water the plants and the hanging baskets.  

Well,I got that watering done and also picked up leaves in the back yard.  

Krystal's daughter (or Krystal herself) will mow this evening. It really needs it too. I didn't have it mowed last week at all. I really should have trimmed while it was in the 70's this morning but I watered instead..and got a plastic bag and picked up leaves in the back yard. Now I will have to trim tomorrow morning..early..before I go get my hair done in Coffeyville...probably around 7:00AM.

The trouble with CBS news is they are on an hour and a half, and each thirty minutes segment is basically a repeat of the thirty minutes previous stories.

I hear the trash people are out there now and I had better put away the empty container.

I got the container put away and then I decided to get my blower out and blow away  the leaves on my yard....not that it will do any good. It's my "across the street" neighbor's tree and he never rakes or cleans up the mess. He has a good job and could pay someone to do that but his place is such a mess I assume the inside is the same way. His wife is an RN over at Coffeyville's hospital. So I know she makes plenty of money too.Their place is just an eyesore.

Now I will go to the market and get my bananas. It's 10:00AM and the CBS news is off. When I get back I will read again. Right now I will start the washer.

I got my laundry finished and folded and put away and that's done until Monday when I change the bedding again.

I got my bananas and a fancy cake for my treat at game day tomorrow.

More later...

After I read awhile, I went out to Eggbert's about 1:00PM and had my regular lunch, chicken salad with fruit and a muffin with iced tea. I had called Nancy to see if she wanted to go and she had forgotten we were planning to do that and her caregiver had just arrived so I just went by myself. It worked out fine. The noisy children were there too but they sat around the north corner of the restaurant and their noise didn't annoy me since I was far away from where they were sitting.

Tomorrow after game day I will probably come back to Caney and go to their Sonic where I can get the child's Wacky Pack meal for $2.18...a bargain you can't find at any other Sonic in the area. In fact, I may go out to ours later this afternoon and get a medium cherry limeade slush.
More later...

Krystal called me at 1:45PM and she was in Caney..having finished her work  at the Bartlesville post office. She plans to mow for me herself. She said she could whip it out in 30Minutes and she did and she did a very good job. I went out and trimmed the front and the west side and then was feeling lightheaded so I came in and drank some water and took some out for Krystal. She emptied the mower bag twice and swept up the grass from the bag. She was completely finished at 2:15PM. It took her thirty minutes from start to finish and she did a very nice job. She is very consciences. She earned $25.00 in thirty minutes. 

Tomorrow I will go out about 7:00AM when it's 79 degrees and finish trimming. It's 97 degrees out there now and I can't even trim when it's that hot. She said my face was beet red and sweaty. And it was. Well, that's done for another week.

I'll get back to my book now.

I finished my last book of the three I downloaded yesterday. Even with charging my Kindle I managed to read all three. It's 4:05PM now and It's way too hot to go outside but I need to water the plants again before they die in this heat

I will watch the CBS news when it comes on at 5:30PM but I have some time to water.

More later...I finished my last book and downloaded three more. But it's 7:00PM now and time for my bath. I may read awhile after that until 9:00PM when I plan to go to bed.

Monday, August 23, 2021

Monday and No Particular Plan

I slept well last night. I don't have a plan for today and was up at 5:00AM, dressed and got ready for the day. At this point everything is caught up. Tomorrow I will have to do some laundry. After I finish my breakfast I will check "the weather on the 8's" and see what the weather people think our weather will be like today. Since this is Kansas that's always a challenge for them. However the weather is so erratic everywhere anymore that they have their work cut out for them...hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, huge fires that cover thousands of name it.

I have finished my breakfast now and am working on my coffee now. I will go check out the weather and get back to this later...

I read for awhile until the CBS news came on and then I watched that until 10:00AM when it went off. I emptied my trash and ate my last banana. Now I will go to the Caney Market and buy some more. I will wait until tomorrow since they get them Tuesdays and Thursdays. I picked up some leaves in the front yard. Then I watered all the flowers and plants. 

