Saturday, October 10, 2015

Saturday and Breakfast

 I slept very well last night. I got up about 5:30.

Bob and I decided to take our Saturday morning breakfast back to Eggbert's where we could get a light breakfast. That was a mistake! The refinery's turnaround is going on until Thanksgiving and there were dozens of men there working the turnaround. The restaurant was full and we like to never got served.  The specials were off for the weekend too so we ended up spending as much for breakfast as we would have at Sirloin Stockade and the choices were limited. It took thirty minutes for us to get our breakfast and it wasn't all that great.

Now we will have his family luncheon at Sirloin Stockade at 11:30 and in all probability I won't even be hungry.

I heard from Aime this morning and she will will contact Katy Thursday morning about my leaving the program. Wednesday will be my last day. I hope I have made the right decision.

Scott's wife, Ginger, has offered to come to Kansas to help John and Leslie deal with John's foot recovery. She is an RN. She has a week off and Scott has to work so she has offered to fly back from Georgia and do whatever needs to be done about helping with John's recovery. I don't know how that decision came out. Leslie and John were going to discuss it and make a decision about whether she will be needed or not. John and Leslie seem to have the routine down pat. Leslie is off until Wednesday at 4:00 and she will drive John's truck for his business to deliver liquid feed to cattle and he will be a passenger in the truck. This accident happened to his right foot so he cannot drive. But I imagine he can manage the rest. Ginger is a dear to want to help them out.  Scott is very lucky to have found such a fine woman.

More later....

I went with Bob A. to lunch with his family. We had a light lunch after a larger then usual breakfast.

This is some of his family members.  That's Bob with his arm in the air. His granddaughter, Dee is sitting on his left and his daughter, Denise, on her left. He is pointing to his niece, Jeannette.

You can just see his older sister, Betty, with the snow white hair.  She will be 92 next month. The rest are nieces and nephews and I don't know all their names yet.

I came home about 2:00 and have been trying to get Firefox to work on my old XP computer ever since. I think I have it fixed now but will have to go and try it. Keith, my oldest son, sent me a fix.

It worked! Thank you, son!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday and My Last Short Day at Work

I made the decision last evening to give up my job if Aime can't find me another location.  It's just too hard to do the work they want me to do at the library. Standing on my feet all afternoon pulling apart those DVD cases and then putting the cases in bookcases that require me to sit on the floor or kneel on my knees. I just can't do that anymore. Getting down is not that hard but getting back up is really a strain.  Then day before yesterday Katie had me take apart the old card catalog and pack all those old catalog cards in boxes and then lift those boxes onto shelves. The boxes were about two and a half feet long by 18 inches wide by eight inches deep. I am afraid I am going to hurt my back. I got six large boxes finished before I told her there was no more room to put them.  It's not worth ruining my health.

I will just have to be very careful with my money since I will be making my car payment out of my social security instead.

I have a 9:00 dental appointment this morning.  It's for a cleaning. I also have a chip off my porcelain crown but I used an emery board to smooth it off and it is no longer rough.

Today we will have pork cutlets, mashed potatoes and gravy and a veggie for lunch. Bob still has jello salad in the frig and I have those cupcakes for dessert.   After I get off work at 3:00, I will make a trip to Independence to take those chocolates and a card to Juanita. She will be 94 on Sunday.

More later....

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thursday and Breakfast

This morning I have done laundry and changed my bedding already. Before I go to breakfast with the girls this morning, I want to vacuum the apartment. If I find Bob's vacuum as full of cat hair as the church's was after I used it last week, I will go ahead and buy that $99. Hoover at Liebert Brothers.  My old one is evidently not doing the job.

I got up early so I could get a lot done before breakfast with the girls.

I learned from Keith that the error message on this computer was from Spybot Search and Destroy. I didn't know it was installed on this desktop computer but found it under "Programs" and uninstalled it. I hope the computer works better now. We will see.

We will have our chicken legs for lunch today with boiled potatoes and a veggie. I will fix them in the oven. Bob will bring a salad. I still have cupcakes for dessert.

My review with Aime is today. I have decided if she can't move me from the library, I will just give up my last year of work for SER. I am having a harder time dealing with the exhaustion when I get home. I am just too old to do all that lifting and standing. My hands are permanently bruised...especially my left hand. The fingers are also swollen and I've had to stop wearing my ring. It just isn't worth it.

More later..

If I think of it, I will take some photos of the girls this morning and post them.

Well I didn't get any photos because only one showed up. Karan forgot and went to the Tulsa State Fair instead.  Marilyn leaves Saturday for Greece and Turkey so she has nothing else on her mind, I'm sure.

I have dinner on in the oven cooking now. I am also boiling some potatoes and will fix a veggie.

More later....

Dinner was good. I took the two drumsticks left over to Marilyn with the rest of the potatoes. She was happy to get them.  She still wants to take Bob and me out to dinner for getting her the garbage disposal.  We will tell her we will go to Eggberts. They have some nice specials.

