Saturday, May 30, 2020

Saturday and Too Good to be True

I figured the painless arm was too good to be true. Last night was the same old pain. I slept off and on and finally got up just before 6:00AM

I have had my breakfast of oatmeal, juice, coffee, and chai latte. I have fed three cats first and then after they left Big Yellow Tom came and I fed him. He is gone now and I need to get the food back in or the birds will be eating it.

Nancy and I had such a good time yesterday. We both needed to do something different. The tour of the antique mall and dinner out at El Publito was really just the thing.

Now today is back to isolation.....

More later....

I texted my brother-in-law this morning and he is ready to get back to church again. I explained to him that the leadership of the church met and made that decision not to reopen yet  They are fearful groups of people too early and too close together will spread the virus. So we will wait. Better safe then sorry.

I learned this afternoon  that we will have church again on June 7th.but only the 11:00AM worship service and sermon. The tables and chairs in the all purpose room have been put away.  We will not use the east door...only the front door.  There will be no coffee or coffeecake and there will be no church school classes at this point. We will all wear face masks to protect others of our group from each of us . Only the foyer, the restrooms and the sanctuary will be used. All sanctuary chairs will be six feet apart. Cyndi will be cleaning and disinfecting everything each Saturday.

There will be no bulletins. The bulletin will be projected on a screen along with the hymns. The hymns will just be the singing.

It will be an experiment to see if we can all stay safe. Families can sit together since they live together anyhow. Everyone else will be sitting apart from one another.

It will be so good to see one another again. We will all need to be careful though.

More later...

I went out to Leslie's this afternoon to pick up the  rotator cuff brace she ordered for me and she told me all this. I am anxious to try the brace tonight to see if it will help me to be able to sleep with it on.

It's 7:20PM now so I guess I will take my bath and then watch TV afterward.

I will plan to go to bed at 9:00PM as usual.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Friday and A Phenominal Night's Sleep

I was amazed when I woke up this morning at 5:20AM. I had slept through the night without waking up once and with no pain in the arm. That's a first.

I dressed and got myself ready for the day, had my breakfast of oatmeal and coffee and am now working on my chai latte.

After I finished my coffee I opened the front door to two yellow cats. It was Big Yellow Tom and his yellow half grown kitten. I fed them and they dug in on that cat food. I believe they both are gone now so I will bring in the food before the ants or the birds get into it.

I heard from my classmate, Dean, yesterday. He is planning on coming in June to check on his farm over at South Coffeyville and will be staying a couple of days. Earlier he had planned to take me and we were going over to Pawhuska to see the Pioneer Woman site. I don't know whether he still plans to do that or not. He told me to figure out where I where to eat in the area. It will probably be in Bartlesville since there is only one restaurant in Coffeyville besides the El Pueblo over there and there is only Eggberts here in Caney besides the Mexican restaurant downtown. I have never eaten there since I moved here. I am not all that crazy about Mexican food.

I would like to take him over to Cherryvale to "Just Us" but I don't know whether Kay is open again or not. I will call over there and check it out ...maybe today. I don't know exactly when in June he is coming. I am sure he will tell me as soon as he knows. We might just wait and eat at Pawhuska if we go there. I'll try to work that out with him before he comes.

I took my plants back outside this morning since it's supposed to be a beautiful day today. They look a little ratty now but I am hoping they will recover.

I still have to vacuum the den today. I never did get it done yesterday. Instead I visited with Nancy.

So more later...

It was a beautiful day today and I just couldn't stay home. I contacted Nancy and asked her is she would like to go over to Coffeyville with me. She said she would love to . She was as sick of staying home as I was. We drove over to Coffeyville and I took her out to see the Walmart store. I didn't stop and shop. I didn't want to deal with it.

Instead we went to what used to be the Countrytime  Music Theater. It is now an antique mall and has been for twenty years. We walked through that for an hour and a half and she bought a few things she liked. Then we went out to El Publito and had a number 13 luncheon dinner.  It was very good and I brought some of mine home for tomorrow's lunch. We had a good time!

I took her home and went in for awhile. She loaded me down with food from the food pantry that her cousin's widow brought to her. I will try to give it to Krystal on Monday when her daughter comes to mow. I will never be able to eat it all. I have blueberries, small tomatoes, red berries and more then I could ever use. I had told Suzanne not to pick up any for me at the food pantry and the Nancy loaded me down with hers.

