Saturday, July 20, 2019

Saturday and No Particular Plan

I woke up once in the night again but got back to sleep until almost usual rising time. I have had my breakfast and fed the mama cat and two of the kittens. Those two kittens are the only ones I have seen for quite awhile. I don't know what happened to the other three. Anyhow, I put out a larger bowl for water for the three of them and may just fill both sides of the smaller dish with cat food. It usually takes three fillings of just one side to satisfy all three of them.

I don't have anything in particular planned for today.  The apartment is clean and the laundry is done and put away. I'd like to mow the back yard but it's way too hot to do it today. It's only 6:15AM and it's already 76 degrees out there. I don't know what it will be by 8:00AM, when I usually mow. I might get it done on Monday before the rain starts. Next week I get my hair done on Tuesday afternoon because of my trip to Kansas City with the dinner theater tour on Wednesday.

More later...

My neighbor's Colorado company (at least that is what the tag says) parked his pickup half across the driveway and I wasn't sure I had enough room to get out without having to go over the curb. I tried to ring their doorbell and I could hear them moving around in there but no one came to the door. Finally I left a note under their windshield wiper and asked them to move their pickup so I could get out of my drive. Then I edged my car out of the drive with two inches to spare.

I went up to Independence to buy some things at their Walmart and Brahms stores that I couldn't get at Dollar General here and then came back home. He had not yet moved the pickup so I edged the car back into the garage. Later I went up to Gabby's for a sandwich lunch and when I got back home, it had been moved.  While at lunch, I visited with Karen Kendrick. She used to have the Nanny LaRose store in Independence. Then I saw Mike...(I cannot think of his last name.) I believe he was in John's grade at school although he told me he had repeated the first grade and was a year older then John. He has retired already and is on social security. I visited with him awhile too. He still lives here in Caney.

When I got home I watched some of the programs I had recorded.

It is 5:25PM now and I certainly didn't get a lot done today. I did go over the notes for my talk tomorrow.

I watched the weather channel for awhile for their special programming and at 7:00PM, I took my bath and then at 8:00PM or so, I came in here to work on the computer. So far, the old thing is not freezing up. I hope that lasts. I will work here until 9:00PM, when I usually go to bed.

Friday, July 19, 2019

Friday and Perhaps Lunch

I got up about 4:30AM this morning. I only woke up once and that was about 3:15AM. I went to the bathroom and back to bed and back to sleep. I have dressed and eaten my oatmeal and even taken my blood pressure.  My blood pressure has been consistently low ever since I bought the cuff. I have been taking it every morning as Dr. Christensen wanted. And for some unknown reason, my ankles have not been swelling.

Mama cat and two gray baby kittens came by to eat cat food this morning. I left a larger dish of water out there for them too. In this heat, they may need it. The dog across the street was left untied day before yesterday and he was panting terribly. I took a plastic bowl of water over for him too. That family was gone all day.

Zeke mowed last evening. He evidently doesn't want to pay $40.00 a week to have Robert mow for him either. He doesn't have a grass catcher on his mower so now he has a lot of grass laying on the yard. He let it grow for over a week and it was at least ten inches tall again. I am so glad I have a grass catcher on my mower. When I mow, the yard looks neat. The part that Robert mowed on the riding mower for me has some cut grass laying on the yard. He doesn't use a grass catcher either.

I noticed I had quite a bruise yesterday on my arm where they took the blood out. It cleared up overnight though. One of the nurses turned the needle after it was in there and that really hurt. She said it wasn't flowing like she wanted. I filled the bag very fast so I have no idea what she wanted. In September, I will tell them not to mess with the needle unless the blood stops flowing. It was probably a good thing that I didn't mow yesterday after all under the circumstances.

