Saturday, March 21, 2020

Saturday and Boredom

I slept off and on all night. Let's face it...I went to bed too early. I finally got up at 5:30AM, had my oatmeal for breakfast and chai latte and coffee and even hot chocolate.

I checked out the cat situation and found one yellow cat waiting for me for breakfast. I set out the double bowl and then got the two blue bowls out there for the other cats. They finally showed up. It probably depends on how hungry they are. I don't know if anyone else is feeding ferrel cats.

I have been watching CBS news.  Nothing new there except New York has shut down the city except for grocery stores, gas stations and drug stores. They had had a lot new cases overnight so the governor shut the city down. It is a misdemeanor to be out if you are not essential.

There's just so much TV or computer time anyone can stand. I hope the library does reopen on Monday. I need some more books if I am going to stay in.

More later....

I read most of the afternoon and then decided to watch my very favorite movie on Amazon Prime, "The Shoes of the Fisherman". It's an old one but I have seen it at least 4 times. We first saw it in Tulsa , years ago. We had the kids and Denise and a complete stranger wanted us to se it and insisted on giving us enough money for the six of us to see it. I bought it on Amazon Prime a couple of years ago.  It starred Anthong Quinn so you can guess it is pretty old.

Anyhow, I enjoyed it again.

It is 6:10PM now. I am watching the news.

After 7:00PM, I will take my bath and get ready for bed.  I hope to be able to stay up longer this evening.. I will try to read until then.

I called my old friend, Gay, at 9:00PM and we visited for an hour. It isn't the same as in person but we at least got to visit and catch up.

I finally went to bed shortly after 10:00PM. 

Friday, March 20, 2020

Friday and Laundry

I have  a load of towels, dish draining pads and underwear in the laundry and now I have it in the dryer.  That's about all I have to do today. I folded out my clean clothes.

I had two or three cats come for breakfast this morning. There are several gray cats and I am not always able to tell which one is which. The yellow Tom did come and the yellow kitten came too. There is still food out there and I will leaving it for awhile. Perhaps some of the other cats will want it.

I discovered last night if I laid my right arm on a separate pillow...and stretched it out, it was not painful and I could sleep.  I hope that works long time.

I have had my breakfast and coffee and Chai. I contacted Bob and his doctor wants another MRI of just the kidneys and they will do that on Monday at 10:00AM. I suppose if it is just one kidney involved, they could remove that one and he could live just fine with just the second one.  I don't know what it could be except cancer since it is a mass on his kidney.

I see on channel 6 that Oklahoma has another 27 cases of the coronavirus. So far we have none in southeast Kansas since what Dale told Nancy and me on Wednesday turned out to be incorrect. I wish the library was open since I am out of reading material.

I see the mama cat is out there eating that cat food now. I am glad I left the bowls out there.

I had a chicken pot pie for my lunch.  Then I had an ice cream bar for dessert.

More later....

I read most of the day and also played solitaire and then checked my mail. I am bored to death. I am out of mysteries to read and am just plain bored. I tried to call Nancy but she didn't answer her phone. The library won't be open again until  March 23rd..that's Monday if they even open then. It will depend on what kind of  virus we have around the area. So far everything is up in the cities...none around here.

More even later....

I watched several recorded Dateline programs and finally just went to bed at 8:30PM...bored. 

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Thursday and Red Cross Escort

Today I will go back to Coffeyville at 10:30AM and work at the Red Cross Bloodmobile as an escort. I will leave here about 9:30AM. This time it is being held at the Episcopal Church instead of the First Baptist Church. I have directories for Karan to stitch up.  I will give those to her. She will be working with me as an escort too.

I slept fitfully last night over my sore arm. That comes and goes.

Dale McBride called last evening and explained that there was a case of coronavirus in Sedan, Kansas.....just 13 miles from here. So it is moving into the Southeast Kansas and Northeast Oklahoma area.

Bob will see his doctor tomorrow about his spinal stenosis. He had an MRI yesterday. He may get an epidural after that for his pain.

I have some blueberries that I will drop off at Sycamore Landing for their free table.