I checked over my mail and ate a breakfast bar for supper.

I will eat some grapes later.. Right now it is 6:05PM and it has been a very good day.

More later....after I have my bath at 7:00PM.  I am watching the news now.

After the news, I watched a few episodes of Forensic Files and about 9:15PM, I went on to bed.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Thursday and More Cleaning

I slept fair last night...nothing to write home about though. I was awake several times with a very sore right arm. I just couldn't seem to get comfortable.

Anyhow I got up shortly before 5:00AM, dressed and got myself ready for the day. I have my oatmeal and coffee and will soon work on my chai latte.

I have had three cats by for their breakfast. Gray Scruffy, and two yellow cats. I barely saw the last one but I think it was Bog Yellow Tom. The third one was one of the smaller yellow cats. They all ate like they hadn't eaten in a week. I know better then that.

I see Medium Tom is back eating again. He was run off earlier by Big Tom.

Today I will work on vacuuming the den and the rest of the dining room....I did some of it yesterday afternoon when I did the living room but didn't move the dining room chairs out so I will do that today. I also have some laundry to do today again.

More later....

I got the laundry done and that's about all. I called Nancy to see how she was and she was feeling a lot better. In fact she wanted me to come over. So I went over and  and we visited awhile and then she wanted to come to my house. I brought her over for  a visit here. I just took her home at 5:30PM. It was so good to see someone and have a visit. She sat across the room from me so we did not "infect" each other.  She did borrow a book from me. It was Bernstein's book "Fear". She said she would read it tonight. We will see.

Now I am watching CBS news. Minneapolis people are very angry about another police killing of another black man.

I will take my bath about 7:00PM and try to go to bed about 9:00PM

More later....
(I didn't get the vacuuming done at all) I will do it tomorrow.

I stayed up until 10:00PM watching a history lesson from the site at Ontario  Canada. Then I went on to bed.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Wednesday and a Better Night's Sleep

I slept better last night although I did get up at 5:00AM. I had plenty of sleep.

I have dressed and had a light breakfast and have had coffee and am working on Chai now. A little later I will text Bob and see if he is still interested in having breakfast at Eggberts in Coffeyville. We are forecast for more rain later in the day. And tomorrow we are to have rain too.  The weekend is supposed to be dry though.

I had three cats come for breakfast...Scruffy, Big Yellow Tom and a smaller yellow cat. They are all eating out there.

Still I haven't seen mama gray cat in weeks or any of the other three gray cats except Scruffy. They are all through and gone now.

It is 5:50AM now and is getting light.  I will text Bob sometime after 6:00AM. If he still wants to have breakfast, I will leave at 6:30AM for Coffeyville. I also have an 8:45AM hair appointment. I will get gasoline at Woodshed in South Coffeyville if it's not raining after my hair appointment.

It's getting light out there now...

I picked up Bob at 7:00AM and we had breakfast at Eggberts. Afterward I went out to Woodshed and bought gas. Then I went to my hair appointment at 8:45AM. After that I came back home. I didn't really need anything from Walmart.

Maybe I can get Nancy to go to lunch today after all. Bunco at Coffeyville's senior center isn't until next Wednesday so I came on home.

More later....

I called Nancy to see if she wanted to go to lunch today but she is very sick and is trying to get hold of Dale to take her to a doctor to see what the problem is this time. She has a lot of trouble with her stomach and also with Diarrhea. I told her if she could not reach him, I would take her to a doctor or at least one of the clinics.

More later...

I downloaded another book to my Kindle from Amazon this afternoon and read all afternoon. I fed two cats who came for supper. One was Scruffy, a gray cat and a little while later one of the yellow cats came and I fed it.

I finished the book about 7:00PM and took my bath and afterward . watched several episodes of Forensic Files. I will go to bed at 9:00PM. By then I will be very tired.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Tuesday and another Bad Night

It was another bad night. The arm ached from 11:00PM until 2:00AM. I tried everything including moving into the recliner in the living room but that didn't help and finally I just got up and took two Aleve...then I was able to finally get some sleep. I hate taking Aleve every night. It is supposed to be hard on the kidneys and liver. But I have to get some rest.

Two cats came for breakfast this morning. Scruffy gray cat and one of the smaller yellow ones came to eat. The yellow one is still eating and now another yellow one has joined him/her.  I can't see if scruffy is still there or not. I put three  bowls out of them was the double dish.

