Saturday, May 9, 2015

Saturday Again

It stormed again last night but I slept through the entire thing. It is supposed to be cloudy today and rainy again tomorrow.  I plan to cook my chicken today but it would be fun to go out of town if it's not going to storm.  And I need to go to the bank. I have enough for our breakfast but will need more cash for my hair next week.

Missy went out this morning briefly and ate some grass but then the little cat that looks like her started over here and I had to pick her up and bring her back in the house.  She acts fierce but she's too old to win a fight anymore.  The last one she got into a couple of years ago cost both her and me.

I went to bed about 9:00 last night after watching "Sister Act" on Lifetime channel and set the thermostat at 72 degrees and put the air conditioning on. I like to sleep in a cool room. When I woke up in the middle of the night I checked it because the house was cold. It was 65 degrees in here. I turned it way up and it got comfortable again.  Then I went back to sleep.

Bob will be over to pick me up for breakfast soon so I'd better finish this later. ...

More later ....

We went to breakfast and  it was good...and hot...for a change.

More even later.....

Bob came over at noon and we had our chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy, his coleslaw and the broccoli and cauliflower.  I also warmed up the cornbread we had left from yesterday. It was all good.

John and Leslie have made reservations for four at Tavern on the Plaza for tomorrow (Mother's Day).  Bob will go with us. This afternoon, I received some lovely tulips from Scott and Ginger with a sweet card.  I have put them in a vase and have them on the table. I got a lovely card from Keith and Esther too and a nice deposit in my checking account.  I have great thoughtful kids!

Here's the flowers!

I don't know what I will do this afternoon.  Missy is in the bedroom pouting and under the coverlet on my bed. I left this morning briefly to go see if Bob was home. He was at Denise's home visiting her. When I got back home, Missy had gone into the bedroom and crawled up under my coverlet like she does when I leave suddenly and she is left at home by herself.   She pouts. I lifted up the coverlet and tried to convince her to come out but she would have none of it. She's still there. It's 1:35.

Bob will come over tonight for wine and to watch the CBS news.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Again at Last

It's another Friday and I always love to see Friday come. This morning I will not go to exercise class. I wasn't sure I would be up to it after yesterday at work. But I want to get the rest of my flowers planted and it is not raining this morning.

Missy wants to go outside but I am not ready. I want to wait until it begins to get light. In the meantime, I will pay a bill or two and post on this blog.

Today we will finish off the beans we had on Wednesday. I will walk over to the Dollar General store in a little while when they open and pick up another cornbread mix.

Tomorrow we will have chicken tenders again and mashed potatoes and gravy and a veggie. Bob will bring a salad. I have two cupcakes for our dessert. We will also eat breakfast out as usual.

I dread finding out what Katie will have for me to do today.  It's always something no one else wants to do or can't do.

More later....I stayed home from exercise class today while it was not raining yet and got my east flowerbed planted. Here is a photo of it.

This the flowerbed John, my son-in-law, built for me when I moved into the apartment. Last year it was lovely. It's supposed to storm tonight and over the weekend. It will be interesting to see if it does anything bad to my flowers.

More later....

I read this awhile ago and liked it. So I thought I would share it.

If you read the news, you would have trouble believing this:

"Our culture has been hoodwinked by the idea that we’re living in the center of crisis, when actually we’re in the midst of the evolution of hope. ... The stories we tell will heal us, or destroy us.

Catering to (and nurturing) fear and pessimism is a function of one of the most dangerous beliefs: that violence can bring order out of chaos, cleansing the world for the righteous (what Walter Wink called the myth of redemptive violence). Instead, violence merely generates more fear, pessimism, and conditions from which more violence may grow. Our journalism—and our personal social media use—needs to be resourced to deal in context, compassion, detail, and pause. More important, healing the world requires reframing the story as one in which, while we lament real wounds and work to prevent them, things are getting better, and we can make them better still.

This is as true for the creative arts of television, cinema, literature, and music as much as it is for their nonfiction counterparts. But the news does not begin with the flashing red strip across the bottom of the screen. It begins in your mind, and the story you’re telling about yourself. It catalyzes with your loved ones and neighbors to create a bigger story. It connects everywhere you go, on foot or chair or online. It is immensely powerful, although most of us aren’t conscious of this, most of the time. The way you tell the story about your world will actually co-create that world. The myth of redemptive violence needs to be replaced. Imagining a new myth is a privilege. It is also our responsibility."

I hope you like it too. 

The afternoon at work was not too bad. I stayed busy all afternoon and even finished the invitations I worked on for an hour and a half yesterday afternoon.

