Saturday, July 23, 2022

Saturday and No Particular Plan

I slept well again last night. The new fan is really helpful. It doesn't make any noise but just the circulating of the air helps me sleep. I was up at my usual 5:00AM, dressed and got myself ready for the day. I am having my breakfast here in the den as usual.

It's a little after 6:00AM now and beginning to get light. In a little bit I will go turn on "the weather on the 8's" and see if anything changes in the forecast. I will also check on the cats and water my plants. Same basic routine, it seems, every day.

More Later... 

I  got the TV on just in time for the weather forecast so I got a photo of it on my phone. Then I opened the door and found Scruff waiting for her breakfast. I took it out to her. Again, I did not see Blondie. He must be staying close to home. 

Today is forecast to be 104 degrees and sunny. Sunday will be 107 degrees and mostly sunny, Monday 103 degrees and partly cloudy, Tuesday 107 degrees and mostly cloudy, Wednesday 102 degrees and partly cloudy, Thursday 94 degrees and isolated thunderstorms and  Friday 90 degrees and AM thunderstorms. Having some rain would be terrific! At least it would cool it into the 90's. We are also under a heat advisory.

I went out to bring in the cat food and Scruff came back to eat some more. After she finished that time, I took the cat food in. I don't want the ants to get into it. The ants did not find it yet. I just set it on the counter in the kitchen for now.

I went out to water the plants in the front and Blondie showed up for his breakfast. I finished my watering and then took the cat food back out for him. Of course, Scruff decided to eat some more too. Now they are both out there eating. I hadn't seen Blondie in a few days.

They finished eating and I took the cat food into the garage and covered it up.

Then I went out back to water that flowerbed. I noticed there were a couple of dozen leaves from my south neighbor's tree in my yard again. So I bent over and picked them all up and dropped them into his yard on the other side of the fence. The bending exercise is good for me. If it weren't so hot this year, I would walk some again. But when it's in the 90's and 100's I had better wait until fall to do that.

Now I will watch the 7:00 AM CBS weekend news. 

It's 8:04AM now and I have been watching the CBS weekend news.

I guess I will get back to my book for awhile.  

I have been reading all morning. Now it is 11:30AM and I am having a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for my lunch...lots of protein...and sugar.

Later I may go up to the corner of 4th and the highway to Mr.G's  and get a small butter pecan flurry for dessert....more sugar. I have lost several pounds so I can blow myself to one.

I did do was very good.

Then I will get back to my book. 

I had a problem with the desktop computer. It was frozen and I couldn't get the mouse to even make contact. Finally I just had to give it a cold reboot and it took a long time to reload but when it finally did, it was working again. Maybe the reboot was what fixed it.

That's very important  because that's the only computer that will print. The laptop no longer will operate the printer even though it is on "share" and it used to always print too. Of course it's an antique. It's the first and only printer I have ever had. I think I got my first computer and printer in 1997 or maybe even earlier.

I just finished another murder mystery book and it's 3:45PM. It's 102 degrees out there now. 

A pretty large tree branch broke off the tree on the northwest side of my yard. I pulled it out of the street and onto the front yard near the curb. Stephen, my friend and landlord, will come tomorrow sometime and trim those low hanging limbs off the trees and take the limbs somewhere to get rid of them.

I went into the back yard twice this afternoon and picked up all the leaves and tossed them over the fence to the yard to the south of mine.The leaves came from their trees. Most of the leaves were on the east side of my back yard.

Bending over is a good exercise for me.

It's 5:45PM now and in a little while I will take my bath. 

So more even later....

I am going to take my bath now. It is 6:40PM and I am very tired! I finished another book this afternoon.

I plan to go to bed about 9:00PM or maybe a little later. I am charging my Kindle now but I have that book I checked out at the Coffeyville library on Wednesday.

Friday, July 22, 2022

Friday and Lunch With Denise

I had another good night's sleep last night and once again I only woke up once in the night. I was up at 5:00AM, as usual. I made my bed and got myself ready for the day. I slept well last night under my new fan. It circulated the air for me.

I hope to see Scruff today. I never did see her yesterday and I hope she is alright. This heat can kill people and probably animals too. I imagine Blondie's owner had kept him inside because he didn't eat very much yesterday. I try to keep fresh water out there too when I water the flowers.

