Saturday, October 23, 2021

Saturday and Rain

I slept well last night and only woke up once. Then I got right back to sleep. I was up at 5:00AM as usual. I have dressed and had my breakfast and fed Scruff, the only one who came for breakfast in this rain and she came back twice to eat.....yes, it is raining. It is also forecast for tomorrow and Wednesday next week. 

I will need a break in the rain to go over to Nancy's this morning and see to her meds.

Blondie came to eat too...finally. I put the food back out for him until he finished and then I put it away again. 

I am still watching the CBS Saturday news.

It seems to have stopped raining at least for awhile. It's 7:55AM now.

I went over to Nancy's about 9:30AM and had her eat some toast before I gave her the meds. Then I came home so she could get some rest. She had been sleeping. She was still sleepy when I left but was so groggy she was not up to visiting.

I came home and went back to my book on Kindle. I finished one and began another.  It's after 12:30PM now and I need to get some food down for my lunch. I don't know what I want.

More even later.

I just ate a banana. Nothing else even sounded good! Maybe I will have an apple now. I bought some Galas on Tuesday.

That''s what I had alright!

Keith, my older son, called and visited with me for quite awhile. He had been sent to Texas by the department of Defense to work on government computers. It was so good to hear from him.

Then I read all afternoon until 5:30PM when I went over to Nancy's to see about her dinner and her meds. I fixed her a frozen dinner and laid out her meds. While she was eating Sandy came and stayed and visited.  I got Nancy to take her meds and then I put away the clean dishes in the dishwasher while she and Sandy visited. At 7:00 I left to go home and take my bath.

After my bath Scott texted me about the Ohio State football game on ABC so I turned it on and watched it until after it was over. His wife, Ginger, is an Ohio State alumni.   Ohio State won by a wide margin so then I went on to bed.

Friday, October 22, 2021

Friday and Dusting

I slept pretty well last night and was up at my usual 5:00AM. I was up one time in the night and took my meds then and turned up the furnace. I was cold.

I have dressed and had my breakfast and paid a bill online already. It is 6:16AM now and I will soon go try to watch "the weather on the 8's" and eventually check on the cats to see if they are here for breakfast.

I will dust the furniture today and perhaps trim the yard. Krystal mowed it yesterday and it looked real nice. She got a black bag and a half of clippings and leafs. It will soon be covered again with leafs.  Fall has just begun.

It supposed to rain tonight, Saturday and Sunday and Wednesday next week. I haven't checked on the cats yet because it's still dark out there. 

More even later.... 

I worked on the puzzle until 9:0AM when I called the drug store to find out if Nancy's prescription was ready yet. They told me it had not been called in so I asked for the St.John Assention telephone number and they gave it to me. I called it and talked to the receptionist. She checked and said it had been refilled at 2:00PM yesterday. I was in the drug store three times yesterday to pick it up and each time they told me it had not been ordered refilled yet. So today I called the clinic. The clinic took my telephone number and told me they would call me right back. They did. They said it was there and I could pick it up. I was at the drug store when she called me back. I went in and asked for it and they gave it to last. Then I took it to Nancy and she ate some toast and took the meds I set out for her. I stayed awhile and then came home at 10:30AM. 

My Kindle is charged again so I will read until lunch time.

More later...

Jess, one of Nancy's church friends, dropped by to chat with me about Nancy's situation. They belonged to the same church for years. That church has changed now. The First Christian Church here disbanded and the Assembly of God has taken the building over. That's no longer her church and so she no longer attends...for one reason...she had Dale sell her car last year so she can only go where she can walk now. 

I think I will go read my Kindle now.  I have read the newspapers Suzanne brought me.

At 5:30PM, I went over to Nancy's to fix her a frozen meal so she could take her evening meds. I stayed and visited with her until 7:00PM when I came home to take my bath. 

I plan to go to bed  at 9:00PM or so.

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Thursday and Apartment Cleaning

I slept poorly again last night. I was too tired for one thing. Plus, at 2:00AM this morning my phone buzzed as though I had a message but try as I could, I couldn't find anything new at all. I went back to sleep only to have that happen again. So I silenced it so I could get back to sleep. Then I woke up at 5:00AM, my regular waking time, and just got up this time. I clean today so I was hoping to feel rested.