More later....

I took the blue berries over to Sycamore Landing to their "free table". I hope they can use them.

Then I went on up to the Episcopal Church where they were having the bloodmobile. Karan was already there giving blood and as soon as she was finished she joined me as an escort.

After we were finished, I gave her the directories and she gave me some plastic /rubber gloves to use when I put gasoline in my car.

I went over to Sonic and bought a mini blast with Reese's pieces. Now I will warm up my chili and eat that and then read my book. So more later....

I checked on the internet to see if there really was a case of coronavirus in Sedan, Kansas, and could find no sign of one. That makes me wonder if Dale told us that to just keep us from going to a sit down restaurant.  Here's what I found until March

Butler County           1
Cherokee County      1
Douglas County        1
Franklin County        1
Jackson County         1
Johnson County        16
Leavenworth County2
Linn County              1
Morris County          2      
Wyandotte County   8 (1 death)

That's it! So far, at least. 32 cases in all of Kansas so far. None noted in Chautauqua County where Sedan is located.

Strange, isn't it?

Bob called me after I was ready to leave the bloodmobile. He had had his MRI and Dr. Christensen wanted him to come in and talk to him. It seems he has a mass on one of his kidneys and until they find out what that is, they don't want to do the epidural. I don't know what the next step is.

That is scary though. It very well could be cancer.

It's wait and see now.

I have been reading but I am tired right now. I ate most of my leftover chili and fretoes for lunch. I stopped at Sonic in Coffeyville before I came home and bought a mini blast and had that first...dessert first.

It is 4:00PM now and there may be some news on now. I will get back to this later.

Now I decided to call the Sedan Hospital myself since I had told a half dozen people what he had told me as true. The nurse told me she was not going to be able to tell anyone else the answer to my question but since I had already told a half dozen people, she said they did NOT have a case.

That's just what I thought.

It's 6:00PM now and soon I will take my 7:00PM.

I went on to bed at 9:00PM

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Wedneday and Breakfast and Lunch out.

I texted Bob this morning to see how he was doing, He was up and around. I asked him if he wanted to go to breakfast and he said Eggberts was probably closed. I called them and they were open. So I texted him again and asked him if he wanted to go to eat there. They were sanitizing everything and hoped they could stay open under those circumstances. So I drove over and we went to breakfast. The place was very clean and there were few people there. My philosophy is that there are few if any cases in southeast Kansas since it is  poor enough area that no one there can afford cruises and have not been to China.

All six of the Kansas cases are in cities in the northern part of the state. In Kansas City, Topeka, and Wichita. We are down on the Oklahoma and Kansas line. Until something is diagnosed down here in our area, I am not going to stop living.

So Bob and I had breakfast, then after I took him home, I went out to Walmart to get the three things on my tiny list. They didn't have the cat food I buy, any small bottles of water or Lysol  disinfectant wipes. I did manage to get some Cran-grape juice in small bottles. That's the juice I have with my breakfast.

Then I went to their Dollar General store. They had the cat food so I bought that. I got back to Caney  and went our Dollar General and they had the small  bottled water so I bought that there. The way people are hoarding is tragic. It's fear. Supplies should be rationed so folks won't hoard.

I learned today that the alumni banquet for Keith's class has been cancelled. I am hoping they will be able to come on to visit me anyhow. But I will contact him about that and see what they want to do.

I contacted Esther, Keith's wife, and she said they were coming anyhow. They want to see me and  Leslie, Keith's sister, and John, his brother-in-law .

When I got back to Caney, Nancy called to see if I wanted to go to lunch. I was at Dollar General and so I suggested I pick her up since I would need to take my water in. She agreed.

I picked her up and we went to Copan Restaurant and had a salad for lunch  There were only about 10 people in there and they were sanitizing everything on the tables after every patron left.

When we got back to Caney, Dale came in and scolded us for being "out" and about.  We agreed to go to drive ins for lunch from now on. (Maybe we will and maybe we won't).

Now I am going to read again. I am still full as a tick from lunch.

More later....

