Saturday, May 2, 2015

Saturday Again!

Thank goodness it's Saturday! This morning Bob will come by and we will go to breakfast at Eggberts.  Later this morning, about 10:00, we will go over to Cherryvale for the Cherry Blossom Festival. We will eat at Just Us for lunch.  It's supposed to be a lovely day in the low 80s!

Then I will need to go to Wal Mart and pick up a baby gift for Joyce's grandchild. It's a boy and is not born yet. The shower is at 2:00 this afternoon at the Trinity United Methodist Church.

I also need to get a few groceries while I'm out there.

More later....

We did go to breakfast at Eggberts.  Then I arranged my day to get everything done.

What a busy day this has been! I went to Wal Mart and bought the baby gift and paper to wrap it and also a bow. When I got home I wrapped the gift  and got it ready for the shower.  Then Bob came and we went to Cherryvale for the Cherry Blossom Festival.  It was quite a bit smaller then usual. We noticed it was smaller last year too. These things are everywhere and perhaps they are all shrinking. Mayfest over at Caney is Memorial Day weekend and Sunfest at Bartlesville the first weekend in June.

Afterward we went to "Just Us" for their lunch buffet and had our usual good lunch with the favorite pie and ice cream for dessert.

After that, I rushed home to attend the shower. It was well attended although, surprisingly, I was the only one there from our Living the Questions group.

After that, I came home and was very tired. Bob called later in the evening and said he was going to forgo the wine since he was tired too.

I took my bath and put my PJs on as usual and sat in the recliner with Missy in my lap until bedtime at 9:00. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday At Last

Thank goodness it's Friday! What an exhausting week this has been and it's not over yet. Undoubtedly Katie will have a list of books that are not in the system. I will have to hunt them down.

Bob came over after his Bar B Q last evening and had a glass of wine with me. After he left I took my bath and put my PJs on. I went to bed at 9:00. I awoke several times during the night but was able to get back to sleep. I got up at 6:00 again.

Tomorrow after breakfast and nearly 10:00 Bob and I plan to go to the Cherry Blossom Festival at Cherryvale. Afterward at lunch time we will go to Just Us for lunch.  I don't know about the rest of the day. I will need to go out to Wal Mart and buy a baby gift for Joyce's daughter new baby boy. The shower is at 2:00 that afternoon and I will try to make it.

I will go to exercise class this morning. I missed Wednesday. I was so exhausted. I think this is cinnamon roll day at Utopia too. I always enjoy those.  Bob is usually up for them too.

I will have a ham and potato casserole for lunch with a veggie and Bob's salad.  We won't need a dessert if we have that cinnamon roll. :)

More later....

Lunch was a little later then usual. My potatoes just wouldn't cook through. They were a little hard.

Sure enough! Katie wasn't at the library today  but she left a list of books for me to locate so they could be put into the system. I found them right away and then spent the rest of the afternoon looking for things to do.  I did repair and clean 4 DVDs. The machine can just be used for thirty minutes at a time. 

When I got home Bob came over for wine.  Before he left, my TV went out and it was Cox cable. I lost nearly all my channels. I called Cox but they tried to reboot my box but that didn't help. I even lost the weather channel. Finally they just told me it would be a week before a tech could get with me to work on it.  I was very disgusted...needless to say.  Most of today's television is just junk and trash anyhow. The programming is pitiful....reality shows, bah humbug!

I watch PBS and the Tulsa channel 6. We get NO Kansas news here in southeast Kansas. It's all Oklahoma news.

I went to bed at 9:00.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thursday and Another Day

I got a good night's sleep last night after Betty called me back. However, when I got up this morning I found the battery had gone out on my watch. I will need to go get a battery in it later this morning.

I plan to just have coneys and french fries for lunch today. I know that's not healthy but I want to use this chili up and that is one way to use it that is different.

I will go get a battery in my watch later this morning but Thursday is apartment cleaning day and I will need to clean too just as soon as I finish this.  I don't know what to expect at work today. If I have a free afternoon I need to repair and clean a pile of damaged DVDs. Adrian gave me the new kit about 4:45 last evening. He forgot to give it to me earlier.

More later.....

I got the battery for my watch and came back home in time to fix our lunch. It turned out to be really good and I sent the leftovers home with Bob.

Then I went to work.

What an afternoon! I had barely begun putting away dozens of DVDs when Katie came to get me to take the green stickers that designate new books off a cart full of them. I borrowed Raye's paring knife and got that job finished just as Katie said she wanted me to scan bar codes so I left the DVDs for Paula to take care of.

I started two bookcases from the end of the aisle I worked on Monday and finished that one up before doing the entire next aisle. I finished that at 4:00 and took the books without bar codes in to Katie to check over.  I imagine tomorrow I will be tracking the books that are not in the system. I hope it's not another 32 but I'll bet it will be.  When I finished, I went into the office and Paula had done nothing with the DVDs and I had all those to empty.

I got home very tired and will fix myself a cup of Chia Latte in a moment.  I stopped at Sonic and bought myself a mini blast and that's all I've had so far this evening.  Bob is at a Bar B Q over at Sycamore Landing where he lives now.  I will take my bath at 7:00 and get into my PJs and relax in the recliner.  I hope I can stay awake.  Tomorrow is Friday and I am ready for that! What a week!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wednesday and Eating Out

Yesterday evening Bob suggested we go out to El Pueblo for lunch today. That was fine with me. I was fresh out of lunch ideas.  The job absolutely zaps me. I stayed up last night until 10:00 and watched PBS. Then I awoke this morning at 4:00 AM. I could not get back to sleep so I just got up.

I don't know how long I can keep up this pace. I never seem to get rested. I have lost six pounds since I started this job.

More later...