It has been raining last night. I think it has stopped now. I left both plants out all night last night for the first time. The geranium didn't hold up well through the experience. I should have known. I thought the rain water would be good for them. Caney water is not fit to drink. I use two filter pitchers and filter my drinking water or buy bottled water.

The only thing I have planned for today is to vacuum the living room. Nancy wanted to go to lunch today and we may do that for a change. I ate at Sonic yesterday and had the child's Wacky Pack chicken strip dinner with tater tots and a tiny coke. Everett had bought our lunch on Sunday at Coffeyville's Eggberts.  That Wacky Pack chicken strip dinner from Sonic is only $2.18.... with the tax.... through the rest of May.

More later.....

Big Yellow Tom came to eat and I had to put food out again.  He finished and is gone again now.  I will go bring in the geranium and clean it up. It was damaged by last night's rain. It looks pretty pitiful.In fact, the other plant doesn't look too good either. I brought both of them inside. I hope they can recover.

More later....

It's 7:45AM now. The CBS news comes on at 8:00AM. I will want to watch that.

I watched the CBS news and then checked my e-mail . I tried to call Nancy but she is either not up yet or is dependent on her family room phone which doesn't work much of the time. l will have to go over there and see if she is around. She wanted to go to lunch today but first I have to rouse her.

More later....

I came back home and fixed one of my chicken pot pies in the microwave for lunch. Later, I started my new book on Kindle It was "Legacy of Lies". I read all afternoon and finished the  new book at 4:15PM.  It was as good as any Grisham book. I simply could not put it down.

I called Nancy again after noon and this time she answered her phone. When I was there this morning, she was in the apartment above her garage going through stuff she had stored there. I told her I would be going to Coffeyville tomorrow for breakfast and my hair appointment and gasoline and couldn't eat with her on Wednesday, but we made a lunch date on Thursday.

Now it's after 4:00PM and I am watching the news.

I hope to be able to sleep tonight. I got so little sleep last night.

More later....

Monday, May 25, 2020

Monday Memorial Day

It's the holiday but it's the same old thing to me. If Everett and Tricia and Norma hadn't come it would not even seem like a holiday.

I slept fairly well last night. I woke up at  1:30AM with the pain in my arm. I finally took two Aleve and put some topical pain reliever on the shoulder and got back to sleep until 5:00AM. Then I got up and dressed and got myself ready for the day.

I have had my oatmeal and coffee and have fed two of the yellow cats. I have even eaten a breakfast bar too.  The cats ate quickly and left to find shelter. It is raining lightly this morning. I am so glad Krystal's daughter came and mowed for me yesterday afternoon late. I got most of the trimming done too except for the back yard. When it finally dries up next weekend I will get that finished. It is supposed to rain all week and we are under flood warnings over at Coffeyville. The Verdigris river tends to flood when it rains a lot like this.

I don't have a plan for today.  Except I will vacuum the bedroom and wash the bare floors later this morning after the news is over. I am waiting for the "Weather on the 8's" to come on the weather channel.  Then I will change the channel to channel 6 for the Tulsa news.

Big Yellow Tom just came so I put the food back out for him. So far I haven't seen Scruffy Gray Cat today. And it's been a long time since I have seen mama cat and the only gray cat I have seen is scruffy.

There is a 90% chance of rain today.  In fact every day this week until Saturday... rain is forecast.

More later...the news is now on.

My daughter, Leslie called this morning and we had a time to chat. She has had an horrendous week with 14 hour days.  She was today off, thank goodness! I think she said  she only had to work one day this week. That will be a welcome relief.

Well, back to the news. It's time for the CBS news now.

I have the floors washed..the foyer, kitchen, and bathroom. I will wait to vacuum the bedroom until after the CBS news is over.

More..... after the vacuuming.

I vacuumed the bedroom and halls. Also I have emptied the vacuum cleaner and washed the filters. They are supposed to dry for 24 hours before I put them back in the vacuum sweeper. I have just laid them out on the rim of the sink until they are dry. Tomorrow, when I am ready to vacuum the living room, I will reassemble everything .

The plants are outdoors and I have watered them. So rain. It rained a little last night and sprinkled a little this morning but it's 10:40AM and so rain. Sometimes I wonder what an exact science weather forecasting is. They seem to miss it as much as they forecast it correctly. But it may rain yet. It's early.

