Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday Again

Well, it's Saturday again and I just did a job I hate. I took the grill off the bottom of the frig to vacuum it off. It's supposed to be done periodically...I think at least once a year...but because it's such a mess to get back on, I have only done it one other time in the seven years we have lived here. Needless to say, it was filthy. The freezer was not freezing well at all and I figured that was the first step to correct that.

I don't know what we have going on today. Bob is not feeling well. He is very tired today. Who knows what's going on now.

Tomorrow we have another guest minister at church and another basket dinner afterward. Then the following week, I speak at church.

More later:

Bob began to feel a little better mid morning and wanted to go to Bartlesville so we did. We drove around Bartlesville for awhile and then went to Lowe's and looked around. Finally we went to the mall and window shopped and then ate at Garfields.

Then we came home. Now he is taking a nap.

Friday, March 12, 2010

At Last! House Cleaning Day!

Our house needs a good cleaning. It has been almost two weeks and I have always cleaned at least weekly and sometimes even twice a week. Now it really needs it. I have nothing else on the agenda today. As soon as I finish this, I will begin.

Slinky slept in last night and he did not wake me up even one time. It was 33 degrees last night. He may have to sleep in tonight too. I put him out as soon as it got up to 40 degrees.

Our dinner last night was very good. We were glad to be invited.

I will get back to this later in the day.

It's almost 11:00 and the house shines. That always makes me feel good.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday Trip

We will go back to Bartlesville this morning to get the air bag changed out in our Honda. That was what the recall was all about. I don't really know what else is on the agenda. I guess it depends on how long they take to do the work. If we get back home in good time, I may start the housework I have had to postpone all week.

Slinky spent the night outside last night again. I let him in for his breakfast but then put him back out again. I want him to get used to being outside all the time (unless it storms)now that the weather is milder. He is so spoiled.

Bob did not sleep well last night. He had begun taking a new med from the health food store that is supposed to help regulate his diabetes. It is CALM magnesium. He took more of it then his body could handle and he did not sleep well because he had an upset stomach. I asked him if he got up and took something for that and he said he didn't. Tums may have helped.

Oh well!

More later:

We got the air bag fixed and they even washed our car. We used to do that when we worked on a car at Quality Motors where I once worked. That's a great added value.

Cyndi called this afternoon and she invited eight of us to go eat out with her and Jeff to celebrate her birthday. That was sweet of her. We are the same age as her mother. We did that and thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Our daughter, Leslie, and son-in-law, John were there too.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Busy, Busy Wednesday

I went to Independence this morning to get my hair done and did not meet Juanita because she has a bad cold. Instead, I came on home and Bob and I went to the market. I will have to get some ingredients for my Parmesan Chicken for Sunday's second basket dinner. I worked on Bob's bulletin this morning too. I finally got it the way he wants it.

Our daughter, Leslie, is back to work today although I guess from what Bob said, she still isn't 100% but at least she is not running a temp.

At noon we attended the Lenten Luncheon and had a good time. Marilyn sat with us. Jack didn't come. Jack has been staying away from crowds. He has poor health.

I spent an hour trying to re-program our DVD player and finally got it done. A month or so ago, the batteries went out on it and while I looked for new batteries, it lost it's programming. Re programming the TV wasn't all that hard but I almost never got the DVD player programmed again. But it's done now and we may have the Living the Questions group over on the 28th now. We seventy+ year olds are technologically challenged.

Tomorrow we go back to Bartlesville to get the air bag changed out on our Honda. We got a recall notice a couple of weeks ago. We have to be there by 9:00 so we will leave at 8:00. Hopefully, it won't take all morning.

Friday I will clean house. It has been over a week and the place needs it desperately.

This evening I knocked the remote off the arm of the sofa and the batteries fell out. Then I had to re-program the TV. I was never able to get the DVD player to re-program again. I spent over an hour on it. I found its original remote and it works fine with it so I am not going to work on trying to re-program the DVD on the same remote.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Sister

I went to my sister's this morning to sit with her as is my custom. She is so confused. I don't know what my brother-in-law is going to do if she gets any worse...and she will get worse...that's for sure. He has his hands full. The only thing I do to help him is sit with her on Tuesday mornings. He went to his brother-in-law's funeral yesterday (or Friday) and my niece went over and sat with her. That was a great help, I'm sure. He doesn't really have much of a life right now.

Soon, I will leave for my board meeting in Independence. Then I will come back home. Our daughter is home sick today. Luckily, this is one of her husband's days off. He is there for her. She is running a temp. It's probably some kind of bug going around.

I will spend the afternoon doing my minutes, I imagine. They have to be so so because the state audits them since we are state funded.

It's a little chilly today because the wind is up and the air is damp.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Rainy Monday

Today was a rainy all day. Bob had his doctor's appointment in Bartlesville and so we went and he got a clean bill of health....on his skin anyhow. He was appalled that Bob's doctor had not ordered a needle biopsy on that enlarged lymph gland. He felt Bob should get a diagnosis.

Then we stopped at Caney and ate at Caney Kitchen. A couple sitting nearby talked about a sexual abuse on a child who lives in their house. I felt that was inappropriate conversation for a restaurant.

Came on home and worked on a sermon for April 25th at Miami, Oklahoma.

We ate some of our leftovers from Sunday's basket dinner.

Slinky will be staying in the house tonight because of the rain. He is asleep right now.

Tomorrow I have my board meeting for the Montgomery County Community Clinic.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Terribly Busy Sunday

This has been a terribly busy day. We were supposed to have gone to Living the Questions tonight but we were just too tired to go.

I got up at 5:00, took care of all my chores and fixed my dish for the basket dinner following the service. We went to church and afterward had a very good dinner.

When I finally got home I did my letters.

Tomorrow we go to Bartlesville so Bob can see Dr. Eslecker. That's all we have planned.

Slinky will sleep outside on the chaise tonight. It is finally warm enough.