The weather station said we would have 100 degree weather most of the week. I am not looking forward to that. When we don't have 100 degrees, we will have 99 degrees. WOW  !! And I didn't get the yard mowed last week at all. I don't know who will mow in 100 degree weather. Two of Krystal's older daughters are working evenings at Sonic, That leaves the 12 year old. I can't see her mowing in that kind of weather.

More later....

I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch, Then I watered the flowers and hanging baskets again. This weather will burn them up.

I read most of the afternoon. It's 4:50PM now and I am waiting for the CBS news to come on. That will be at 5:30PM. After the news and reading awhile again I will take my bath at 7:00PM. I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM as usual.

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Sunday and Online Church

I woke up once in the night but got right back to sleep and didn't get up until almost 6:00AM...late for me. I made my bed and dressed and got myself ready for the day. I am having my breakfast now. One reason I slept so well is I had raked the front yard yesterday and bagged up the leaves and then later in the afternoon I took a plastic grocery bag out and picked up the leaves that had blown back over the street and into my yard. I have decided that doing it that way gives me some much needed bending exercise. I really need that because I do so much sitting around and reading. That can't be good for me.

In a little while I will turn on the TV and check out the weather forecast. Earlier in the week we were forecast rain today but that may have changed by now. 

At 11:00AM this morning I will watch the Ontario Canada worship service of our church.  It's called "Beyond the Walls" because that's the way they do it...   virtually. They even broadcast the hymns and project the lyrics and music on the screen so the audience can sing along.

I may tune in on Zoom to watch our Springfield, Missouri, service later on this evening at 6:00PM. It isn't nearly as professionally done so I don't always watch it. But it is our Mission Center and I know the people personally. Our church is divided worldwide into Mission Centers and the headquarters of the church is in Independence, Missouri.

Leslie called me a little while ago to invite me to come out to their house and watch "Beyond the Walls" with her and then go into town to have lunch at the Italian restaurant. John is haying and wants to get that done before they leave for South Dakota next weekend. If we eat in Independence we may bring him back a meal. I will leave here about 10:30AM  since the worship service begins at 11:00AM.

I did see the weather and it appears we will have 100 degree weather all next week except for Wednesday when we will have 101 degree weather.

I need to go check out the news now so back to this later.... 

I did check the news and then afterward I went out to Leslie's. She got on u- tube and was able to get the service on their large TV that way. We watched it and then went in to town to find something open on a Sunday. We ended up at the Dairy Queen. She had a salad and I had their $6.00 special which was a double meat hamburger a huge bunch of french fries and a hot fudge sundae. I had to enlist her help to eat it all. 

After that  we went out north and west of Independence  to find 19th place where David Hill lived. He died suddenly about a month ago. He was working on my grandmother's antique clock and Susan, his wife, will have someone come on Wednesday to put the clocks in his workshop back together and then she will call me to come pick up grandma Moberly's  antique mantle clock. Keith will want it when I am gone and he will find someone in Phoenix that can fix it and get it running again.

It's 2:40PM now and I will get back to my book .

I read until 3:30PM and then my eldest son, Keith, called and visited with me. He leaves Friday for Nigeria for his job. He works as an IT for the department of defense and works on the computers in our embassies all over the world. He will be gone two weeks after being Quarantined for two weeks from Friday. I am concerned that he is going into a country that does not have near enough people vaccinated. He assured me that he would be careful. I certainly hope so. I will put him on my prayer list.

When he gets back they will be going to Chicago to surprise Esther's, his wife's sister, for her birthday.

More's after 4:00PM now.

I watched the CBS evening news and then read until 60Minutes came on. Then I watched  a couple of programs I had recorded. At 7:00PM, I realized I had missed the Mission Center's worship service. So I took my bath, and  put my P.J.s on and brought in the solar kitty from the back yard flowerbed. 

I will read for another hour and then plan to go to bed at 9:00PM.