And at 1:00PM, I take Nancy to Anissa's, the hairdresser, to get her hair done. Afterward we are to have lunch out somewhere.That's a treat for both of us. She always insists on paying for my lunch too so I let her. She feels better about me taking her everywhere she needs to go that way. That's all I have on the calendar for today. Maybe I will get back to reading

While I was at Nancy's yesterday afternoon, I made sure she ate something for supper before she took her meds. In fact I dropped by Sonic and bought two child's Wacky Packs with chicken and french fries.and a small coke and took them to her house and ate with her. After she took her evening meds then,.I laid out the ones she is supposed to take this morning after she has some breakfast. She has several boxes of cereal she can eat from before taking her morning meds.

I will find out in the morning if she has had some breakfast and taken her morning meds.  Then at 1:00PM, I will take her to her hair appointment at Anissa's and afterward to eat out somewhere....probably Copan Truck Stop. 

So more later...I want to try to watch "the weather on the 8's" and check on the's almost 6:30AM now. I will get back to this after I get my housework finished.

Only Scruff came for breakfast and so I fed her. Then when she was finished I took the leftover food to the garage and covered it. I did see the "weather on the 8's" this time. It looks like we may have rain a day or two this next week.

When the commercials started on the TV, I started mopping the bare floors. Then I ran the vacuum sweeper over the carpets. Once again, I had a big wad of dirt when I cleaned up the sweeper. I am happy the new owners of the duplex are going to put down new carpet. The woman who lived here before me was disabled and unable to keep the apartment clean. Even though Suzanne had the carpet cleaned before I moved in here, I am sure the dirt is on the pad under it and also between the carpet and the pad. 

It will be a mess to take the furniture out of the apartment though. I only want the living room, bedroom and hall re-carpeted.The den room is fine with indoor/outdoor carpet. It's mostly for my computers anyhow and the daybed. I do have three bookcases in there too. Luckily they won't be doing that room. I don't know when they intend to do the new carpeting.  They didn't say.

I don't want carpeting in the dining room either.  It has the new vinyl flooring on it with my area rug on top of that. I used that area rug there when I lived in the fourplex in Coffeyville too.

More later...

I went over to Nancy's this morning to make sure she was going to eat something before she took her morning meds and discovered that she had taken them after I left last evening. I should not have left them laying out in the little paper cup on the table. This morning she was nauseated and I'm not surprised. She had taken her evening meds while I was there having dinner with her and then after I left she took her morning pills too. So I thought it best she not take anymore pills this morning. I did give her one of her nausea pills and her dementia pill. She was so nauseated. She only has one nausea pill left and I called the drug store for a refill. I will check later this afternoon and see if they have got Patty to refill that prescription. I will  go over later this evening and see to it that she eats something and then give her her evening pills. She gets very confused and has problems with her memory. That's the dementia. If it gets much worse, she may HAVE to go into assisted living.

I got a text from Stephen, my new landlord, and the carpet place wants to measure our apartments this afternoon. I told him I would be gone at 1:00PM to take Nancy to the hairdresser. But he has the key to my place and he can let them in if I am still gone when they are ready to measure my apartment this afternoon. 

After she got her hair done we did go to Copan Truck Stop and she bought our lunch.

More even later...

The Lowe's people came and measured our apartments  for carpet but they are six months behind on getting carpet laid so it will be awhile before we get the new carpet.

Krystal mowed my yard today and got the entire yard mowed...leaves and all.

May be an image of tree and grass

 This is the back yard...


May be an image of outdoors 

And this is the front yard.

 May be an image of grass and tree

This is the west side yard. She does such a good job!!

It's 5:00PM now and I will record the news and then go over to Nancy's and make sure she eats something and then takes her evening meds. 

More even later... watch the evening news after I get home. 

I went over to Nancy's  and made sure she ate some food before she took her evening meds. She did that fact she ate the rest of her lunch salad and then took her meds. 

After that I came home and watched the CBS  news I had recorded. Now it's almost 7:00PM and I think I will take my bath and read until bedtime.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Wednesday and Bunco at the Senior Center

I slept very well last fact, until  6:00AM, unusual for me. I don't recall waking up once in the night I slept so hard.I am dressed and just now eating my oatmeal.and it's nearly 7:00AM now.

Laura is going to check on Nancy this morning and make sure she eats breakfast and takes her four morning meds. That is good of her. She is a nurse who used to be one of Nancy's Visiting Angels before Dale and Gina canceled them to put her in assisted living. She refused to go and she hasn't sen them since except the day Dale came to pick up their luggage two weeks ago and he was mad then and didn't say a word to her.

I will check on her after I get home from Coffeyville and make sure she takes her afternoon meds.

I have eaten my breakfast now and will go watch "the weather on the 8's" on TV. I hope the TV picture is alright today. 

It was fine today but I never did see "the weather on the 8's". They talked all around it but never showed it. I am more interested in finding out what the local weather will be like. Not the weather in Massachusetts.  

