Saturday, April 18, 2020

Saturday and a Brisk Morning

I checked after I got up this morning and it was 31 degrees and it's April 18th...Amazing!!

I slept fairly well although I fought my right arm and my draining sinus' most of the night. Finally I took an allergy tablet and finally got to sleep until 5:20AM when I got up and dressed and got myself ready for the day. I have had my oatmeal and my coffee  and will soon have  my Chai Latte..

The scruffy looking gray cat and his/her yellow sister/brother were also waiting for breakfast. I put all three bowls out there and scruffy gray ate fast and left and young yellow stayed just awhile later and the he/she left too. It is 31 degrees out there so I don't blame them.

My daughter texted me last night (and the whole congregation) that the world church wants us to continue shutting down the congregation building through the month of May.  We will continue doing church online until they consider it safe for us to gather. I continue to send out devotional e-mails to those online a couple of days a week and hard copies to those without computers.

I started a new Kindle book last night. It turned out to be very interesting and a true story about a couple who learned to be code breakers during World War 1.The name of the book is "The Woman Who Smashed Codes".  I will probably finish it today.

My son-in-law texted me yesterday about another painting he is working on. Since Hobby Lobby in Bartlesville is closed, he can't buy any more canvasses so he is painting this one on the side of his barn. Very creative! He is quite an artist.

More later...I want to get my Chai Latte.

I have had my Chai Latte and watched the news on 6 for awhile.

I will read awhile in the new book on my Kindle. "Lucky Dog" will be coming on at 10:00AM.

I see Trump wants folks in Virginia, Michigan and Minnesota to open their states now but there are protests against doing that in those states. Those folks are afraid  of doing that and I would appreciate that. I imagine he thinks the fact that the stock market has crashed because of businesses having to shut down and the mass unemployment will influence his ability to be reelected. 

From NPR:

"Relaxing social distancing too soon carries great risks of a resurgence of new infections. No one wants to see this vicious cycle repeating itself.”

And from the New York Times about nursing homes being "death pits" :

"More than six weeks after the first coronavirus deaths in a nursing home, outbreaks unfold across the country. About a fifth of U.S. virus deaths are linked to nursing facilities"

Bartlesville Oklahoma's Examiner Enterprise newspaper says one Bartlesville nursing home has 45 positive cases of Covid-19. 

I agree nursing homes are death traps.

I see Oklahoma is preparing to open businesses again. I have not been to Bartlesville since all this began. The reason is their lax rules on being careful. That's why they have a lot more cases and deaths then Kansas. Our governor shut down Kansas immediately upon when the first cases hit the  larger cities. To date, Oklahoma has 2,465 cases and it will be April 25th before they are projected to see it slow down..Kansas has 1,790 active cases.

More later...

At noon or shortly after, I ate the last of my chicken pot pies for lunch. Then I watched  the rest of that Kenny Rogers retirement special I started yesterday.

Afterward, I went up to Sonic and got a medium cherry limeade slush and brought it home to drink. I sat in my car and read my book on Kindle. Now I am watching the CBS news.

After this I will take my bath..around 7:00PM and then go back to my Kindle book until time to go to bed.

More even later...

Friday, April 17, 2020

Friday and Another Good Night's Sleep

I had another better night last night. Not great..but better. I got up about 5:00AM. I woke up twice last night and went to the bathroom one time and took some melatonin the second time.

I have had my oatmeal and coffee and fed the cats. At least one of of the yellow ones. The food is out there now so when they come they can eat. It has rained some last night but the food is under the roof over my entrance way. But it is wet out there and that may have kept the others from coming this morning.

I don't have a plan for today. The apartment is clean and the laundry is done. And I have read my last book....the one on my Kindle. I may have to buy another book for my Kindle.

I see the Big Yellow Tom is out there eating now. He is the father of the previous smaller yellow one.

If it hadn't rained I was going to trim my yard today. I am so glad I had it mowed yesterday. It doesn't need trimming really bad. If it dries out tomorrow or Sunday I will get it done.

I am trying to walk ten blocks two or three times a week. Maybe that will build up my stamina. I would like to be able to mow the yard again myself....for the exercise. One problem with that, besides the stamina is the right arm. Mowing aggravates that too. Vacuuming and mowing are the worse for the arm. Typing also aggravates it. This blog is the one thing I try to do each day. It helps my memory to do this. And of course, I follow several other blogs too.

More later... I want to get my Chai Latte.

