Saturday, July 2, 2011

Busy Saturday

I met my brother-in-law for breakfast this morning and afterward came on home to wash my windows before it got too hot to do so. It's 89 degrees now and I wanted to mow today too. I may just have to bite the bullet and go ahead and do it....heat or not. I'm covered with sweat now and all I did was drag out the hoses and hook up the window washing jar. I use this stuff called Renz-e-z. I have used it for years. You dissolve the material into their special jar in hot water and and then hook it up to the hose and wash the windows right through the screens. It cleans the screens too. I have used it for forty years.

My windows look real nice now. I had to drag out the hose and hook up two of them to reach the east side of the house but that was the hardest part.

We went to Cyndi's home last night for Leslie's surprise birthday party. There were twelve of us. We had spaghetti and a squash dish and two different salads and then cake and ice cream. My brother-in-law made homemade ice cream. I looove homemade ice cream.

Today I will clean house and mow.

More later....

I got the yard mowed but it's 100 degrees out there and I have yet to trim. I'm going to just wait until later. I still want to clean. The trouble is...I have Slinky in the house. He is roasting out there and suffering terribly with this heat. I don't know what I will do when I go to church tomorrow. Hopefully he can make it until I get home.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday at Last!

Many of my concerns are now fixed. The roof is on, flimsy as it appears to be. It is supposed to cut out 98% of all UV rays from the sun. But it is much thinner then the old material.'s on.

The computer seems to be least for the time being. My money concerns are temporarily fixed. My kids have donated to the cause. That takes the pressure off of five weeks between Social Security payments this month. I don't get my Social Security until the second Wednesday and most of my bills, including the mortgage, come due long before then.

I need to go to the market after work today and I need to clean my house. It has been a couple of weeks since I have done that. With a shedding cat in the house, I'm sure there is hair over everything.

Above all, since I've been taking Melatonin, I have been getting some good sleep and I feel like a human being when I get a good night's sleep.

Then tonight at 5:10, we leave for that surprise party for Leslie.

More later...I need to go feed the animals.

Well, again, no work. And furthermore my supervisor will be gone until next Friday. I have no idea what I will do with myself all next week.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday Still Waiting for Work

I certainly hope they have some work for me to do today. I am so tired of just sitting and watching Heather work. I know it's her "end of the year" but she agreed when she agreed to take me on her staff that she would use me and keep me busy. Well, she certainly hasn't. Today I worked...maybe a half hour.

When Aime gets back from her vacation, if I haven't heard anything from the Mill Supply Apartments, I will ask her to move me to another agency if she can. I am wasting my time and the Department of Labor's money sitting around doing nothing.

At least I can look forward today to having my patio roof installed when I get off work. Keith W. is supposed to do it and it's supposed to be 105 today and I just cannot go job searching in this heat.

I did take Slinky for a walk this morning about 5:45. He was ecstatic. When we got home though, both of us were dragging. We both need the exercise. One of these days, probably in this heat, I will come home to a dead dog. He is 13 and cannot handle the heat. I won't be back until shortly after 11:00 so he has to tough out the morning anyway.

Tomorrow is Leslie's birthday and we are planning a surprise party for her at Cyndi's Jefferson home. We will all ride out together and hide Bobby's car behind the house. I am to take salad. Bob A., Bobby M. and Karan M. are all invited.

Leslie called last night to invite me out for dinner on the 4th. She said to bring Bob A. if he had no plans. They will probably have Cyndi and Jeff too. The men are like boys when it comes to fireworks. I am to take potato salad to that dinner so I will need to do some grocery shopping tomorrow after work. I will need the makings for salad for tomorrow and the makings for potato salad for Monday.

Bob A. just called and Ralph Perkins died. His wife, Wilma died this morning too so that family lost both their mother and their father in the same month. Tragic!

More later....

My internet has been down for hours. It went down yesterday and then came back up later in the evening. Finally I called out a tech. He came and changed out the connections and the splitter and ran a new wire to the house. That seemed to fix my problem.

The roofers came today too and got the new roof over the patio installed. It looks very flimsy. I hope it holds up better then it looks like it will. So things are getting fixed right and left. I wish my job would get fixed.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another Dead Day

Another day with nothing to do. If this doesn't end soon I will just have to give up the training job. I'm not getting any training this way anyhow.

I've had computer problems...actually it's Cox Communications problems. I couldn't get online and a few minutes ago I called the tech and after fooling around for awhile he got me back online...for about ten or fifteen minutes. Then it went down again. I did the same things I did with him on the phone and eventually it came back up. To get the desktop to come back up I had to reboot through. I have no idea how long this will last this time. They are sending a tech out to look everything over tomorrow afternoon sometime between 1:00 and 3:00.

It's 98 degrees here and its supposed to be 105 tomorrow.

More later....

My internet was off most of the afternoon. They won't come until tomorrow after 1:00 so if it goes off again, I'm stuck. Television is terrible.

I tried to take my laptop up to McDonald's where there is a hotspot but it seems my son fixed it so it doesn't recognize any other router but mine. I could get it to even pick up McDonald's signal.

Oh well..

Keith W. called awhile ago. He discovered that the lumber yard had not delivered my roofing for the patio. I told him I was aware of that and that I felt I was being jerked around by the roofer. It has been months now. My mistake was paying him before he had the job completed. I trusted him to do that right thing and I was evidently wrong.

