Saturday, September 15, 2018

Saturday and Morning TV.

I slept well last night again. I got up at 2:30AM to take my med and my meatonin tablet. I had just got back to sleep and some sort of alarm went off on my phone. I struggled to get to it and then had a time figuring out how to turn it off. Finally I tapped it and got it off. I got up for a little while to try to check if it would go off again after I just barely got back to bed. But I could not even discover what that alarm was. I checked the calendar and also the alarm clock. It didn't seem to be either of those. I went back to bed and back to sleep until 5:00AM. I got up then and got ready for the day.

I fed myself and Missy. She is back on my bed now taking a nap.

I have TV this morning for some strange reason. I had none last night. It is so erratic. I have a call in to the only TV shop left in the area. I don't know whether they are even open on Saturday. I want to see if Mr. Schabel has any idea where I can find a pole for an antenna. I left my name and telephone number on his answering machine. I don't think they are open on Saturday though.

I want to get back to the book today. I am about 3/4 through it now. It's a revelation even worse then I thought. Shades of the Nixon scandal.

It's now 6:25AM and I am watching the news about the hurricane. It is moving slower then they thought.

More later....

This month, Ginger and Scott's contractor start  their new home.

It will take the better part of a year to build.  I can hardly wait to see it.

Report on "Fear: Trump in the White House":

Well, I finished the book at 10:00AM this morning. It was phenomenal!  It is a masterpiece of reporting. How he got all those folks to cooperate is amazing. Thank goodness for "Deep Background". Without it, the book would not have been possible.  At the end there are 29 pages of  "source notes". And he has a lot of tapes too.

More later...

I tried to take Missy out for awhile this afternoon but she was determined to run off. I finally just had to bring her in and was she mad!  She doesn't seem to realize that if she stays close around, she can get outside more.

I went back out to Walmart and bought a few more things this afternoon.  For one thing I had to descale my Keurig. It had become nearly impossible to use.  It sprayed coffee everywhere. It had been awhile since I had descaled it. It was long past due. But it is such a mess to do, I just put it off as long as I could. It's done now.

Missy has been pestering me and I just figured out what she wanted. She wanted her treats.

I tried to watch the news this evening but college football is on until 6:00PM and it is tearing again..  I may just have to watch CBSN  on the computer again.

More later...

At 6:00, I was able to watch the news on TV. After that was over, I  took a shower and washed my hair and then Missy and I watched Amazon Prime until bedtime. Then we went on to bed.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Friday and A Day to Read

I slept well last night. again. That 5mg melatonin really seems to work.

I got up shortly before 5:00AM and dressed and then fed Missy and myself.. I had a bad pain in my right leg so I broke down and took an Aleve. I don't know what that is all about. Old age, I imagine.

Today I have TV again. It;s a mystery why some days it is fine but most of the time, it tears so badly I have to get my news from streaming to the computer.

Missy is after me to go outside but it's still dark out and I can't seem to convince her she can't go out in the dark. Spoiled rotten cat! She is in on my bed now..pouting....

I will read my book today. I have nothing else planned. So, more later....

I took Missy out for  awhile about 9:00AM and we stayed out until 9:40. She didn't want tocome inn then but I insisted. It was getting hot out there in the sunshine.

The TV has begun breaking up now so I will go back to the book. I am reading "Fear.. Trump in the White House". I got the book from Amazon yesterday while I was in Independence. It is written by Bob Woodward, a Pulitzer Prize winning author.

It is phenomenal.

I have been reading all morning and am on Chapter 16. If even half of what Woodward has in this book is factual, we are being led by an imbecile president.

Woodward says in the beginning of the book in his Note to Readers: interviews for the book were conducted under the journalist ground rule of "deep background" which means that all the information could be used but he would not say who provided it. The book is drawn from hundreds of hours of interviews with firsthand participants and witnesses to the events. Nearly all allowed him to tape record the interviews so the story could be told with more precision.  When he has attributed exact quotations, thoughts or conclusions to the participants, that information comes from the person , a colleague with direct knowledge, or from meeting notes, personal diaries, files and government or personal documents.

President Trump declined to be interviewed for the book 

Bob Woodward, is a Pulitzer Prize winning author.

More later...

I have read all afternoon and covered 2/3 of the book. It's hard to put it down. There is so much detail. I will read for one more hour and then take my bath and get ready for watching Amazon Prime.