Today, Nancy and I plan to go to the Copan Truck Stop for lunch...if she doesn't forget the plan. She gets her hair done this morning so maybe she will drop by again. Her visit yesterday afternoon was a surprise to me but we had a good visit...especially good after Suzanne dropped by too. I ordered Nancy a copy of Ron Henderson's book. She wanted to send it to her son, David. He really wanted to read it. I offered her my copy but she just said she would take the one I ordered from Amazon. It should be here soon...although possibly not in two days.

This is the day Nancy gets her hair done at 9:00AM so she may come by after that. Anessa's beauty shop is just up the street on Spring.

More later....

I went out back to weed my flowerbed and found that Zeke had blown all sorts of grass all over my clean little patio and didn't clean up the mess he made in his own yard either. He really should mow on the weekend when he would be fresh. I am sure he was exhausted last evening when he mowed. Suzanne told me she thinks he works in the oil fields and that has got to be hard work....well paying but hard physical work. I went out and swept up the mess in my yard.

One of my blogging friends shared this poem with me on her blog. She had seen some fawns and does in her pasture.

The Fawn

Edna St. Vincent Millay

There it was I saw what I shall never forget
And never retrieve.
Monstrous and beautiful to human eyes, hard to
He lay, yet there he lay,
Asleep on the moss, his head on his polished cleft
small ebony hooves,
The child of the doe, the dappled child of the deer.

Surely his mother had never said, "Lie here
Till I return," so spotty and plain to see
On the green moss lay he.
His eyes had opened; he considered me.

I would have given more than I care to say
To thrifty ears, might I have had him for my friend
One moment only of that forest day:

Might I have had the acceptance, not the love
Of those clear eyes;
Might I have been for him in the bough above
Or the root beneath his forest bed,
A part of the forest, seen without surprise.

Was it alarm, or was it the wind of my fear lest he
That jerked him to his jointy knees,
And sent him crashing off, leaping and stumbling
On his new legs, between the stems of the white

Isn't that a beautiful poem?

I called Nancy to see about lunch and she was expecting company  and they would go to lunch. So I went over to Coffeyville to the senior  center and had their $2.00 lunch. It was very good. Asbury Village prepares it for them once a month on the third Friday of each month. They then give the money to the senior center.. That's a great deal!

Sherry, the tour director, contacted me today. She had one cancellation for next Wednesday's trip and is offering it to Phyllis. I contacted Phyllis and she was delighted to get to go. I printed off Sherry's instruction sheet and the poster. I will take it to Phyllis at church on Sunday.

I came home and read this afternoon. It's too hot to be outside any longer.

I rebooted my desktop computer again today too. And so far, this time, it is behaving itself. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

I plan to take my bath at 7:00PM usual. It's only 5:00PM right now and still 96 degrees. Then I will go to bed about 9:00PM

More perhaps even later...

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Thursday and Cleaning Day

I got up shortly before 5:00AM this morning, dressed and had my breakfast. I fed the mama cat. I haven't seen any of her kittens since yesterday morning. It is very hot so perhaps they are laying low in some place  cooler...out of the sun.

I plan to vacuum this morning. I probably won't do much else since it is so hot. I do have a load of laundry in the washer. When it is finished, I will put it in the dryer.

I plan to suggest to Robert that I mow the back yard every week in August since he can't get his riding mower into the back yard. Then I may ask him to mow the front and side yards which he can do with his riding mower. Maybe he would consider lowering his price some if we do that.  It's just an idea. I will see what he thinks. He said mowing Zeke's back yard was a real hot and hard job since they had let it get so high and he had to mow it with a push mower.

More later....

I had a Wal Mart frozen dinner for my dinner. and right after that, Nancy came by. After about an hour, Suzanne called and asked if I was going to be home. She wanted to return a book she had borrowed from me. She asked me if I wanted a cherry limeade slush. Nancy asked her to bring her one too and she would pay her for it. Susan came by and stayed awhile too.  We all had a good visit and a very good cherry limeade slush.

