Saturday, November 28, 2020

Saturday and Dusting

 I slept well although I did get cold in the night and had to straighten my quilt to cover my legs. It got down to 28 degrees last night. I finally got up and turned up the furnace a bit.  I had had it down to 72.

I got up at 5:00AM, made my bed and got myself ready for the day. I fixed my breakfast and coffee. Then I checked my e-mail for the news. In a minute, I will go turn on the weather and wait for "the weather on the 8s". I will get back to this a little later...I will need to dust later too.

I had three cats out there to eat breakfast this morning. The siblings, Blondie and Inky,  and  the adolescent yellow cat. I seem to have lost Scruffie. Surely someone else is feeding her.

Later on this morning, after the CBS news is over, I will dust the apartment. I don't have anything else on my plate today.

I got my "new" electric Rival ice crusher today and it was "Used"...badly used. The box was dirty and obviously used. When I turned it on the ice crusher did not work at all. I put it back in the box and was going to send it back but there was no way to return it. I called Amazon and complained about it. It cost me $49.36 with the postage and it didn't even work. This is the first and only time I have have bought anything off Amazon that was used ...badly used at that. It was not listed as "used"and from a third person seller either. They will contact their third person seller and attempt to get my money back. It I don't get it back they will set up a suit to get it back for me. I am very disappointed in Amazon over this. It will be awhile until I order anything else from them. If it was "used", they should have made that obvious on the site.

Grumble, grumble... 

Then Scruffie finally came to eat supper.  She was skin and bones and was not eating the new food. I went out to Dollar General and bought a bag of the Meow Mix with the tender centers. I gave her a bowl of that and she ate the entire bowl. I saved the other food for the other cats. And later I fed them too.

Then I read the rest of the afternoon until the NBC news was on at 6:00PM. There was still a football game on CBS. After this news is over, I will take my bath. I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM as usual. I never did get the dusting done.

Friday, November 27, 2020

Friday and House Cleaning

I slept like a log last night and was up at 5:00AM. I have made my bed and dressed and checked my e-mail and am about to fix my breakfast and coffee. Then I will turn on the "weather on the 8s" on TV and at 6:00AM, will text Bob and make sure he is alright.  He had Thanksgiving with Joanne and her family.

I texted Bob at shortly after 6:00AM and he had just got up and was getting around.

I have had my breakfast and have taken the cat food out for three cats. Both blonds and Inky are out there, Scruffie didn't come. She's the picky eater and I think she has a litter of kittens.  At least I have seen one tiny blond kitty following her around across the street last week.  They went under the grey shed. 

CBS News is on now and I am vacuuming during the commercials as usual. I have scrubbed the floors and vacuumed  the carpet in the bedroom, hall and part of the den. I am waiting for the next 6 minutes of commercials to finish the den and begin the living room and dining room.

I got the apartment  vacuumed too...again, while commercials were playing.

It's 9:00AM now.

I downloaded another free book  this morning and began reading it. I got through the first chapter before the CBS news came on. 

I really prefer the woman who is standing in for Gail today. I am not wild about Gail. She tends to interrupt the two men while they are talking. 

More later....  

I called Nancy about 10:30AM and asked her is she would like to take a ride while the sun was shining and she was ready. She needed to take bath and get some clothes on but then she would be ready to go. 

I went over to get her about11:00AM and she was almost ready. Then we went to Bartlesville and drove around for an hour or so and ended up going to McAllister's for lunch.  As usual, she want to buy lunch. I let her do that since she also wanted to buy my gas and I told her I didn't need gas.

We had a nice lunch...a chicken chapotle half sandwich  and a cup of soup. As usual, it was very good.

When we got back to Caney we went by the place that sells those metal chickens that Karan Maritt has in  her side yard. Nancy bought a couple of nice things for Christmas gifts for her son and his family. Then I took her home.

I needed three things from Dollar General so I went by there and bought them. Then I came home and fed three cats. It was the siblings and the light yellow cat. Scruffie, as usual, didn't show. Surely someone else is feeding her. I imagine she is nursing at least that one small kitten. 

More is time for the channel 6 news. 

