Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday Return

We had a great time at Branson! It rained all day yesterday for our trip to Silver Dollar City. But we each had an umbrella and we did fine. We don't melt. But I did not take my camera because of the rain. We saw three or four good shows there and then went to eat afterward at a new restaurant we had never tried. We all had catfish...very good catfish. This is Bob..hamming it up.

Bobby and Karan also posed for a photo.

Then after that we went to see the Rankin Brothers show. They were very good and we all enjoyed their show.

This morning we went to see a John Denver tribute show. We enjoyed that too. This is James, who put on the show. He used to play with John Denver.

Then we went to the Landing and shopped. Both Karan and I bought a few new sale things. After that we went to get a sandwich before we headed for home. It was a good time for all of us.

We got home about 6:00. After I got unpacked I went to Braum's to get milk for my oatmeal tomorrow and half and half for my coffee.

I then took my bath and put my PJ's on. I had driven part of the way home and gave Bob a rest.

Missy was very glad to see us home. I cleaned her litter box out and took my bath. After I unpacked, I got ready for bed. I was very tired.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Branson Trip

Today is our trip to Branson. I didn't sleep well at all last night but it wasn't the arm that kept me awake. It was anticipation of the trip. I awoke at 1:15 and it was just on and off from then on. It is raining lightly here but I checked the Branson weather and theirs is just "cloudy". I hope the weather is right. I can handle "cloudy" better then the rain. I am taking umbrellas though. Nothing is going to keep me from having a good time. Bobby and Karan are going too and they are always fun. We will pick them up at 6:00 AM. It's 5:19 now. I just made a pot of coffee since I have a wait. We will not eat until we get to the Cracker Barrel at Joplin. We have an 18 mile detour too before we get there.

We plan to go to Silver Dollar City first. If it is raining we will go there tomorrow morning. We have a show tonight at 8:00. We will see the Rankin Brothers. Bob has seen them a couple of time is the past and says they have a good show.

Tomorrow morning we will see a show we've seen once before with Bobby and Karan. It is James (someone whose name I cannot remember right now) He does the John Denver music. He gave us free tickets last time we saw him. This time we will pay.

More when we return tomorrow.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday Again

It's Thursday again and I'm going to have my hair done again this morning at 9:15 before we leave tomorrow morning for Branson. Yesterday's humidity did it in. It's supposed to rain here tomorrow but I don't think that forecast includes Branson.

I cleaned and cleaned on the yard yesterday and got it mostly cleaned up. Merrill came over with his mower in the late afternoon and blew the remaining leaves into the ditches.

We decided to go to Just Us yesterday so I will cook our chicken today after I return from Independence. We also went to the Condon Bank and paid our registration for the play in Kansas City.

I woke up at 2:00 this morning and had a time getting back to sleep. Then I awoke again at 4:00 and finally went back to sleep until 5:15. Then I got up. I was over tired from all that raking and bending yesterday. But, miraculously, my arms did not bother me last night. It may be that the entire problem was inflammation. It's too early yet to make that decision though.

More later...

I went out to church to run the bulletins and take our backpacks out so I wouldn't have to deal with that after I returned from Branson.

Now to start dinner....

Our dinner turned out fine. Now I must pack for the trip.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Getting Forgetful Wednesday

Yesterday was a strange day. For some reason I thought my hair appointment was at 7:00 AM. It is at 7:00 AM on Fridays. But on Tuesdays it's always at 10:00. Well I got around and left at 6:30 for a 7:00 AM appointment. When I got there at 7:00 AM there was no one to be found. Then it occurred to me that it was Tuesday. Stupid me! There I was three hours early. I went to Wal Mart there and got the coffee I needed. Then I went to the lumber yard to check out the prices on those full view storm doors. I am thinking of buying a couple for my apartment if Merrill will install them. The storm doors on this apartment are sort of crummy looking. I really want to have it look as nice as possible since I intend to live here the rest of my life. They will be quite expensive, I found.

Then I drove over to Cherryvale and checked at the hardware store there. They carry everything. I was also looking for a birdbath for my little patio. They usually have some cute ones. They were completely out. So I drove back to Independence and looked at their Independence store. They too were completely out. I even checked at Wal Mart and they were also completely out. I was about to give up when I remembered Sayers Ave Hardware's gift shop. They had just what I was looking for so I bought it. It's heavy metal and has a small bird on it. I will take a photo of it and post it here.

As you can see there's also some leaves and other stuff in the photo. We had a bad storm last night and I slept through the entire thing. This morning when I went out, there were leaves and twigs everywhere and my plant stand was dumped over and the large plant was laying on it's side in the grass. I cleaned that up but will not rake the mess up until it dries later. Here's a photo of the mess. You may not be able to see it all in this photo. I will take another of the front of my carport later.

When I went out this morning, it was still dark. It was slightly after 5:00 AM. I wanted to see if the foxes would come out after the storm. I was just looking when a gunshot went off. The fox, which I had not yet located, ran very quickly back into the woods at the end of our street.

