Saturday, March 19, 2022

Saturday and Nothing Much

I slept very well last night and was up at y usual 5:00AM. I made my bed and got myself ready for the day.  According to my phone it's 36 degrees and according to the desktop computer, it's 45 degrees and cloudy. I have no idea which is correct. I guess I will know for sure when I watch "the weather on the 8's"...if it's correct.

I am having my breakfast now here at the computer. My left knee is a little weak this morning but I will take it carefully until I see how it's going to do.

I don't have a plan for the day. Everything is caught up until Monday when I will change my bed and do my laundry. I will probably just read today again although I do need to go out to Dollar General or the market and get some Kleenex and paper towels and bubble bath and oatmeal and breakfast bars and water. That's all I am out of for now.

It's 6:04AM now and soon I will go check out the weather and the cats. At least Scruff is usually out there by 6:30AM. Neither of them came for supper last night.

More later.. 

Scruff was the only cat that came for breakfast and she ate a lot!  I took the food into the garage when she finished and left.

The weather was on shortly after I got out there. Today is supposed to be 72 degrees and cloudy, Sunday 78 degrees and mostly sunny, Monday 62 degrees and rain, Tuesday 65 degrees and showers, Tuesday 65 degrees and showers, Wednesday 47 degree and showers, Thursday 54 degrees and partly cloudy and Friday 65 degrees and mostly sunny.

The phone shut down again last evening and I had to plug it in and charge it awhile to get it to come back on. It had 54% when it shut down. I don't know what's going on with that phone...probably getting old like me. :) 

It's 6:32AM now. I will be back later ...

It's 10:00AM now and I have finished the latest book. Now I will go buy my groceries. When I got up from my chair again, the left knee gave me another hard twinge. It maybe will become a problem...I hope not. I will take another Aleve and that may hold it off for awhile till it heals.

I got my groceries and today for lunch I will have another bowl of that cheddar broccoli soup. That may be about all of it.  I will know soon.

It's 1:39PM and I have been reading for quite awhile. I just ate another bowl of the  cheddar broccoli soup with crackers.It's still very good and so far I have had three lunches out of it. I think I have one more left. 

Today is a beautiful sunshiny day.

More later....

I went over to Coffeyville to go to the bank and then out to visit Marilyn and to take the new directories to Karan to be sewed together for tomorrow.

Then I came back home. I have missed the news and I think I forgot to have it recorded too .But I had a nice visit with Marilyn and one with Karan too. It's 5:50PM now and I think I will read again until time to take my bath.

I plan to go to bed at at 9:00PM as usual.

Friday, March 18, 2022

Friday and Tires Rotated

 I woke up about 4:00AM with a text from my bank asking if I had authorized a payment of $98.54 to come out of my checking account.  I deleted the text because I wasn't sure it was from my bank. I was concerned about it and attempted to challenge the payment. Then I checked my e-mail and discovered it was a renewal of the security AVG. I have had the free AVG ever since I have had computers so I had no idea how that could have been scheduled to be withdrawn from my checking account.  After awhile, I will contact Keith and see what he thinks about it. In today's world it could be that I need the more secure AVG but I certainly didn't authorize it to be withdrawn from my checking account. It could still be a spam.

Anyhow, I just got up after checking that out. I have made my bed and got myself ready for the day. I intended to go to Bartlesville today and have my tires rotated. I still will since the season is changing and I have them rotated every season change. I still have 80% on my oil though. I am supposed to have it changed at 15%. I may take my Fitnus down there and see if  US Cellular can figure it out. I was never able to get it hooked to my phone. It may be because the first Fitnus I had was hooked to the same phone. I deleted that after the first Fitnus had broken.

In a little while I will check the weather again. It's supposed to rain today if it hasn't already begun. It's too dark out there to tell yet. It's  5:35AM.

It's 8:26AM and I just finished talking to Keith and when I hung up, the phone died. I have plugged it in in hopes of getting it working again  but it had plenty of charge when it died. It was 48% when it died.

I have to go to Coffeyville to the bank at 9:00AM to cancel the unauthorized charge from AVG of that $98.54 for an annual charge for my security. I have always had free AVG on my computers. 

Then I need to contact AVG and tell them to cancel that charge and delete my debit card from their records. How they got my debit card number is beyond me.

O.K. charging the phone more got it working again. I just checked. 

More later...

