Saturday, May 1, 2010

Scott Gone

Well, Scott is gone now. He got around early this morning and loaded up his truck. I fixed breakfast for both Bob and him and had a bowl of cereal myself.

We did go to Independence yesterday and took Leslie to lunch. In fact, Scott bought lunch. Then we went to Tavern on the Plaza last night and had a nice dinner.

Bob is struggling but does not complain much. I keep telling him we will handle this thing one day at a time...then I try to follow my own advice. Melissa, our doctor, was not in her office yesterday afternoon so we didn't get the results of his test. Now it will be Monday sometime. I will post here what it is when I know.

Bob wants to go to Bartlesville to just browse around. Leslie is going to go with us. We have no extra money to spend and don't need a thing so it would just be something to distract him from his situation. So far, two Aleve, eight hours apart takes care of much of his discomfort. He is sleeping in the daybed in the den though because he sleeps better where he can get out of bed easier. He has to go to the bathroom several times a night. We will pick up Leslie at 10:00 at Tyro.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Drama

Scott is here today. He came yesterday noon. His dad is sick...perhaps will have a struggle of his whip his cancer.

Bob is generally feeling wretched. But he feels better then yesterday. That's a blessing.

We will go up to Independence at noon to go to lunch with Leslie. Bob loves to do that. We will go to the Mexican Restaurant that they both love.

Slinky is lying here taking a nap in the kitchen. It is raining today. We sat out on the patio and drank our coffee this morning and visited. When the rain started, Slinky wanted to come in and since he is an old dog, we let him in the kitchen. He's such a sweetheart. Missy is in the chair by the window sleeping. She wanted out until she saw the rain and then she backed right back in.

My peonies are beginning to bloom and I have about a half dozen hybrid iris in bloom too. After the rain stops, I will take some photos to post.

We went to eat at Tavern on the Plaza tonight. We had a good meal.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Scott is coming today. I expect him before 10:00.

Bob woke up this morning feeling wretched. Why, I don't know. Nothing has changed since yesterday. I imagine his glucose is high but he didn't want to take it. He is down to taking it once a week now. The diabetes is not bothering him near as much as the lymphedema.

He is not wearing his compression sleeve since it seems to cut off the circulation to his hand and shoulder and causes much discomfort.

After breakfast, he seems to feel a little better. I wonder how much of this is physiological. Now that he knows it is cancer, he may be just giving up fighting it.

Time will tell.

He felt better in the afternoon but now that evening has come, he is exhausted once again.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Radiologist's News

We went to Bartlesville this afternoon and Bob had his ultrasound and needle biopsy. The radiologist said it was cancer but he would not know what type until the pathology department did their work. I said, "Wouldn't it be lymphoma since it is in the lymph glands?" He said, "Not necessarily. I think it's more likely from that melanoma he had." That melanoma was seven years ago and the surgeon then said it was less then 1/2 millimeter deep and had gone nowhere and they had got it all. So we will have to wait unto Friday or Monday to know for sure what type of treatment is available. If it's lymphoma, it will probably be radiation. Bob will not only ask Melissa about treatment but also about a prognosis.

My brother-in-law called and his biopsy came back. None of the five polyps were malignant. They were all benign. But the lymphoma is still there. He will still have to have it treated. His appointment with his oncologist in May 21st. So until then, he will not know what they want to do. That was good news about the polyps.

That's the news of the day. We are going out to Leslie and John's for hamburgers to celebrate our 56th anniversary today. We will go out about 6:00.

That's the news of the day.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Busy Tuesday

It's already been a busy day and it's only noon. Bob has done the trimming and I will mow this afternoon. I cleaned house this morning after I returned from my sister's house.

My peonies have not bloomed yet. It has been a little chilly for them. But they are ready to bursts out as soon as it warms up a bit. The clematis is in bloom and the hanging baskets are lovely. I do need to get some geraniums and asparagus plants for my front flowerbed by the side of the garage door. I may get those this afternoon.

Judy called this morning. A few of our Living the Questions group met last night for a going away party for Gretchen and decided they would rather meet on Sunday evening after all. We had previously decided to meet on Monday evenings. I told them that was fine with us. We possibly will not be able to meet with them for awhile anyhow. We will know more as soon as my brother-in-law gets the results of his tests and gets his surgery scheduled and my Bob finds out what he is dealing with too. I may have my hands full with care giving.

More later:

Well, I got the house cleaned and the yard mowed. Bob trimmed for me. Everything looks nice. Then we went to the nursery and I bought some small geraniums and some asparagus for my pots. Bob bought some tomatoes. We got everything planted and now if I can just keep it all watered. If the peonies ever bloom, I will post photos of them. It is in the 40's this morning so it may be awhile before tat happens.

Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Monday

Ordinarily, I clean house on Monday but today I was just not up to it. I read all morning and finished my book.

I've swept off the patio and watered the plants. Our son, Scott, will be coming on Wednesday and will go down to the hospital with his dad and me for Bob's test and biopsy. He will stay until Saturday.

Wednesday evening we are to have a small group here but I will be surprised if anyone comes. Those small group meetings have not worked out in the past. Everyone is too scattered. I'll be prepared though. I want to mow tomorrow afternoon after I get back from Phyllis and Bob's house.

I worked awhile this morning on the next quarter's schedule. I don't know what the next few months will bring so I thought it would be good to get started on it early. I don't imagine we'll have the results of Bob's tests until next week. But my brother-in-law may have his surgery soon.

One day at a time...

I'm fixing chili for tonight's dinner.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another Busy Sunday

This was one of those days. Marilyn called me yesterday and asked me to take "Living the Questions" group tonight for her. I told her I would. Jack has a case in Kansas City tomorrow and she did not want him to drive up alone. They left this afternoon. Bob and I left at 7:30 this morning to go to Miami, Oklahoma, where I was guest speaker at the 11:00 hour. It went well.

Afterward, The Millers took us to lunch and then we drove home. I stopped at the market and bought some ingredients for my cherry pie cake and fixed that for the dessert tonight. While it was baking, I spruced up the house a bit. I took the kitchen throw rugs out to air out. Hopefully, the house will smell like cherry pie cake tonight and not smell like Slinky. Maybe we will get to watch 60 minutes before everyone arrives at 7:00.