Saturday, January 9, 2016

Saturday and Breakfast Out

I will pick up Bob in about an hour and a half and we will go to Sirloin Stockade for breakfast. He is still fighting that cold. It's been at least two weeks. I've never heard of a cold hanging on that long.  His immune system must not be all that strong. He wasn't up to coming over last night. That cold is really zapping him. I read all evening. There was nothing on TV.

I slept like a rock last night and only woke up once. Then I got right back to sleep.

I don't know what, if anything, we will do today.  It's supposed to snow off and on all day. It hasn't started yet. I may just read again.

I logged onto to my facebook account this morning and Leslie had posted another photo of the Corgi puppies. They are so cute. She says "out like a light".  They are really growing.

Keith called yesterday and in our conversation he told me they intended to give me one of the puppies as a gift. It's good that they didn't. I am not allowed to have pets here in the fourplex. I have Missy because she was grandfathered in.  I would have loved one but it just isn't possible.

More new news is my son's home...going up in Florida.


More later....

Bob came over just about noon and did his laundry. Then later, he went to Pizza Hut and bought a Pizza which is what we ended up having for lunch/dinner.   He read the paper and then went home. I read all morning and also all afternoon. It was too cold to get out.

He will not be back this evening. His cold is better and he doesn't want to push it.

Keith called this afternoon and we had a good visit.They are continuing to work on their house. He told me about the latest. They are putting modern windows in it and those with gas between the panes. My experience with those in two different houses is not too good. Eventually the gas manages to leak out.  That clouds the glass.

I guess I will take my bath and relax this evening.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday and a Meeting

Today should be quieter. I have a meeting this afternoon at 2:00 to help plan the Martin Luther King service for the afternoon of January 17th at 3:00. Other then that, I am free today.

I may make stew for lunch/dinner. Stew meat was on sale at the market yesterday so I bought a pound of it. I also bought some sale "grands" for biscuits. I still have pudding and cookies. I have celery, carrots and potatoes so that would be a start.

It's 44 degrees this morning. I see they have almost taken the snow out of Saturday's weather forecast.

More later...

I have the stew on and it's beginning to smell really good. I hope so. I want to thicken the liquid and make it thicker. The last time I made stew it was more like soup.

I went to the dollar store and bought some birthday cards for this month. I have four on my list for birthdays this month.

More even later....

The stew was very good. I gave a big bowl of it to Bob for him to take home for his supper. Then Marilyn came over and brought my brownie dish back and I gave her the rest of it with a couple of biscuits. She was delighted. She previously did not know what she was going to do for her supper.   So she had stew.

I read all evening. I had watched a bit of PBS to see the political commentary. Then I just read. I had downloaded a mystery off of the $1.99 list on Amazon. So far, it's o.k. but it's sure not John Grisham.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Busy Thursday

Today will be busy. I awoke at 6:15..late for me. I dressed and had a banana and a cup of coffee so I could take my meds.  I will try once again for breakfast at Eggberts.  I can only hope it will be hot this time. I will try something different. There's nothing worse then cold pancakes.

I also have Ministerial Alliance this noon so I won't be cooking lunch. Tomorrow or Saturday we will finish off the spaghetti.  I am also going to check out the stew meat on sale at the market. Stew might be good. We are having rain and perhaps snow this end of the week. I also want to get some more biscuits if I make stew.

I need to do some laundry too. Maybe I will do that tomorrow.  Marilyn called last night and corrected the day and time for the committee meeting for the Martin Luther King service.  It's Friday at 2:00 at Sharon's "So and Sew" store. That will give me something to do that will not take up my entire day today.

More later....

After the Ministerial Alliance meeting, I did not come right home. I went to Bartlesville. It was a fruitless trip. I found nothing I wanted and just came back home after walking around the mall. It was a chance to get out of the house and out of town though.

Bob is not coming over this evening. He is trying to stay out of the damp weather.  I will wait until 7:00 and then take my bath and Missy and I will sit in the recliner until time for bed.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wednesday and Bunco

This afternoon, I will go play Bunco at the senior center. It's something different to do and it's fun. I don't think Bob will go. He's still suffering from his cold. Also I need to get something together for a snack for the party.

I've decided we will have chicken for lunch/dinner...with mashed potatoes and gravy and a veggie and coleslaw. I will make pudding for dessert and we still have chocolate chip cookies.

I need to go to the market today. I didn't get there yesterday and I still need a few things. It's supposed to rain today and I want to get there early before that starts.

So far, I don't have Bob's cold. I have tried hard not to get too close to him and definitely wash his napkin every time we eat here.  I have enough problems with my allergies.

Tomorrow will be busy. I will go to Ministerial Alliance at noon and that means Bob will be on his own for lunch. Then at 3:00 I have a committee meeting to help plan the Martin Luther King service we will have later this month.

Friday is free.

Dinner turned out fine. We enjoyed the chicken Bob brought from Wal Mart. It was chicken  breast pieces and it worked out fine. After I browned it, I poured some of the potato water into the skillet and put a lid on it and turned down the heat to steam it. We had mashed potatoes and gravy and corn and coleslaw.

