Saturday, September 14, 2019

Saturday and Back Home

We had a fine time at the retreat. On the way home we stopped at an ice cream parlor and had a great ice cream cone. We got back about 4:00PM and I got unpacked and am catching up the mail. I will do the crossword puzzles in the Reporter in a little while. I have read my papers. First I want to take my bath.

Suzanne, my landlady brought me a box of furnace/air conditioner filters. I will use the ones I have right now and start with those new ones after Christmas.

I will have to bake and ice a cake tomorrow as well as my coffeecake. I will take the cake to church and put it in the freezer for Bob to take to Independence on Tuesday. I will serve the coffeecake to the church school class.

More later....

I took my bath and then I texted with my grandson, Jerod, Scott's son, for a couple of hours while I worked around the apartment.  I hadn't heard from him in awhile. He is pretty busy working following the last hurricane. He is an insurance adjuster.

I watched an episode of "Murder She Wrote" and then at 9:00PM I told Jerod I was going to bed. I was very tired. He will call me tomorrow afternoon and talk awhile.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Friday and Another Good Night's Sleep

I slept well last night and am all packed for the retreat. I have had my coffee, Chai and oatmeal for breakfast and fed the cat and her kittens. I am all packed and ready to go later this morning about 10:30AM. Leslie wants to leave at 11:00AM. I only have to pack the car.

The desktop is acting up today so I am having to use the laptop. I am going to go see if I can get windows activated now. It was still trying to reboot so I had to turn it completely off and start it again. This time it started and even connected to the internet and activated windows. Windows 10 has been nothing but trouble for me. But it seems to be working now.

I got the bare floors washed and will vacuum tomorrow after I get back home.

It's almost 7:00AM and I want to watch the news now. So, more later...

It is now 10:30AM and I am leaving for John and Leslie's to go to the retreat. I will be back sometime tomorrow and finish this up.

More tomorrow...

We had a fine retreat although I must say I nearly froze to death. Founders Hall  was ice cold and even a sleeping bag didn't help. I wrapped my feet in a towel and finally got to sleep.

But it was a good retreat. Just a terribly cold hall.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Thursday and a Great Night's Sleep

I slept well last night without any help from any drugs. I woke up twice but got right back to bed and back to sleep.  I got up at 5:40AM, made up my bed, dressed and got myself ready for the day. I ate my oatmeal and had my coffee and Chai.

Then I fed the cat and her kittens.

I have read the Chronicle news and forwarded it onto those I share it with.

I will go back over to Coffeyville to give blood at 1:00PM. I am to work as an escort afterward until 3:00PM. I will be going back over a little early to get John's birthday gift first.

Leslie contacted me about when we will leave tomorrow for our retreat. I will go out there at their house at 10:45AM. and we will leave at 11:00AM for Joplin, have lunch there at noon and shop at the mall there for awhile before going out to the campgrounds for the retreat. She will let me put my car in their garage just in case of bad weather.

More later....

I left about 10:00AM and went to Coffeyville. First I dropped by the library and returned the book I found I had already read. Then I went out to Walmart and bought some vanilla for my smoothies.  I then bought John's birthday gift.  I will give it to him when Leslie and I get home from the retreat on Saturday. Saturday is his birthday. Then by that time, it was time for me to go help at the Red Cross bloodmobile at the First Baptist Church. At 1:00PM, I gave blood again. Afterward, I came on back home, read my mail and the newspaper.

It is 5:15PM right now. I will do the crossword puzzle in the Reporter.

I did the crossword puzzle and also played some solitaire and at 7:00PM, I took my bath and put my PJ's on. It appears the Schwans' man isn't coming because of the rain. About 7:30-PM, he finally arrived but I was not dressed so I told him he was too late. I didn't need anything anyhow but I had planned to buy some chicken. But not in my PJs.

I watched an episode of "Murder She Wrote" and then decided to go on to bed. I had begun packing for our trip but will need to finish in the morning.

It's 8:40PM now and I will go on to bed.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Wednesday and a Busy Day

I did not sleep well last night. My shoulder and right arm ached. Finally I took three melatonin tablets but they didn't work either. So I took two Aleve but still couldn't get to sleep. Finally, I broke down and took a Benadryl and finally got to sleep. I slept until 4:45AM and then just got up and got myself ready for the day. I had my coffee and Chai. I am meeting Bob for breakfast in Coffeyville. Then I will have my hair done and afterward go over to Stan's to buy some hearing aid batteries. After that, I will go to Woodshed and get gas and then to the library and take the two books back and see if I can find another two for the next week's read. Finally, I will go to Walmart and buy a few things I need. Then I will come on back home. No games today. I want to leave in ten minutes.