I also watched the CBS Morning News until 10:00AM

Then I downloaded another book and read it until noon  Then I cooked a frozen casserole or my lunch.

Then I stepped outside to see what my neighbors were looking for.
Kylie had put some small flags on some small wire frames and they had blown off in the wind. I had found one of them with a paper plate  and some other trash and hung the little flag on her trash can, catching it under the lid. It had blown off that too. I had taken it I and put it in my trash. Luckily it was fine so I took it out and gave it to her. She need a stapler to attach it and didn't have one. But I had one and brought it out to Paco so he could staple it in place.

She and Paco had been to Lowe's and bought some flowers and other decorations. They had bought some new handles for our screen doors in the back.  They put their flowers in their garage until after all chances of frost passes. I told them I had ordered some screen patching material and when it came I would have plenty for both of us. They also have some torn screens.

I watched,  streaming on my computer from A &E, a special about Kenny Rogers. It was very good. It was called Biography: Kenny Rogers. It was done when he retired from show business. He died last week at 81 of natural causes. I really love his music.

More later...

I took my bath at 7:00PM and read until 9:30PM when I went on to bed.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Thursday and A Better Night's Sleep

I slept somewhat better last night. Still in the middle of the night I did a lot of tossing and turning trying to get comfortable. As usual it was my right arm. Finally sometime after midnight I got up and took some Aleve again. That helped and I slept better after it took hold.

I got up about 6:30, dressed and got myself ready for the day. Then I had my oatmeal and coffee and Chai. I also had a breakfast bar and now am having some hot chocolate.

I had three or four cats come early for their breakfast. I got it out there without having to open the garage door and walk around to the front with it. After they ate and left, the birds came to eat too. Of course I went out and brought the cat food in the house. I am not feeding birds.

I checked and my stimulus money is not yet in my account. Keith thought I might have it this week. But I will believe it when I see it.
The government will have to access my bank account through my Social Security  direct deposit. I think they will deal with tax payers first.

I got a hold of the mother of my mower last night. One of her daughters, probably the 14 year old, will come over around 2:00PM to mow my yard. Hopefully it won't rain before then.  It's clear out there now.

More later...I want to start my laundry.

After I got the laundry in and going, I went out to Dollar General and bought a hedge clipper. The hedge in front of my apartment really needed trimming and I had to have a hedge clipper to do that. After I got that job done I swept up my mess and put it in the leaf bag. I am having my yard mowed this afternoon at 2:00PM...if it doesn't rain.

Anyhow, the hedge looks a lot better now.

More even later...It's time for the mail and I want to get the laundry in the dryer too.

I got the laundry dried and put away.

I went out to Sonic and bought the child's chicken strip meal for my lunch. I got two large chicken strips and french fries  and a small coke for $2.18. And it's just the right size.

Suzanne called me to see if I would want her to pick up my produce for me. I thought that was very nice of her and one less car in the line. I have bananas, apples and an orange among other stuff.....grapes onions, potatoes, etc.. 

The Vanatta girl came with her mother and again the youngest one mowed my yard. I will need to trim but not right now. It is terribly windy today and that is terrible for my sinus problems.  It is supposed to rain tonight so it may be a couple of days before I can get the trimming done. Everything looks a lot better now....even without the trimming.

I notice the scruffy looking gray cat was waiting for food so I took the double dish out for him/her. (I don't know which it is). When the others come, I will put out the blue bowls.

The 4:00PM channel 6 news is on now. I will keep one eye on the TV.

More later...

I watched the news and at 7:00PM I took my bath. It's 7:40 now and I have been reading and finished my book on my Kindle. I will go to bed about 9:00PM

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

A Horrible night's Sleep

I finally got to sleep sometime after midnight but I had to take Zzzquil to do it. I hate to do that because I am just wiped out the next morning.

I slept until almost 7:00AM thanks to the Zzzquil. I texted Bob while I was making up my face. He said he slept well but woke up thinking it was Saturday. Without any activities, it is hard to keep track of the days.

I had four cats waiting for me to feed them this morning. They all acted like they were starving.I had to find a fourth bowl to feed the smallest of mama cats litter. They all seem to be leaving now. I will go get the fourth bowl now.

Just as I was picking up that bowl, a fifth cat showed up. I poured what food was left in the extra bowl in one of the blue bowls and left it out there for that one to eat. Both yellow cats were here, gray mama cat and her three gray young ones. The most I have ever had at one time.