I watched the Channel 6 news and then the CBS news. Not a whole lot going on except huge messes of new virus'. The President is being an ...hole usual. He says Biden will have to prove he won the election before he will let him have the White House.

I read all evening again. I am not interested in this book but I downloaded it so I should read it It is called "Brave Girl, Quiet Girl".

I have had my bath and it's 7:28PM. I don't know what I will do for the next two hours. I guess I could watch some Amazon Prime. There's certainly nothing on Cox TV.

I will mull it over.

I went in the den and played Freecell on the laptop until 8:30PM, when I went on to bed.


Thursday, November 26, 2020

Thanksgiving Day at the Brooks

I slept well with no more noise from the hidden cricket.  I had had my sleep out by 5:00AM though so I got up and dressed and fixed my breakfast oatmeal and coffee. 

I will go watch the morning weather channel and check on the cats and feed them.

I got three cats fed. Scruffie never showed up. Both the siblings did and the adolescent yellow cat. When they finished, I brought in the bowls.

I have been reading all morning on my latest free Amazon book. 

Then later this morning about 11:00AM, I will go out to the kids' for Thanksgiving dinner. I will take my pecan pie and the salad. 

So more later... 

There turned out to be only four of us. My grandson,Jeromy, was the only other person. The little greats went to Topeka to be with their other grandparents for Thanksgiving.  

Leslie fixed a turkey breast, some fancy potatoes in her new instant pot and we had my Waldorf salad and some crescent rolls and two kinds of pie. I had taken my Amish pecan pie and Leslie made a pumpkin pie. It was all very good!

As  usual, Marlene didn't come. We all had a good visit though. 

I brought enough home for another meal. I am very full.

More later... 

I am still very full.  It's 5:50PM and I am still full. I have read all afternoon. I also fed the three cats about 4:00PM. Scruffie came to check it out but she would not eat any of it. Fussy cat!

It's 6:50PM now and in an hour or so, I will take my bath and plan to go to bed at 9:00PM or so.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Wednesday and the Cricket Again

I woke up at 4:00AM to the sound of the cricket that I had not heard from in a couple of weeks. I looked everywhere for it. It sounded like it came from my winter closet but if it's in there, I will have to take everything out of the closet floor to find it.  I didn't want to tackle that at that time of the morning. I will do it when I get home this afternoon.  Luckily I made that salad yesterday.

So I dressed and checked my e-mail and started this blog.  I had a cup of coffee but didn't have breakfast. I will pick up Bob at 7:00AM and we will go to breakfast at Eggbert's over there at Coffeyville.

This morning I opened the front door to three cats. Because of last night's storm, they didn't get supper so they are really hungry this morning. It was Inky and Blondie and another of the yellow adolescent cats. I filled their bowls and went out through the garage to feed them. They look like they are mostly finished now. I didn't see Scruffie but if she has kittens (more then the one yellow tiny one I saw with her a couple of days ago) she has her paws full. 

I will leave the food out there for another 15 minutes and bring it in before I leave for Coffeyville.

More later...

Well, I brought the food in just before I left for Coffeyville. They were pretty much finished with it by then. It was very dark and the lights of trucks and people who didn't dim their lights made me drive slower then usual. I got over there though and went to the bank to get my weekly cash. I went out to try to call the wash place that vastly overcharged me for my vacuuming last week but he had taken down the telephone number so I had no way to call him. I certainly won't use the vacuum again! $10.00 Bah Humbug!!

Then I got my gas out at Woodshed and by then it was time for my hair appointment. After that was finished I went on to Tyro and bought the pecan pie for tomorrow's Thanksgiving dinner at John and Leslie's.

Then I came on back home. Lissa Johnson had called me for my new address and Bob's too. She left a message.  She was doing her father's Christmas cards and didn't have either of our newer addresses. When  I got back home, I returned her call and gave her the information she needed.

I think I will go out to Sonic and have the child's Wacky Pack chicken strip dinner for lunch. It's $2.16 with tax. That's a bargain no matter how you look at it. It's almost 11:00AM and I am hungry again.