Katie wasn't  at the library until 4:00. Her day was full of meetings. I spent the day shelf reading and putting away DVDs. That gave me some opportunity to rest from scanning bar codes. Bob came over for wine but left at 7:00. I took my bath and put my PJs on to watch PBS programming. 

The doorbell rang and I ran to get a robe and answer it. It was the caretaker from the apartments next door.  He had one of his residents call to tell him that the man who did our mowing on Monday missed a huge patch of grass right across from her apartment and it was 10 feet by 20 feet in size. He took his weed eater out there and trimmed it but he wanted me to contact our owner and report that. He doesn't want to be in charge of our mowing.  I tried to reach both Martha and Betty but had to just leave a message and I went to bed at 9:00...exhausted. I had been up since 4:00 AM and had a busy day.

At 10:00 my phone rang and it was Betty calling me back. She didn't realize it was after 10:00 and apologized. I told her about the mowing problem and then I lost a signal. I went right back to sleep.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tuesday and Chili

Today we will have chili for lunch. I have the chili all ready and it has been on "warm"  since 8:30 this morning. We will have crackers and cheese with it. I am out of Fretoes.  I may walk over to the Dollar General store and buy some.  It's only a block.

Last night I awoke at 1:00 with my hands hurting. I could not get back to sleep because of that and also  because of thinking about that situation at work.

I had two groups of people I had to ask to quiet down so I could concentrate on what I was doing yesterday.  One group was teenagers and I asked them to quiet down so I could concentrate and also asked them to leave since the library is not a recreation center.  Then I also talked to the two young men who were talking loudly and told them that there was a man over in genealogy trying to think and myself, trying to  scan bar codes, and their conversations were so loud it was troubling to both of us. They quieted down too and apologized.

I can't believe folks nowadays don't now how to behave in a library.

More later....

Well, I didn't have to scan bar codes today. Instead I had to find 30 books that were not in the system and the only way to find them was to have the numbers of the books on either side of them. It took me three hours to finish. Then when I finished my work, I found that Paula had only done half of hers so I had hers to finish too.  This job has become a nightmare even worse then the museum.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday Again and Exercises

I may not go to exercises this morning. After our trip yesterday, I am still tired. The trip was grueling.  We sat in the bench seat for three hours with our legs folded up because there was no floor in front of the seat. When I got out of the SUV,  it took me a minute to be able to use my legs. Leslie is going to argue with them about the price when she returns it this morning. It is not the 8 passenger van she had ordered two weeks ago.  If Billie Jo had decided to go or Elnora, there would have been no place to put either of them.

I let Missy out this morning for just a minute. She took a couple of steps out and then began growling. I looked up and that cat that looks just like her (only smaller) was running across the street coming to meet her. I opened the door and ordered her back into the apartment and she obeyed (for once).  She is too old to fight and she has never really recovered from that fight two years ago.  She must have lots of aches and pains the way she strains to lie down.

I am going to put a roast in the slow cooker this morning. I had one cut in two at the market Saturday so we would not have to eat it for a week. I will add potatoes and carrots later. Bob will bring a salad. I will probably fix fruit for dessert.

More later....

Well, I did go on to exercises. I wasn't all that interested but Bob came by and I went on. I texted my daughter and she did get a discount on that Tahoe SUV that they gave us instead of a eight passenger van.  She told him she had a group of elderly citizens who had to sit with their knees up to their chins for three hours each way.  She also showed him that back bench so he could see for himself.

More even later....

Oh my! What an afternoon I had .  Katie was late getting me started with the scanning (she had a woman in her office visiting) but that wasn't the worst of it. This area I am scanning right now is full of little tiny thin books and it is so hard to keep them straight to scan. Then at the end of my time scanning, I got to some books on the background of stamps.  There were twelve of these books in book holders and I had to take each book holder out of the  bookcase to remove the thick soft bound books, open them to the page with the bar code and scan the bar code. After each two, I put the book holder back in the bookcase. The last three of these huge tomes had no book holder and were just standing insecurely alone. I laid them down flat while I scanned all the others. When I finished, I scanned each of them before starting to stand them up again and put the bookend next to them to keep the them secure. When I turned loose of them, they folded over and fell out of the bookcase hitting the little stand I had the tablet laying on. It only hit the bottom and apparently did not hurt the tablet at all. 

Well I thought not. I finished another two dozen books and got to a  stopping place before I noticed that apparently the jar on the stand caused the courser to open up away where I had begun those last two dozen scans. It was time for me to go and I went to find Katie to tell her about it and she had already gone for the day. I had to get Adrian to open her office to put the tablet and scanner away on her desk.

Needless to say, it was a mess.

I got home exhausted.  Bob had some computer problems and we worked those out too. Then at 7:00 he left and I took my bath and put my PJs on. I went to bed at 9:00.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Worship Trip

I got up at 4:00 this morning to get ready for the trip. Bob was to pick me up at 5:30 and then we were to pick up Phyllis at 6:00. She was ready and so we headed for the church where we were to meet the Tahoe with Leslie and John.  From there we went on to Neodesha where we picked up John and Sue. It was terribly crowded. The back three seats were on a bench and there was no room for our legs except to tuck them up nearly under our chins. Phyllis had to sit in the middle so she could extend her long legs. It was a long trip.

But the service was really good and the preaching was exceptional.  We ate at Applebees afterward and had a good time on the way up and back.

It was a long day but a good one.  We stopped at the Dairy Queen on the way back through Independence Kansas and bought Dilly Bars.

When I got home, Missy was really glad to see me. I gave her her treats and started working on the blog.  Now I will go take my bath and put my PJs on and let her lay on my lap. She's been good to be alone all day.

This is our Temple in Independence, Missouri. It's where the worship service was held.