A couple of cats have been here this morning and finished off the cat food. I refilled the bowls in hopes of leaving some for some more of them.

More later....

I got almost all my errands done this morning except getting John's birthday gift, I will do that tomorrow morning before I go to the Red Cross bloodmobile at the First Baptist Church to give blood at noon. The place was not open when I was over there this morning. I came back home early since there were no games at the senior center today.

I read most of the afternoon and then went over to Nancy's to give her the newspapers. She did not answer the doorbell and may have been sleeping. She sleeps an awful lot anymore. She doesn't feel good much of the time but I cannot get her to go see a doctor. 

Karen Rankin came over for awhile this morning to visit just before noon. She is preparing for an auction at her Caney building and when all that stuff is gone she will put the building up for sale. She has her little cabin at Havana lake for sale now but it is in an unfinished state at this point.

After I left Nancy's, I went over to Myrtle's Market and looked around a bit but didn't see anything particularly interesting. They have a lot of fall decor out but I couldn't get in the mood to decorate.

More later....In another hour or so, I will make up a blueberry smoothie for my supper. It is nearly 4:00PM now.

Nancy came over as I was making my blueberry smoothie and so we shared it.  There was plenty for both of us and she gave me the blue berries.

I watched another episode of "Murder She Wrote" on my Amazon Prime at 7:00PM and then at 9:00PM, I went on to bed.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Tuesday and Laundry and Leaves

I woke up very early but had a good night's sleep. I have made my bed, got myself ready for the day, eaten my oatmeal and had my coffee and Chai.

I have even fed the cat and her kittens. Several of them have been by for breakfast and I have filled the bowl three times. I think they are all full now.

It looks like today will be another scorcher. Before it gets too hot, I want to get my trimming done. The battery is fully charged now. It was plugged in all night. I will do that as soon as it gets light out.

Before then, I will do some laundry...mostly underwear and towels. Next week I will change the bed and put the sheets in the laundry. I also got the rest of the yard trimmed and got out the leaf vacuum and cleaned up the leaves again.  I had to take a couple of Aleve afterward. My right shoulder and arm hurt from the weight of that vacuum. I hurt it yesterday after carrying in the groceries I bought at the Independence Walmart store. But it sure beats raking and scooping up the leaves and bagging them. The vacuum mulches the leaves. I will just tough it out. It's only once a week.

More later.....

I got the laundry finished and put away. Nancy came over for awhile this morning just before lunchtime. She brought me some blueberries. I want to make smoothies  out of them. I have a recipe for blueberry smoothies.  It calls for plain yogurt. I went to the Dollar General store and they did not have any plain yogurt so I put it on my grocery list for tomorrow.  I gave her the coffeecake I had saved for her and the Independence Reporter.

I finished eating the cashew chicken for lunch that I brought home from Great China on Sunday. I will have a banana for my supper. I also had some lightly salted nuts earlier.

I will have a kind of big day tomorrow. I will ask Bob is he would like to meet me for breakfast  tomorrow morning at 7:00AM . Then I have my hair appointment at 9:30AM. I will go to the library for awhile and get another couple of books and take back the two I got last week. Then I will go by Stan's office and buy some more batteries for my hearing aid. There is no game day tomorrow in Coffeyville. They had Bingo today and I wasn't going to go to Coffeyville three days in a row. So I will go out to Walmart and get the few things I need and come back home.  I have to go back over there on Thursday anyhow to give blood at 12:00PM and work the rest of the afternoon as an escort. Then Leslie and I will be leaving sometime Friday afternoon for Joplin and later go on to the church campground for our Friday/Saturday retreat. It will be a busy week.

The 15 year old girl and her stepfather came and mowed the yard next door and I gave her Suzanne's check in the envelope when she finished. Now the kids next door are responsible for their own mowing every week.

It is time for my bath and then I will watch another episode of "Murder She Wrote" again before I go on to bed at 9:00PM.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Monday and a Good Night's Sleep

I slept well last night and was up shortly before 5:00AM., made my bed, dressed and had my oatmeal for breakfast. 