First I went over to Coffeyville to the bank and got a new debit card. The number AVG had was my debit card number and the bank wanted me to have a new number. Then I came back home and got my jacket. It had gotten very chilly while I was gone. It rained all the way over  to Coffeyville.

The first stop I made after I got down to Bartlesville was to the US Cellular store and within two minutes the woman who worked there had my Fitnus phone working. I told her she was a genius. I had worked on it for an hour yesterday evening. She found the app in my app store and just revitalized it with the new Fitnus.

Next I went to Walmart  for gas. I used the new debit card and it worked fine. Then I went out to Tate Boys and they rotated my tires. The man that waited on me said I had two tires that were very worn and two that were fine. $375. for those two worn tires. After thinking it over, I decided I had spent way too much money in the past three months and I had better wait until fall to buy them.  That's what I told the man who waited on me. He agreed that would work but he said he really wouldn't want to rotate those two worn tires much later then that.

After I left there, I came home and warmed up some of that cheddar broccoli soup I had fixed yesterday. It was very good and nourishing too.

It's 2:29PM now. I am charging my Kindle again so I can't read until it is charged again.

More later...

Strange...I have internet access on the desktop but none on the laptop. I am rebooting the laptop to try to get it to find the internet access.... I rebooted it and it is finding access now. It's an old laptop so anything can happen. It's the one Scott gave me when he got his Apple.

I went out to Sonic and bought a cherry limeade slush. I needed something besides water to drink.  

I read until 7:30PM and then when I got up out of the recliner, I twisted my left knee and I have had to be very careful of it ever since. Getting in and out of the bathtub was tricky but so far, so good. I took a couple of Aleve and I hope that will take care of it. I did get my bath though. But I had to sit down to put on my pajama bottoms and robe. I hope it will be fine by morning.

I plan to read some more and then go to bed by 9:00PM. 

Thursday, March 17, 2022

Thursday and Apartment Cleaning

 I slept through the night last night without waking up once and was up at my usual 5:00AM, made my bed and dressed. It's 5:58AM now and I am eating my breakfast. 

I wonder if we are going to have thunderstorms today as the forecast yesterday said. It's still dark out at 6:00AM so I won't know until it gets lighter.

I will go turn on the TV in a minute and see what today's forecast is and I will also check on the cats. So back in a minute..

Just Scruff came for her breakfast. She ate like she hadn't eaten in a week but she was here to eat yesterday morning  but neither of them came for supper last night. When she finished, I took the food in the garage and covered it.

The forecast has changed a little. Today is supposed to be 79 degrees and partly cloudy, tomorrow,48 degrees and rain and wind. Saturday 70 degrees and sunny, Sunday 74 degrees and partly cloudy, Monday 58 degrees and rain, Tuesday 62 degrees and rain, and Wednesday 48 degrees.and cloudy. The rain is supposed to start tonight.

It's 7:45AM now and I have finished my mopping and am now working on my vacuuming. I have the bedroom, hall and den vacuumed and am ready to start working on the living room as soon as I rest awhile. This vacuum sweeper is quite a bit heavier and I need to do the vacuuming in shifts...after I rest awhile, I will do the living room carpet and dining room area rug. Tomorrow I will dust everything.....maybe this afternoon after I rest up again. I like getting it all done in one day. This vacuum sweeper doesn't shut down like my other one did.

I got the living room vacuumed and it's 8:08AM and I have the chairs out of the dining room. As soon as I rest a bit, I will finish the vacuuming in there.  

O.K. I am back at it to finish up!

After I finished the cleaning, I read until noon. I couldn't figure out what  to have for lunch so I went down to Mr. G's and bought a small butter pecan flurry. Those are always good.  I am even thinking of making some cheddar broccoli soup. I could eat some of that for a couple of days...maybe more.

And that's what I did. I am going to have a bowl of it now. This will give me something nourishing to eat for a few days.

And that's what I did. It was very good too. I use to fix it for Nancy and me when she lived here in Caney. She liked it too.  I put it in Corning Ware and put it in the frig. I will have it again tomorrow.

It's a beautiful day today. Too bad it's forecast to rain tonight. Maybe we'll miss it.

I have been reading all afternoon. Now I am going to watch the news. 

More even later.

I read until 7:15PM after I watched the news I took my bath.

I will be going to Bartlesville tomorrow to get my tires's time at the change of the seasons and Sunday is the first day of Spring. 

