Saturday, September 30, 2017

Saturday and Breakfast Out

I will pick up Bob shortly for breakfast. He has evidently overslept and it's almost 7:00. We usually go to breakfast at 7:00 AM.

Uh Uh..he just texted me he's ready. Be back later...First I stopped at the bank and got some cash for breakfast. 

We had a good breakfast and I took Bob A. home.

I tried to call Penn Avenue Styles, where I buy my makeup but they evidently are not open yet...or perhaps they are not open on Saturday. I will try again later. I really need to go to Independence ad buy my makeup base. I don't know that I have enough for three more days. When you are my age, makeup is very important. :)

I don't have another plan for today. I will try again later...

This is my younger son's home in Florida...they will be selling it soon.

More even later...

Bob A. came over and did his laundry and stayed for the news.  I tried to reach my Merle Norman store in Independence and they must be closed on Saturday. Strange....they are also a beauty shop. I've never heard of one closed on Saturday especially when they have a retail shop connected with them.  I guess I will just have to ration my makeup until Monday.

I have been reading my book again and watching the news. And I see our president is tweeting again and castigating the mayor of San Juan for "Such poor leadership ability by the Mayor of San Juan, and others in Puerto Rico, who are not able to get their workers to help." the president tweeted. "They want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort." What a tragedy and how non presidential! Why would I expect anything else from this egomaniac.

More later...

Missy and I  watched TV until 9:00 when we went to bed.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Friday and No Meal Out

I slept very well last night.

Today I will pick up Bob A. for exercise class. We take turns driving. He wants to eat at El Pueblito for lunch. So we will probably do that. I have half of the hamburger pie but we can have that later.

I am still working on the book, "Long Time Passing", on the Vietnam War. It has 713 pages so it may be awhile before I get it finished.  I am on page 203. I read it years ago but have forgotten how long ago. It's out of print now. One thing I learned from both the book and the film is that student deferments allowed many to avoid the war. Colleges were absolutely full of deferred men. Most of the fighting was done by patriotic men and women, minorities and the poor, who couldn't avoid being drafted. Some went to Canada to avoid serving.

It's too bad Bush didn't read the book. He sent our men right into another war in another country...a country that wasn't even involved in our 9/11 tragedy. The hijackers in the September 11 attacks were 19 men affiliated with al-Qaeda. Fifteen of the 19 were citizens of Saudi Arabia, and the others were from the United Arab Emirates (2), Egypt, and Lebanon. And we invaded Iraq and Afghanistan. Idiocy! Of  course, Bush spent the Vietnam War in the air force reserves piloting a plane that was obsolete and would never have been used in the war. He moved ahead in line of hundreds of other men to get his position. He also didn't show up for the reserves when he worked on his father's political election. Ah, the privilege of the privileged. If any other man had done that, he would have been prosecuted.

I took Missy out for awhile but it was too cold for her old bones. She came back in and climbed up on the sofa to nap. It's in the 50's out there.

I picked up Bob at 8:45 and we went to exercise class. Afterward five of us went to Utopia for Utopiachina and cinnamon rolls. We had a nice visit.  I warmed up the hamburger pie and we ate what we wanted of it and I gave the last two pieces to Marilyn R, my neighbor. She likes it!

I finally went to the market. I spent $35.00 there. I was out of a lot of groceries.

Then I came home and vacuumed the living room behind my velvet chairs. I discovered Missy had been back there rubbing against the chairs. She left a lot of  hair on those chairs. I will have to do that vacuuming more often.

It is nearly 4:00 and the paper will be here shortly. So...more later...

Secretary Tom Price resigned today before Trump could fire him. Trump is not a politician so he doesn't know the ins and outs of politics.  He is just an ex TV star who likes to say "you're fired!"

At 5:00, Bob A. came. He stayed until 7:00 or  watch the news and PBS. When he left I took my bath and laid down with Missy on the sofa and we watched TV until 9:00.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Thursday and Apartment Cleaning Day

I slept pretty well until 3:00 AM this morning. I finally just got up and checked my bank account to see if my Blue Cross Blue Shield premium had come out of the checking account. It had.  That's always a concern because my rent is due on the first of the month and because my social security doesn't come in until the second Wednesday each month, I always worry about the checking account. There is only a little over $130. in there now. I may have to transfer some money from my savings to pay the rent.

I will clean the apartment this morning. I have already done my laundry. I plan to fix hamburger pie for lunch. Bob will bring a salad.

I hope to read this afternoon. I am still working on "Long Time Passing"..the Pulitzer prize winning book about the Vietnam War. I have been watching the PBS special on the subject by Ken Burns. It is a classic. Too bad our leaders didn't learn anything from that terrible destructive war. Over 58,000 Americans were killed and well over 2,000,000 South Vietnamese. Lord only knows how many North Vietnamese soldiers were killed...not even counting civilians on both sides.