I am reading the paper now and drinking my Chai Latte. It really relaxes me. Bob will be over around 6:00 and we will watch Shields and Brooks on PBS. I always enjoy their remarks. Then after Bob leaves, I will take my bath and watch TV until bedtime. Missy will like that. She lays on my lap and just drinks in the contact. :) 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thursday House Cleaning Day

Thursday is one of those few days when I don't have exercise class or have to take cakes to Independence.  I use it to catch up my laundry and clean the apartment. Bob will be delivering meals on wheels for a friend today so I won't have to cook. We will just catch a sandwich at Arby's.  Then I will go on to work.

Yesterday I scanned bar codes. There were only two books that were not in the system for day before yesterday's scanning and Katie picked those up.  I got almost finished and the batteries went out on the scanner. I found some that go into audio books and Katie put those in. Then I finished the aisle.

I slept well last night. I woke up twice...once to go to the bathroom and the second time because Scott texted me to check out my status with the storm.

More later...the washer is finished and I need to fold out clothes in the dryer....

Well, I got the house sparkling clean and the laundry done and put away. I am very tired but will rest up before going to work. 

I found a lady to do the cake for my class reunion on the 16th and also she is going to do the wedding cake for the kids on the 23rd. She is supposed to call me back with the cost.  If it is too high for Leslie, I will pay for it myself. I am so happy to find someone that does wedding cakes and could work it into her schedule.  I am trying to find someone who has yellow roses that will be finished by the 23rd so I can collect the petals.  Jeromy thought it would be neat for the girls to scatter them before Ginger comes down for the marriage.

I will meet Bob for lunch at either Sirloin Stockade. 

We did meet at Sirloin Stockade for lunch and then I went on to work . It wqas another sort of nightmare afternoon. It started out fine. Katie was not there so I put away DVDs until Paula came and then I went into the genealogy room and repaired and cleaned DVDs for forty five minutes.  Then I put away the new fiction books.  Then Adrian came in and told me to cut announcements from 91/2 X 12 pages into entire ream of them. I spent the next hour and thirty minutes cutting pages into fourths. I didn't get entirely finished but I got a bunch done.  It was exhausting. I used a paper cutter but...... for an hour and a half.   First I had to fold them in half and cut that and then fold the halves into fourths and cut them.

If Katie is back today I may scan bar codes again.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wednesday and Hump Day

I'm always glad to see Wednesday come. That means I am halfway through my work week.

I slept well last night but the rain woke me up at 4:15. I was not able to get back to sleep so at 4:15 I just got up. I had my oatmeal after I fed Missy her treats and filled her water dish. I got my flowers planted yesterday least the ones out front in containers. I did not get the one John made for me done before time to go to work. I had hoped to get it done this morning but it's raining and is supposed to rain through Sunday. I guess I will just have to wait until another sunny day to do that flower bed. I meant to get some photos of the container plants but it was raining when I got home from work too.  Maybe it will stop long enough this morning.  I will post them when I can.

We will have beans and cornbread for lunch today. The beans are done and will just need warming up. 

I may be hunting books again this afternoon since I scanned bar codes yesterday.

More later....

Although it's still raining, here are a couple of photos of my container flowers.
As you can see, the photos are a bit dark because it's still raining out there.

But more later....

It rained most of the day. At exercise class we discovered Bobby and Karan were back from their trip.  We invited them over for beans and cornbread and we had a good visit too, Karan was so excited about their trip and their work.

Then I went on to work. I scanned an entire aisle of books at work. I came home exhausted!

After work Bob called to say he was too tired to come over so I took my bath early and tried to watch TV but kept falling asleep so finally at 9:00..I just went on to bed.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tuesday and Cakes to Deliver

I have to take the cakes to the Christian Church in Independence this morning and afterward get my hair done. I hope to have enough time to plant my flowers too. I was going to do it next Saturday but we are supposed to have rain all weekend. Darn! And I also want to run out to John and Leslie's and pick up three pounds of ground beef.

I slept well last night even after that horrendous afternoon at work. All I ate last evening was a mini Sonic blast though.  I just couldn't think of anything I wanted to eat...even yogurt. Today may be even worse. I will be scanning bar codes again. I got all the rest of the books picked up from last week's scanning yesterday. Katie enters them into the system after I bring them in and Carolyn puts them away when she comes in at 5:00 and works in the evening.  She also puts away all the books that come in during the day. That has got to be a huge job.

I have my beans in the slow cooker now. I washed and soaked them last night. I added onion, salt and the ham this morning. They will cook all morning and may be finished when I get back home from Leslie's.  I will put them in a casserole dish and put them in the frig. We will have them tomorrow with cornbread.  I will eat my leftover cashew chicken from Sunday today.

More later....

It was a busy day at work.  I started putting away DVDs but Katie came in and told me she was ready for me to begin scanning bar codes so I left the rest for Paula.