I heard from Bob this morning that he and Joanne and Nancy, her daughter, visited with Rick and Carmen at "Just Us" yesterday noon. Rick has been working Sundays. I wonder why he doesn't just answer my message invitations and tell me that.

It's a mystery!

I will try to get the back lawn mowed either this morning before it gets hot or this evening after it cools down a bit like I did for the front last night. Doing it in the evening means it's not wet from the dew. I am usually pretty tired in the evenings though.

More later...

I went ahead and mowed both the back and the west side while it was relatively cool this morning.  It was 72 degrees when I began and 74 now and the entire yard is done for another week. I do still need to trim but I will do that after the dew is all gone later this evening. That is not as exhausting.  I am glad to get the exercise though. Lord knows I need it.

 More later...

I just heard from John, my son-in-law,  He is home and I can come see Octavia's new puppies. I will try to get some photos too.

So more later...

I went out to see Octavia's puppies. John and given her three of Raven's seven to feed. Raven did not have enough milk for all of hers.  She also doesn't give them enough attention. Octavia, on the other hand, is a very attentive mama. This is her second litter. She has enough milk for her five and the other three of Raven's. That's a good thing. Raven's are thriving now, thanks to Octavia! That is so sweet!

This is Hoover, the father of Octavia's Cowboy Corgi puppies.

Image may contain: dog

He's a fine looking Corgi male.  

I went up to Big Cheese after I left their place and had a personal pan pizza for my lunch then went on to Cherryvale to have another adjustment on my partial. It was rubbing a little on the buccal side. It is more comfortable now. I think it's going to be fine now.

More later...'

After I got home I found some room deodorizers  that Suzanne had left here for me and put them together. They should make the apartment small like lavender after awhile.

She called this evening and chatted a bit. While we were chatting the kids next door arrived and began bringing in more of their new furniture...including mattresses.  They may plan to stay here tonight. They look like nice kids.

I started trimming with my trimmer and my battery went down. It had been a month since I had used it so I am not surprised.  I have it on the charger now. I will finish trimming with it in the morning.

It's almost 7:00PM now. At 7:00PM, I will take my bath and put my PJs on and watch another episode of  "Murder She Wrote" on Amazon Prime.  At 9:00PM, I plan to go on to bed.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Sunday and Church and a Coffeecake

I got up shortly before 5:00AM this morning and made my bed, dressed and had my oatmeal and coffee. I am working on my Chai now. I put out more food for the mama cat and her kittens. They have been eating off and on this morning.

I have the coffeecake in the oven and set the timer so I could hear it in here in the office/den.

I slept well last night after I finally got to sleep. I wondered about the apartment next door. Suzanne had me check yesterday evening to make sure the water from the frig ice maker wasn't letting water flow onto the kitchen floor.  I checked and it was dry. Also the ice maker never made ice. After I went to bed last night I started wondering if a leak had developed later. Finally, I just got up and opened their garage door and went into the kitchen again to check. The floor was still dry and the ice maker was still not working. Steve will have to have a look at it. But at least the kitchen floor is still dry. I went back to bed and went to sleep. I woke up once in the night and went to the bathroom but got right back to sleep.

After the coffeecake finishes baking and cools, I will ice it with a glaze. Then I will leave about 8:00AM to go to church. I like to be there early to check things out, turn on the PA system and empty the trashes.

More later....

I got the coffeecake iced and ready for the church school class . Everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Leslie did a good job with her sermon especially considering the theme was a hard theme to deal with.

Phyllis and I went to Great China for lunch and each of us brought half our lunch home for tomorrow.

I spent a couple of hours doing the newsletters and getting them ready for the mail.

Then I read the rest of the afternoon, Suzanne and Steve came and got the new neighbor's garage door opener. They moved a lot of their new furniture and boxes into the apartment.

About 6:15PM, I gassed up the mower and mowed the front yard.  I was worn out by then. It had been a big long day. I will mow the back in the morning. Then perhaps by tomorrow evening or Tuesday I can mow the west side. It is 7:10PM now and I will go take my bath. I had recorded 60 Minutes and so I will watch that after the bath and before bedtime.

More later...

I watched 60 Minutes, took my bath and charged up my phone. Now, I think I will go on to bed. I am pretty tired.  It's 8:30PM now and that's close enough to 9:00PM