My son, Keith, called this afternoon. He intended to put an outside antenna up when he came in November but the antenna pole we wanted to get from Merrill, my neighbor, is now unavailable as he is going to take it out to his sister's place in the country. Hers was struck by lightning a couple of weeks ago and she needs it now. 

I did some shopping around for an antenna pole but so far, no luck.

At 7:00PM, I took my bath and Missy and I did what we always do...we watched some old Perry Mason shows until a little after 9:00, when we went to bed.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Thursday and Breakfast Out

I slept until almost 6:00 this morning. I didn't wake up in the middle of the night until 3:45 so when I took my med and my melatonin tablet, that helped me sleep later then usual.

Bob texted me that he was going to breakfast in 10 minutes and I texted him back that I would be ready in 15 minutes. Then I flew around and got my clothes on (after I had made the bed) and threw on my face 😉 and gave Missy her treats and was ready when he honked. Whew! I had never got myself around so fast. We had breakfast from the small menu at Eggberts and it was pretty good. Joanne's girls are there with her so she couldn't go with him.

I still need to go to the bank and get some money for the week. I didn't go last night.

I should get the new Bob Woodward book "Fear!"  in today's mail. ...tomorrow at the latest. I notice Rudy Taylor, at the Chronicle, does not approve of Woodward keeping his sources quiet. I saw a Woodward interview this past week and he said the Nixon resignation wouldn't have happened without "Deep Throat" and his help. It was absolutely necessary to getting the tips Deep Throat provided. Rudy has never had to deal with such a serious situation.

More later...I need to go to the bank.

I went to the bank and got the money I needed for the week and then went on to Independence to have my lunch and got over to Juanita;s to take her to the doctor.

I went to Eggbert's to have my regular chicken salad. The young waitress didn't listen to me and brought me the wrong thing, When I went to pay the bill, she charged me for the more expensive meal and I had only eaten the part I had actually ordered. Needless to say, I did not leave a tip.

Then I went over to Juanita's and learned that she was not going to her doctor's appointment. She had awoken and found that her macular degeneration had worsened and she could barely see anything at all.  She has to make the decision of whether to move to Chicago to live with her son and his wife. I stayed a couple of hours and visited with her until about 3:00 when she wanted me to go out to Sonic and buy her (and myself) a banana milk shake. I did that, brought in her mail and finally about 4:00PM, went on home.

When I got home, my book had come from Amazon. I began to read it until time to take my bath and get my PJs on and Missy and I watched some Amazon Prime TV until 9:30, when we went to bed. It was a strange day.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Wednesday and a Trip to the Market

I slept well last night although it took me longer to get back to sleep. But I slept until 5:00.

I will go to the market this morning. I will be making a meatloaf  for Sunday's basket dinner at church. I need several items to make up that meatloaf. Then I need to go to Braums and get my yogurt.

I also need to go over to Dollar General and get litter. Missy goes through a lot of litter. Otherwise, I will play the day by ear. I may clean both the kitchen and bathroom floors. Cyndi will be doing my vacuuming tomorrow afternoon while I am gone taking Juanita to her doctor's appointment at 2:00PM.

My shoulder is much better now that Cyndi is doing my vacuuming.  That vacuuming must have been aggravating it. It's still a little sore but nothing like usual.

More later....I need to see if Missy wants to go out now that it's light.

We went out but that cat was just across the street and I brought her back in before she got herself in trouble. She's 15 1/2 years old and no longer a fighter. I don't want her to get hurt again. She is lying here at my feet.

So more later....

I got my grocery shopping finished and everything is put away.  I think I am "fixed" for the week now. I stopped at the Dollar General store and bought more litter for Missy's litter box too. Now I need t take my plastic grocery bags to the Genesis people.  They sack groceries for low income folks.

O.K. More later...

I took the plastic bags to Genesis and the paper bags to the Presbyterian Church, Then I came back home and washed the kitchen and bathroom floors. Now, I need more wet swifters. I will get them later..

It's almost 6:00PM and I have no TV..only Amazon Prime. I seem to have lost the signal altogether. I will take my bath later...around 7:00PM and get ready for bed.  Then Missy and I will watch  some Perry Mason episodes. They are black and white but nevertheless entertaining. At 9:00PM, we will go to bed.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

A Bus Trip to Tulsa on a Tour

I slept very well last night again thanks to the melatonin halfway through the night. .

