Saturday, June 9, 2012

It's Saturday Again!

I'm not sure what I will do today. I will have breakfast with my brother-in-law before I go up to the hospital to see my sister. I should run the sweeper too. I did the bare floors day before yesterday but with Missy in the house, I need to run the sweeper at least once or twice a week.

Inky showed up here a couple of days ago. He deserted me last year after I had fed him since he was a kitten. The neighbor up the street began feeding all the stray cats and he decided she was more regular then I was, I guess. I am now feeding Missy Science Diet to improve her diet and he really likes it and cleans up his bowl.

I am doing laundry this morning and also running the dishwasher. I stay here in the kitchen while the dishwasher is running because the pipes under the sink used to leak a little when the dishwasher was filling and also when it pumped the water out. A couple of weeks ago, it stopped leaking through. I don't trust it so I sit here at the kitchen counter while it's running and occasionally when it pumps out I get my flashlight and check it. So far, so good.

I should get out my fence paint and check it and stir it and at least begin painting my fence. It looks horrible. I just can't get motivated to do that. I should take my radio out there and at least get it started. I'll see how it goes after I get back from the hospital this morning. I could roll it on with a paint tray and roller and then use a brush to get the sides of each board. I'm trying to talk myself into it. We'll see how successful that is.

I had a very nice lunch with Gay yesterday. She drives down from Chanute and I drive up to Cherryvale and we meet there at Just Us. Tony didn't come and that's good because Bob didn't go either. He doesn't want to leave town while Phyllis is in the hospital.

Cox, my internet provider, sent a man out to work on my internet yesterday afternoon. After the power outage, my internet was very slow and the printer I had hooked up for the laptop quit working after I tried to make it wireless and it also froze the laptop up. So I put it away again. If I want to print anything from the laptop, I will just send it to the desktop and print it from that computer. They also installed a new router. The old router was six years old and not adequate for their new signal. It was running the computers at 32 mbps and now they run at 54 mbps. That's a lot faster! It will be interesting to see if it will download photos any faster next time I want to add some to the blog.

More later...

Friday, June 8, 2012

Thank Goodness It's Friday!

I'm so glad it's Friday! This has been a very stressful week. They moved my sister into Skilled Nursing and she is doing better. My concern is they are not used to handling a person with Alzheimers Disease. I went in yesterday and she had no pain med. This is a woman with a broken bone..broken entirely in two...and it is not set. It's in a brace to hold it in place in hopes it will mend that way instead of having surgery. I asked her nurse about it. This is the same nurse who asked my brother-in-law if she could stand. That is all a matter of record. She is in the fetal position, in the last stages of Alzheimers Disease. She hasn't stood for a year and a half. She hasn't walked either. He worried about it that night and called the head nurse and went through all that with him.

So when I went in last night and discovered she wasn't getting any pain medication, I asked her nurse about it. She said "we don't know when she's in pain". I said (as nicely as I could) "Let's assume she is because this bad break occurred four days ago and the bone is broken completely in two. I would assume that would be painful or at least ache. Besides, when my husband was dying the Hospice nurse told me when their brow is knit like that, that's a sign they are in pain." She immediately gave her some pain medication.

Today I noticed her IV wasn't wrapped. Phyllis tends to chew on her IV and also tries to pull it out. Over in Acute Care, they wrapped it in an elastic bandage to keep her from doing that. They also gave her respiratory therapy every hour for five minutes. She is now getting it three times a day. I wondered if that was enough to keep her from developing pneumonia. The Patient Care Nurse will also check that out.

I'm concerned that they don't have that many Alzheimer's Patients and are not familiar with the routine. At least out at Windsor's Winston Unit, that was all they did and they knew what to expect.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Eloise should have had her interview yesterday with the aides who dropped my sister so I will contact her today to learn what she learned. Then I will call my brother-in-law and talk to him about it. He can contact his daughters and talk to them. We are only interested in getting to the truth of the matter.

I have watered my flowers this morning and am about ready to go to work. I looked out this morning and lo and behold, there was Inky, the cat I raised from a small kitten. He deserted me months ago for a neighbor who fed him and several other cats on a regular basis but he was pretty skinny this morning so I fed him and set out fresh water for him.

More later....

I finally got to talk to the director of the Winston Area of the nursing home after her investigation. I called her at 9:30 and she was in a meeting. I called again at 10:40 and she was interviewing an aide. She said she would call me back in ten minutes. She did return my call. She said she had put each aide and staff member through a test. They divided into twos and transported one another from a wheelchair to a bed via the sling. It was a fearful experience for each of them as they reached the point of being transferred from the wheelchair to the sling. Then she interviewed the two aides that dropped my sister. The new one who had the coughing spell that ended up startling my sister (who they say jerked and that's what caused the fall) had cried all during the interview. The other aide had been there twelve years and was well trained.

I have watched them transport my sister that way several times. They always move the sling completely over the center of the bed and lower her before they release the sling. I still am not sure why it happened or even how it happened but it did happen. They have to report it to the state and the state will do their own investigation. They are among the number one nursing homes in the state. I guess I will just have to accept that "accidents happen". Although the majority of accidents happen because of someone's carelessness.

I talked to a nurse friend of mine who has been a nurse for 35 years. She says those slings can be a problem.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What A Day!

