Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday Again

I'm not quite sure what I will do today. I cleaned yesterday and also did my laundry and the lawn is too wet to mow so I have no definite plans. I will have breakfast this morning with my brother-in-law then maybe I will go to Bartlesville. It's been awhile since I've been there. I may ask Juanita if she wants to go if Bob does not. Or I may go by myself.

I heard from my son, Scott, this morning. He is back with his girlfriend again. He regularly breaks up with her when they have a difference. Or sometimes she breaks up with him. It depends on who gets angry. Hmmm.

I notified my classmates about my cousin's husband's death. Some of them will send her cards, I know. The thing that gets you through these times after you lose your husband, is your family and your friends. I have had dozen's of invitations since Bob died and I'm sure she will too. Bob A suggested that we ask her to go to Branson with us this fall and by then she may be ready to do something like that. We'll see.

More later....

I did have breakfast with my brother-in-law and later I went on to Bartlesville by myself. First I had to buy a new cell phone. Mine died and they no longer carried the batteries for that model. That's their way of forcing us to buy a new phone. They just don't carry the batteries for the old phones anymore. Disgusting. This one is a touch screen and I must say I don't like it much.

All I bought in Bartlesville was gas. It was $3.23.9. I walked all over the mall for exercise and then came home and fixed myself a ham and cheese sandwich. That will hold me for today. I left here after 11:00 and got home after 3:00. I have been reading my kindle all afternoon. There's absolutely nothing on TV, as usual.

Friday, June 1, 2012

My Weekday Off

I am really looking forward to the day. Work this week has been tedious at best. I have a hair appointment at 7:00 AM and then will come home and go see my sister at Windsor Place at 9:30. Later about 11:30, I will pick up my brother-in-law and we will drive over to Cherryvale to have lunch at the Just Us buffet there.

I slept fairly well last night. I woke at 3:30 and took my meds. Then I got back to sleep restlessly from then on. Finally at 5:00, my usual time, I got up and got ready for the day.

I should do some work this afternoon but I treasure my day off. I may go to Bartlesville. It's been awhile since I've been there.

I am running the dishwasher right now. Once a week I do that and I watch the drain carefully. It used to leak a little when the dishwasher emptied but the last two times it didn't do that. I am hoping the gasket seal finally sealed. But if it didn't, I have a couple of small Tupperware bowls under it.

I watched the news last night and saw that the jury finally acquitted John Edwards. I never thought he should have been indicted anyhow. What he did was immoral but certainly not illegal. I think the entire trial was a political farce. He has disgraced himself and his party and the party is putting as much space between them and him as possible. I can't believe I once considered him a possibility for president. He is obviously an egomaniac. Following the trial, he made a long statement admitting his immorality. The classy thing to do would have been to say very little. But he obviously isn't classy.

I had some sad news this afternoon. I learned from my brother-in-law that my cousin's husband died at noon today. He was married to my cousin for over fifty five years and was a wonderful man. I quickly went to the market and picked up chicken and made my chicken and rice casserole. That will warm up well when she is able to eat something. I just took it over. Luckily she had three friends and her daughter there with her. I didn't stay long...just long enough to hug her and commiserate with her over her loss. I always remember how wonderful it was that my friends brought in food when Bob died. I never cooked a meal that week.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Night Storm

We had quite a storm last night. I woke up at 1:30 and thought about Missy, my cat. She was outside. I went to the back door and she rushed into the house. It was thundering and raining hard. Thunder frightens her and she was wet. She spent the rest of the night in her closet.

After the sun began to come up, I noticed another small limb down in my back yard. I went out there and drug it into the carport.

I tried to find something to watch on TV last night but finally just went to bed at 9:00. TV is terrible anymore. The only show not on PBS that I liked to watch was Harry's Law and it has been cancelled. I guess elderly people are not important to producers. The stuff they are producing is just trash to me.

I am to go over to Jeff and Cyndi's this morning and put out cat food for her 14 cats. They are off on yet another cruise.

I am so glad this is Thursday. I am tired of trying to find something to do at the office. Things are very slow and now the other woman who works there is back and I have even less to do. I was doing her scanning. But I certainly don't want her job.

I talked to Bob A this morning and took him some reading material. We will go over the Cherryvale to Just Us tomorrow for lunch. We both need some veggies. I have been eating my leftover chili for lunch all week. I ate a sandwich for dinner last night and the rest of my homemade soft serve.

Sure enough, it was another day of "make work". I don't mind as long as there is something to "make work" about.

Tonight I just had some yogurt for supper and then I went out with the blower and blew off the patio and blew out the garage and front walk. It looks much better. There's nothing much on TV again. I surfed around but didn't see anything interesting to watch. I guess I'll read.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wednesday Again

I am always glad to see Wednesday come. It's over halfway though my work week. Yesterday I did more "make work". We are just so slow at work.

I'm very glad I got my lawn mowed before the rain. It's greened up again.