Luckily I have everything done around here. I will probably read most of the day. It is cold this morning although the sun is shining. It's supposed to get up to 69 degrees today. I am glad I got my errands done yesterday.

I have had my oatmeal and coffee and am now working on my Chai.

The starlings are coming to eat now so I will go get the bowls. I am not feeding those greasy birds.

More later...I want to watch CBS this morning.

After I watched CBS this morning, I began reading my Kindle where I downloaded a book called "Born a Crime". It is an account about a young man who was born in South Africa between a white man and and a black woman. So far, it is very interesting. I saw an interview with the author on the CBS morning show. Then I downloaded his book. It is on the New York Times list.

More even later...

My granddaughter called me several times this afternoon but my phone was not giving me notifications so until I saw the number five times on the phone (without a name)  I didn't know who it was.  I called that number and sure enough it was her. We talked an hour. Then I called Scott and told him we had talked and he was very glad she had contacted me.

I just got off the phone and I noticed Keith, my older son, had tried to call me. So I called him back.   He had some work to do on my computer and just as soon as I got home I called him back and he logged on to my computer and fixed what I needed fixed. I have some terrific kids and they are married to some terrific people. I realize how lucky I am to have such good kids.

I went out to Sonic, (against my better judgement) and had a mini Sonic Blast. I don't need the extra calories but I was rewarding myself. :)

More even later.... It is time to feed the cats.

I also want to watch the CBS news. Back to this later....

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Tuesday and Food Bank Again

I slept pretty well last night considering my right arm ached. I only woke up once in the night and went to the bathroom.

I was lying in bed thinking of getting up this morning when Scott called. He was on his way in to work and that is a good time to call for him. I visited with him for fifteen or twenty minutes when Ginger tried to get him so I let him go.  I appreciate his interest in seeing how I was. That Pepto Bismo really took care of that spell of sickness.

There were four cats out there this morning waiting for me to open the door and bring their food out. Both yellow cats and two gray ones ate this morning. I have had my oatmeal and coffee and am ready to fix my chia latte.

They have not finished all the cat food so I will leave it out there for awhile. There may be more cats who are hungry.

The food pantry  will be open this afternoon from at 3:00PM until 6:00PM. I will go by in hopes of getting bananas.  Anything I can't  use I will take over to Sycamore Landing at Coffeyville. I have a small list of groceries I can't get at the Dollar General Store here. I will leave them there on the "free" table and then go on to Walmart there.

I see mama cat is out there now eating.  I figured she might eventually come.

More later...

Leslie called to check on me. I assured her I was fine this morning.  I appreciate her checking on me though.

As soon as the CBS news was over, I watched last night's episode of "Bull". I was so glad I recorded it since I could omit the commercials.

More later....

I did get my dusting done this afternoon!

I was reading and listening to the music on the Echo when Suzanne called. She was going over to the Food Pantry and wanted to know if she could bring me my food from there.I told her I was counting on going myself but if she wanted to bring me mine, I would  appreciate it. Shortly after three she came into the driveway and brought two big bags of  groceries. I took out the fruit, which I wanted and took the vegetables over to Coffeyville to Sycamore Landings "free" table. I gave Bob a big sack of grapes and an apple. The rest was veggies like celery, asparagus and four large potatoes. Another resident took those. I also took Bob some magazines to read.

Then I went on out to Walmart there and got all the stuff I can't get at the Food Pantry. I bought some bananas, Chai Latte, coffee, four frozen dinners, cat food, kleenex, juice  and breakfast bars.

Then I came on back home. It is nearly 5:30PM now and I want to watch the CBS news . I had an apple and a breakfast bar for my supper.

More later....

I went to bed about 8:30PM but like to never got to sleep. The arm throbbed.

At 11:30PM, I finally got to sleep.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Monday and Cold Again

I slept pretty well last night...the best in a couple of weeks. I woke up just once in the night. I got up at 5:45AM. I dressed and got ready for the day. I had my oatmeal and coffee and chai latte. I have texted Bob and he is up too. He slept later because it is 33 degrees out there on April 13th. Amazing!

I see the Oklahoma governor says he has conferred with the president and decided not to insist on the Oklahoman's to shelter in place. They are also cutting production of Oklahoma oil to drive the price up. You can tell they don't care a  thing about how that effects the ordinary citizen.

Mama cat has come to eat and left and now Big Yellow Tom is here eating too. It is still very cold out there for April. I am glad I wait until the last week of April to plant my flowers. I only hope someone will be open somewhere by then so I can plant my flower bed.

