Saturday, December 12, 2020

Saturday and a Possible Trip to Woolaroc

This will be an unusual day if it works out. Last evening Gina, the wife of Nancy's cousin, called to invite me to go with them to see the spectacular lights at Woolaroc near Bartlesville.  I had wanted to go down there to see those lights but did not want to drive clear to Woolaroc in the dark by myself. It's a drive through tour of the lighted grounds. Dale and Gina are going to take Nancy and have invited me along too. I hope she's up to it. I volunteered to drive over to Nancy's and save them having to drive over here to my apartment. I am to be there at 5:00PM. Gina said we would pick up a hamburger on the way down for our supper.

I want to get my dusting done today. After I decided to Christmas shop late last afternoon, I spent the rest of the evening wrapping gifts and putting them in the living room. It was such a last minute decision, I didn't even remember to record the CBS evening news. 

I was up at 5:00AM, as usual. I slept pretty well and only woke up once during the night. I have had my breakfast and got myself ready for the day. I will go now to watch the "weather on the 8s" .

I saw the weather on TV and then opened the front door to find four cats ready for  their breakfasts, One of them was Scruffie. She didn't come for supper last night so she was really hungry this morning. I fed all four of them but she was the only one with Meow Mix. The others don't really care. They eat whatever they're fed. 

I checked my bank account and also my Amazon Chase card. The refund on the electric ice crusher finally came through on the Amazon account.  My bank account balanced too.

After the news, I will dust the apartment. I have put it off long enough.

So more later...

I got the apartment dusted. And now I am free to watch the news and "Lucky Dog" one of my favorite programs. It doesn't come on until 10:00AM and so I have awhile to read. It's only 8:50AM. After the cats finished eating, I went out and brought the bowls into the garage.

I downloaded the latest version of Glary Utilities on the notebook. It cleans up my computers. I use the free version and have ever since the early 90s. I have it on all three computers. I try to remember to use it every week but sometimes I forget.

I should do all three computers while I am waiting for the news to go off.

I ran the program and then downloaded the latest version on all three computers. Then I ran it again with the new versions.

More later...I will go watch the news again and then "Lucky Dog".

Image may contain: indoor 

My first six Christmas gifts wrapped. I did this last night.

I had one of my Schwan's pizzas for my lunch. It was o.k. I had some of my Crystal Light punch with it.

Gina called me awhile ago to tell me Nancy is not feeling well again today and does not want to go to Woolaroc after all. She felt fine this morning but when Gina went back for lunch, she was feeling terrible. So we won't be going to Woolaroc after all. I am disappointed but I can certainly understand the situation. So I will stay home and stay in. It's cold anyhow today. We are forecast for snow tomorrow. It won't break my heart if we don't get it.

I will read in my new book. More later...

Suzanne brought Brandon and me some of her banana nut bread and I took his over to his small mailbox. He didn't answer the doorbell when I rang it so I left him a note on the small mailbox and hung the banana nut bread in a sack with handles on it on that small mailbox. When I went to get my mail at the curb mailbox, I noticed it was gone so he must have eventually come to the door and found the sack.

It was very good!

I notice the Chronicle has announced that the "boil water" notice has been rescinded now for Caney. Thank goodness!! 

After I watched the CBS news, I took my bath and read until 10:00PM when I finished the book and went on to bed.


Friday, December 11, 2020

Friday and Dusting

 I will get the dusting done today...other then that, everything is pretty much done. I don't know whether it rained last night or was forecast and it was forecast for all day today too. 

I got up at 5:00AM after sleeping well with only one bathroom break all night. I got myself ready for the day and even had my breakfast already. I will eat a breakfast bar and drink my Chai Latte now too. After that, I will turn on the TV and watch the "weather on the 8's". Finally I will check out the cats.

I even balanced my checkbook already this morning....and it balanced. All but one check has cleared the bank. I seldom use checks. I just use my debit card.

It's almost 6:00AM and soon I will also need to text Bob and see if he is up and alright.

So, more later...

I did reach Bob and he was fine and had slept well.

I also got all four cats fed. And yes, it is raining a little now. It was so light I was able to take the cat food out through the garage.

Scruffie finished hers and both others have left except for the siblings. They are staying close to the door which is dry. I brought in Scruffie's empty dish and filled their water dish.