Suzanne also brought by her gift for the baby next door.. After she and Nancy left, I took her gift over next door. That baby is darling! It's 5 pounds 2 oz. now. Her name is Mason....but they don't spell it that way.  The maternal grandmother is over there too this afternoon.

More later....

The mama cat has been back to eat again this evening. I haven't seen any of the kittens for the past two days. 

I watched some Amazon Prime "Murder She Wrote" after the company left.  I also ate some yogurt for my supper.  At 7:00PM I intend to take my bath and get into my pjs.  Then I will go to bed at 9:00PM as usual.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Wednesday and My Hair and the Dentist

I woke up earlier this morning and just got up. I had gone to bed earlier too. I have fed myself and put out cat food for the cat but have not seen her yet this morning. I had my oatmeal and am working on my chai now.

There is an annoying pop up on my comments area. I am not sure how to get rid of it. When I check that I am not a robot, it pops up and it's nearly impossible to get rid of the thing. Blogger should get it off.

I sure hoped to be able to mow this morning and get the rest of the west side finished and re-do the front but it's 5:30AM now and already 79 degrees. It should be up to 98 degrees later today.

I will go over to Coffeyville early and see how much of my running around I can get done before my hair appointment at 10:00AM. I will ask Bob if he wants to have breakfast this morning. He came over to take me to pick up my car after I had my car air conditioning worked on last week and I would like to buy him breakfast. I need to go to the bank, buy gas and get my hair done and that's about all.

I am supposed to meet Suzanne at Tyro at 11:30AM this morning. I will park my car there on the east side of the church and then we will go to the dentist in Cherryvale. Our appointments are at 1:00PM.

More later...

Amazing! Finally another sighting of the little yellow kitten eating the cat food.  It is the largest kitten. The gray ones are the mother cat. This one is more like that big male who is evidently the father cat. I hadn't seen it in a couple of weeks...maybe longer.

More even later....

I went over to Coffeyville and took Bob to breakfast. I had told him I wanted to do that when he took care of getting me to Gary's and back last week.   Afterward, I went out to Woodshed and bought gas and then from there to Walmart to buy four things I needed and couldn't get at Dollar General.

Then I went to my hair appointment and then home.

I about 15 minutes I will go over to Tyro to meet Suzanne and her grandson to go to the dentist.

So even more later....

We stopped at the Subway shop in Cherryvale and had a bowl of very good soup. Then we went on to the dentist. I like him very much. I had bite wings, a prophy and a cleaning and exam and impressions for the partial he hopes to be able to design for me. I hope he can do that...although I have a terrific overbite and that may make it impossible. We will know in a week or two. I got all the way home before it occurred to me that I had not paid my bill. I called to find out how much it was and also to apologize for walking out without paying it. She said they would bill me but I suggested I just send them a check. The bill was $145.00, which for all they did, was not bad at all. I have the check out on the mailbox now.

Then we went to the Dairy Queen in Independence and Suzanne bought us all three a blizzard...a wonderful blizzard.  I was full as a tick afterward. Scout is such a neat kid. Very polite and helpful.  I was impressed. They took my back to Tyro and I picked up my car and came home.

Suzanne is paying Robert Edens to finish my mowing. I lacked the west side yard. I tried to tell her I would pay for that but she said, "no". She is having Zeke's mowed too. But it has been a week since Robert mowed theirs and she is going to tack that $40.00 on to his rent with a note telling him to read his contract. The lawn is to be mowed weekly to keep it neat. Robert used to teach and knows John.

I don't know how that will go over. This is the kids' first apartment and they are not familiar with the rules.

More later...

Robert finished my yard and also did the front and is not going to mow for Zeke. Zeke says he will get it done. Suzanne talked to him.

More even later...

I took my bath about 7:30PM and went to bed shortly after 9:00PM. I was very tired.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Tuesday and the Bloodmobile

I slept well last night and was up at 5:00AM, dressed and fed myself and the cat. I haven't seen any of the kittens yet this morning.