I had my review and I told Aime about the boxes I had to move yesterday. She does not want me doing that.  She is afraid I will hurt myself permanently. She is going to try one one time to find me another position. If she cannot, next Wednesday will be my last day at the library. My hands are permanently swollen and bruised. I cannot wear my ring anymore because of the swelling.

Tomorrow, at 9:00 I have a dental appointment. Then after work, I will go to Independence and take Juanita a birthday card and a box of chocolates.  Sunday she will be 94.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wednesday and a New Operating System

Yesterday I downloaded and installed Windows 10 on my laptop computer.  I had to go to work before it finished. It froze at one point and couldn't find my hard drive so I called my son, Keith, who is an IT. He walked me through getting it finished. It's going to be different but not awfully different. I will just have to mess with it until I get it figured out. If I decide I like it, I may download it on this desktop computer. This one has a glitch when I reboot. The message says exception EAccess Violation in modul E TeaTimer.exe at 0006E537. Also Access Violation at address 0046E537 in modual TeaTimer.exe, Read of address 00000038. Of course, I don't have a clue what that means....but Keith might.   Oh well.

I slept pretty well again last night. I woke up two or three times but got back to sleep until 5:00AM which is my regular time to get up.

Karan and Bobby brought over homemade vegetable soup yesterday afternoon while I was at the hospital visiting my son-in-law. So I told Bob we would have that for lunch today. I have crackers and I want to get some good cheese to have with it. I still have the cupcakes I made Monday for dessert. We will have the chicken legs tomorrow. I'm not sure how I want to fix them...frying them or baking them in the oven. I will check my cookbooks and decide. It was very good of Karan and Bobby to think of me when they made the vegetable soup.

I wonder how John, my son-in-law, made it through the night. He has his surgery today to drain that infection from his foot.

More later...

John had his surgery this morning and they drained a bunch of infection from his foot.  They plan to release him tomorrow if all goes well. But he will have to go in daily at 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM for IV antibiotics. He is feeling much better today,  I did not go in to see him again. My niece, Denise, was in to see him and he had several phone calls.

I had a bad day at work. I put away dozens of DVDs again and I expected that but Katy also had another project for me. They have this big cabinet that formerly had held the index type cards that was their way of finding every book in the library. She had me empty it of all those cards and box them up and stack the boxes to keep the cards for scrap paper.  The backs of the cards were blank. After I got seven huge boxes done and lifted the boxes to stack them, I was exhausted. Then I had another round of  DVDs to put away before I left at 5:00. I told Katy I was "brain dead".  She couldn't understand why I was so tired.  I told her I had had a rough day. She doesn't seem to understand that I am nearly 80 years old and cannot stand on my feet for four hours every afternoon without becoming exhausted.  Furthermore, I am up and down and up and down putting away the DVDs and the new fiction books. I can get down on the floor but getting up again is difficult.

I have my review with Aime tomorrow. If Aime has no place else to put me..where I might be sitting down at least part of the time in my work, I will give up the job. It's just getting to be too much for me. My left hand is permanently bruised, swollen and sore from the scanning for the inventory that I did until a month ago. It has taken a lot out of me to do this job. It's not worth it. I will simply go back to making one car payment per month until I get the car paid off. I told Bob A. and Leslie, my daughter, both of my decision and they agreed.  If anything unforeseen happens to me and I don't have the car paid off, the kids can easily sell it and pay it off. It is eight years old and only has 62,200 miles on it. The block was new last year when a defect was discovered in it and they replaced it free of charge to me. . It looks really nice too. I keep it immaculate.

It's nearly 9:00 now and Missy and I will go on to bed. I want to use bob's vacuum and vacuum my apartment in the morning before I go to breakfast with the girls at 9:00. I also want to wash my sheets and bedding. I still do not have my vacuum back from Liebert Brothers. So Bob loaned me his.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tuesday and Another Big Day

Today will be another big day. First of all I will load the cakes into my car trunk and pick up Bob about 8:15 for our trip to Independence. Tenth Street Road is closed so we will  take Sunflower Road and that is clear across town. The only alternative would be to take the detour and that is a gravel road several miles out of the way.  After we deliver the cakes, I will get my hair done and then we go to the Merle Norman store there and I will try to get my moisture emulsion and some lipstick. After that we will run out to John and Leslie's to pick up three pounds of ground beef. I want to have spaghetti on Thursday and am out of ground beef. Then we will stop at Great China and have lunch. After that we will take Sunflower Road back home so I can take Bob home and go on to work. It will be close.

Yesterday was a horrendous day at work. I didn't finish putting away DVDs until 4:25. All that time I was on my feet and when I got home, I was exhausted.  I tried to stay up until 9:30 so I would sleep better and that seemed to have worked.

Thursday I have my review with Aime. I hope she has somewhere to move me this time. In November, I will have been at the library for a year. It is the most exhausting job I have had yet. The inventory was bad enough but now I am on my feet for 4 hours and up and down off the floor as I put away the cases for the DVDs and the new fiction books.  Getting down is not all that hard but getting back up is a struggle. Since I fell over at Marilyn's on Saturday, my back has been stiff. I don't even have a bruise though. My arm is nearly well.  It took a scrape that took off a layer of skin. It didn't even bleed and looks better every day.  It will be fine. But at my age, falling could be a real problem. Luckily I have no osteoporosis.

