Saturday, May 28, 2011

Busy Fun Saturday

This has been a busy day already. I got up at 4:30 after going to bed early. Then at 7:30 I met Bob A. for breakfast at Eggberts.

After that, about 9:30, I went out to Windsor to see Phyllis. She was about the same...not too responsive. When I got there, as soon as I entered the door, I heard crying. It was Phyllis. When I got into the family room where she was sitting and sat down beside her, she stopped crying. I tried to visit with her but she couldn't finish a coherent sentence. Alzheimer's is such a cruel disease. After a little while I went down to see Gerry. I stayed about twenty minutes each place.

Then I called Bob A. back and told him I was on my way home. He had never been to Mayfest so he agreed to go with me. We had a good time. They had a huge car show. He likes those car shows.

We both entered a contest to win $100. That would be lovely if one of us won but I'm not holding my breath.

I will be invited over to his house for dinner. His eldest daughter is there and her male friend cooks burgers and stuff when they come. They will call me when they are ready for me to come.

Meanwhile, I will do some cleaning here.

Bob A. called about 3:00 and said "Come whenever you want to. We will eat around 5:00." I was just getting ready to leave when my cousin from Houston came by with her husband. They had been decorating graves and wondered where we had put Bob. I told them we had him cremated and ashes scattered at our churches campgrounds just like he wanted. We had a nice visit. When they left I went over to Bob A's and had hamburgers with his daughter and her friends. All in all, it was a good day.

I got home about 7:30 and fed my animals. Now I will take my bath and watch some TV...if I can find anything worth watching on TV.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Busy Friday

This photo is the flowerbed I dug last weekend.

Well, I had lots of tedious work to do today at work but I was happy about that. The time just flew. Now I am waiting for time to go to my job interview at 3:00.

I ate a couple of pieces of toast for lunch. It's been drizzling again this morning. I am very tired of rain. Yesterday was just lovely and I got a lot done. I trimmed and mowed. I still have the space behind my fence to mtrim but it's too wet now.

The mail came. All I got was junk mail.

More later...

I had a real good interview but the librarian told me they had a lot of good applicants too. So I will know one way or the other by next Friday.

I went to Wal Mart before the interview and on my way home I noticed they had charged me twice for my printer ink cartridges. So I drove all the way back out there and got a credit for over $46.00. Thank goodness I noticed it.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Unsettled Weather Thursday

This photo is the eave of my house after Jeff repaired it and painted it.

This will probably be another slow day at work. Heather is gone on vacation and Sandra just doesn't have enough work to keep me busy.

If it doesn't rain, Jeff will be back today to work on the soffits. He has them all painted and in my garage so if it does rain, they won't get wet. I have parked my car in the carport off the alley.

I called the roofer last night to see if he could tell me when he was going to do the roof over the patio. It has been three months now since the hailstorm and they have too much work to do here in town to get back to my little job. Keith W. says he will be bringing my swing back today. He has it painted. I want to paint the framework for my patio cover and I don't want to do it in July. June will be hot enough. But I want the roof on it before I do that. Then I want to wash and clean off the patio and re-paint it with that gritty cement paint. I will have to stake Slinky out in the yard when I do that. And I will have to put Missy in the house and Inky in the garage. Otherwise they will get into the wet paint.

I also want to re-paint the green trim on the front of my house. It looks pretty grubby.

I talked to my brother-in-law last night. His older daughter from Wisconsin is coming this weekend to see her mother in the Alzheimer's unit at the nursing home. She is going to be so shocked.

I am going over to Caney on Saturday for Mayfest if it doesn't rain and I asked him if he wanted to go too. His daughter will be meeting some friends over there that day so he will be free. So he was interested in going.

Next Wednesday, I am going to meet Myra H. in Bartlesville to have lunch. She contacted me yesterday. She lost her Bob shortly after I lost my Bob last year. I have only seen her once since then. She is an old friend from fifty years ago.

More later...

Jeff and Richard came today and are working to get my house finished. It is a sunshiny day.

They didn't quite get finished. Jeff still has to paint two coats on the soffit in front and a second coat on the back and then scrape the east side of the patio framework for me. I also asked to be put on his list for exhaust fans in the bathrooms. That may be awhile and it depends on how much money I have left after he charges me for this last work on the soffits.

Keith W. brought my swing over this afternoon. It looks very nice. he tightened eberything up for me. Then I got my mowing andf trimming done.

I have an appointment for a job interview tomorrow at 3:00. I've already interviewed for this same job two years ago. I didn't get it then and I don't expect I'll get it this time either. It's a library aide at our library.

Leslie called this evening and asked me if I wanted to run down to Bartlesville with her to get new chains for John's chain saws. John and his crew went to Joplin to work on clearing the tornado damage. I went with her and we ate at Mazzio's and took some home for John. He will be going back tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday Again

We had a huge storm all around us last night. All we got out of it was some wind and rain though. I sat up and saw it through before I took my bath and went to bed. Keith and Leslie both called to check on me. I slept really well last night.

I will work today although I doubt there is anything much for me to do. There was not much yesterday and Heather will be gone today so I will work with Sandra. She doesn't have anything planned for me to do. I really dislike just sitting around.