I am eating my breakfast here in the den as usual.  I will leave about 11:00AM for Coffeyville to pick up my niece, Denise, for lunch. I haven't seen her in a long while. Dee, her daughter, has her car in the shop tomorrow since both their cars are down at this time. When Dee's is fixed, Denise will get hers fixed next. She still drives that 2001 Honda Civic I sold her after she and Terry wrecked theirs. I am not sure what Dee drives. I have lost track of her. I will catch up on my family today at lunch.

It is 6:00AM now and I will go check on the weather forecast and the cats.

So more later.....

Scruff was out there this morning and I am so glad. I don't see Blondie yet this morning. She is looking around for him though.  She is eating like she is very hungry.

And I caught the weather too as I came back in the living room with the laptop.

Today is to be 101degrees here and partly cloudy. Saturday 105 degrees and sunny, Sunday 108 and mostly sunny, Monday 106 degrees and partly cloudy, Tuesday 105 degrees and partly cloudy, Wednesday is to be  105 degrees and mostly sunny,  Thursday is to be 95 degrees and partly cloudy. Not much relief from the heat.

Scruff has eaten her fill and is gone now. She sometimes lays under the hedge and comes back for more food a little later. That may be where she is now. I am going to take water out for the flowers in the front and I will check. Blondie never did come.

Sure enough..she is back out there eating more again. I will wait until she is finished before I go water the front.  In the meantime, I will water the back flowerbed.

I watered the back yard flowerbed and picked up several dozen leaves from the neighbor to the south's tree. I can always use the bending exercise.  Scruff was just in the back yard too. She had crawled under the fence and left when I began watering the flowers.

I came in and sure enough, Scruff was back in front eating more. I still have not seen Blondie.

Kelly just texted me and asked me to go to breakfast. I had had breakfast much earlier so I had to take a rain check.

But I had better get that cat food in the garage before the ants take it over. 

As soon as Scruff saw me pick it up, she came back to it to eat some more. As soon as she left though I brought it in the garage. The ants had already found it.

 More even later..

May be an image of 1 person and flower 

This is my daughter at a party they held for her when she retired June 30th.

And this is her with her ornery husband  at that party.

May be an image of 2 people, people sitting and indoor

More Later....

I just got home from having lunch with Denise. It was a good lunch and a good visit. It's 2:31PM now. We will do it again another time. 

Keith called at 4:15PM and visited with me until he got home from work. He leaves tomorrow for Honduras. He will probably be gone a couple of weeks.

Then they will send him somewhere else....probably right away.

I will take my bath at 6:30PM and read until bedtime. I intend to go to bed about 10:00 at the latest.

I watched the CBS evening news and now I will take my bath and get my pajamas on and read until bedtime.



Thursday, July 21, 2022

Thursday and Apartment Cleaning

I slept well again last night and was up at my usual 5:00AM. I made my bed and got myself ready for the day. I will clean the apartment today. Before I begin, I will check the weather report and the cats. I am having my breakfast here in the den right now.

As soon as it gets light I will water all the plants. It will be well over 100 degrees again today and I am trying my best to keep them alive. I believe it's almost a losing battle. Another losing battle is my allergies. I don't take anything for them anymore because the different meds tend to make me very drowsy. If I want to get anything done, I need all the energy I can muster.

I did some trimming on the smaller branches on the west side tree yesterday evening. I really need to ask John to come trim some of the limbs back. They hang down and interfere with the mowing. The front tree could also need some help too. He trimmed it a couple of years ago but it is also hanging down too low again. I don't know if Stephen has a chain saw or not. If he does, he might do it. Next time I see him, I will ask.

I missed the weather report and the cats were not out there yet either. That's's 6:32AM and they are usually here by now. I hope they are alright because in this heat they have no place cool to go. 

More later... 

Well, Blondie finally came and he is out there eating but I haven't seen anything of Scruff. I am hoping to catch the weather forecast next time it comes on. If it comes on at 6:48, I want to be ready.

I caught the weather report at 6:48AM and it's not good. Today is to be 104 degrees and partly cloudy, tomorrow is to be 99 degrees and partly cloudy, Saturday is to be 105 degrees and sunny, Sunday is to be 108 degrees and mostly sunny,  Monday 105 degrees and partly cloudy, Tuesday 103 degrees and partly cloudy, Wednesday 102 degrees and partly cloudy.  The only day in the next week that is to be under 100 degrees is Friday..tomorrow. I will hate to see my electric bill.

I should start mopping if I'm going to clean. I still don't see Scruff out there. I will leave the door open so I can watch for her. I will bring the cat food in the kitchen.

I got all the bare floors mopped and the bedroom, hall and den vacuumed. I have the living room and dining room rugs yet to do but I better rest awhile first.

