Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

I had my little family get together last night. It was really nice to have the kids over. Of course, only John and Leslie could be here but I was delighted to have them. Bob A. called that evening and felt so bad with his cold that he really didn't want to get out. So he was not here. But his grandson and his wife came to stay the night with him. Bob's daughter didn't have room in their place for all of them so they stayed with him. I had offered my extra bedroom but they wanted to be with him and I understand that.

Anyhow, we had our eggnog...with real nog (rum) in daughter has a secret recipe for it. I had made some cranberry bread but it was slightly overdone and I was disappointed in it. I took the crust off of it and gave that to Slinky so he had some celebration too. I also had chip and dip and my peanut clusters.

Afterward we opened our gifts. John and Leslie had bought one another a new flat screen HD TV for the den upstairs. I bought Leslie some towels she wanted for the upstairs bathroom. I bought John some Moose Munch that I bought at Harry and David's in Branson. But the REAL news was the gift they gave me. Leslie and Keith and Scott went together and bought me a Kindle with a two year warranty and a cover to protect the screen. Needless to say, I was absolutely delighted! I spent the evening getting it registered and reading the instruction booklet that came on it. It is wireless so I logged on to my router and went online and then I booted up the laptop and sent myself Sunday's sermon just for a test. I was even able to open a browser and see this blog. (of course the font was very small and so I would rather read it here). about excited!!! I haven't been so excited since..gosh, I don't even know when! Now I can hardly wait to buy an e-book on Amazon. I already have an account there since I buy all my books there.


Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

I've procrastinated for several days and now I must clean my bathrooms and run the sweeper. This afternoon I will bake my cranberry bread for tonight. I also want to make up my dip. The peanut clusters are already finished. It rained last night but at least it didn't freeze or snow.

The animals were restless last night. Missy got me up twice and twice I put her out. Slinky got me up four times and I let him out to go do his thing. The last time, I left him out. He did not want to come back in and I was not about to argue with him at 4:00 AM. After the cold sunk in, he barked four times to be let back in but I ignored him. Hopefully he is smart enough to realize why he was left out in the cold.

Leslie and John had me meet them for dinner last night at Tavern on the Plaza. That was their celebration for John's new job. We saw Jack and Marilyn there with their son, David. He seems to be a nice young man.

I got back home in time to get a bath and get into my pjs and watch a rerun of This Old House. After that, I just went to bed. It's a good thing I did since the animals had me up so much in the night.

I took my neighbor some cookies yesterday afternoon. She just got home from the nursing home where she had been recuperating from a broken hip and arm. In August she slipped in the rain and broke both. She had a good recovery through. She was using her walker and getting around fine. I didn't stay or even go in because Slinky was in the kitchen at home and I needed to get back. She looked good. It looked like she had lost some weight but she still looked good.

I want to get some cookie tins this morning and take some peanut clusters to Jack and Marilyn. They are such good friends.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Good News!

John, my son-in law, got back in from cutting wood this noon and had a call from that Roger Jansen about the manager's job. John starts the 6th of January. He gave notice at Amazon.

I am so pleased! I had given him my Sunday papers for two years and marked possibilities. What a nice Christmas gift for John.

Since retiring from teaching, John has worked as a security guard. He did not like it at all. He has been looking for two years for something better. The man has a master's degree and has interviewed numerous times for jobs that were just right for him but had been passed over every time. He is 57 and I think that has something to do with it.

Anyhow, he starts the new job January 6th!

Another Quiet Day

This should be another quiet day. I will meet Bob A. for breakfast at 9:00 this morning and then go to Independence to get my hair done at 11:00. Bob A. called last night. He has a cold. I had some cold meds (Zycam) that had not even been opened (my Bob had bought it) so I ran it over to him. I hope it helps. He has to have some blood work done this morning so it will be a late breakfast.

Later tomorrow I will bake that cranberry bread. I would like it to be warm when I serve it.