And that's what I did. For $2.18, you can hardly go wrong.

I will watch the noon news next.

So more later...

I don't know whether I mentioned this or not my John texted me that Octavia, their Blue Heeler, is pregnant again and will have another litter in early February.  Hoover, their male Corgi, is the father so these will be another litter of Cowboy Corgis. (Corgis with little longer legs.)

After lunch I started reading the newest free book from Amazon. I also fed the three cats that showed up for supper. Scruffie wasn't one of them. When they were finished, I brought the bowls in. 

I read all the rest of the afternoon and then even had to charge my Kindle again. At 7:00PM, I took my bath and went on to bed at 9:00PM. Again, I was very tired.


Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Tuesday and Perhaps Reading

 I slept well but since I had gone to bed so early, I was up early too .....long before 5:00AM.

I have dressed and got myself ready for the day.  I have had my breakfast and even my coffee. I may clean the apartment today. I usually do that on Thursdays but this Thursday is Thanksgiving. So I will play it by ear.

Tomorrow Bob and I will go to breakfast at Eggbert's in Coffeyville, usual. Then I will get gas and also call the owner of that car wash I used last Wednesday. I used their $1.00 vacuum but it charged me $10.00. It was a good vacuum but certainly not worth $10.00. Then I will get my hair done at 9:30AM too.

On my way back home, I will stop at Jay's and get that pecan pie for Thursday. Then tomorrow afternoon  I will make up the fruit salad for Thursday. I will chill it overnight in the frig.

I have my Chai now and will drink that before I turn on the weather at 6:00AM. It's only 5:38AM  now so I still have awhile. 

I don't know what the weather is supposed to be like today. If it were nice enough, I would like to mow the back yard again. It's not real bad but there are leaves I would like to get all cleaned up before it gets really cold. 

More later... 

It will probably rain this afternoon so I will be surprised if I can get the back yard mowed. 

It's near 7:30AM now and the CBS news is on at 8:00AM. 

I see Scruffie is out there now just drinking water at this point. I don't know where her tiny little yellow kitten is...probably under that gray shed across the street. Both the siblings from her last litter are still out there too. They usually stick around most of the morning. I will need to refill the water dish when Scruffie finishes drinking. She must have been very dry. 

I see many of the cities in Oklahoma are mandating face masks. Those who are so ignorant to oppose that simple task are simply stupid. These people who fight against using simple face masks don't seem to realize this is a national emergency.  

More later... 

I did refill the water dish and brought in the food dishes when she finished with the food. 

I fixed my salad for Thursday and took some of it over to Nancy. I covered ours with Saran. I hope it holds up alright until Thursday.  

I watched a couple of episodes of Dateline when I got home.

I had bought myself a birthday gift  and it arrived today in the mail..a little early for my birthday but I don't care. 

I guess I will go read on the free book I downloaded from Amazon. It's cold and damp and there's really nothing else I can do today. I had hoped to be able to mow the back yard but it rained a lot today so that's out.

More later....

I took my bath at 7:00PM and then put my PJs on and went in the living room to read. I noticed we were under storm warnings and it sounded like we have hail. But it passed about 8:15PM and at 9:00PM I had finished the book and so I went on to bed after the storm.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Monday and Laundry Again

I changed my bed this morning. Then I put the laundry in the washer to be washed. I think it is finished now and I need to get it in the dryer to dry.  I will do that and get right back to this.

O.K. the laundry is in the dryer now.  

I am getting hungry so I will have my breakfast and finish this segment of the blog a little later. 

It's 6:20AM now and I finally opened the front door after I had my breakfast. Four cats were waiting for their breakfast. Inky and Blondie were first and then the adolescent yellow cat came too. 

I think Scruffie just came and sniffed at the food and left.... fussy cat that she is.  I don't believe she ate anything. That's too bad. She is probably nursing that kitten I saw yesterday. 

It is 30 degrees here today. Pretty icy. Bob says he is not going to scrape his car windows. He will just run his defroster.

I don't have anything much in mind after the laundry is dry but to fold it and put it away.

