Friday, April 2, 2010

Grandson Birthday

This is the 31st birthday of our grandson, Jeromy. He is the one whose wife recently had a baby girl, Miya Sky. We are meeting tonight at 6:30 at our son in law and daughter's home to celebrate his birthday. It is a card party. Leslie will serve ice cream and cake.

Yesterday was fairly busy. We had our ministerial alliance meeting and I did my minutes afterward. I read most of the afternoon and finished my book. When I read fiction, I like mysteries.

I didn't fix dinner. Bob had had a nice lunch at CMA and I was not particularly hungry so we just had sandwiches for supper.

I would like to have worked in the yard but the wind was fierce. The wind really messes with my sinus', not to mention my hair.

We watched TV last night. Bob's favorite program is "This Old House". After the program was over, we went to bed.

Friday's problem.

Will it never end? A couple of weeks ago we took our Honda in for an air bag recall. They replaced the airbag. Now the SRS light comes on and stays on. We took it to our mechanic and he said his computer wouldn't tell him what the problem was but he could dig deeper but since we had just had it in for an airbag recall he suggested we take it back to the dealer. We will take it in in Bartlesville at 2:00. The service department there did tell me it probably wasn't connected to their recall. Right!! I'll hash that out with them this afternoon.

So, first it was the hot water tank, then the stool in Bob's bathroom, and then the wiring board on the furnace and now the car. I wonder what will be next. If we didn't have bad luck, we wouldn't have any luck at all.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Chaplain Service

Today Bob and I serve as chaplains at the hospital. Actually we serve for a week. With the HIPPA rulings, there's not a lot we can do. We can go check the list of our church members...that shouldn't be hard since there are so few of us. Then we can ask at the nurse's station if anyone has wanted to see a chaplain. We are no longer allowed to walk from room to room and visit those able to have visitors or even see the entire census. If that were so, I am sure there are many people in the hospital that we would know and could visit. But federal law prohibits that and if the hospital allowed it, they could be shut down. So much for being the chaplain. Now they can and have awoken us in the middle of the night to come pray with a frightened patient or one that was about to die. But until they request us, we cannot go. I'm not sure how helpful that is for all party's involved.

First I will go to Independence and get my hair cut and fixed. Then I will meet Juanita for breakfast. I stopped at the church and made copies for the alliance of the minutes of last week's meeting and the agenda for tomorrow.

We went to the market today and bought a week's worth of groceries.

Tomorrow we have our Ministerial Alliance meeting at noon.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Busy Tuesday

I went to my sister's as usual today. She is so confused. It's a tragedy.

Then after I got home I had my light breakfast and then checked the e-mail. Our son in Phoenix called and we talked awhile.

Then I contacted our daughter about lunch. She was able to meet us so we went to Independence ad took her to lunch. That was neat. Then we went out to their house and her husband gave us some of their meat. That saves us a bunch of money and we get grass fed beef too.

Bob is taking his nap now. I cut his hair after we got home from Independence.

Slinky did some damage to my new flower bed. Thank goodness I didn't have anything planted in there yet. That dog loves to eat dirt. I can't imagine!

I will fix some chicken tonight. We have salad and that's about all we need after that large lunch.

Tonight we will watch Nova and Frontline on PBS. We watched the American Experience last night and it was about the war in the Pacific. I think we had seen it before but it was still interesting.

I guess I will make some tea.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Morning Cleaning Day

Well, it's Monday and that means house cleaning day. It got cold last night so we brought Slinky in after the Living the Questions group left. There were only seven here but we had a great discussion. Our video was John Spong and that gave us lots to talk about. It was entitled "Jesus for The Non Religious". Verry interesting.

I got my letters out and also made brownies to put under ice cream. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

More later:

Our furnace man came early. The part came in early. So now we have the blower working on the furnace again. That's about three hundred dollars we don't have. let's see. There was the hot water tank, the stool in the small bath, and now the furnace blower. I guess that our three catastrophes. Only the furnace man said our air conditioner was dated 1971...original equipment to this house4.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Blue Screen

We didn't do much yesterday. I was chilly and windy. We took the morning and went through the "junk shops" downtown. Bob found a latch for his gate. That's about all. I started reading a book of fiction...something I seldom do. I was bored. I don't like the wind. It makes my sinus' run.

There was nothing on TV so nothing to do but read.

I did have an interesting thing happen yesterday through. When I got home from looking at the junk shops, I found that my laptop computer, which I had left on and booted up, had the dreaded blue screen. I shut it down and rebooted and everything seemed to be o.k. I had run defrag earlier in the day because I noticed that the computer was badly fragmented. It had been awhile since I had done maintenance. So I defraged both computers. Evidently the laptop did not appreciate that. After the blue screen incident, I began backing up files. If it happens again I don't want to lose everything. After payday, I'll buy another thumb drive and back up my files onto it. I don't know what else to do about the blue screen incident. It's my son in Phoenix that's the computer tech...not me.