I never did see Scruff this morning. I am concerned about her and this heat.

I balanced my checkbook this morning. I had entered one charge twice. I fixed that and now it balances. 

I went out back and swept off my small slab outside my back door and the small rug by the back door.  I also did Stephen's. His had a lot of grass on it too. He mowed a couple of days ago and hasn't been back since. 

More Later... I had better get back to my vacuuming...

I got the vacuuming done and have only the dusting to do now. I will do that in the morning. I am too tired to do it today. It's only  8:29AM and I feel like I have done a day's work. 

 More even later...

I just talked to my niece, Denise, on the phone. Bob Avery's older sister, Betty Nance, died yesterday. She was 97 years old....ten years older then Bob. She was very nice. Bob used to go to Independence and visit her. Sometimes I went too. I should go look at a Reporter and see if her obit is in there.

I am picking up Denise for lunch tomorrow. Her car is not working and neither is Dee's. I imagine she is having Dee's fixed and after that she will have hers fixed.  I imagine she is paying for both of them. Dee is working part time at the Independence college's cafeteria.  But Denise says she is making $12.00 an hour there. But she is still classified as part time.

Stephen got a hold of me on text on my phone and said he would trim my trees next week. That's really good. I won't have to ask John to do it.

I've been reading again and finally went to the market to get water again. I only had one bottle left. I ate the other half of Saturday's club sandwich for my lunch.

I went out to Sonic halfway through the afternoon and bought a frosty. I wanted something cold and smooth.

Then I read the rest of the afternoon. I finished my latest book at 5:00PM.

Now I am waiting for the CBS evening news. It comes on at 5:30PM.

I will take my bath at 7:00 and get my pajamas on. I may get into the book I checked out at the library yesterday.

I tested the new bedroom ceiling fan this afternoon and it will be great for circulating the heat and air. I missed that feature when I moved here from the fourplex in Coffeyville. 

More even later.

I plan to go to bed between 9:00PM and 10:00PM

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Wednesday and Bunco

I slept pretty well last night and was up at my usual 5:00AM.  I have made my bed and got myself ready for the day and am having my breakfast here in the den I have an 8:30AM hair appointment this morning in Coffeyville and then will read at the senior center until time for Bunco at 1:00PM.  I may walk around the Country Time mall too and see what all is new just for something to kill some time. I ought to go to the senior center exercise class after the hair appointment but the classes are completely different anymore.

I see by the Guardian news that the secret service deleted the text messages Trump and others sent on the January 6th riot the day the capitol was attacked.  They were unable to retrieve any but just one. That sounds like a conspiracy within the secret service to protect Trump. They were directed beforehand to back up all of them before deleting them from the phones.  They ignored that direction. 

More later ...I want to check the weather and the cats.

I caught the cats first and took their food out to them but Blondie didn't eat at all. I figure he is eating at his home. Scruffy ate and then lay down under the hedge to rest in the shade. I left the food for awhile.She often comes back for seconds.

I did catch the weather too though and it is going to be  a scorching week.

Today will be 105 degrees and mostly sunny, Thursday will be 106 degrees and mostly sunny, Friday is to be 103 degrees and partly cloudy, Saturday will be 106 degrees and sunny, Sunday will be 106 degrees and partly cloudy and Monday will be 105 degrees and partly cloudy and Tuesday is to be 106 degrees and mostly sunny. That's the week! Hot, Hot, and more Hot!!

I did go out and water the flowerbeds. I am trying my best to keep the flowerbeds and hanging baskets watered.

More later...I want to be sure the ants are not getting into that cat food.

I read until time to leave for the hair appointment. I washed my car on eighth street and dried it too. It really didn't need to be vacuumed out so I didn't do that. I did got to the library and read a library book and after I read in the time to go to the senior center,  I checked out the book to finish reading at home.Then I went up to the senior center and read some more until time for Bunco.

I won the $10.00 for "most Buncos". Then I went out to Marilyn's to visit but she must have gone to the market after she left the senior center. She wasn't home. So I just came on back home.

I have read my mail...mostly junk....and will probably not eat anything for supper. There were quite a lot of "junk snacks" and I ate some of those so I am not hungry.

I watered the flowerbeds again when I got home. It is terribly hot. They will burn up if I don't water.

Krystal should be coming to mow this evening.

It is 4:06PM now and I will get back to one of my books.

Krystal will come mow around 7:00-7:30PM when it is cooler. It is 102 degrees now. Stephen mowed his last evening after it cooled down some.

More later...