I may mow the back yard this morning at 8:00AM. It is beginning to look a little shaggy. It is 6:55AM  now and it's already 69 degrees. Today, and the rest of the week are all supposed to be a scorcher.

My neighbor and her baby are coming home from the hospital in Joplin today. Their yard, which Suzanne and Steve paid to have mowed last week, needs to be mowed again. I don't know when the young man will get it done. I thought about doing their front last night while it was relatively cool but decided I had better not try it. It was 8:00PM and I was already pretty tired.

I have a 1:00PM appointment to give blood in Coffeyville this afternoon. I also have a 1:00PM appointment in Cherryvale tomorrow afternoon with the dentist there. I am to meet Suzanne at Tyro Christian Church at 11:30AM tomorrow and leave my car parked there and go with her and her grandson from there up 10th street road to Independence and then on to Cherryvale to Dr. Eastep, This will be a new dentist for me. Dr. Conrad, my original dentist, retired.  I want to see what the chances and cost would be to have a partial made to replace the three teeth I have lost with the loss of my bridge several years ago. The abutment tooth to that bridge cracked in two and had to be removed. That cost me my bridge.

I have already mopped the kitchen and bathroom floors this morning. That's all the housework I will do today. Thursday is cleaning day. Friday, Nancy and I have tentatively planned to go to Copan Truck Stop for lunch or brunch on Friday....if she doesn't forget.

More later...

I am in on the laptop computer again. The desktop computer still tends to freeze up from time to time so unless I need to print something off, I will primarily be using this laptop.

At 7:50AM ,  I mowed the back yard and part of the west side yard. I will finish in the morning at 8:00AM before I go to Coffeyville for my hair appointment. It is at 10:00AM and I usually go a little early. Toni will get me in a little early if I am there. Then I want to go get gas at the Woodshed in South Coffeyville before I go to meet Suzanne at Tyro at 11:30AM. Gas is ten cents a gallon cheaper there then in Bartlesville or Coffeyville.

More later....

I read right through the noon hour and then noticed I had 45 minutes to get to the bloodmobile. I grabbed my purse and keys and took off.  I got there 15 minutes early but it took the better part of an hour to get my blood taken. Afterward I sat down and had a ham sandwich and Pepsi and a glass of water. I was visiting with the Stillwell twins when I made my September appointment and suddenly I got dizzy. That had never happened before. I sat down for awhile and Florene brought me a bottle of water. After awhile, I went on out to the car and drove home without incident.

When I got home, I ate an ice cream bar and sat down in the recliner.  I probably won't mow tomorrow after all. I feel a little weak this evening. I did go out to Dollar General and buy some bandaids, some push pins  and some yogurt.  Then I came back home and watched TV. I was pretty wiped out.

More later...

I watched a few programs I had recorded until 7:00PM, when I took my bath. I finished my book today too. I went to bed at 8:30PM. Tomorrow, I get my hair done.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Monday and a Doctor's Appointment

I got up earlier then usual this morning but feel rested so I must have had enough sleep. I have dressed, had my breakfast and fed the mama cat already. I have not seen any of her kittens this morning.  I am now enjoying my chai latte.

I have a 10:00AM doctor's appointment with Dr. Eslicker this morning in Bartlesville.  Hopefully, he will not find anything suspicious on me this time. I have had a basel cell on my nose and one on my ear.

I am in the living room using the laptop computer now. That desktop is still freezing from time to time so I will be using this laptop more nowadays.  Cox Complete Care said they had done everything they could to fix it. I know they spent hours working on it Friday night.

I see the mama cat is back out front with two of her gray kittens. I still don't know what happened to the rest of her family. When I came in here, the kittens ran away though.... not before they emptied the dish. I refilled it and one of them is back now eating. Mama cat is drinking the water I put out there now. I will have to refill that in awhile. One of the kittens is back eating now.  I enjoy watching the little critters. The entertainment is worth several bags of Meow Mix.

More later...