More later....It's now 4:30 AM and I may as well get dressed.

I got the apartment cleaned this morning and fixed the hamburger pie for lunch. It includes green beans and Bob brought a fresh salad. It was all very good.

I read in the afternoon.  Then I laid down with Missy and took a short nap. Karan brought over my new grey jeans. Bob came over at 5:00 to watch the news and read the papers. He left at 6:00 and I took my bath and Lay with Missy on the sofa and watched the last episode of the "Vietnam War". It was very fact a great documentary. It should win multiple awards. I only wish the present administration would have seen it.

Missy and I  went to bed at 9:00.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Wednesday and Possible Game Day

I slept very well again last night. However, I am still sneezing and blowing since I am no longer taking antihistamines.

I got up at 5:30 this morning and dressed and fed myself and Missy.  Then I checked my e-mail.  I had a pop up that said my Firefox needed an update. I downloaded the update and hoped that was a legitimate pop up. So good.

I will go to exercise class this morning. I hope there is game day too. I will have to ask Sheila when I get to exercise class.

It's getting light out now and it is raining again. Missy will be wanting to go out. Luckily we have the carport. More later...

King Nile View Room

My eldest son's room in Cairo Egypt.  Pretty nice, Isn't it?

I went to exercise class this morning, came home and warmed up the leftover ham and potato casserole and then went on to game day at the senior center.  I had a good time. After I got home, I read the paper and did the crossword puzzle and fed Missy her treats.

Bob came over to watch the news and when he left I took my bath and used my meds and Missy and I watched the "Vietnam War" on PBS.

Missy and I went to bed at 9:00.  

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Tuesday and A Trip to Independence

I slept like a baby last night. I didn't get up until 5:00. It was so good to feel better about the entire Living the Question group situation.

I have dressed and fed Missy and myself. I think it rained last night. It's still dark out so I can't really tell yet.

One thing I forgot to mention in yesterday's blog was that my old friend, Elnora, called while I was getting my gas at South Coffeyville.  Elnora lives in Denver. Last month she lost her youngest son, Brandon. He had a stroke and died in his bed. She found him in the morning. He was only about 50.  She is having his funeral on Saturday, October 28th, at a country church over at Edna, Kansas, just east of Coffeyville. She wanted me to know. She will put his obit in the Journal a week before the services. I advised her to tell her Tulsa Oklahoma friends and family to come north on highway 75 and to take highway 166 east through Coffeyville to Edna. That way they will avoid all that terrible construction on highway 169.

And since that is a country church, I advised her to put some signs on the corner where they should turn to find that church over at Edna since it's located on a gravel road. It was good to hear from her again. After my Bob died in 2010, she came and stayed with me for a week. We have known one another since we were children.  I will put a notice in our church bulletin and on the bulletin board and have it announced at church. There are not a lot of us left who knew them. But I will try anyhow. 

I will pick up Bob this morning at 8:20 to go to Independence  where he will visit with his 92 year old sister, Betty, and I will get my hair done and then go over to Juanita's to balance her check book. After that, we will eat at Big Cheese.

Juanita called yesterday too to say she had finally received her bank statement. I told her I would be there today to balance her checkbook. Yesterday was quite a day! Hopefully today will be quieter.

More later...

We went to Independence and I took Bob to his sisters and then went on to my appointment. Afterward I went to help Juanita with her checkbook. That turned out well. After that, I went to pick up Bob and we went to lunch at Big Cheese. We always enjoy that.

Then we came back to Coffeyville and I took Bob home.  I read my book most of the afternoon. 

I was working on my computer and got hacked. I got a message from my Avast that I had been hacked too and had a virus called Zeus.  I called the help number and got a guy who told me all four computers were hacked through my router and that he worked for Microsoft.  He walked me through a number of steps and finally told me I would have to pay $450. to get the computer cleaned up. That was when I realized he was the hacker. I told him I had no money and was waiting for my social security to come in so I could even pay next month's rent.  Then he suggested $350. I told him I said I had no money until October and even then would not have the money to pay anything for a "fix".  He told me he could not help me then. He said if I turned off all the computers, he could not guarantee that everything would not be gone when I rebooted. I turned off the computers anyhow and then I called Cox.

I explained all that to the service rep I got at Cox and he said I was correct,  The guy I was talking to was the hacker and I was wise not to give him any money. He said only the desktop was infected and he could fix that. The other three computers were not affected. He said his own mother had succumbed to the hack and paid out $450 to him. He asked her why she didn't call him. Then he downloaded a program on my desktop computer to get the virus' cleaned up. I went in to the laptop and finished what I was doing. Soon he called me back and said everything was clean now.  I was very happy.