I read most of the afternoon and finished my third book. Unfortunately, the library is closed because of the pandemic so I cannot get more to read. I do have two books of my own I was working on when I took out the library books. I will go back to those.

Dale, Nancy's cousin, called back this afternoon to say that Sedan, Kansas, 13 miles west of Caney, here where I live, has a case of the Caronavirus in their hospital.

It's 7:00PM so I guess I will take my bath and put my PJs on and read until bedtime at 9:00PM

Monday, March 16, 2020

Tuesday and Cakes For First Christian Church

I slept well last night although I will say my right arm was very sore. I don't know what brought that on. I kept changing position to stay asleep.

Another weird thing happened too. I had read until late in order to finish the second book. Then I went on to bed and forgot to take my contacts out so I slept in them all night. Weird. I never do that. I took them out for awhile and then put some drops in my eyes before I put them back in.

Scott, my younger son,  called me on his way to work this morning. He has blue tooth in his car so that conversation was hands free. We had a good visit.

Generally I feel good unless my arm is sore.

My ink cartridges should be here from Amazon today. If I order them online, I don't have the expense of the trip to a Walmart. The  cost is the same since I have free shipping.

It's 7:25AM now and I will need to leave at 8:30AM to pick up the cakes in Coffeyville and at the church's freezer to take them to Independence to the First Christian Church. Bob is unable to do that now since his spinal stenosis is acting up and he is in pain. He is having an MRI tomorrow and an epidural in his spine too. Then he has another appointment with his doctor on Friday. He wasn't able to bake his cake either. His legs are too numb to stand on them for any time at all.

I had three cats here for their breakfast. Mama cat is the only one staying around... kind of guarding what food she has left in her dish. When she finally left I went out and got the empty bowls and washed them.

I heard from Sherry Epps yesterday. They have cancelled our trip to Overland Park to the new theater. It's just as well. That would have been a huge crowd and I can use the money she will refund. 

Since our church's congregations have closed temporarily because of the covid19 coronavirus pandemic, Leslie and I both logged onto the Toronto Canada church online services and watched the services on our computers.  We intend to do that as long as our congregations are closed.

More later...I had better get around.

I got over to Coffeyville about thirty minutes early and picked up the cakes at Phyllis Fredensborg's and then stopped by Karan's and and got hers too. We visited about thirty minutes. Then I stopped at church and got mine out of the freezer there.

I got up to Independence about 9:40AM and Barbara helped me get the cakes out of my trunk. She told me that would be their last dinner until this coronavirus thing was under control. They were going to serve it as a "to go" meal instead of a sit down dinner. They are also closing down their church until all this is over.

I bought a mini blizzard at the Dairy Queen there. Then I came on back home. I read until lunch time and then fixed myself a ham sandwich for my lunch. I had an ice cream bar afterwards.

I went up to the post office to mail a letter off and noticed it looks like the library is closed. I didn't check but it looked awfully dark in there.

I watched the programs I had recorded Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Then I read the rest of the afternoon. Oh yes, I put together another three church directories too. My ink cartridge from Amazon came in the mail  today.

It's 4:30PM now so I guess I will watch the Tulsa news. They said they had 19 total cases this morning.

More later...

I read all evening until 7:00PM when I took my bath and then went back to read until  9:00PM, when I went on to bed.

Monday and Rain

When I woke up this morning it was pouring down rain. I got up about 5:30AM. My arm hurt a lot last night and my sleep was spotty. I have no idea what set it off. I vacuumed yesterday but I used my left arm. I guess it's just the mileage.

I haven't looked to see if there are any cats out there.  With the rain, if I tried to take food out there, mama cat would try to come in the apartment. She always tries to sneak in and with my past experience, that is a I will wait.

Oh, oh! I just heard a couple of cats quarreling out there. I have no idea how I could feed them without them trying to come in the apartment.

I checked on the cats and they were all gone...without breakfast.  Evidently their fight ran them both/all off. Maybe they will be back this evening for supper.

I don't know if Nancy will be well enough to come for lunch today. If she isn't, I will just eat by myself again. That's what I did yesterday. The chili was good. I will probably just eat my pie too this time and then I can take Nancy's chili and pie to her after the  rain stops.