Keith is going to pick up the roofing himself and bring it out and put it on...he says tomorrow. I'll wait to see before I celebrate. I've believed these folks too many times and now I have lost faith in them.

Later in the evening....

Keith W. just came by and called me. He was in my back yard bringing my roofing. The lumber yard had delivered it one block up on Cortez instead of here. He said he and Vincent would be here early tomorrow morning before it got too hot, to put it on. It's supposed to be 105 tomorrow.

Good for Keith! He and Joyce have really taken care of me. It's taken awhile but it may finally be happening.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More of the Same

Today was just more of the same. I did about 15 minutes worth of work and the rest of the time I just sat around. I have a job interview this evening at 5:00 with the Mill Supply Apartments for a managers position. That would include housing and I would have to sell my house and take my animals to the SPCA. But I'm going to the interview. I don't have much hope they will hire me anyhow.

I need to get some job applications out this week. I will be gone after the 9th to camp. It would be the 18th anyhow before I could start any job.

I have an appointment on the 6th to see Dr. Smith about re-doing my left foot bunion surgery. I will probably not get it done if they haven't improved it lately. The Keller procedure is to open the bunion and take out a part of the joint and put a steel rod into the incision and into the big toe. The big toe often then gets limp and that causes a strange gait. So unless the procedure is improved, I won't have it done. I'd rather live with the discomfort even if my foot is ugly. I'll know more after the 6th.

I'm not happy with the results of my eyelid surgery and don't really trust any surgeon much to improve the situation on my foot. If you want to see the procedure. Go here..

More later...

I just returned from a job interview. I may get the job. I had a great interview. I also got a tour of the facility. The job is as manager of a really nice apartment complex. You don't have to live on the premises. That is a benefit because I want to keep my house, my dog and my cats. It is low income housing but they are very strict about who they rent to. They need a manager. After an hour's interview, they gave me the tour.

The job would be 25 hours a week, probably more until all the units are rented. It pays $12 an hour. There is quite a bit of paperwork and my computer skills were impressive. I do need to learn Excel. I use Excel but do not know how to set it up but I'm sure it doesn't take a rocket scientist to learn it. They would pay a straight $12.00 X 25 each week and would pay monthly. (unless there was an awful lot of extra hours, like at first. Then those would be compensated).

I'm not sure whether I want it or not but I will have to think about it in the event they offer it to me.

Monday, June 27, 2011


I wonder if I will have any work to do today? I am so tired of going in to work and just sitting for three hours. They simply must find something for me to do.

I wanted to stay home and rest last night but Judy called and was going to be offended if I didn't go. So I just bit the bullet and went. It turned out alright. We ate and then watched a video on the history of Islam produced by the History Channel. I had borrowed it from the First Christian Church in Independence. It was interesting. We watched most of it before everyone played out. We got down to their history in the 20thcentury before we turned it off and left. I slept like a baby. It was the best sleep in months.

Keith W. came over while I was at church yesterday and put the tarp over the least part of it. That gave Slinky some shade on the patio. He is so nice. He left me a message about it on my voice mail.

More later...

Nope! No work at all. I sat and looked at the four walls as long as I could and finally walked into the lobby and read a magazine I found laying there. I tried to call Amie and ask to be transferred but she is on vacation and won't be back until the 5th of July. So, I guess I will tough it out another week.

I went and got gas for my mower and mowed. I haven't trimmed but it's 100 degrees out there. That will have to wait.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Again

We had a huge day yesterday. Four of our party traveled in Bob A.'s car and twelve more in a rented van to Branson to see the musical production of "Noah". It was a spectacular all right although it certainly was not my theology, I consider the story of Noah in the Bible to be myth and not an actual true story. A myth is a story with a truth behind it. The Adam and Eve story is also a myth. But it has a great truth behind it. Anyhow, "Noah" was quite a production. The day was exhausting. We stopped at Crackerbarrel just outside Joplin Missouri at 11:30 that morning for breakfast/lunch and then went on into Joplin to view the tornado damage and then on to Branson from there.

That tornado damage was terrible. There's just this huge swath of damage about a mile wide and several miles long right through the center of Joplin. We arrived in Branson about thirty minutes before the show started at 3:30. It ran until 6:30. Then we went to a steakhouse for dinner. It took them an hour to get us our dinner and then the better part of another to eat and pay and get back on the road. We got back to Coffeyville about 11:15. I took a quick bath and went to bed. I posted the photos this morning. The first two were taken at Branson at the theater. That's our entire group. The one with the grandmother and her daughter in law and grandchildren is second. Two were taken that morning at the Crackerbarrel and the bottom one is Bob A. with Cyndi and Bobby M. The top one is Cyndi kidding around with Bob A.

I awoke as early as usual and then Scott called and we visited for a little while before I took a shower and washed my hair. It had been three days and my hair gets curlier and curlier the longer between shampoos. Ugh!

Anyhow, Slinky seemed to be alright. He must have slept in the shed where I put his bedding. He began barking just about the time I got dressed so I hurried in and fed him before he awoke the neighborhood with his barking. There's a thirty percent chance of rain today and I'm not sure what to do with him.

I'm supposed to attend the Living the Questions group tonight as Bashams but I think I will just skip it. They live in rural Cherryvale and I really do not want to drive to Cherryvale tonight.