At 6:30, I took my bath and got ready to watch the next episode of "Vietnam War".

Missy and I will probably go to bed again at 9:00 when that program is over. Bob had a "Meet and Greet" at Sycamore Landing where he lives. He won't be over this evening.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Monday and Exercises

I slept just four hours last night. I did send an e-mail apology to all for last night's fiasco.

I will pick Bob up this morning for the exercise class. Later, after lunch, I will go back to Bartlesville to exchange Karan's vest if they will let me. She found she had already bought that vest. I offered to buy it if they would let me exchange it for a smaller size.

I will also need to check the cabinets to see what I have to fix for lunch and also what I might have in the freezer. I have not gotten that far yet.

More later...I need to get ready for the day and get some clothes on.  It is nearly 5:00 AM.

We are having a ham and potato casserole for lunch with a veggie...and Bob is bringing a salad.  I will run over and get some peaches at Country Mart. That and cookies will be our dessert. It is 11: 05 now so I need to get busy.

I picked up Bob at 8:45 and we went to exercise class. Afterward I took him home and I came back to start the casserole.  It turned out well. Lunch went fine. After Bob went home I went back to Bartlesville and took the duplicate vest Karan had bought and exchanged it for a medium for myself.  I took highway 60 east on Nowata road to go back to 169 so I could stop at South Coffeyville and buy gas again.

That was a mistake. They are rebuilding highway 60 and highway 75 and it took me an hour and a half to get back to South Coffeyville for my gas. I stopped at the bank and withdrew enough money to pay Karan for the vest.

I had just got home and was putting the withdrawal amount into Quicken when the doorbell rang. It was Marilyn L. She had brought me a bottle of wine and a card and was here for support and reconciliation. We hugged and she came in to visit for awhile. I was so glad. Marilyn is a wonderful friend and I hated feeling alienated from her.  After she left I took the money and the receipts over to Karan's. I had barely rung the doorbell and she came to the door and she hugged me and we too reconciled.  I gave her the receipts and  the money and sat and visited awhile. I told her about my experience with Marilyn L.  When I got home at 5:00 Bob was here to watch the news.  I told him all the news.

That was a great outcome.

Bob left at 6:30 and at 7:00 I took my bath and Missy and I watched the "Vietnam War" on PBS.  Missy and I went to bed at 9:00.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sunday and Church Again

I slept well again last night. Maybe the bad sleep period is over.

Today I will go to church school and church. Afterward Bob and I will go to Cherryvale for lunch at Just Us.  Phyllis is gone. She went to see her daughter and grandchildren in Overland Park. Karan will be eating with Becky, Becky doesn't like to eat out of town. She has a square dancing meeting in the afternoon.

When I get home I will do my newsletters and then probably will read my book again until time to go to Marilyn's for our Living the Questions group meeting.  When I get home, hopefully at 9:00, I will watch the next episode of the Vietnam War on PBS.

More later...

I got my coffeecake finished and iced. I also took Missy out for awhile. She misses being an "outside" cat but there are too many strays in this neighborhood to let her out by herself. She would have another catastrophic fight and lose like she did right after I moved in here.

I came back in after I finished my Chai. So...more later...

I picked up Bob and we went on to church. We had our coffeecake and coffee and read our lesson aloud and discussed it.  Then we went on to the 11:00 service. Johnna did a good job and Rick and Carmen came again too. It looked like a very small group but by the time the service began many more had come in...almost late...and we had a pretty good crowd. 

Here's Kelly McIntosh "playing" the piano at was the computer with our thumb drive with the hymns.  Phyllis is in Overland Park and Leslie and John are camping at Roaring River so it was Kelly's show.  :)

 Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoor

Afterward, I drove over to Cherryvale to "Just Us" and Karan went with us this time. Becky did not come to church after all.

After we got home, I did my newsletters and read awhile.  Bob came to read the papers but left after Denise called him. She evidently was at his place and he went to visit with her.

It's 4:15 now and at 6:00 I will watch 60 Minutes before going to Marilyn's for the group meeting.  When I get back home afterward, I will watch "Vietnam War" on PBS, take my bath and lay on the sofa with Missy to watch the documentary until it's over and then Missy and I will go to bed.

Change of plans....

Bob and I left the meeting early. There was some conflict between Richard and me over who should just take over the meeting with their comments...not allowing others an opportunity to speak.  I just resigned the group. That is the best for all.

When I got home, I watched the documentary "Vietnam War" and went to bed at 11:00.