I may take my Fitnus in to their US Cellular  store and see if they can help me get my Fitnus on my phone. I think the problem has to do with it having already had a different Fitnus on it and when the other one broke now it has to be rebooted to let it take on another different one. I will take the Fitnus and the paperwork and also the phone by and see if they can help me. If not, I don't know what I will do about it.

I plan to read until 9:00PM or so and then go to bed.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Wednesday and Bunco

I slept well last night and was up shortly before 5:00AM. I made my bed and got myself ready for the day. I will  go over to Coffeyville to get my hair done at 9:00AM and after that, I will have my doctor's appointment at 10:30AM Then I will read my Kindle until 1:00PM when I go to the senior center for Bunco. After 3:00PM, when that is over, I will go out to Marilyn's and take her my leftover treats and have a visit. I should be back home by 4:30PM or 5:00PM.  That will be my day.

Today is supposed to be sunny and tomorrow we are forecast for thunderstorms. At least that was yesterday's forecast. I will check today's in a little while. I wonder if Cox got our HD signal fixed overnight. I guess I will find out in a little bit. It was down all day yesterday.

At first only Scruff came for breakfast. After awhile, Blondie joined her but he didn't stay and eat for long. After awhile, Scruff left too so I took the food into the garage and covered it. 

The weather forecast has changed a bit. This is Kansas so  should have expected it.

Today's is still partly cloudy and 77 degrees, Tomorrow (Thursday) is 77 degrees and mostly cloudy, Friday is 53 degrees and wind and rain, Saturday is 69 degrees and partly cloudy, Sunday is 74 degrees and partly cloudy, Monday is 64 degrees and rain, Tuesday is 65 degrees and rain showers. So it looks like some rain in the next week.The first day of Spring is Sunday and my allergies are already going crazy.

More later..

I got over to Coffeyville  little  before 9:00AM so I stopped at Sonic and bought a medium cherry limeade slush. Then I went to a car wash and washed my car and ran thru the dryer. I had cleaned part of the front seat upholstery yesterday and that spot appeared to be gone so I didn't have to do it over. 

I got my hair done after that. Then I stopped by the Medicine Shoppe and picked up my blood pressure meds. And even later I went to my doctor's appointment at 10:30AM. I didn't get out of there until almost 11:30AM since the place was packed. I did get my blood work done this time. He will check my thyroid numbers. I have another appointment in September. He likes to see me twice a year.

After that, I went out to the antique mall and browsed around. I didn't buy anything. I was just looking. 

Then I went up to the senior center and sat in the car and read my Kindle. It is charging again now. 

I played Bunco with seven others. We had a good time and lots of nice treats. I sent my leftover treats home with Marilyn. She came to Bunco for the first time in more then a year. She recently had back surgery and her back is a little better now.

Then I came back home and stopped at Sonic here and got the kids Wacky Pack for my supper. It costs me $2.18 on Wednesdays and it's chicken strips, french fries and a small drink.

I called Cox when I got to the apartment. While I was over at Coffeyville, I got a phone call from a woman with a very thick accent who asked me if I was home with my computer. She told me she was with Cox. I told her I was out of town ...which was true. She asked if she could call me back when I got home and she said it was about an upgrade on my computer security. I asked her if there was to be an additional charge for an upgrade and she hung up. I told Cox about it and they looked up my account and said there there was no sign of a problem or a needed upgrade on my account. It was just as I thought. Another spam call.The thick accent was a dead giveaway. I blocked the number and deleted it.

I got my new Fitnus watch today but no matter what I did, it won't connect to my phone. I followed the directions exactly and it did charge and that shows on the watch but because I can't get it to connect to my phone, the time,day of the week and even the month and dates are wrong. I even called Leslie to see what I could be doing wrong and I did exactly what she said to do too but it would not connect to the phone. Luckily I have the one Leslie gave me that does give me the day of the week, the date as well as the time.

More Later...

It's almost 7:00PM and I guess I will take my bath and put my Pajamas on and read again. I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM this evening even though I read until 10:00PM last night.


Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Tuesday And A Failed Visit To Nancy

I slept pretty well last night and wasn't up in the night at all. I did wake up about 3:00AM but I got back to sleep. I got up at 4:45AM, made my bed and got dressed for the day.

I am having my breakfast now. In a little while I will go check out the weather and see if the cats are out there for their breakfast. I also need to put the trash out to the curb.  I usually do that the night before on Monday evening but I forgot yesterday evening. It's only 5:33AM now.