I have turned on the channel 6 news now. I didn't wait for the weather after I saw that it was raining as forecast.

More later...

I watched a video that explained five things we commonly eat that impact our memories as we age. They are commonly found in many of our foods. One is MSG, two is Aspartame, an artificial sweetener, three is sucrous (or Splenda) fourth is docetal which is found in microwave popcorn. The fifth is Aluminum which is found in many foods. 

Halfway through the afternoon I decided to go to independence and Christmas shop. I got all the local people bought for now and the gifts are wrapped and in the living room floor. Then I got home and fed the cats....all but Scruffie...she wasn't around and I didn't leave her food. She would have had to fight for it. While I was at Orchelan's I bought cat food too.

When I got home I also went out to Dollar General and bought wrapping paper and ribbons.

And when I got home I also wrapped gifts using everything I had bought. That's a good start on Christmas. The kids are coming over here Christmas Eve for treats and we will open our gifts then. I may make my peanut clusters and Apple Brown Betty with vanilla ice cream. I'll get some Braham's eggnog too. It's the best.

I have had my bath and am ready for bed at 9:00PM. I think I recorded the CBS news this evening. I will check that out now. If I did, I will watch it before I go to bed.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Thursday and Cleaning Day

 This is my traditional cleaning day. I usually vacuum during commercials while watching TV.

I slept off and on last night. My sinus' were draining  and I got up several times to blow my nose. Finally I got up close to 6:00AM. I do not feel rested today...too many sleep interruptions. It's 32 degrees this morning and it's nearly 7:00AM now.

I have had my breakfast  and even a breakfast bar. In a little bit I will go turn on the TV to catch the "weather on the 8s" and then open the door to see how many cats are out there waiting for their breakfast.

So, more later... 

There were four cats out there ...including Scruffie waiting for her Meow Mix. The next time I go to Independence or Coffeyville I will need to buy the cat food Leslie brought me. It's a lot cheaper and all the cats eat it except Scruffie. I buy Meow Mix for her. It has tender centers. I see she has eaten all of hers already. The other three are still eating.

I will begin vacuuming soon. I need to get the vacuum out of the closet. I start with washing the bare floors..then vacuum. It takes me an hour to finish...small as the apartment is. Dusting takes longer.

More later...  

I went out to Dollar General and bought some Coffeemate for my coffee. I can't drink it black.

I got all the bare floors scrubbed and all the carpets vacuumed. All I need to do now is dust and I will do that this afternoon. It's 9:45AM at this point. 

It's 12:00Noon now and I have the apartment all cleaned up and am waiting for the mail. I just had one of my frozen meals for lunch.

More even later... 

It's 2:15PM now  and I have been listening to Alexa playing Kenny Rogers music and playing FreeCell on the laptop. It's a beautiful day and I should see if Nancy would like to take a drive. She no longer has a car and it's the last of a beautiful day since it's supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow. Yes, she wants to get out again while the weather is pretty.

Be back later... 

Nancy had been to the beauty shop and was dressed and eager to get out so I went right over to pick her up. She had been invited to Dale and Gina's for supper but was game to go up to Independence on such a pretty day. We went to the Dairy Queen and she bought a grape drink and bought me a small Blizzard.  We had a good visit on the way back to Caney. She was not having any problems with her arthritis and was very glad to get out of the house again.  

When I got home all four of the cats were there wanting their suppers so I fed them. I watched the CBS news at 5:30PM and later at 7:00PM, I took my bath. I had downloaded another book so I read until 10:00PM when I took my two melatonin tables and went on to bed.  I had had a productive day and the apartment was clean.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Wednesday and Breakfast With Bob

 It's 5:30AM now and I will feed the cats next, watch the "weather on the 8s" and then leave to go pick up Bob for breakfast. I've had coffee and Chai Latte but I won't eat my usual oatmeal since I will have a good sized breakfast with Bob at 7:00AM.

Then I will go fill up my car with gas, wash it and go out to Walmart for a few things. I need Chai Latte again and I need to make a list of what else I need.

I got my Christmas cards out yesterday so I need stamps again. Then I will go get my hair done.

So more later... 