Otherwise, it should be a quiet day. I do want to get over to my neighbor's this afternoon and take her some cookies. I need to go to the dollar store for some cat food and oatmeal and sugar. I am nearly out of all of it. Slinky would be very disappointed if he didn't get his morning oatmeal. He loves oatmeal! I made oatmeal cookies Sunday afternoon and used nearly all of it.

More later....

Well, I had a nice breakfast with my brother-in-law. He is fighting a cold. Afterward I went out to church and watered the poinsettias then went on up to Independence to buy mascara and get my hair done. Carol got me in early and got me out early. Cyndi and Jeff were in town and wanted to take me to lunch but I got in the beauty shop early and out early. It was only 11:00. I tried to call Cyndi as she asked me to but she didn't pick up. I waited about ten minutes and tried again but again she wouldn't pick up so I just left her a message and went on back to Coffeyville and home. When I was about nine miles away, she finally called me back. I told her I had tried to call her twice and when I couldn't get her to pick up, I just came on back home. I told her I would take a rain check on lunch.

It's difficult to connect with someone who won't pick up on calls.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Quiet Wednesday

I haven't done a lot today. This morning I made peanut clusters and will make cranberry bread tomorrow. Leslie and John and Bob A. will be coming over Christmas Eve and I want to have some goodies on hand to serve them before we open our gifts.

I am thawing my chicken in the frig for Saturday. I will make a chicken and rice casserole since there will only be the four of us. Bob will bring hot rolls and Leslie will bring pie. I will also make a carrot raisin salad. That should be plenty for the four of us.

My neighbor is coming home from the nursing home tomorrow and I will take her some of my cookies. She fell on rain water back in August and broke her hip and left arm. She has been recuperating all this time.

I hope Slinky sleeps better tonight then he did last night. He woke up four times last night and I have been reading this afternoon and keep falling asleep over my book. He has been in all afternoon and has napped.

Tomorrow I want to get my hair done.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Salvation (as I understand it)

I was recently asked by a friend to explain the nature of salvation as I understood it. This is a difficult subject to approach with friends. We often say, “We should not discuss politics or religion.” But she asked so I felt I should do the best I could to explain my beliefs.

The gospel, as I understand it, is not a system of beliefs. But it is an event. It is the redemptive activity of God in the history of man. The gospel is not a commandment that men be good. It is the revelation that God is good and God’s goodness is expressed in involving Godself in the human situation. Thus the central focus of the gospel is this reconciling act. The disciple must be something in addition to saying something. The word of God then refers to the action of God. In this sense, the proclamation of the message is a call to action or to response.

Inasmuch as the activity of Jesus occurred in the context of a community of persons, his message demonstrated and taught a different style of life within that community. It was a style of life characterized by a redemptive love and fellowship. It follows that the gospel can best be faithfully witnessed within a fellowship of persons attempting to demonstrate that same unique lifestyle. The message is then, not simply a word or words, nor simply a solitary good life, but rather is the message held forth before man in the form of participation in a community of love.

Several problems present themselves when discussing salvation. One relates to the attitude that if one adheres to certain prescribed principles, this will earn for him in the afterlife, another life in heaven. This attitude suggests that the gospel is a set of principles and that salvation is a reward for obeying them. The idea of earned salvation in an afterlife suggests the preeminence of the next world over this one and associates salvation with it alone. It is also a rather selfish viewpoint that is all about “me” and my reward. Salvation is concerned with how life is lived in this life and with man’s ability to appropriate the fullness of life for himself as well as others. The salvation inherent in the gospel frees men to be truly and fully human. It is a condition by which his life has been made by God what it has not been previously…a true and full life. If one lives this life the best possible and to the best of one’s ability for the benefit of others, any reward in an afterlife will take care of itself.

The gospel, as I understand it, is designed to save us from ourselves and to save us for one another. It enables men to live together in mutual helpfulness, just as Jesus taught and demonstrated.