I have dressed and had my breakfast. I fixed my strawberries last night and I will use some of them for smoothies. I had a small dish plain last night. I will probably just stay in today and read. I finished my first book before I went to bed last night. I still have two more to read.

I watched the news and then began working on three more directories for our congregation. I ran out of ink cartridge on the second page so I have put it away. I am supposed to get new ink cartridges from Amazon tomorrow so that can wait. And since we are not holding church for awhile thanks to the coronavirus, there is no rush. I just knew the last four had been picked up off the foyer table by folks who had an old directory and wanted an updated one.

I called Nancy awhile ago and she is feeling fine today and is going to come over for that lunch at noon. That's good. Otherwise I was going to take hers to her for her to eat when she was better.

More later...

Nancy came over at 11:45AM and we had the chili and the pecan pie. We both thoroughly enjoyed both. She stayed all afternoon and then had to go to try to find out where her father-in-law is now that he has died.  They put him in some kind of cold storage while his family looks for his insurance. They have just kind of left all this to Nancy and she doesn't need the problem but was going to call Potts  Funeral Home in Independence to see if they have his body.

I read awhile after she left. Then this evening I had an ice cream bar.

Bob called me. He is having an MRI on Wednesday and an epidural and then he has another doctor's appointment on Friday. I called his daughter, Diana, since she was good about texting me her thanks for helping keep track of her dad. He has been in a lot of pain today and was over to Joanne's after his appointment. He has spinal stenosis.

I am watching the CBS news now. In a little bit I will read until 7:00PM when I take my bath and then "Bull" when it comes on at 9:00PM.

The small yellow cat came by just now and so I put the food out for him/her. The others may be around soon to see if I will be feeding them supper. They all missed breakfast due to the rain.

I will be taking the three cakes to Independence to the First Christian Church tomorrow. He is certainly not up to it. Bob is not even up to baking and icing his cake so we will only have three cakes unless I bake another one.

More later....

Sunday, March 15, 2020

A Quiet Sunday

This will be a strange Sunday. I always go to church but our World Church has cancelled all congregational services for at least three weeks because of the coronavirus. They are trying to be careful. Many other churches have closed as well..even the Catholic church.

I have my chili fixed and Nancy is supposed to come for lunch...if she remembers. I still have the pecan pie I saved too for our dessert.

I never did clean this week so this morning after the news, I will run the vacuum. I did do some dusting earlier.

I had three cats come for their breakfast. Mama cat thinks she wants to come in when I open the door and I am not going to allow that. On the one occasion when one of those gray cats slipped in, I almost never caught it. I had to throw an afghan over it and take it out covered with it. It also caused some damage because of it's fear of the inside. This morning I had to go out through the garage and she rubbed against my legs all the way to the front door. I guess she is grateful for the breakfast. Anyhow big yellow Tom showed up later too. I will leave the dishes out there for awhile. Others may show up.

I will watch the news for awhile and then turn off the TV and vacuum.

More later....

After I watched the news, I did vacuum so the apartment looks better. Then  Nancy called to tell me she had woke up in the night sick to her stomach. So if she is well she will come to lunch tomorrow. I went ahead and had some of the chili for my lunch along with some of the fretoes.

Then Leslie contacted me to tell me she had found a couple of our church services online. One was in Jonesboro and the other in Toronto Canada I tried the Jonesboro one first but was not impressed. So we both switched to the one in Toronto. It was good. As long as we have no services in churches, at least Leslie and I will watch the Toronto services online. I did send the information on to our online members.

I guess I will read awhile. It is too chilly to try to do much else. I may go get a Sonic Blast for my dessert. I didn't eat any of the pie.

More later....

I did go get a Sonic Blast for dessert. Then I came home and read all afternoon and finished my first book. I went out to Dollar General  and bought cat food.

Then at 6:00PM I watched 60 Minutes and then fed the cats. I think about three of them showed up. At 7:00PM, I will take my bath    and plan to go to bed at 9:00PM. It's 7:30PM now so I will go take my bath.