Bob insisted on paying for breakfast this time...for my birthday, he said. We also had a good visit. Afterward, I went out to Woodshed and bought my gas and then to Walmart  for the things I needed. I then got my hair done.Then I dropped by Karan's and took her my old newspapers so she could take then to the animal shelter. Then I went to the car wash and washed my car and wiped it down with paper towels. I went by the car wash on eighth street and vacuumed it out.

Then I came on back home.  I stopped at the Caney post office and bought my stamps before going back to the apartment. Two cats were waiting for me but they will have a long wait since I fed them this morning. Scruffie wasn't one of them. She missed her breakfast.

I got an e-mail from the outfit that sent me the electric ice crusher that didn't work.They wanted me to remove my negative review of it. I sent them an e-mail and told them I still did not have my refund so I would not. I checked my Amazon Chase credit card balance and it was not in there yet.

More later....I think I will go out to Sonic and get the child's Wacky Pack for my lunch. At $2.18 I can hardly go wrong. The Methodist Church will be bringing my supper this evening. I will give them a donation.

More even later... 

I bought my first Christmas gift today and it was my daughter's. Now I only have John and the little girls and Sage and Jeromy and Marlene to go. Those are the ones in the immediate area that I don't have to worry about sending in the mail. I usually put mine in Leslie's package to Sage. And I know what I will get each of the rest of them. I don't believe we will have a Christmas dinner this year. Leslie will be on call. I could have them over Christmas Eve for treats. I always make peanut clusters and can make a fancy bread and some sort of punch. I will think about that.

I had the nice supper from the Methodist Church here in Caney. It was delivered to my home. It was boned chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, a hot roll and three cookies.  I fixed some of my punch for a drink.

I see by the Chronicle that a water main broke over on Spring, just east of here and we are all now under a boil water order because of bacteria in the water. Caney has horrible water even under the best conditions but now I am going to have to use my bottled water or boil some every day. It probably isn't safe to even do my dishes in it. I wonder how long it will take them to get it fixed.

I also see by the Chronicle that the Caney grocery store is nearing completion and should be open the last of December.  That will be a welcome thing.  They have a new million dollar swimming pool but the priority was not a grocery store. They are interviewing for employees now.

I was going to read all evening but my Kindle is charging and it takes hours to recharge. So I watched a couple of episodes of Dateline that I had recorded and after my bath, I went on to bed.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Tuesday and All Caught Up

I slept very well last night...only woke up once and then got right back to sleep. I pretty much have everything caught up today so I may just read and then try to reach Nancy later if the weather is nice.

I will also work on my Christmas cards and get them in the mail.

I have had my oatmeal and am working on my coffee and a breakfast bar now. 

It's only 6:10AM right now and I haven't tried to text Bob yet. I haven't even had the TV on to check the "weather on the 8s" yet. ..let alone check if the cats are out there looking for their breakfast. Maybe I had better do those things. So more later...

It's 10:40AM now and I have been working on my Christmas cards and keeping one eye on the news too. I used an entire book of stamps but I wanted to touch base with all my loved ones so it was worth it!

All those Christmas cards are in the mail now.

I watched the episode of "Bull" that I recorded last night before I went to bed. It was going top be too late to stay up and watch it. Besides, when I record it, I can delete the commercials.

It's 1:16PM now and I am caught up on everything but my reading.  The sun is shining brightly and it's 55 degrees out there.  But I went everywhere yesterday except to Coffeyville and I will go there tomorrow. So I probably should just clean up the car and I can do that tomorrow when I go to Coffeyville where there is a good car wash.

It's 3:06PM now. and I will get back to my reading. I contacted Amazon about my refund from the seller of the Rival electric ice crusher and they contacted the seller. The seller e-mailed me they had refunded my money in full but when I checked my Amazon Chase credit card, I had no refund there. I will wait two days and see if the refund comes through. It was $49.36 counting the freight. If the refund doesn't show up, Amazon will contact them again for them to account for it. 

This is the only time I had had a problem ordering through Amazon and that was because it was a third party sale. The problem was that it wasn't apparent it was a third party sale until I contacted Amazon about the defective merchandise.

I had my bath at 6:45PM and then read my latest book until I finished it at 9:30PM and then  went on to bed.

Monday, December 7, 2020

Monday and Laundry Day

I slept pretty well last night and was up at 5:00AM to strip my bed and was my sheets and towels. I have the laundry in the washer and I believe it's about time to put it in the dryer. I have already remade my bed with clean sheets and put out clean towels.

