Saturday, January 29, 2011

Last Warm Day

This is supposed to be the last warm day for awhile. The past two or three days have been lovely. Slinky and I took another walk yesterday afternoon while it was nearly 60 degrees. He stayed outside until 1:30 this morning when I got up and checked the temperature and found it to be 34 degrees. I turned on the patio light and he woke up. (a sure sign he was cold) I let him in and he immediately went back to sleep on the dog bed in the utility area. He woke me at 4:00 to go out to do his duty and then let me sleep until 5:00 when he was hungry and wanted his breakfast. Now after having his breakfast and my oatmeal, he is lying here on a rug at my feet. Content...

I don't have any plans today. I may go to Bartlesville just for something to do. We are supposed to have freezing rain on Monday and snow on Tuesday but I'm not going to panic just yet. We have missed the last two forecast snows. But I am supposed to go to Wichita to the doctor on Wednesday and they are quite a a bit further north then we are. Even if we don't get the freezing rain and snow, they may get it. If we get it..or they do...I will cancel that appointment or get it changed again. I only have one old 10 year old vehicle and I cannot take a chance on someone running into it in bad weather. I cannot afford another.

I'm anxious to see if Amy thinks I am eligible for that state program that finds employment for seniors. She says my income just barely qualifies. We will see when I meet with her on Thursday morning.

On Monday I will need to make copies of the minutes from last month's ministerial alliance meeting and also the agenda. Or maybe I can do it Sunday while I'm already at church.

I received Scott's "Secretariat" video yesterday and got it mailed off to him. He should have it in a week..maybe next Friday or Saturday. That should hold him for entertainment for awhile. He still has the 500 Nations videos to finish and his other set of PBS videos, Ken Burns', "The West" has also been shipped and should be coming soon. I will ship it on when I receive it.

Tomorrow evening I have the Living the Questions dinner and discussions over at Lively's home. That should be fun.

More later...

I ended up going out to Leslie and John's and did my taxes. That's out of the way, thank goodness!

Then this afternoon, I visited Bob A. and then came home and took Slinky for a walk. He's out there now on the patio. It's still warm out but will be turning off cold later tonight. So he will need to come in at bedtime.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Cold Dog

It was 60 degrees at bedtime last night and Slinky wanted to stay outside so I put one of his beds on the patio and went on to bed early. I was very tired. I did take him for a walk yesterday and he loved that. If it's nice again today, I'll take him again. But it got down to 27 in the middle of the night and I got worried about him and got up about 3:00AM and went out and woke him and brought him into the kitchen. I was afraid he would get his death of pneumonia. He woke me at 5:00 again and I got up, as usual. He had stayed out all day.

I want to go see Phyllis again today. Tuesdays and Fridays are my regular days. Tuesday she was very unresponsive and just wanted to sleep so I had a very short visit. I also want to see Gerry while I'm out.

I don't have anything much on the agenda today. I cleaned and mopped my kitchen floor while Slinky was out yesterday. It won't have done any good since he will be back in again for the next week. We are forecast for some more very cold weather and even some more snow next week on Monday. I will wait to see. We have missed the last two snow forecasts. My appointment with the eye doctor in Wichita is Wednesday at 11:30. I will not go if the weather turns bad again. Too bad they couldn't have given me an appointment this week.

Then I have ministerial alliance on Thursday next week. I sent out the agenda yesterday. I have only one reservation for lunch now. They usually wait until the last minute.

Sunday evening Living the Questions group is at Jack and Marilyn's home. We will have dinner beforehand. They are having hamburgers. I will take cheese and summer sausage and a tray of that kind.

More later...

I did get to see both Phyllis and Gerry today. I also took Slinky for a walk. He was so delighted. Later I went to get a hamburger for lunch at Braums.

SER SCSEP, an agency that tries to find part time work for low income seniors, called today and I will meet with Amy, the director, at 9:00 on Thursday at the library for an interview. She probably doesn't have a job for me yet but she will at least see if I qualify.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hairdo Day

Today I will go to Independence about 8:00 and get my hair done at 8:30. I hope I can get Slinky to go into the garage. I think it will be too cold for him outside. It's only 20 degrees out there now.

He did pretty well last night. Woke me up at 3:45 to go outside briefly then again at 5:00. That dog can tell time! He's sitting here beside me now. I have fed him and the cats. I had to run him off from Inky's cat food. I had to feed Inky on the patio this morning because that large Himalayan cat was hanging around his dish by the garage door...waiting.

I finished my book yesterday. It was Spong's new book about "Eternal Life...A New Vision". Verrry interesting.

I am starting the one I downloaded after the Minister's Week day in Tulsa. It is "Jesus Wars: How Four Patriarchs, Three Queens, and Two Emperors Decided What Christians Should Believe for the Last 1,000 Years". They had it in their library. I also transcribed my notes from the Brandon Scott lecture and sent them to Marilyn. She appreciated that. She said I made good notes.