More later.....

We had a good lunch at Great China today. 

Today was a little easier at work. I finished putting away the DVDs by 3:00 and then put away the new fiction books. Then I did some shelf reading. That allowed me to sit down on a stool a part of the time.

My son-in-law, John, went to the doctor today and my daughter went with him. He stepped on a rusty nail in a board a week ago Monday and went in Tuesday for a tetanus shot and some antibiotics. The foot got a lot worse over this past weekend and so he decided to go back to the doctor. The doctor put him in the hospital for IV antibiotics. He had an MRI and they found that his circulation in his feet was good. John has diabetes. Tomorrow they are going to operate and drain the fluid from his foot. It was very inflamed and very sore today.  Leslie has been with him all day. I took some cards up to him this evening after work. I stopped by before going to work this afternoon too.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday and Back to Work

I slept well again last night. Maybe my problem with sleeplessness is over...I hope.

I may buy the new Hoover vacuum sweeper I looked at the other day. I had borrowed the one at the church and used it on Friday morning. I took it back yesterday. Bob opened it and dumped out a half canister of cat hair, etc. Evidently my old Concept II Hoover sweeper has not been doing as good a job as I thought. That Hoover, the best buy in the Consumer's Report, is only $99.  I may go up there and get it this morning. I vacuum every week and there should not have been all that cat hair still in the carpet.

 Today for lunch I will fix some pork I had frozen several weeks ago. I will fix it in the oven. We will have boiled potatoes with it and a veggie. Bob will bring a salad.  I will have cupcakes for dessert. I will bake my cake for the dinner at the Christian Church today and save some of the batter for our cupcakes.

Missy wants to go outside this morning but it's still dark out there. We will try to go out about 7:00. It's only 6:35 now.

More later...

I went to town awhile ago and got my flu shot. I certainly hope this one is of more value then last year's. Luckily I didn't get the flu last year but it sure isn't because I had the flu shot. I'm just basically healthy.

It's almost time to put my pork in the oven. This is a pretty easy recipe. You start with two pieces of boneless pork and rub it with olive oil. Then you dip it in a mixture of a cup of Parmesan cheese, a cup of Italian bread crumbs, a half teaspoon of powered garlic and a half teaspoon of pepper. You make sure the pork is covered well. Press it on the meat well. You put it in a baking pan that is foil lined and sprayed with olive or canola oil. (I generally use corning ware) Then you bake it at 350 degrees for 40-45 minutes.  That's all you do. I am fixing boiled potatoes and a veggie with it and we will finish up Bob's applesauce instead of a salad.  I made cup cakes this morning so we will have them for dessert.

Here are my boneless baked pork  chops ready to go into the oven.
I hope they turn out well. I have had them once before and they were very good. 

The pork turned out well although it wasn't as tender as I would have liked.  I went on to work after cleaning up from lunch.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday and Another Sermon

I will speak again at church this morning.  The woman who was scheduled is out of town and I was supposed to have presided but the pastor asked me to take the sermon and she would preside. That worked out.

Yesterday was very busy and I never had an opportunity to blog. Early on I went to the Lion's Club pancake breakfast all connected with Dalton Defender Days here in Coffeyville. If you recall your Midwest western history, you may remember that the Dalton gang came to their end when Coffeyville residents defended the town's banks against them. They attempted to rob both banks at once and that was discovered early on. The men downtown got their guns and proceeded to stop that. Several residents were killed attempting to stop them but all the Dalton gang except one were killed. Emmitt, the youngest, lived to go to prison and several years later was paroled. From then on, he became a model citizen. The robbery attempt was in 1892. Every year the first weekend in October Coffeyville celebrates their brave citizens.

Following the breakfast, Bobby and I arrived at the fourplex at the same time. We were going to install Marilyn's garbage disposal. Bobby actually did the installation and I handed him tools. In the process, I tripped and fell flat on Marilyn's floor. I skinned my right arm but only the first layer of skin, It didn't even bleed but looked terrible. It is fine this morning. It never did hurt...nothing but my pride. Anyhow, he got the disposal in and Marilyn was very happy to have it. She is going to bake Bobby some snickerdoodles. He will feel well paid. :)

After that, Bob A and I drove down to Bartlesville. I wanted to get some of my Merle Norman makeup and lipstick and we wanted to have lunch there at McAlister's. There was a note on the door of the Merle Norman store that the shop was closed due to a medical emergency. So we went on to eat lunch and later to the mall where we shared the price of some Bed and Bath foaming hand soap. We walked the mall and then came on back home.

Later Bob came over to watch TV but read the paper instead and then went on home. There was nothing worth watching on TV.  Saturday nights are devoted to sports. In fact, most nights are devoted to sports. TV programming is a joke anymore. It's actually a waste of money. I watched Forensic Files with Missy until bedtime.

I slept well and awoke shortly before 5:00.