When it begins to get light I will get it done. I want to take my Timex watch to a jeweler in Bartlesville and see if they can move it up an hour.

I have a busy day tomorrow. I have my hair appointment at 9:00AM, a doctor's appointment at Dr. Christensen's at 10:30AM after that for my regular yearly check up, and Bunco after noon at 1:00PM until 3:00PM and then I will go by Marilyn's and take her my leftover treats and have a visit too.

I took the trash container out to the curb. I didn't want to forget to do that.

Now I will go check out the weather.

Weird...again Cox is having trouble with their signal. In order to access the weather channel, I had to put in just the last two digits of their HD number. After I watched that, I went back to 2006 to watch the news. Soon even that had to be accessed with just the last two digits of their channel number 06. I don't know what their problem is but I am certainly sick of it. It's always something! I wish they would get their act together. They certainly charge enough!

Only Scruff was out there for her breakfast. She ate quite a bit and then left. I took the bowl back in the garage and covered it when she was finished.

More even later...

I went down to see Nancy but they told me she was not there but they wouldn't tell me where she was. When I got back to the car, I called Dale, her cousin. He told me she was in the hospital because of chest pains yesterday and had to stay overnight. She had had chest pains before but nothing could be found to cause them. She is to be released this afternoon sometime.  I decided not to stay because I had no idea when she would be released.

I went to a jewelry store in downtown Bartlesville and the jeweler there was able to set my watch to the correct date and time. They wouldn't charge me anything. When I got back to Caney, I went to the drug store here and bought some new hearing aid batteries. Then I noticed I had got a call from Walgreens that I had missed.

I called them back and they said they had my thyroid meds filled. I hadn't yet called them to get my meds refilled but I guessed Dr. Christensen's office must have called them. So I called Coffeyville's Medicine Shoppe to see if they had been called to refill my blood pressure meds and they refilled them too. I will pick those up tomorrow when I go to Coffeyville. Then I had lunch from the senior menu at Eggbert's and after that I drove on up to Independence and got the thyroid meds and a Dairy Queen blizzard for my dessert. They overfilled my cup there and some of it dropped on my seat upholstery. I had some scotch guard auto upholstery cleaner and I got that out when I got home and cleaned that spill up. It appears to have taken the stain out since it hadn't set long. When it dries, I'll take another look at it and see if it needs some additional help. If it does, I will do it again.

I guess I will read again. I have nothing new going on.  

So more even later....

I read for an hour and the watched a lecture from "Beyond the Walls" in Toronto Canada. The name of this lecture is "Aquinas' Proofs of God" It's 7:16PM now and I will take my bath and then read until time to go to bed at 9:00PM

Monday, March 14, 2022

Monday and A Little Laundry

I got up early this morning so I could set the clock on the microwave oven. The three doesn't work to set the clock so I waited until 4:00AM to set it. Now it's working fine.I just fixed my oatmeal in it. I am out of milk so I will need to go to the market this morning sometime.  I will look around and make a list. I may need some more frozen meals too.

I never did figure out the watch. I will need to take it to a jeweler in Bartlesville tomorrow. I don't think Gary Eisley is bright enough to do it and he is the only jeweler left in Coffeyville or Independence.. I know I am not. And it didn't come with instructions.

Next Sunday is the first day of Spring and my nose knows it. It is running constantly... day and night.

I will do a little laundry this morning. Next Monday I will strip the bed and do the sheets. I need underwear now and I will wash my towels. I ordered some more underwear from Amazon but it won't be here until next week.  

I have dressed and made up my face for the day now. It's only 5:20AM and  too early for either of the cats to be out there. I will check just to be sure though. I will turn on "the weather on the 8's" and see if anything has changed overnight.

I have the laundry in the dryer now and have finished my breakfast. I also saw "the weather on the 8's" and took my blood pressure. I have a doctor's appointment with Christensen on Wednesday at 10:30AM. I will take my records to him and I may also take my blood pressure cuff to have it checked out.

Today is supposed to be 59 degrees and cloudy, Tuesday is forecast to be 66 degrees and partly cloudy, Wednesday 73 degrees and partly cloudy, Thursday 74 degrees and thunderstorms, Friday 61 degrees and showers, Saturday 66 degrees and mostly sunny, and Sunday 72 degrees and partly cloudy. That's the week. I am personally not happy about the rain but I imagine the farmers need it. 