It's almost 11:00AM and I am hungry. I have had my oatmeal and a breakfast bar and a slice of Suzanne's banana nut bread and it's a little early for lunch. I'll see if I can wait it out.

More later....

At 11:30AM I went out to Sonic and got the Kids' Wacky Pack. That's two chicken strips, an order of tater tots, and a tiny coke. That's their May special for $1.99.  On my way back home, it began to rain a little Now it has stopped again.  Just enough rain to spot up my clean car..oh well!!

I guess I will go back to the book I don't like. I bought it but I don't like the plot. That's the problem with buying a book without having the opportunity to look through it. That's why I prefer the library but our library isn't open yet.

More later....
 I finished the book and i didn't like it at all. I certainly didn't like the ending. I took my bath at 7:00PM and tried to watch TV but Travis spent the evening tracking a storm. He likes to dominate the entire evening when there's any kind of weather at all. I am going to bed at 9:00PM

Sunday, May 24, 2020

Sunday and Meeting With Relatives

I slept pretty well last night. The arm hurt some but nothing like usual. I was able to sleep until 3:00AM when I got up to go to the bathroom. From then on it was off and on. So I got up at 4:00AM. No sense just lying there.

I dressed and then worked on cleaning up my shoes.

At the last moment last evening, I decided to put some artificial flowers on my mom's grave.  I went out to Dollar General and bought a nice artificial bouquet. Then I drove over to Coffeyville to the cemetery. That's where everything went downhill. The roads there were nothing but mud. I even got stuck in that mud. I got out of the car and tried to pick my way over to the graves. My shoes were covered with mud when I got back to the car. The car, which had been clean, was filthy. But I was able to get it out of the mud. So from there I went to the car wash. I put my shoes and socks in the Dollar General bag I had had the flowers in. When I got home I took my shoes into the apartment and washed them off with wet paper towels and left them on the washer overnight to dry. This morning I polished them.

What a mess! That was not the wisest decision I ever made...that's for sure.

I will stay home today until Tricia calls and says they are leaving the cemetery.  Then I will call Bob so he can go meet them and I will leave for Coffeyville and Eggbert's myself.

More later....I will check to see if there are any cats out there waiting for their breakfast.

I fed at a time. Then I came in and brought the plants in with me too and watered them. It's supposed to rain today but so far...nothing. It will probably be this afternoon.

When Tricia calls and tells me they are leaving the cemetery,  I will call Bob and tell him and then go over to Coffeyville to have lunch with her and her dad, Everett. If she doesn't call until afternoon, I will get to watch the church service from Toronto, Canada . It begins in a little over thirty minutes.  It is 10:27AM now. Everett will buy all our lunches. He still works full time.

I don't know whether to leave the plants out while I am gone or leave them in. I would hate for them to get ruined if there is a hard rain and wind.

It was 10 years ago today that my Bob died. It was the day before his 80th birthday.

More later...

Tricia texted me about ten minutes ago and they are just now in the little community of it will be awhile. They have about ten graves to decorate in Coffeyville. There is my great grandfather Pitcock, his wife, my grandfather, my grandmother and my aunt Mildred. My mom and dad and stepfather are buried across the road to the west. That's where I ran into all that mud yesterday. I have three places left in that plot but my Bob wanted to be cremated and so do I. The paperwork for those graves is in my file cabinet.

Actually it wasn't long at all before Tricia texted me they were on their way.  So I texted Bob to go up and get a booth or table and I would be there shortly.

We had a nice visit and this time Everett brought his sister with them. Norma is 9 years older then Everett and he is 83..maybe 84. He's a year younger then me. She seems in great shape for her age.

We had a nice lunch and visit and now it's after 3:00PM here and I have been home at least 45 minutes

I read for a couple of hours and then brought the plants in for the night. I am afraid it will storm tonight and I do not want them to be ruined. They have been outside all day so they have had plenty of sunlight..

Scruffy gray cat came earlier and I fed her/him. Then  one of the yellow cats.,a female, came and I fed her. That's all I've seen this evening. There's nothing on TV that I am interested in. I watched the CBS news but there was no 60 Minutes this evening.

I will post here and then play Freecell for awhile. I am reading a new book but I do not like it. I am reading it because I bought it and it's all I have to read. It is on my Kindle. It's almost 7:30PM now and I will try to amuse myself until 9:00PM when I will go on to bed,