Krystal came about 7:15PM and mowed. I trimmed. We were both sweating but we both drank water. She left just now. It's 8:41PM now and I am going to take my bath now.  I gave the leftover cake to her to give it to her family. They didn't eat much of it at Bunco.

I will read until I get tired and then go to bed.

Now for a bath!!!


Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Tuesday and a Good Night's Sleep

I slept very well last night and only woke up once and took my meds and went right back to bed.....and back to sleep. I got up shortly before 5:00AM and made my bed and got myself ready for the day. I am having my breakfast now in here in the den while I blog.

In a little while I will go watch the news and check on the cats. It's only 5:52AM now. I also want to check the bank. My car and rental insurance has never cleared the bank yet.

Well, finally the car and rental insurance cleared the bank.  Lacey was supposed to have deposited my check last Wednesday but she forgot until Friday. This is Tuesday and it just now cleared the bank.

I will go check on the cats now.

Only Scruff came for breakfast this morning. She was looking for Blondie too but he hasn't shown up this morning yet.  He must be in the house where his owner lives due to the heat. Scruff has come back twice to eat more.

More later.... Finally I got the "weather on the 8's" and it isn't good!

Today it is to be 108 degrees and sunny, Wednesday is to be 104 degrees and mostly sunny,  Thursday is to be 105 degrees and mostly sunny, Friday is to be 105 degrees and mostly sunny, Friday 105 degrees and partly cloudy, Saturday 106 degrees and sunny, Sunday 106 degrees and mostly sunny and Monday 105 degrees and partly cloudy.

Tomorrow is Bunco at the senior center and I am ready.They cancelled the last Bunco game and I froze the treat I had bought for it so I am ready. I got it out and thawed it overnight yesterday.

Scruff came back to eat more twice. I think she is finished now and I will bring the cat food back in the garage and cover it before ants get into it.

I went out and watered all the flowers while it was cool enough to be out there. It is just 67 degrees right now at 7:23AM.  I also cleaned the boxes  out of my garage  except for those boxes that have picture puzzles in them .

More later.... Now I'm going to read. It is 8:15AM.

I read until lunchtime and then I went down to Copan Restaurant for lunch. That place was very noisy! One man in particular spoke at the top of his voice. I ate my small chef salad as fast as I could and then got out of there. When I eat out I really don't enjoy everyone talking so loud..especially that man...that you can't even hear yourself think.  

More later. I want to go get the mail. 

I got the mail and there wasn't much in it...just trash.

I did trim the hedge this afternoon and balanced my checkbook. 

Suzanne called me and visited on the phone a while. It was good to hear from her again.

Then I read all afternoon and finished another book and downloaded another to my Kindle to take it's place.

I was going to ask Stephen, my landlord, if he thought I should have my yard mowed tomorrow afternoon but I see he is over there this evening mowing his so I guess I will have Krystal mow mine late tomorrow afternoon.

I have a 9:00AM appointment at the beauty shop in the  morning and in the afternoon I will play Bunco at the senior center.. 

 It's 7:09PM now and it's time to take my bath. I plan to go to bed about 9:00PM to 10:00PM.

Monday, July 18, 2022

Monday and A Visit With Nancy

I slept well last night and was up at 5AM as usual and changed my bed and washed my sheets. They are in the dryer now. I dressed and got myself ready for the day.

About 9:30AM or 10:00AM, I will drive down to Bartlesville to visit with Nancy and take her to lunch and perhaps a drive to get her out of assisted living for awhile. We may go back to Copan to have lunch. We have tried that two weeks in a row but I always got distracted and we ended up Eggbert's at Caney so she could see folks she knew. I  think her mother's house sold because the "For Sale"sign was down when I checked Saturday. Either that or they took it off the market.

Now it's 6:01AM and I will go check on the cats and see the weather forecast. 

Both cats were out there to eat and were very glad to get their food and ate their fill. I will leave the cat food out there for Scruff. She usually comes back to it again fter what she has already eaten settles.

The weather forecast was coming on TV just as I got back in the house.

Today is forecast to be 98 degrees and sunny, Tuesday is to be108 degrees and sunny, Wednesday's is to be 103 degrees and partly cloudy,Thursday 15 degrees and partly cloudy, Friday 103 degrees and partly cloudy, Saturday 106 degrees and sunny and Sunday 108 degrees and sunny. What a hot week this will be and it's only July! 

It's 7:46AM now.

It's a little after 9:00AM now and I am going to go on down to Bartlesville. I want to wash my car and vacuum it out at Mr.Clean before I go to see Nancy.