Anyhow at 8:15AM I left for Coffeyville. When I got there I went to the bank, then went to Genesis to leave the plastic bags for their use. Then I had my hair done and afterward went out to the Woodshed to get gas. I washed my car and dried it too. Then I went to the library and gave them the empty ink cartridge. After that I went to the doctor's office and got my flu shot. I tried to get my booster shot for the virus but they didn't have authorization from the state to give it out yet....according to the Montgomery County Health Department. My doctor's office doesn't give the virus shots....even the booster..according to his staff. Strange....

I went to the Senior Center and sat and read my Kindle while Janet went to lunch. She always locks me in. That's good. I don't have to deal with the public that way. At 1:00PM everyone that was going to come was there and we started the  games.

We stopped halfway through and had our treats and then finished the last games. 

From there I went to Marilyn Rutledge's and visited for  an hour. I took her the remaining treats I had from the Bunco games and stayed and visited with her for an hour or so.

Then I came on back to Caney and stopped and  bought two Wacky Packs and took them over to Nancy's so we would both have something for a supper and she could take her evening meds. I stayed an hour there and came home at 7:00PM to take my bath and read in my Kindle before bedtime.

I plan to go to bed around 9:00PM or so. It has been a big day!

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Tuesday and a Trip to the Market

I didn't sleep as well last night. I woke up twice in the night and one of those times I took the last of my water with my meds. 

Luckily I am going to the market this morning at 9:00AM I am also taking Nancy. She is running out of food. I took her a chicken pot pie last evening and we cooked that in her microwave and she ate it. But her frig is almost bare. I asked her to make a grocery list but I won't know if she got it done until I get over there this morning. 

I don't believe she took her morning meds yesterday morning either. I saw to it that she took her evening meds while I was there. Dale has taken her check book and her debit card. She doesn't really need her check book since he pays her bills but she could use another debit card. I will ask her to request one today. She has just been asking a clerk to withdraw $100 every now and then from the money her mother left her. That holds her for awhile. Since she's going to the market today she may need more cash. I don't know how much she has left. She also forgot to ask how much is left in her mother's account. 

Today sometime, the new owners of the duplex want to get the key from me to go through their side again. They want to install a dishwasher on their side and also new carpet. I wish they would put new carpet on my side. Every time I vacuum I get a fist size wad of dirt in my sweeper. Suzanne had the carpet cleaned before I moved in but the woman that lived here before me was disabled and I don't believe she was able to clean thoroughly and that dirt must be trapped between the carpet and the pad. I wish I knew where there was a dry cleaning machine like the one Nathan used to get to clean my carpets when I was in my own home. And the guy from Tyro who did it the first time moved to California.

I want to go watch "the weather on the 8's". When I opened the front door earlier Scruff was out there hungry. She didn't come for supper last night. Blondie did.. but I sent him home to eat. He is not a stray.

So, more later.. 

I went over to Nancy's at 9:00AM as planned but she hadn't eaten breakfast or made her grocery list...and of course, she hadn't taken her meds either. She had dressed though and that was a plus. So I made her some toast and set out the four pills she was supposed to take after she eats and we started working on a grocery list. She took her meds after she ate and then we went to the market. I got home at 11:30PM. That took the morning. 

I still haven't heard from Suzanne's buyers. They wanted to see their side of the duplex again so she had given me their keys and gave them my telephone number. They must be coming this afternoon sometime.

Steve and Suzanne are closing today after all. She sent me a voicemail telling me that. They were not aware of that until the buyer contacted them this afternoon.

It's 4:16PM now and I just finished another Kindle book.

I met my new landlords this evening. They were looking over their apartment next to mine here in the duplex. They are getting new carpet and they are getting me some too. I am very pleased about that. This carpet was cleaned when I moved in but every time I vacuum it I get a wad of dirt as large as my fist out of my sweeper. It will be good to have new carpet.Their names are Stephen and Dee Anna Haley. He is a pharmacist at the Coffeyville hospital and she teaches school at South Coffeyville.

I will wait until 7:00PM to take my bath and go on to bed at 9:00PM as usual. I hope I can sleep better tonight!

Monday, October 18, 2021

Monday and a Cox Tech

 I slept poorly last night for some reason..I don't know why. I was awake off and on all night after 2:30AM

This morning I changed my bed and am washing the sheets. I am dressed and ready for the day. A tech from Cox is supposed to be here sometimes between 8:00AM and 10:00AM to install a new piece of equipment in the place of an obsolete one that they installed when I moved here.The TV tears from time to time and they think that is why. It never happened when I lived in Coffeyville. It could just be a poor weak signal too. Since I have Cox Complete Care I won't have to pay for the service call. That takes care of my computers and the TV too.