Tomorrow is payday and I am really glad. I am very nearly broke and my Blue Cross/Blue Shield will be coming out after the first of the month. June is one of those months I don't get my social security until late. In June it is the 13th. I hate getting it the second Wednesday of the month. Bob used to get his on the 3rd of each month.

And early tomorrow morning I need to go get gas and then feed Cyndi's cats. They are on a cruise and her sister has been coming down each day and feeding their 14 cats. She asked me to do it on the 31st. She has been great to feed Missy when I am gone so I am happy to help out.

By the way, here are some photos of me, my son, Keith, and his wife, Esther, and also my daughter Leslie. Shaggy, Leslie's Llama, is also in the bottom picture. These were taken last weekend while they were here. The first one is Leslie, me and Keith, my older son. The second on is Esther and me. The third one is Keith, Shaggy and Leslie.
I tried to watch TV last night but kept falling asleep. Finally at 9:00 I went to bed.

There wasn't a lot of work again today at work. I had to make work. Time drags if I don't do something.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Storm Last Night

I am pretty sure we had a rainstorm last night. I awoke...or rather I should say almost awoke to the sound of thunder and what I thought was hail. After awhile I'll call my brother-in-law and ask him if it hailed. Missy came in awhile ago and she was a little wet so I am supposing it must have rained. Also, I just looked out and the patio has some mud washed up on it so I'm sure it must have. Later in the day, I will have to get out the pressure washer and clean it off again.

I stripped my bed this morning to wash sheets and have them in the dryer now. It's 5:40 AM now. I get an awful lot done before 8:00 in the morning. I sure am glad I mowed last night. My lawn was beginning to be heat stressed with these 96 degree days. The rain should help it a lot.

I told Esther I would post some photos of my Rose of Sharon when it really began to bloom. Well, following that rain last night it really popped out. Here are some photos of it and the small one by the fence too. I also posted some photos of my tiger lilies.

Monday, May 28, 2012

New Projects

I have a couple of projects today. First, at 9:30, I will go see my sister. Then I will use my pressure washer to clean my front walk and then load up my pressure washer and go out to do the same thing at church. Yesterday I noticed signs of mice in the church so I set some traps yesterday. The first thing I did when I got there was to check out my traps. I had one mouse. Two traps had not been touched and one was found empty of bait but no mouse. I reloaded them all. I hooked up the pressure washer and cleaned off the sidewalk. Bob went too and cleaned out our two sheds. He put some Decon out in both of them. He got some at the Wal Mart store. They are open today.

All that took some time. I wanted to clean out my cabinets under the sinks in the bathrooms. I had accumulated some stuff over the years that I would never use. I have decided not to have a garage sale after all. It's too hot and humid and Leslie doesn't have the time to help me anymore. It's a big job for just one person.

More later...

I did go out to see my sister. Unfortunately, she did not know who I was. I stayed awhile and tried to visit with her anyhow. I also saw Gerry while I was out there. Then I did go out to church and pressure washed the walk in front. Afterward I joined Bob A in cleaning out the sheds out behind the church. We got that done. Then I came home and showered and washed my hair. My face was red as a beet. I then took a nap instead of cleaning out my cabinets. I ought to mow this evening. I am getting my hair done and cut in the morning at 8:30. Then at noon I will go on to work.

I did one more thing before getting myself ready for bed. I mowed my yard. I finished about 8:30, just before it got dark. I still have to trim and it really needs it. I didn't trim last Thursday evening when I mowed.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

They've Left!

The kids got up at 4:30 and left about 5:15 this morning. I fixed some toast. They didn't want a full breakfast and I fixed coffee for Esther. They said they would stop along the way and get something for breakfast.

We had a very good visit. I am seriously thinking about flying out to Phoenix in the spring to visit them there. I would have to take a week off work but life is too short not to do the important things.

I will drive myself out to church this morning. Bob has his daughter there this weekend. She came all the way from Wisconsin to see him and her mother. We were so busy yesterday that I didn't have a chance to see them. We did have breakfast with Bob yesterday morning. I have the bulletin to print off this morning for church.

This evening I will go to Bobby and Karan's for a cookout dinner and to see Bruce. I haven't seen him in years. Bruce used to come to our house for Sunday evening popcorn, juice and ice cream. It was a family tradition for us and he really enjoyed it.

I will be exhausted after this weekend is over. I can rest tomorrow. That's the actual holiday.

Scott called yesterday morning and we had a nice visit.

More later...

Nine of us went to Braum's for a light lunch. I had a milk shake and a good visit with one of our visitors. We will be meeting again tonight at Bobby and Karan's for a cookout. This afternoon I will get my letters out and rest a bit. I am to hear from Keith when he and Esther get home to Phoenix. I hope their trip goes well. They want to make it in one day.

Some of us went to Karan and Bobby's for a cookout this evening. I had a chance to revisit an old friend. When my kids were teens, Bruce used to come on Sunday evenings and have ice cream, orange juice and popcorn with us and stay the evening and watch TV. He is over 60 now and still the same old Bruce. He's still one of my kids.