I just put the laundry in the dryer so now back to this blog.

I'm not quite sure what I will do today besides the laundry. I need a few things from the market so I might go to Independence. I also need some stamps. I started my Christmas cards yesterday. I usually write a Christmas letter but I didn't start off that way. I had some nice Christmas cards left from last year and I began with them. I will do a couple every day until I get them all done.

I want to watch the "weather on the 8s" on TV so I will get back to this later. 

After I watched the "weather on the 8s" I opened the front door to four hungry cats. I fed the four of them and the siblings are still out there looking in the front door as usual. 

Scruffie ate her Meow Mix and then went back across the street.  The others ate the newer food. They don't mind it at all.  Scruffie won't touch it. She's finicky.

I have dried and folded all the laundry. The towels didn't quite get dry so I put them back in the dryer to finish drying. The dryer was pretty full because of the sheets and towels plus everything else.

It's still 27 degrees out there. Hopefully it will warm up later today.

More later...the CBS news will be on at 8:00AM and it's 7:25AM now.... 

After the news was off, I worked on my Christmas Newsletter and then decided to go to Independence to get the few things I needed for groceries. I also wanted to get another Christmas decorated dish drainer pad. My other one has not turned up and I have looked everywhere. I couldn't find a new one and I went to several stores. I finally came on back home and worked some more on my Christmas newsletter. Then I decided to try Bartlesville for that dish drainer pad. I went to Dewey first to their Dollar General but they didn't have any either. Then I went to the Bartlesville Wal Mart. No luck there either. I finally ended up at Hobby Lobby and found one...not exactly what I wanted...but close. I bought that one.

I came back home and worked some more on my Christmas letters and will do the cards tomorrow and enclose the letters. That will give me a project to get finished early.

It's 5:00PM now and I will watch the news for awhile. So more later... 

I microwaved one of those little Schwan's pizzas for supper and had some punch with it.

I watched the news and fed the cats and finally at shortly before 7:00PM, I took my bath and plan to go to bed at 9:00PM or thereabouts.

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Sunday and Church Online

I slept pretty well...woke up twice in the night..the second time at 4:00AM. I lay in bed until 5:00AM and then gave up and just got up. I have had my oatmeal and coffee and am working on my Chai now. I even had a breakfast bar.

I have forwarded the Peggy Steele letter to the classmates and read my e-mail. I will soon go watch the "weather on the 8s" on TV to see if the weather will be nice enough for me to do some more mowing today. If so, I may get finished.

It's also time to text Bob to see if he is alright today. So I will get back to this from the living room and on the notebook. The cats may be out there waiting for breakfast too. So more later...

All four cats were waiting for their breakfast. So I fed them. As soon as Scruffie was finished and the big yellow Tom began eating what little Scruffie had left, I went out and brought in her bowl. I am not feeding the other cats Meow Mix. They can eat the new food.

Inky and Blondie are still out there. Inky is drinking water from the water bowl and Blondie is just looking in the storm door at me.

Bob had slept well but slept until 6:00AM. He said he was nice and warm under the covers.  

It's been too cold to mow the leaves yet. It's only 43 degrees. I will wait until afternoon and hope it warms up some before then

More later... at 11:00AM I will watch the church service from Toronto Canada. In the meantime, I watch Face the Nation. It''s nearly 11:00AM now so I will open Toronto's website and set the timer there.

More later.... 

Another wonderful service and another great sermon from Danny Belrose.

More later... It's 12:30PM now and 48 degrees and I have filled another bag with leaves. I will go back out again when its warmer and do some more.

It's 1:30PM now and I got another full bag of leaves done from the west side yard. My neighbor to the south has a terrible mess of leaves in the adjoining yard right next to mine and on the ground and he is not doing anything about it so those will be blowing into my west yard soon. I will not bother to mow any more there. I may do the back yard later. It has a fence around it and his leaves are on the ground so they can't blow into my back yard. But I will take a break first. It's 52 degrees now so it is getting warmer.

More later... 

I didn't have the energy to do anymore mowing so I am going to watch the CBS news and later I will watch 60 Minutes.

After that I will take my bath  and read until bedtime at 9:00PM or so.