More later...

The investigator investigating my accident called this morning to interview me about the accident. He will contact Lacey, my insurance agaent for the information I gave her to counter sue Evelyn's insurance company after her insurance company called last week to tell me they were going to sue my insurance company for her damage. Evelyn had said she would take care of her damage with her insurance and since I didn't have collision on my 14 year old car, I was going to use my savings to take care of mine. That left me $ my savings account. I am attempting to restore the savings account balance back at $100. a month. The crown for the tooth I broke over Thanksgiving was a little over $1300. That was more then my new bumper. The new bumper replacement and painting and labor was a little over $1,000. Between the two of them it really depleted my savings. In time, I will get it restored again though.

More later...

I went to the Caney Market and bought $39.00 worth of groceries. It had been awhile since I bought any groceries. It's almost 10:00AM now and I guess I will get back to my latest book. 

It's getting harder and harder to find a murder mystery I haven't read from Amazon's "free to read" group.

Now Lacey, my insurance agent, called to say she didn't have a copy of Evelyn's insurance papers. I told her I had taken a picture of it and when I talked to her (Lacey) at her office, I had sent it to her phone. She looked and agreed she had it. She had forgotten.

This gets pretty complicated when my agent didn't get the police report and didn't even ask for it after I gave her the policewoman's card. I don't know who is the most incompetent ...the policewoman or Lacey. If I were the insurance agent, I would have requested that on Wednesday after the wreck on Sunday when the policewoman said she would be doing her report.

Oh well...

Jess, Nancy's friend came by as I was coming home from the post office and inquired how Nancy was doing. I visited with him out at the drive. I was going to go out to Sonic to get a child's meal.  

After that, I went out to Sonic and bought the kids meal of a small hamburger, french fries and a coke and brought them home to eat. About midway to the afternoon, I went up to Mr. G's and bought a small butter pecan flurry for my dessert.

Then I read all afternoon. It's 5:24PM now and I will watch the CBS evening news at 5:30PM.  Maybe I can finish my latest book after the news is over.

I plan to take my bath at 7:00PM and perhaps start another book until bedtime at 9:00PM.

May be an image of dog 

One of five Corgi puppies my daughter has for sale. Darling little fellow.

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Sunday and Church

 I slept fairly well last night. I woke up after midnight and saw that the daylight savings time hadn't begun yet. I asked Alexa why that was and she said it began at 2:00AM in Kansas. That explained that so I went back to bed and back to sleep. I wa sable to reset the clock on the stove but not the microwave. And of course, my watch is still an hour off too. But the phone is right so I will use it for the time when I am not home until I can find a jeweler or someone who knows how to set my watch.

I am eating my breakfast now and drinking my coffee. It is 6:50AM now according to the computer and the phone. I will need to watch the time carefully today or I may be late for church. I will need to leave here about 9:30AM. Meanwhile,I need to check on the cats and "the weather on the 8's".

Scruff was the only cat that came for breakfast this morning.  Blondie was probably fed at home. She is finished now so I put her food back on the garage and covered it.  

I finally caught "the weather on the 8's" and today (Sunday) is to be 66 degrees and sunny, Monday to be 60 degrees and  mostly cloudy and windy, Tuesday 64 degrees and mostly sunny, Wednesday 74 degrees and sunny, Thursday 75 degrees and mostly cloudy, Friday 57 degrees and light rain and Saturday 65 degrees and mostly sunny. That's the next week.

I will leave now and go to the bank  if I am in plenty of time.

So More Later...

I did go to the bank and after church, Rick and Carmen and Phyllis and I went to Just Us in Cherryvale for lunch. I don't know what the others did for lunch. When I got home I came back to read some more. It's a beautiful day today..

I tried and tried to reset my watch but I never could figure it out. I even looked on the internet for instructions.

It's got me confused.

I was going to sign into the Mission Center Zoom service and forgot my watch had yesterday's time on it. So I only got into the last 15 minutes of it. 

I finished my latest book instead and at 7:00PM, I took my bath. It's 8:30PM now and I think I will go on to bed. I spent an hour or so trying to figure out how to get the watch on daylight savings time. I was never able to get the microwave's time change done either. That clock on the microwave hasn't worked in a year. It's only two years old too.

I have been frustrated over the time change all day 

I will put this blog on Keith's blog and go on to bed at 9:00PM.