Tuesday Cleaning

One thing I will do today besides check in at the hospital, is finish my cleaning. I need to do my bathrooms and run the sweeper. Other then that, I don't know. It could be a quiet day. I will make my peanut clusters sometime...either today or tomorrow. I have nothing on for tomorrow.

The more I think about it, the more I think I will forgo the eye surgery. I don't like the idea of anyone messing with my eyes. My last bunion surgery was such a bungled mess that I dread giving another doctor another shot at me. With my luck, it would fail. I have these animals to take care of. They wake me at least twice in the night...once for the dog and at least once for the cat. I am not supposed to bend over. How do you feed animals without bending over? I'm supposed to sleep three nights in the recliner in the living room. I would have the fat cat on my lap if I did that. I am supposed to keep ice on my eyelid for at least a day or two. With messing with these animals, how on earth would I do that?

I can't wear my contacts for three weeks. That means messing with those glasses. At least I like my new glasses but they magnify my eyes to look huge. What if I get black eyes?

I'm still thinking about it. I took the permission form in to Melissa's office yesterday afternoon. After she got my blood pressure down, she was to fax it to the Wichita doctor. My blood pressure has been down only a week and if anything would drive it up, it would be this apprehension about the surgery. And another thing, they're only going to do one eye. Won't that look strange? One eye done and the other one not done?

I'm still thinking about it.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Complicated Monday

This was my last day as chaplain and I prayed with a woman who was going home to Hospice care. Her kidneys had shut down. I assured her Hospice would take very good care of her.

Afterward I went to the market and picked up the ingredients for my peanut clusters. I will make them up on Wednesday. I did a little cleaning and a load of laundry.

Then I went to Independence and met Juanita for lunch and took her to the bank. After that, I came back home again and took my medical form to the doctor's office so Melissa could fax it to the doctor in Wichita.

This evening I gave the invocation at the city commission meeting. Then I came home and let Slinky back in the kitchen.

Tomorrow I will go visit Phyllis.

Photos from Sunday

These are some photos from yesterday. Karan and Bobby are some of my best friends. Leslie, of course, is my daughter.

This was such a nice service and those of us that were there had a good time. Our congregation is such a caring group. They do their best to be one of those kind of communities we read about in the New Testament. We are a community.

More later....

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Another Big Sunday

Today will be our Christmas Program at church. After that, we will have our Holiday Dinner. Sue is fixing the ham and the rest of us are taking the rest. I have made brownies this morning and my scalloped potatoes are in the oven now. When the brownies are cool, I will ice them.

Later after I get home following the dinner, I will bake oatmeal walnut cookies for Leslie's cookie exchange party. Surely I will be tired this evening.

I went to bed at 8:30 last night and slept real well until 12:00 when Missy wanted to go out. I put her out and then about 4:00 Slinky needed to get out. So I let him out...and she came back in. After about a half hour, Slinky started barking for breakfast. I got up again and went in the kitchen and bawled him out. He was quiet until 5:00 and then he began barking again. I gave up and got up and fed him. It's a good thing I go to bed early or i would get no sleep at all. He is lying here quiet now since I am in the kitchen with him. I brought the laptop in here so I could read the blogs while my potatoes are baking.

Yes, it will be a big day. More later...

The service and the dinner were both a success. The congregation gave me a"love gift" for Christmas and it covered half of what I paid out for my car repair. I was really surprised. I did not expect anything like that.

Later, I baked five dozen cookies and Bob A. and I went out to Leslie's for the cookie exchange party. Before I left I also did half of my newsletters. The party was great fun. We got back a little after 6:00. I took my bath about 8:00. I am really tired. It's been a big day.

Tomorrow is my last day as a chaplain until next time it's my turn. I will pick up Juanita at 1:00 tomorrow at her beauty shop. But first thing in the morning I will check with the hospital and see if they need me. Then I will clean my house.

While I am in Independence tomorrow I will go to Wal Mart and get the makings for my famous peanut clusters. I have oodles of cookies from the cookie exchange.