It's 5:26AM now and I will go try to watch the "weather on the 8's"...if the picture isn't tearing again this morning. It's too early to check on the cats so I will wait another hour to do that.

I managed to watch the weather but when I turned to the 60 Minutes program I had recorded last night I learned the football game had gone into overtime and I only had part of 60 Minutes to watch. Grrrr. Next time I will record whatever comes after 60 Minutes too. That way I will get the entire program.

It's 6:46AM now and I found both cats were waiting for their breakfast so I took it out to them. They are eating now.

I folded out the clean dry sheets and put them away while I watched that part of 60 Minutes.

More later.... 

The Cox tech came promptly at 8:00AM and checked out all the wiring to the TV. He also prepared to change out the box that receives the signal. That newer basic box would not be able to handle my Tivo and it became apparent that the only thing I could receive with the Tivo after he disconnected it and reconnected it was my Amazon Prime. I could get none of my starter package. 

He worked with it quite awhile and finally got it working again. I checked and I was able to also get into my Amazon Prime again....and the four stations in my starter package and even the music stations I never use. The reason my bill is usually $137.65 is because I am being charged separately for the rental of the router for the internet and the internet service itself.

It's a scam..that's all it is.

I finished my new book this morning and will try to download some more books to my Kindle now. 

I got a couple of new mysteries downloaded on my Kindle and I will start reading them this evening.

I went over to Nancy's this afternoon and took her a frozen chicken pot pie.I had her take her evening meds and then eat the pot pie. We cooked it in the microwave. I left so she could eat and I went home to my own last pot pie. I need to order some more.

I will take Nancy to the market in the morning at 9:00AM. She has very little food in her freezer. She will need to buy some frozen meals. That will be the easiest way for her to eat regularly when we don't go out to eat. I plan to take her out a couple of times a week. 

I came home and later took my bath. I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM but first I will read awhile.

Sunday, October 17, 2021

Sunday and Church and Evening Services on Zoom

I slept very well last night and only woke up one time. Then I got right back to sleep. I was up at my usual 5:00AM. I have dressed and got myself ready for the day. I have the sermon this morning at church. It's been awhile so I hope it goes o.k. I plan to leave here about 9:30AM so I can check if the church is still clean and have some time to vacuum it if it isn't..

In a little while, I will go check "the weather on the 8's" and see what to expect today. This is Kansas so anything goes.  I will also see if either or both of the cats are out there for breakfast. It's only 6:17AM so it is probably too early for them to be out there.

I will have to remember to take my readers to be able to read the scripture. I have an appointment with the optometrist in Coffeyville in November  and I am hoping she will give me a stronger left eye contact. Roger always gave me a very strong contact to be sure my lazy eye was stimulated enough so I could see well enough to read small print. This woman is more conservative and the one she gave me at the appointment last year is not strong enough so I have to use readers to read print. 

More later..I am going to go check the weather. 

The TV picture was all torn up again on all channels. I called Cox and the tech there got it going again but within 15 minutes it was tearing again. I called them back and it straightened up again for awhile but then began doing it again. They are sending a tech out tomorrow between 8:00 and 10:00 to bring me a newer piece of equipment. I was told by one of their techs that the box I had been given when I moved here was old and obsolete. She wanted me to drive over to Ark City to their nearest office to pick up a newer piece of equipment.  I wasn't about to do that when there are tech trucks all over Caney. I have never had problems with Cox until I moved to Caney and the tech that set up my TV here gave me that obsolete piece of equipment. It has been a problem off and on ever since then.

My TV picture is still a mess! Why should I expect any different?

I will leave for church any time now and be back here after lunch.

I left for church at 9:30AM and got there by 10:00AM. I cleaned what little I had to clean and ran off the bulletins, turned on the PA system and waited for the congregation to arrive. Leslie and Karan worked on the worship center. Again, we had a small but loyal number. It may take awhile for the others to return. Church attendance is a habit and once a person breaks the habit, it may be hard for them to get back to it. I keep texting them and telling them the theme and the person speaking each week in hopes of getting them to come back. 

The service seemed to go well and it was only 35-40 minutes long.

John and Leslie and Cheyenne and Karan and I went to El Pueblito in Independence for lunch. I had a chicken chimichanga  ala carte for my lunch. So did Leslie.

More later...  

I read my book until I finished it in the afternoon and then watched the Springfield church service on Zoom. I took my bath after that and went to bed  fairly early at 9:00PM