Saturday, June 26, 2010

Huge Saturday

This has been an enormous day. I got up at 5:00 as usual and after we had our coffee and went for gas, we dropped by Perl's to see what kind of deal they could make on a program car ...a Buick they have there. We may know on Monday if they can even do the deal. Scott has quite a lot on his plate now.

After that, we went to Bartlesville because Scott wanted to buy a new shirt. Then we ate at Garfield's...a great salad.

The mail came after we got home and another of the doctor bills came. This time it was Dr. Powell, the radiologist. I will pay it on Monday.

We came back from Bartlesville we attended the pool party at Cyndi's and had a very good time.

After that we went back to Bartlesville to take in a movie that was only being showed there. It starred Tom Cruise and was very funny. Scott paid for the movie, the refreshments and the gas for the second trip to Bartlesville. It was a huge day but very fun.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Busy Friday

This morning, after the grass is dry, I will need to mow. We had rain night before last and the grass grew even more again. I still have to trim from the last mowing. I never got around to it.

My carpets look much better after I had them cleaned yesterday afternoon. Last evening I was able to move the things back in the bedrooms that I had set in the dining room while they cleaned the carpets. Between the air conditioning and the fans, all three were dry by evening.

I received two more memorial cards in the mail and one of them had a memorial check in it for the church. I must have 140 cards now. The basket I have them in is bulging.

Tonight I will go Bowl for Life. Six of my Living the Questions friends will be there too. I picked up a check from John, the manager at the local radio station where I used to work, yesterday. He took a half sponsorship.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Month Today

Today, it has been a month since Bob died. It seems in many ways, much longer. And then, of course, I still haven't seemed to come to the realization that he is gone for good. I met Susie yesterday and she told me it was the same for Fred. He lasted six weeks. Bob only lasted eight days....amazing. Of course, he had the lymphedemia since November. We just did not know it was cancer until the week before he went down.

Today I get the carpets in my bedrooms cleaned. We have been in this house seven years and the carpets have never been cleaned. They really need it. So at 11:00 this morning, the carpet cleaning man will come and clean them. I am excited about that. I will possibly sleep on the sofa tonight if they are still damp. I hate getting them wet but there appears to be no other method available around here.

I will go up to the radio station this morning early and pick up the check from John Leonard for the Bowl for Life tomorrow evening. The Radio Results Group will do a half sponsorship of one of the lanes.

Scott called awhile ago and he will be here tomorrow evening. I will be at the Bowl for Life but he can come on in and make himself at home.

More later on...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Another Busy Wednesday

Today will be busy. I will go to Independence this morning to get my hair cut then I will meet Susie for breakfast. After that, I will come home and finish cleaning the house. I never did get it finished yesterday.

Tomorrow I will have the bedroom carpets cleaned. I never did find a dry cleaning carpet cleaner so I just engaged the one that does the church carpet each year. I hate getting the carpets wet because I believe that's the beginning of the end of their life. But evidently there is no one in this area that has that type of machine anymore.

Friday evening I will "Bowl for Life" with Leslie's team and Saturday is Cyndi's pool party. I stay busy.

More later...

John and Leslie called this evening and asked me to go to dinner with them at the Tavern on the Plaza. That was very good of them. I really enjoyed the evening.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday Cleaning

This morning I will go sit with Phyllis and then clean my house. I haven't cleaned it for a week. I want to have two carpets cleaned soon. I wish I could find another dry cleaning carpet cleaner. Back in the 80's there was a man who had a dry cleaning carpet cleaning machine here in the area and it did a wonderful job without wetting down the carpet with water. Unfortunately, he moved to California. I sure hate to wet down the carpet. It never looks quite the same.

Anyhow, then this evening I go to give the invocation at the City Commission meeting.

More later...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Restless Night

This has been a restless night. I awoke at 3:00 and tried to go back to sleep to no avail. Finally at 4:15, I just got up. I brought my checkbook up to date and checked my blog.

Today at 8:00, I will go out to Leslie's and clean her house. Perhaps later, if she is free, we will have lunch.

Tomorrow, as usual, I will sit with Phyllis while my brother-in-law goes to breakfast with his friends. Then I will clean my house. Scott should be coming back sometime today or tomorrow. The rental car is due back today sometime. That's when he will pick up his vehicle at Diamond Collision. It won't surprise me if he contacts them and keeps the car another day.

Sure enough, he did..... I went to the garage and picked up the Jeep. Now he will come back late tomorrow and pick it up.

Hooray! The insurance came today! I can now pay the funeral home!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

This is Father's Day and it will be a strange one without Bob. The kids always took him to dinner and Leslie always gave him a gift and a card. We have a Father's Day cookout planned for after church today. It won't be held at Cotton's Pond this year. It will be held at John and Leslie's home. Since it will be scorching hot, though, we will hold it indoors there.

I went out to church yesterday evening and did some cleaning and that old junker of a car was still parked in the parking lot. I called the sheriff's department and found out who owns it. I tried to look up the number of the person who owns it to call them but she must be using strictly a cell phone. Then I had it towed. It had been in our parking lot for over two weeks. They have had plenty of time to pick it up. They hadn't even left a note with it to try to explain why it had been left there all that time. They certainly hadn't tried to get permission to use the parking lot.

I let Slinky in briefly yesterday evening. He was terribly hot and couldn't even eat his dinner. He cooled down on the kitchen floor and then ate his dinner. After it cooled down a bit outside, I let him back out.

Even with the expanded basic TV service, I couldn't find anything to watch last night so I just went to bed early. I hadn't slept well the night before and was tired anyhow. I slept well last night though.

We went to John and Leslie's for our Father's Day picnic and it was great fun. There must have been about 15 of us that attended. Everything was so good!