I have a hair appointment for color and cut in Independence at 1:45 this afternoon.

If it doesn't rain, Jeff will come back and work on my soffits today. He could have worked yesterday but they thought it might storm so he worked inside for Richard instead.

Nothing much going on in my life until Saturday when I will go over to Caney for Mayfest. That's usually fun and I see a lot of people I know there.

Today would have been Bob's 81st birthday if he had lived.

More later...

Jeff did come today. When I got back from Independence, he was here. He took down all of the soffits on the south side. The further he went the more problems he found. Lots of rot and debris up there. The people who insulated the attic put the insulation completely to the edge of the roof backing up to the soffits and cut off the flow of the air that is supposed to get to the vents to ventilate the attic. No wonder it's so hot up there. There is very little ventilation. He is fixing that too.

He has the new soffits cut and primed and one coat of paint on them now. He is digging the old grout out of the area where the soffits go in and shoving the insulation back away from the edges of the house now. He may have to finish tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cloudy Tuesday

It's supposed to be just cloudy today but rain the rest of the week. I am very tired of rain and storms. I hope we work today. I need the money with all the work I'm having to have done on my house.

Perhaps we'll learn today if Scott gets financed with his car. I hope he does because his Jeep has way too many miles on it.

Yesterday I applied for another part time job. I've probably applied for two dozen so far and not been hired by any of them. But one of the requirements for participating in this department of labor program is that I continue to look for a job. This would be an apartment manager. There's a new apartment complex being built downtown and they are looking for an apartment manager....actually someone to also market the new apartments.

More later...

Actually, they had very little for me to do at work again today. The morning drug. I did a little filing...very little. I tried to organize a storage closet but I did that on my own.

Richard is supposed to come submit a bill to me this afternoon for me to pay for the work Jeff has already done. I thought Jeff would come today since the sun was shining and we are expecting rain the rest of the week. It will be a week before he can get back to it now. Oh well!

The car financing fell through., Scott would have had to have $7500 as a down payment and he did not have it. The other option would have been $2500 and he could have come up with that. So, he'll just have to fix up his Jeep and keep it.

A year ago today, Bob died. It seems a long time ago. It was the day before his 80th birthday.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Storm Warnings

We are under storm warnings today. Yesterday evening, an EF 4 tornado hit Joplin Missouri which is 70 miles east of us here. It destroyed 30% of a city of 50,000. 89 were declared fatalities and there may be more. It's the most fatalities in a single tornado since 1954. It was at least 3/4 of a mile wide.

A wave of rain and storm warnings continue to be issued here. We've had torrential rains and some marble sized hail. Slinky is in the kitchen. That old dog was frightened. Missy came in out of that rain and was soaking wet. I took a towel to her to try to dry her out. Inky was in the garage and he is still there.

Scott, my younger son, has called several times. I called to see if my daughter was alright. She was. She lives east and north of here.

I am not able to get to work today because my street and others are flooded. So I am just staying home until it lets up enough (if it does) to clear the streets.

Last night I had the Living the Questions group here. It was alright but not as interesting as usual. But I always enjoy the fellowship.

There are very few basements in this area. It was once an inland sea and is all limestone. If you want a basement they dig it with a jackhammer.

More later...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Again

My how times flies! It's Sunday again and I was just sitting out on the patio with Slinky thinking about how fast time flies as we get older.

I decided to vacuum the rugs on the patio and got two of them done but could not get Slinky to move off the other two. Then I got the blower/vacuum and vacuumed off the patio with it. He did move and I got it cleaned as much as anyone can clean a patio that needs a coat of patio cement paint. After they get my patio roof re-roofed, (if they ever get back to it) I will wash it off, dry it good and re-paint it. But before I do that, I will re-paint the patio roof framework. Then the patio should look real good. If I ever get all the repairs done on my house, I will feel real good about it.

I still have to plant the new flowerbed, trim the back yard, trim my neighbor's shrubbery away from the fence, and eventually paint my fence. So much to do and so little time. Well, maybe that will keep me alive. I have too much to do to die. :)

Bob A. will be by at 9:00 to pick me up for church. Leslie and Cyndi went to Kansas City for a weekend of shopping so they won't be there. I'll be surprised if Jeff and John come to church. Karan is speaking so it should be good.

Afterward several of us will go eat somewhere.

Then this afternoon, I want to get my flowers and mulch that flowerbed. It's supposed to rain again either this afternoon or tonight. I need to mow again too. I hope it passes us by.

I have to do my letters and since I am having the Living the Questions group tonight, I will also make brownies for the dessert. I will put vanilla ice cream on top of the brownie. That should do it.

More later...

It's 4:15 and I have the brownies made and the lawn mowed and the flowers planted. I don't have the letters done so that is my next project.

Five of us went to Sirloin Stockade at lunch today. My son-in-law didn't come. he went to Independence. Leslie was out of town with Cyndi.

We had a good time anyhow.
I'm all ready for the group tonight.

Ah ha! I got the flowers mulched and the letters done and out on the mailbox. Now all I need to do is trim. That can wait. I need to rest!