I did get an entire aisle finished and then continued putting away DVDs and also repaired and cleaned another four DVDs.. I may get caught up yet.  Today I imagine she will have another list of books not in the system to find.

When I got home I read the paper and soon Bob came over to have wine. He stayed until 7:30 and began to get tired so he went home. I took my bath and sat in the recliner with Missy until finally I went to bed.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Monday Exercises and Work

I will pick up Bob at 8:30 or so this morning for our exercise class. I slept very well last night. I awoke several times but was always able to get back to sleep.

Missy went out briefly this morning too. But then she was  startled about something and after eating a little grass, she came back in the house. I took my coffee out and swept off the carport.

In a little while, after I finish my coffee, I will bake my cake. After it cools, perhaps later this morning, I will ice it and cover it so I can take it to Independence in the morning. Bob will be bringing his and Karan's over either this evening or in the morning. He has Karan's in his freezer since she and Bobby are still gone to Nauvoo doing volunteer work for our church. They should be home sometime this week.

It's supposed to rain every day after Wednesday beginning on Wednesday.  Even the weekend is supposed to be rainy.

I imagine I will be hunting books at work this afternoon. For some reason, many of the non fiction books did not make it into the system. We didn't have that problem with the fiction side. At this rate, it will be at least a year to finish the inventory. I scan one entire afternoon and then spend the next two days hunting books that didn't transfer into the system when they changed bar codes. Since they are not checked out much, the glitch was not discovered.

Oh's all work. And I need the work.

More later....

It was a huge afternoon!  There were 100s of DVDs returned from the weekend.  I started putting them away about 12:50.  I got most of them into the machines before Paula even came in at 1:30 and she didn't do much of anything but visit with Sara. I put away two basket fulls of DVDs and left one more for her to do.  For one thing, she was just throwing them into the baskets while I have them organized so they can be put in the shelves in an orderly fashion. After I got mine finished, Adrian wanted me to help him by looking for some lost books Katie had given him to find.  I found a dozen before Katie came and told me she wanted me to find some more books for her....34 of them. I gave Adrian's list back to him along with the books I had found.  Then I started looking for the ones Katie wanted.  I finished about 4:00 only to find that Paula had left without doing anything at all. I sorted those in her basket and got them put away just in time to find another 50 to put away and cases to sort and get into the bookshelves. I finished at 5:00. I never had a calm moment.  I was exhausted when I got home. I fixed myself a cup of Chai Latte and recovered before Bob came over for wine. He left at 7:00 and I will put my beans on to soak for Wednesday before I got to take my bath. In the morning, I will put the beans in the slow cooker to be cooked.  After they are finished,  I will put them in a 2 quart bowl and in the frig.

Wednesday I will just warm them up and make cornbread. I will have lunch ready. Bob has a doctor's appointment tomorrow in Bartlesville so I will not cook lunch for us.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Another Sunday!

I am making my coffeecake for the group at Church School this morning. I almost forgot I was going to do that. It's in the oven now so I'll try to catch up my blog.

I slept well last night. I didn't eat any supper. I was not hungry. I had had a cupcake at the shower yesterday afternoon.  I got up after 5:00 this morning and made myself a cup of coffee and ate my oatmeal and a banana so I could take my meds.  All I take is a thyroid pill and a blood pressure pill. But I take them with food.

I will ice the coffeecake after it cools from the oven. I usually just put a powdered sugar glaze on it.

I will go to Church School and church this morning and then I would like to go to Great China for lunch. I'd like to get a gift certificate for Bill's birthday. It's the 6th. He loves Chinese food and Great China has the greatest Chinese food around. He and I have always exchanged gifts for birthdays and Christmas. He has been my dear friend since 1989. He is a wonderful friend. He'll do anything for you when you are his friend. As a matter of fact, he'll do anything he possibly can for anyone who needs help.  He has a heart of gold.

After I get home I will do my weekly newsletters and get them in the mail. I will have to buy stamps for the ones that go out by snail mail. I want to get Bill's birthday card too.

More later...

We did eat at Great China and I did get the gift certificate. Then I came home and did the letters and birthday cards. Afterward I dropped by the bank and got some more money for the week.

Tomorrow at work should be interesting. I imagine there will be another couple of dozen books for me to find....besides putting away the DVDs.  I hope to be able to repair and clean some more DVDs.  I have a bunch stacked up on me.

Tomorrow I will go to exercises. Afterward I will put more ham in the casserole dish for lunch. We will have a veggie with it and Bob is fixing a salad.

I will also bake my cake for the Christian Church in Independence. Then tomorrow evening I will ice it. 

I will leave for Independence Tuesday at 8:20.