Missy went out with me. She is getting braver all the time. She wandered over across the way to Marilyn's. She heard a bird and that intrigued her.

I will go with Bob to exercise class this morning. Then I will come back home and fix our lunch. We are having chicken tenders today. I will fix those leftover boiled potatoes and we will have the other roasting ears of corn and applesauce and cottage cheese. I do not have dessert out yet but we will have some strawberries with shortcake for dessert.

I am washing some bathmats and towels this morning. I will stop here and put them in the dryer.

I took some more photos of the storm mess around my apartment.

This is the mess between our apartments.

Then there is this just to the east of my apartment.

Then this is where I generally sit out in the morning and watch for birds and foxes. That's my old bath mat on one wet chair.


After exercise class, I cleaned up the mess in my yard. While I was at it, I cleaned up my neighbor's yard too. Then I came in and drank a glass of water. I needed to be hydrated.

Bob and I have decided to have the chicken tomorrow and to go over to Just Us for lunch today. I am always up for going over there.

We will be going to Kansas City on August 21st for a show. We will go by bus with a group of seniors. We will see The Buddy Holly Story. Bobby and Karan are going too. We paid for the trip after exercise class this morning.

Bob will be ready to leave for lunch in about twenty minutes. I'd better get dried off!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hairdo Tuesday

This is the day I get my hair done. In weather like this it curls up into little sausages and I do not like that. Carol has a way of getting control over it at least for a little while. I will need to get it done again before we leave Friday morning for Branson. It is just impossible in weather like this.

I went out to watch for the foxes this morning but they were not out. I was hoping to see them and sit quietly to see where they will go...maybe a little later.

Today after my appointment, I will go pick up Juanita for lunch. Juanita is 91 and getting pretty feeble. I haven't seen her in some time because Bob takes much of my time. She will not be around forever so I thought I'd better check her out and spend some time with her. She suggested lunch and I agreed to pick her up. She is getting more and more blind all the time. It's her glaucoma. She uses her drops faithfully but still is losing her sight.

By the way, does anyone know what has happened to Clara of Clara's Corner? She has not posted in a couple of months.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday and the Foxes

Yesterday it rained and it had rained all night. Consequently, I did not see the foxes. This morning at 5:00 though, Bob called. He said two of them were in the road in front of his house. I rushed out to see but they had scattered when he opened his door to go out. They waited by Merrill's house until they were sure we were going to stay out and then disappeared. They are shy little animals. Perhaps I will see them in the morning. They generally appear just at dawn.

Missy is getting braver and braver now that she has regained her health. She wants to go out and roam around the fourplex. She likes to eat some grass. I am hesitant to let her go too far since I am not sure the black cat is gone. Bob said he had not seen it for some time now. It usually was seen under his deck.

This morning we will go to exercise class at 9:00. I have been doing much better with my arms since I took that two Aleve night before last. I did not need any last night. I slept fine. They ached just a little but not enough to keep me awake. If the pain is caused by inflammation, the Aleve should alleviate it. Tylenol does nothing for it at all.

We leave Friday morning for Branson again. We will pick up Bobby and Karan at 6:00 and be on our way to Joplin where we will eat breakfast at Cracker Barrow. I imagine the 18 miles detour is still in effect. That is a pain in the neck. The bridge is being worked on at Chetopa. Bob has our tickets for Friday evening's show and we will do that after we spend the day at Silver Dollar City. Saturday morning we will take in James' show again. We enjoyed that last time we went there last spring/.

I will fill Missy's feeder and water dishes and she can cope here by herself for a day and a half. Spoiled rotten cat!

I have my meatloaf mixed up for lunch today. We will have that and boiled potatoes and cottage cheese and veggies of some sort. I have some bagged up in the freezer. I also have two last cupcakes. That will be our dessert. I will set the table before we leave. When I get back home and around 11:30, I will put that meatloaf in the microwave.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Busy Sunday

This will be the usual busy Sunday. After Church School and Church, some of us will go to lunch and then I will come home to do my usual Sunday afternoon newsletter. Afterward I will take it easy until time for Sixty Minutes.

I slept well last night. I gave up on the Tylenol and took two Aleve. They worked well. The Tylenol simply does not do much for the aching arms. It must be inflammation. That's for what Aleve works best.

I rained all night and that was very welcome. I got up and went out on the carport to enjoy it a little before bedtime. I went back out this morning for thirty minutes or so. The foxes evidently do not come out in the rain.

More later...

I sat outside until time to leave for church this morning and really enjoyed the rain. After church, we went to dinner at Hong Kong Delight. We had a visitor at church and she came with us. It was an expensive dinner and it took nearly an hour to be served. That was way too long. I probably will not go back.

This afternoon I spent the afternoon doing my letters and the minutes from the special business meeting this morning. It has already been a long day.

This evening I will watch 60 Minutes. I hope it is not reruns.