Bunco was fun. I enjoyed the fellowship. I took brownies and all but two were eaten. I gave the last two to Marilyn R.  Many asked about Bob and I told them he was still fighting his cold.

Next Wednesday Asbury will offer Bingo at the senior center.  The following Wednesday will be games. That should keep us busy this winter.

This is some of the group that played today. This my neighbor, Marilyn R.

As you can see, some are not in the greatest shape but we all had fun.

More later...

Bob went home this evening a little early. He is still fighting his cold.  I took my bath and sat with Missy until 8:30. For some reason, I was very tired and went to bed early. I slept pretty well although I did wake up twice and went right back to sleep.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tuesday and Hair Day

This is the day I go to Independence to get my hair done. It really needs  cutting. It is very out of shape. It's amazing how much hair can grow in just three weeks. Bob will go with me. He's still fighting his cold but he can go visit his sister, Betty, while I get my hair done and then we can go out to the market. I need at least three things badly. I also want to pick up a couple of birthday for Gay's mother, Imogene, who will be 98 this week, and one for Imogene's son in law, Tony, the very next day.

After all that, we will stop at Big Cheese and eat lunch.  I hope Bob's cold is better today. It has hung on for over a week. I wonder if he's still taking the zinc tablets, Cold Ease. I swear by them. My last cold lasted three days.

I have nothing else on my menu for today.

Tomorrow we will have some chicken breasts, mashed potatoes and gravy and corn for lunch. We will have some more of Bob's coleslaw too.  I will fix pudding for dessert and we will have cookies.

 I want to go to the senior center and play bunco tomorrow afternoon.  That goes from 1:00 until 4:00 and is fun and something different to do too in the winter. I do not like winter. I like to be able to sit outside in the sunshine with Missy. I seldom can do that in winter.

Thursday I have Ministerial Alliance meeting and Bob will eat his spaghetti while I am gone.

Friday we will finish off the spaghetti and veggies and coleslaw. We will have the rest of the pudding for dessert and that with the cookies should be enough.

More later...

Bob decided he didn't feel up to going with me today so he decided to stay home. He's not much better now but he's taken some cold meds just now so maybe that will help.  That cold is really hanging on. We decided we would run up to Arby's and have a light lunch.

Bob came over this evening and brought his computer. One of the residents in his building offered his WiFi to him and we tried to connect buy this guy is upstairs and evidently the signal doesn't make it. He is thinking of using the City of Coffeyville's WiFi. It's $10.00 per month.  That's a lot cheaper then Cox. Mine is $29.95 per month. Unfortunately I do not have access to their WiFi or I would be tempted to change myself.

The big Faw Rah on the tube tonight is the President's executive orders. You'd think no other president ever did any.

Check this list:

Consolidated list of Presidents and Order numbers

President Total Orders Order Number Range
George Washington 8 unnumbered
John Adams 1 unnumbered
Thomas Jefferson 4 unnumbered
James Madison 1 unnumbered
James Monroe 1 unnumbered
John Quincy Adams 3 unnumbered
Andrew Jackson 12 unnumbered
Martin van Buren 10 unnumbered
William Henry Harrison 0 unnumbered
John Tyler 17 unnumbered
James K. Polk 18 unnumbered
Zachary Taylor 5 unnumbered
Millard Fillmore 12 unnumbered
Franklin Pierce 35 unnumbered
James Buchanan 16 unnumbered
Abraham Lincoln 48 unnumbered
Andrew Johnson 79 unnumbered
Ulysses S. Grant 217 unnumbered
Rutherford B. Hayes 92 unnumbered
James Garfield 6 unnumbered
Chester Arthur 96 unnumbered
Grover Cleveland - I 113 unnumbered
Benjamin Harrison 143 unnumbered
Grover Cleveland - II 140 unnumbered
William McKinley 185 unnumbered
Theodore Roosevelt 1,081
William Howard Taft 724
Woodrow Wilson 1,803
Warren G. Harding 522
Calvin Coolidge 1,203
Herbert Hoover 968 5075 - 6070
Franklin D. Roosevelt 3,522 6071 - 9537
Harry S. Truman 907 9538 - 10431
Dwight D. Eisenhower 484 10432 - 10913
John F. Kennedy 214 10914 - 11127
Lyndon B. Johnson 325 11128 - 11451
Richard Nixon 346 11452 - 11797
Gerald R. Ford 169 11798 - 11966
Jimmy Carter 320 11967 - 12286
Ronald Reagan 381 12287 - 12667
George H. W. Bush 166 12668 - 12833
William J. Clinton 364 12834 - 13197
George W. Bush 291 13198 - 13488
Barack Obama 226 13489 - 13715...

Monday, January 4, 2016

Monday and Housecleaning Day

This will be a busy week.  I have my hair appointment in Independence tomorrow morning and it's time for my haircut. Thank goodness!