In about 25 minutes I will leave for Independence to catch the tour bus for Tulsa. I am supposed to be there by 7:00 and the bus leaves at 7:30.

I have dressed and fed myself and Missy and I am ready to leave as soon as it begins to get light.

I am watching the channel 6 news right now and so far so good. The TV is holding fairly well.

I'd better hit the bathroom and then get on my way.

More later....we are supposed to be back in Independence at 6:30 this evening.

I made it in time even though it stil still dark driving up there.

The tour turned out to be a lot more involved then we were led to believe. Not only did we  go through the Gilcrease Museum, but we went through several historic buildings in downtown Tulsa. We walked a lot . Luckily it was nice and not too hot today.

I got home at 7:00PM. We got into Independence at  6:30, which was about the time we hoped to get back.

I am going to take my bath now and watch Amazon Prime with Missy. I still intend to go to bed at 9:00PM. I am really tired!

Monday, September 10, 2018

Another Good Night's Sleep

I slept well again last night. The only bad thing was that Missy began to scratch on the coverlet and woke me up twice.  I did get right back to sleep though. When I had to get up at 1:00AM to go to the bathroom and clean up Missy's litter box, I took my med and also another melatonin tablet. The trick is to buy the 5mg strength. I had been using the 2mg tablets and they just were not strong enough.

I had tried to deal with my antenna last evening and turned and turned on it. Finally it was a little better and I was able to catch 60 Minutes off and on. This morning I have a good clear picture. I hope it lasts. So good.

I got up about 5:30AM, made the bed, dressed and got myself ready for the day. I fed Missy and myself.and took the trash out. Tomorrow is pick up day. I will be gone tomorrow to the Tulsa tour so I had moved my hair appointment to 10:00AM this morning.  Outside of that appointment, I don't have a plan for today.

I tried to access my Amazon account this morning and couldn't get past the post asking me to confirm my e mail address. I ended up having to call them to get it fixed....very annoying. It took a half hour or more to resolve it. And I only owe a little.

I got my hair done and stopped by the Medicine Shoppe and picked up my blood pressure med.  Another $10.00 but for three months. Also stopped by the bank and got some cash to get me through until Wednesday when my social security comes in. .

The TV is back to a mess again. I figured it was a fluke. I will watch Amazon Prime and Forensic Files. That is free since it is streamed and not dependent on the antenna.

Juanita just called me to remind me of her doctor's appointment on Thursday at 2:00PM.

That pretty much fills up my week.  Tomorrow is the tour, Wednesday is social security payday and I will grocery shop., Thursday is Juantita's doctor's appointment. Friday is free.

More later...

I had one of my Schwan's meals for lunch. I think I will go back to the Walmart brand. It's just as good and are only $1.88 each.   I will finish up the Schwan's meals first.

I saw on TV that a hurricane is going toward North and South Carolina as a category 4. They are evacuating a million folks.  I called Nancy because her son, David and his wife live there. She had just talked to David but he didn't mention evacuating.

Later, I took my bath and put my PJs on and Missy and I watched some Amazon Prime TV until 9:00 when we went to bed.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

A Very Busy Sunday

I slept pretty good last night and after waking up at 1:00, finally got back to sleep after I took my thyroid med and a melatonin tablet. Then I awoke again at a little after 5:00 and got up and got ready for the day.

This is my week to make the coffeecake for Sunday School class. I got that mixed up and in the oven and then took Missy out for awhile. It was chilly (for a change) so she did not want to stay out long.

I got the coffeecake out of the oven and iced it and got ready for Phyllis to pick me up for Church School and church.  She came and then picked up Bob too. After church we went over to "Just Us" for dinner.

After I got home I worked on the congregation newsletter and also put together another couple of  directories. That took all afternoon. Then I organized My Documents so it would be easier to find what I want.. Karan will have to sew them to the covers. I no longer have a sewing machine.

After awhile I finished as far as I could go. I need to get our new man who is coming to give me his birth date for the directory. I send out birthday cards to the congregation.

Then I came in to try to watch 60 Minutes. It came and went but I got the gist of it. All during the program, I moved the antenna until the picture got a little better but it still tore some.

It's time for my bath so I will get back to this at a later time.

More later...

Missy and I watched TV all evening on Amazon Prime. At 9:00PM we went to bed.