I still need to dust the apartment today, That's one thing I didn't get done yesterday.

More later...

Every once in awhile, one of the cats comes to eat. It is still cold so they may have decided to wait for it to warm up some. It is up to 40 degrees now after being 33 degrees when I got up this morning.

I watched the CBS News until 10:00AM. And I ate more breakfast then usual and am paying for it now. First I had my oatmeal. then two breakfast bars and then one of those frozen sausage and egg burritos from Schwans.  That must have been "the blow that killed Willy" as my mother would have said. I have had stomach cramps ever since. I did take a Tums and that may help. Dr.Christensen said not to take Tums. Instead he has me taking one a day Omeprazole.

Anyhow, hopefully I will feel better soon. I am uncomfortable taking that med. The bottle plainly says not to take it any longer then four weeks. I have been taking it that long already. It also gives me bloating and burping, which cannot be healthy.I called him after four weeks and asked him about that and his nurse said to continue taking it. I have an appointment next month and I will mention all this to him rather then just stopping taking it..Elevating the head of my bed helped a lot. Thank God for John! I never could have done that myself.

I sent off some Daily Bread devotions to the six members of our church who do not  have e-mail and soon after I finished that I started to feel queeze and I have been in the bathroom off and on ever since. I found some old Pepto Bizmo and took a dose. It's been 30 minutes now and I feel much better.

I am so sick so seldom that I was taken by surprise this afternoon. I am going to watch the weather channel for awhile and then take my bath about 7:00PM  and see how I am feeling by then.  I may just go on to bed at 9:00PM as usual.

I hear cats out front and I do not have their food out there yet. I have just been concerned about myself. Poor cats!

I stayed up to watch "Bull" and then just couldn't do it.. I recorded it so later today I will watch it.

I went on to bed at 9:15PM. I was very tired after having been sick late this afternoon. 

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Easter Sunday

I slept fitfully again last night. It's that right arm again. I finally got up around 5:00AM.  No sense just lying there tossing and turning. I dressed and got myself ready for the day. I have had my oatmeal and am working on my coffee.  I opened the front door about 5:30AM and there were no cats out there so I turned on the inside hall light and put the cat's food out there. By the time I sat down with my coffee, gray mama cat showed up and ate awhile. I think she is gone now. None of the other grays or the two yellow cats have shown up yet. I'm not surprised.  It's only 5:45AM now.

I am watching the weather channel. They are forecasting severe weather around the midwest today. They had forecast rain for yesterday but it didn't show. We will see how correct they will be about today. They are forecasting rain and storms again for Easter.

I will watch the Easter service from headquarters in Independence Missouri at 2:00PM online.  All our congregations are closed worldwide because of caution about the coronavirus. We also have many congregations that stream their services. At 11:00AM, I will watch the one I usually do from Toronto Canada. Then at 2:00PM, I will watch the one from headquarters at Independence.

Luckily, we have options.

I see the young yellow cat is out there eating now. Maybe the others will eventually show up.

I will vacuum the den and dust and polish the apartment today too.

More later....

I have watched one of my favorite programs on CBS, "Pet Vet Dream Team" . I comes on Sunday mornings and I usually have to record it  but since I am home now thanks to the coronavirus scare I can watch it live. Now I am watching nother one called "Hope in the Wild" about a woman who shelters wild animals who are sick and nurse them back to health before she turns them loose again in the wild. This morning it is Ravens.

More later...

I had a frozen meal for lunch with an ice cream bar for dessert. I watched two religious services today, Both ran late getting started and our church's had so many people logging on that they crashed.  It was later saved on facebook so I went in there and watched it.

But I spent the afternoon waiting to see them so it had been a different day but both services were good.

This evening I have been watching the news again.  It's almost 6:00PM now and I want to watch 60 Minutes before I go take my bath. The temperatures have really dropped and we are back to 43 degrees again. We are forecast for rain and wind. The wind is here already.

I haven't seen any more cats this afternoon. Maybe they will brave the cold for their suppers I will watch for them.

I will get back to this after 60 Minutes and my bath.

More later....

Well I watched 60 Minutes and then took my bath.  I see one of the yellow cats is out there eating. Before I took my bath, I set their food out there. I will leave it until I go to bed at 9:00PM unless they eat it all.

I have the weather on TV now. They are having some wicked storms in the south tonight. I watched the weather on TV until it became evident that it was just going to be one storm after another.

I finally went to bed at 9:00PM