Thursday noon I will meet with the Ministerial Alliance. Then that same afternoon at 3:00 I have a meeting to help plan the Martin Luther King Day celebration that will be held on Sunday afternoon the 17th. We will be awarding  the Nellie Briggins Community Service Award to Virgil Horne, the former mayor of Coffeyville and Howard Bredesen, who co-founded the PINCH organization here in Coffeyville with Virgil.  That organization advocates for the minority community. We want to be sure they get a fair hearing for their unique concerns.

Today this morning I will clean house and later fix that spaghetti for lunch/dinner. Bob will bring coleslaw. I have garlic bread and I will put a veggie with the spaghetti. I still have fruit and we will have that and a couple of cookies for dessert. That should do.

Sometime..maybe this afternoon, I want to see if I can get Bob's e-mail working. That's all he lacks to having his computer back going. I have e-mailed my son, Keith, for some advise on that or perhaps even some direct work on it, but he has not been answering my e-mails. They may have been away for a holiday over the New Year.

More later...

The apartment is clean except for the den. Missy is sleeping in there so that room can wait. Everything else is clean.

I went over to Bob's apartment at 9:00 to write his rent check and one for the administrative fee there. While there, a minister who lives there, came in and began preaching a sermon for us. He was very nice so we didn't object but finally, I had to leave and get back home. So I excused myself and he and I both left. In about an hour and a half, I will begin fixing our lunch. It's almost 10:00 AM now.

I did hear from Keith, and I am to call him after work this evening and he will either walk me through the steps or use his program to do it himself from Phoenix. I hope he can get Bob's mail going again.

More even later...

The spaghetti and broccoli turned out well and I sent some spaghetti home with Bob for Thursday. I will be going to Ministerial Alliance myself on Thursday. He brought coleslaw and I mixed it up. I still do not want his cold. I have enough runny nose problems myself with my allergies.

I fooled with the e-mail program myself this afternoon and finally got it working. I have a couple of issues I will still need Keith to check out but the worst is done.

More even later...

By the way, these puppies are John's dog, Speck's. She is half Jack Russell and half Rat Terrier. Now the father of these pups is their registered Corgi, Hoover. Hoover was very busy there awhile ago. Now Mini and Speck are both very busy.These puppies are a week and a day younger than Mini's Corgis. But like all puppies, they are cute as a bug's ear.

And what do you son's new house is being framed up today. I was really amazed. It seems to be taking a long long time to get that house showing. This is Waterman's Bluff in Florida. .

Here are some more!

Their Master Builder..
More news later....

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sunday and Communion at Church

Today is Communion Sunday at our church. In our tradition we serve communion once a month on the first Sunday of the month.

I slept well last night and got up early enough to shampoo my hair and use a curling iron on it.  It looked terrible today. I need a hair trim and that's this Tuesday. Anyhow it's clean now at least.

We will all eat out together after church. I asked Marilyn R if she wanted to go to church with us today but she said in cold weather she just likes to sleep in. So I will pick up Bob at 9:00. His windshield will be frosted over and he would have to scrape it. With his cold, he doesn't need to do that. He is making his pumpkin bread today. I texted him this morning and his cold isn't much better.

I need to figure out what to fix for dinner tomorrow. I am so tired of cooking it's hard to come up with something different.   We may have spaghetti and meat sauce with garlic bread and coleslaw and a veggie. I still have fruit and now I have cookies again too.

More later....

Corgi puppies still growing.


Cute, aren't they?

I went to lunch with six of the congregation and we went to Sirloin Stockade. Bob was feeling pretty bad so I took him home instead of going with us. The six of us had a good visit and stayed until 2:00. Then I came home and did my usual Sunday newsletters.  After that, I went to get gas for my car.

My friend, Elnora, called me and talked about fifteen minutes telling me about her new resolution to start her yoga meditation again.  That would be good for her. She has had a hard life and has got back on track again. She is sure the meditation will help.

My gas was up again. It was $1.59 a gallon. But that's still cheap. I also stopped at Braums and got garlic bread for our spaghetti tomorrow. Bob will bring coleslaw.

We have our Living the Questions  group meeting tonight at Marilyn's. I will pick up Gary at 6:50 or so. I don't know whether Bob will be up to going or not.  I will know closer to 6:00, I imagine.

More later...

Bob came over to read the paper but just wasn't up to the group tonight.  He went home to stay in out of the cold.  I watched the rest of the Chief's/Raiders game and the Chiefs won it 26 to 17. All Oakland needed was one touchdown to win but they just couldn't pull it off. They were underdogs most of the game. But right at the last, the Chiefs got careless and almost lost it.

Now I had to tell Missy I was going to be gone all evening to the Living the Questions group meeting.  She was looking forward to spending the evening in my lap I could tell. Not tonight. I have to go pick up Gary in about ten minutes.  I wil be gone until about 8:30, I imagine.

This is how the kitchen of my son and daughter-in-law's new home will look when it's finished. Pretty nice, huh? I am dying to see it next Spring.