The car wash was closed. I don't know what the problem was.

I have been reading another book to pass the time. I will work on it more what I get back home this afternoon.

More Even Later.... 

I visited with Nancy awhile and then she and I went to Bartlesville's Eggbert's for lunch. We then took a long drive to get her out of assisted care. I took her back at 2:00PM.

As I was leaving, I discovered my hearing aid was gone. I went back in and searched the area where I took the face mask off but I could not find it. I was heartsick because I knew I could not replace it. When I got home I called the Green Country Village Assisted Living and asked them to let me know if someone turned it in. She told me someone had turned it into the lost and found. It was on some of the brown carpet in the hall and blended right in with the carpet since it was brown too. I told the woman at the desk I would come right back down to get it and I did. I knew I could not afford to buy another one. It's the only one I have and I really need another one but there is no way I could buy one. Between the bumper for my car and the crown I had to have after I broke that tooth at Thanksgiving, I have no savings left. So I drove back down to pick it up. I stopped at Miller Brothers and bought gas again. I just got back home at 3:13PM.

More later...

I watered all the flowers again this evening. It will be a miracle if they live.

It's 6:27PM now and in about 30 minutes, I will take my bath  and read some more. There's nothing on TV I am interested in watching. I plan to go to bed sometime between 9:00PM and10:00PM. It depends on how interested I am in the book. 

I did look up the name of my great great grandmother in My Story. I found her first name on a copy of the Cherokee rolls in a library at Woolaroc. It is Mary Fly. I knew her last name was Fly but couldn't remember what her first name was until I found it in that record book. She was the only Fly on record. My grandmother told me all about her trek from Florida during the trail of tears. She was one of the lucky ones who lived to tell the tale.  They walked all the way. The white folks who brought them there rode horses and rode in wagons. Thousands died on the way. 

Melissa had asked me about it at church camp. She used to work at the Cherokee hospital in Nowata. She said if I could find the number on my great great grandmothers registration, I and my family could have free health care.

More later..I am going to take my bath. It is shortly after 7:00PM. Then I will go back to my book until bedtime.


Sunday, July 17, 2022

Sunday and Church

I slept well last night and was only up once. And at that time I also took my meds. I think I slept well because I didn't go to bed until 10:00PM. That often makes all the difference. I got up shortly before 5:00AM. I dressed and got myself ready for the day.

Although the reunion was a great experience, it was also exhausting to me. The fellowship, the classes, and the preaching services were wonderful and that made it worth the exhaustion. Karan and I shared a cabin and she is very easy to be around. She has always been a good friend. She is preaching today.

I will be meeting Gay at Just Us in Cherryvale at 12:30PM for lunch.

Both Scruff and Blondie came for breakfast so I fed them and they ate their fill and left. I put the cat food away in the garage and covered it up.

I caught both the weather and the cats this morning.The weather is going to be something else. Today it will be 100 degrees and morning showers. Monday is to be 98 degrees and sunny, Tuesday will be 107 degrees and sunny, Wednesday is forecast to be 104 degrees and partly cloudy, Thursday 103 degrees and sunny, Friday 105 degrees and mostly sunny and Saturday 108 degrees and mostly sunny. That's the week's weather forecast.

I have been watching Good Morning America and the CBS weekend news.

It is getting close to 9:00AM when I want to leave for church.

I will get back to this later after lunch with Gay.

We had a nice lunch and Gay insisted on buying my lunch. We also had a very nice visit.  I got home an hour later.

When I got home I wrote letters to those in the congregation who were not at church and  sent them bulletins. Then I got those in the mail at the post office.

I went to Dollar General and bought a few groceries and what I couldn't find there, I found at the Caney Market.

Now I am getting ready to watch the CBS news at 5:30PM and perhaps later I will try to catch the Mission Center service.

I am recording 60 Minutes this evening.

I tried to access the links Leslie sent me but I couldn't get any of it to work....any of them. So I will try zoom later this evening, I guess.

Zoom on the laptop, where there is a camera, will no longer work. I need to get another camera for the desktop computer. The one I bought for it earlier  just lasted a short time before it died.That was a waste of money.

More even later...

I tried to access desktop computer Zoom but the camera has burned out and I would need to order another one. The zoom on the laptop, where there is a camera, wouldn't work anymore.

I guess I will just take my bath. It's nearly 7:00PM and then I will read again after that. Before I go to bed I will copy my blog onto Keith's. I want to stay up until 10:00PM because I sleep better when I go to bed later.