It still has not snowed again. It is forecast for Monday but we will see. We have missed the last two they forecast.

I got word from Amazon this morning that Scott's latest order had shipped. It is one of the sets from PBS that I bought on Amazon. I will have to pay the bill from his account. It was $75.00 plus shipping. He will enjoy it though. He called a couple of times yesterday. He seems to be doing better. Keith called too. And Leslie called on her way to work. My kids are great about staying in touch. I really appreciate that.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Quiet Wednesday

I have nothing scheduled for today. Perhaps I'll read.

I did go see Phyllis yesterday although she was generally unresponsive. I also went to see Gerry at the hospital but she had been sent back to Oxford Place. I didn't get back there yesterday so I will go today if everything works out. I'll look and see if I have any magazines that I can take to her.

I watched the president's speech last night but I wasn't particularly impressed. It appeared he was generally following the Republican's line.
More later...

I went to lunch with Phyllis Fredensborg today. We had a good time. I also went out to Wal Mart and bought a few groceries.

Nothing much going on this evening.

My friend, Nancy Roe called this evening and we talked about an hour. She lives in Caney and lost her husband in July...also to cancer.

We will meet after the first of the month one day and have lunch. She would also like me to walk her through how to use her computer. Her husband always did all that for her so she never even learned how to turn it on.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Funeral Today

Today, I will attend a Celebration of Life for a woman who used to attend our church. She was a lifelong member. She and her husband, who was the pastor when Independence had their own congregation, stopped coming when we moved into our new building ten years ago. They began attending a pentecostal type church in Independence. I tried to stay in touch with her but they were not interested.

I finally had to institute silence proceedings against him because he used his license from our church to preach for money at the new church. That is against our church law. We are a self sustaining ministry. After he lost his license, he withdrew formally from the church. She remained a member in name only.

Anyhow, she died this week of a disease similar to that of two other members, one who died last summer in Vinita, Oklahoma. It is a cancer of the blood...a myleo type disease. She was 71.

I will be attending her service at 1:00 this afternoon. So sad...

I have no other plans for today.

Well, I went to the services. They were different alright. Mostly, they were all about her husband. He's a kind of egomaniac. They showed a lot of nice video photos though. The crowd was huge though. She was popular.

Monday, January 24, 2011

A Dreary Monday

I got a good night's sleep last night. I went to bed at 8:30 again. Slinky didn't wake up for his potty break until quarter past four. Then he wanted me to get up at 5:00 and began barking. I just let him bark. I put on my clothes, made my bed and made up my face before I came in. He must learn that I won't come running when he barks. He is sitting here beside me now soaking up the companionship.

At 9:30, I will meet the girls from the Living the Questions group at the coffee shop. I did that two weeks ago and it was great fun. Then it was just Marilyn and Judy and me though. Slinky will HAVE to go in the garage since it's only 17 degrees here now.

Other then that, I have nothing new going on for today. I do need to get some cash from the bank though. I am nearly broke.

More later...

By the time I was ready to leave it was warm enough and sunny enough to let Slinky out in the back yard....40 degrees.

The four of us had a two hour visit and then I called Leslie to see if she could have lunch. I had to go out to church to make some copies for church school Sunday anyhow. So I went on up and took her to lunch.

Then I came home just in time to catch the Schwans man. He brought me a pizza and some ice cream bites.

I read some more on my new book this afternoon.

Tonight I will watch PBS.

We have missed all the snowy weather this week. The weather people must be pulling their hair out. They can't seem to get it right. Thank goodness!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Morning

It's Sunday again and once again we seem to have missed the snow. (or the snow missed us). I hope it remains that way.

I just watched TV last night until 8:30 when I went to bed. There simply isn't anything on TV anymore. It's all either violent or silliness. The really funny comedy went out several years ago when Seinfeld retired. That was the last of the funny comedy.

Hopefully after church we will eat out together today. That's always a good time for fellowship after church.

I will get my letters done this afternoon and then just watch TV tonight. At least 60 Minutes is on Sunday evenings...although it's not the program it used to be either. Monday and Tuesday evenings are the best programming around here. I have a time staying awake after 8:00 anymore though. I get up once in the night to let Slinky out and then get up at 5:00 every morning.

We had an extremely small congregation due to the very cold weather and weather report. However, the service was good and eight of us ate out at Sirloin Stockade afterward. When I got home, I did get my letters ready to go and will get them out on the mailbox in a little while.

It is nearly 3:00 now and I will go look into what's on TV shortly. I think nothing until 6:00.

Slinky was outside today in 20 degree weather. He absolutely refused to go into the garage but was willing to go outside so it was outside he went for four hours. I hope he learned his lesson. What with the hot water tank and the light bulb out there, it would have been nearly 40 degrees in the garage. Oh well!! You can't make him do anything he refuses to do. If you try to force him he acts like he would take your arm off. So, cold or not, it's his choice.