I left a little early for my appointment with Dr. Eslicker. He didn't find anything to zap today and put me back on a yearly appointment.

I walked around the new shopping strip in Bartlesville and then the mall. That mall is nearly empty. I didn't buy anything. I came back home and warmed up my cashew chicken from yesterday's dinner at Great China.

I read most of the afternoon and went out to Dollar General and bought another bag of cat food and some ice cream bars. This is the weather for ice cream bars.

I did get an appointment tomorrow at the Red Cross bloodmobile at the First Baptist Church in Coffeyville at 1:00PM to give blood. I am O positive and they need that type because it will be fine for matter their type. They are down to three days supply of blood and they need to have five days on hand.

More later...the news is on. I want to watch it.

I watched the news and read some more of my free book on my Kindle.  It's almost 6:30PM now and at 7:00PM I want to take my bath. I plan to go on to bed at 9:00PM as usual.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sunday and Church

I got up earlier this morning too but I just couldn't sleep any longer. I dressed, fed myself and the mama cat, and watched the news about the slow moving hurricane. Then I mixed up the coffeecake to take to church. It's in the oven now.  When it's out and cooled, I will ice and cover it.

The young man who lives next door is here this weekend.  I don't know whether his wife and baby are here or not. I haven't heard any crying baby so perhaps the two of them are still in Mercy at Joplin. His truck pulled in last evening with a mattress strapped to the roof. There was another vehicle too. That was about the time I went to bed.

I don't know where we will eat after church. I usually consult Phyllis and if Bob goes with us, I also consult with him. We either go to Great China or Just Us, the buffet in Cherryvale.

More later...

The coffeecake is baked and out of the oven and cooled and iced. I will leave for church about 8:30AM.

More even later .....

I got to church and shared the coffeecake with the Church School class. What was left I sent home with John. Phyllis and I went to Independence to Great China for lunch and I brought home half of mine for another meal and so did Phyllis. The rest of the congregation, those that eat out, went to El Pueblo for lunch. I am not wild about Mexican food and rarely eat it.

When I got back home I got my newsletters out. They are out on the mailbox for the mailman to pick up tomorrow.

The mama cat has come over and eaten the cat food. I refilled the bowl. I haven't seen the kittens lately...except for the two she sometimes has with her.

I contacted Cox Complete Care about the freezing up of the desktop computer and they said they had done everything they possibly could do for it. They said it was just an old computer and the life of a computer is usually about three years. I believe this computer is a 2007....although I am not sure since Esther and Keith gave it to me. It was Esther's desktop computer.  It hasn't helped that Windows 10 has been downloaded on it and then updated from time to time.  Windows 10 has crashed two of my computers. It is just a disaster to an older computer. Microsoft has downloaded Windows 10 in the night in the past without my permission.

More later....

My eldest son is in  Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.  This is some of the view on the way to his hotel.

Image may contain: car and outdoor

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

More later.....

I was finally able to reach Nancy this afternoon. Her phone is on again/ off again.  it probably needs a battery. Several people have tried to call her this weekend and could not reach her. ...including me. Some of her church members tried to call her to tell her about a church board meeting they were having but she could not be reached. When I finally reached her, she wanted me to come over to visit. So I went over to her house for a couple of hours. She really encouraged me to stay even longer but I needed to get home, take my bath around 7:00PM and watch the recorded program of 60 Minutes before I went to bed at 9:00PM. We plan to get together for brunch on Friday.

I have a 10:00AM appointment with Dr. Eslicker in Bartlesville tomorrow. I want to give blood Tuesday at Coffeyville. Wednesday I have a 10:00AM hair appointment in Coffeyville and a dental appointment with Dr. Eastep in Cherryvale at 1:00PM. I will clean the apartment on Thursday and do my laundry. And Friday after Nancy's hair appointment, we will go down to Copan to have brunch. It will be a busy week.

But now it is 9:00PM and I will go on to bed!