At 10:00AM I am to pick up Nancy and perhaps take her to the PA, Patty, that works here in Caney. She has so much diarrhea and stomach problems. She really needs to get to the bottom of that.  It's only 6:35AM now so I have awhile.

More later...

The laundry is dried, folded and put away. That should hold me for awhile. The apartment is clean and the laundry is finished and until Wednesday I have nothing else that needs to be done. In an hour I will watch the CBS news.

Wednesday afternoon I will make up my salad and pick up the pecan pie when I am on my back home from my hair appointment in Coffeyville. There is no game day this week because of Thanksgiving. We had it last week instead.

More later... It is 8:34AM now.

At 10:30AM I went over and picked up Nancy and we went to Independence and I bought my Moisture Emulsion at the Merle Norman store there. Then we went to Sam's and ate lunch. After that, Nancy wanted to go by the cemetery and look up the McBride grave sites. So we did that and then dropped by Leslie's to give her a current directory I had made up for her this morning.

Then we came on back home. She wanted to see the section on dementia that was featured as the last segment on 60 Minutes last night. I had recorded it. After that, I took her home. She was very tired. We both have leftovers we can eat later. We ordered the child's plates but even that is huge. It is almost 4:00PM now and I will watch the news when it comes on. 

I may also feed the four cats that have congregated on my small porch area.

I did feed the cats and then later watched the CBS evening news and then sat all evening and read my book. I finished it, took my bath and went to bed at 8:30PM. I will need to download another book today.


Sunday, November 22, 2020

Sunday and Online Church Again

 I slept well last night but was up at 5:00AM again this morning. I have dressed, eaten my breakfast and breakfast bar and drunk both my coffee and the Chai Latte. I checked my e-mail and had a Christmas  letter from Betty. She's kind of early with that. I couldn't print it off with the PDF on my desktop computer so I converted it to Word and printed it off that way.

I haven't had the weather on yet so maybe I'd better go in the living room and turn on the TV for that. I also need to feed the cats if they are out there. I will check that too.

There were three cats out there waiting for their breakfast. It was raining last night so some of them did not get dinner last they were really waiting for me this morning. 

The siblings were both there, Inky and Blondie. Also the adolescent yellow cat was there too.  I don't see Scruffie yet. She may be there at the bowl on the west and I can't see that far over west from my recliner.

I am watching "Hope in the Wild" on CBS on TV. It's now nearly 7:00AM.

I had better get the cat's dishes in before some other animal gets to it. I think they are finished with it. 

At 11:00AM I will watch the worship service on Ontario Canada. It's always very well done. 

More later...

Well, I know why Scruffie looks so much thinner. I looked across the street and saw a small blond kitten with her.. going under the shed across the street. I don't know that she has any more kittens because that one blond one was the only one I saw. And..I just saw it for the first time just a little while ago.

I had one of my Schwan's meals for lunch at 1:30PM and an ice cream bar afterward. Then I read most of the afternoon. At 6:00PM, I watched the 60 Minutes TV show and recorded it as usual. I texted both John and Leslie about it. The first segment was on residual effects some have after they have had the virus and I thought they might be interested.

Neither of them were watching the program. In fact, John does not like it. He doesn't take much stock in the the 60 Minutes crew. John thought I was trying to scare him. I was only thinking he might want to see that segment since he had dealt with the virus in the last month himself.

I enjoy investigative reporting and always remember the segment years ago when they interviewed a scientist who was an executive at one of the tobacco companies. I think it was R J Reynolds tobacco company. He had learned they were inserting chemicals into the tobacco that caused people to get a heavier addiction to tobacco. He lost his job when he objected to that and 60 Minutes later interviewed him and that segment aired after they reportedly had to argue with CBS over whether they could air it without getting sued by the tobacco company.

Later that scientist took a job as a science teacher and in time became "teacher of the year". He loved being a teacher and helped many students become interested in science.

Anyhow, I annoyed John and I hate that. He is about the best son-in-law anyone could have.

I didn't feed the cats again this evening. They can wait until morning.

The rest of the evening I read a new free book I had downloaded from Amazon this evening. I took my bath at 7:00PM and later went on to bed at 9:00PM.