I worked very hard today. I spent the morning finishing one job I had started yesterday morning and then all afternoon helping another woman with her work.

When I got home, I cleaned the area back of my shed which was full of leaves. Then I mowed that area and trimmed it too. It looks better now then it has in ages.

When I got home from work, we had had a power outage so I had to reset the clocks and the one on the microwave. Then I discovered my wireless printer was not going to work wirelessly. It works o.k on the desktop but not on the laptop. So I got out my old printer and set it up for the laptop. The print cartridges were all dried out and even the unopened black cartridge was dried up. Luckily the new color one wasn't. I managed to print with it.

It's always something.

I ate one of my TV dinners again this evening.

This morning my brother-in-law called to say he had spoken to the doctor and the doctor told him there was a possibility that my sister would have a problem in her recovery. She might have kidney failure, she might develop a blood clot and she might get pneumonia. That was sad news but I know he just wanted to prepare us for the possibility. I was depressed all morning over it. I managed to shake it off after lunch.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Very Busy Day

It was a very busy day! I had lots to do this morning and the morning flew...just like I like it. I took off at noon and went to my cousin's husband's funeral. It was very well done. Their daughter spoke at length about what a wonderful man and father he was. There was a reception afterward and we attended that too. I have a chance to see two of my other cousins there too.

I took Bob home and went up to see my sister. She was pretty sleepy and I wanted to talk to her nurse and the aide said she would get her. I waited about 15 minutes and she never showed up. So I left. Phyllis was sleeping by then.

Then I came home to three messages on my home phone. I tried to use my new phone but I really hated it with it's touch screen so I took it back. They had received some new flip phones and that's what I really wanted anyhow. I got a refund and got one of the flip phones. I'm happy with that. Then I came home. I don't know what I will eat for dinner. I have several frozen dinners but they had thawed when my frig quit working last month and they don't taste as good now.

But I think I will have a TV dinner since I need to eat them up before buying more.

After dinner I mowed and trimmed my yard. It was beginning to get away from me. I couldn't find anything to watch on TV so I will read awhile and then just go to bed. It's been exhausting.

Monday, June 4, 2012

No New Developments

I have decided to go on to work this morning since I will take off tomorrow afternoon for my cousin's husband's funeral. They are to call me from Windsor after their investigation is complete today. Then I will take off and go out there to talk to the director. I stayed at the hospital yesterday until dinner time. I did go out to Windsor in the afternoon to talk to the LPN on duty. I didn't learn anything new from her. She didn't know anything except what their report said...which I don't believe.

They are doing an internal investigation today. I want the truth and the whole truth about this entire incident. The first story was that as they were transferring her from the sling to the bed, she jerked and fell from the sling. That's impossible for several reasons. The first one is that Phyllis cannot move much at all. She is curled up in a fetal position. She cannot even feed herself and has to eat pureed food. The second reason is that I have been there when they have moved her from the wheelchair to the bed before. They move the sling completely over the bed (which is more like a cot with high sides)before they lower her into it and then release the sides of the sling. The sling itself holds the patient inside four raised sides. They cannot fall out.

You know my suspicion and I mentioned it to Eloise today. Hopefully I will know more after their investigation. Eloise is still trying to find the aide that is off for three days. She wants to call the two of them in and talk to them together. It will probably be Wednesday now before she can get them both together for her interview.

More later....

After work, I went out the the mortuary to see my cousin at the family gathering. After that I went up to the hospital to see my sister. She is in some pain with the leg and her sugar is almost 400. They have given her insulin three times today to try to get it down. She is eating good and that is one blessing. My poor sister is in such a terrible shape.

Tomorrow afternoon Bob A and I will go to Dick's funeral. I will pick him up at 1:30.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Castastrophie

Something terrible happened last night. My sister who lives in a nursing home here and has Alzheimer's Disease, somehow was dropped out of the sling while they were moving her. The fall broke her leg and now she is in the hospital and will have to have surgery tomorrow. My brother-in-law just called me. He went up to the hospital last night at 9:00 and stayed until midnight. I will go on to church this morning and then go out to the hospital afterward. He is going out to the hospital after awhile. First he needs to call his daughter and tell her. She will be just as heartsick as I am. I am also angry that that happened. I have always been very happy with her treatment there. But how that could happen is beyond me. The fall broke the same leg as the hip that broke several years ago. That surgery accelerated her Alzheimer's Disease something terrible. This will do that again. Anytime they give anesthetic, it accelerates the effects of Alzheimer's Disease.

And there's always the worry about coming out of the surgery in the shape she's in.....

I guess it's worse then we thought. We saw the x-rays today and the break is all the way through and to the side. It did not come through the skin. They are going to try to stabilize it with a brace and not do surgery. She is not mobile at all. She neither stands nor walks. She can't even turn over by herself. How she "fell" is beyond me but I will get to the bottom of this eventually. I have a suspicion that they tried to move her from the wheelchair to the bed without the sling and dropped her but at this point I can't prove that. The surgeon is afraid of infection if he did surgery and also that the screw he would put in would not hold with her osteoporosis. So first we are going to try to get it to heal by just being braced. If that doesn't work, it will have to be surgery.

More later....