Saturday, October 29, 2022

Saturday and a Complication

I woke up this morning and realized I had my hair appointment on Wednesday for my color and cut and that is the day of my tour to Overland Park to the dinner theater. I guess I will have to cancel my hair appointment because the tour as been paid for for several months. What a mess! This entire week has been a disaster.

Once again the laptop says "server not found".  It may just be finished. Even though Cox says the mess is over and everything is working and we all have a laptop can no longer find the signal on a regular basis. And even this desktop computer often says "Signal not found" right now...

Friday, October 28, 2022

Friday and No Working Internet

Still I have little  internet.  I think there was a major problem over at Coffeyville on Wednesday and the internet has been very off and on ever since. The laptop has been unable to receive a signal except my blog...nothing else. I got my e-mail on the desktop but nothing else. The electronic Chronicle came but I could not open it.

It is nearly 5:00AM and I will get dressed and make my bed. I will see if this blog will post this morning.

So more later.. 

I tried to get the blog on the laptop and it got very little signal but when I tried to save what I had added on the laptop, it lost the signal. So that did not work. So the laptop is worthless to me in this cable crisis. It is able to pick up what I add to the desktop computer. But that's all.

I still have no internet connection on the laptop computer.  It is running with Windows 7  so that may a part of the problem. This desktop computer runs with Windows 10.

I managed to get the weather forecast on the TV. Today is to be 69 degrees and Clouds and PM sun, Saturday will be 64 degrees and mostly cloudy, Sunday is to be 65 degrees and mostly cloudy, Monday will be 73 degrees and sunny, Tuesday is to be 76 degrees and mostly sunny,  Wednesday is to be 75 degrees and  mostly sunny and Thursday is to be 74 degrees and partly cloudy.

I am hoping the laptop internet problem might be resolved. I ran a trouble shooter  program and so far it has worked and I have internet on the laptop. I will see if it stays fixed. 

I got a hold of a Cox tech online. She had a Spanish accent and I had a hard time  understanding her. After the better part of an hour, she gave my signal a jolt and I had the internet again... temporarily. The desktop computer is still working but once again the laptop is signal. Now it's back on again and I can access the internet...all but my bank in Coffeyville. Their internet must still be down.

It comes and it goes. I have an appointment with a Cox rep here on Thursday between 8:00AM  and 10:00AM. Every since last Wednesday I have had sporadic internet. ..especially on the laptop computer.  I have not had this problem before the catastrophe at Cox in Coffeyville last Wednesday. 

Most of the time, the only way I can get the laptop online is to reboot the computer.   And now the desktop is also losing the signal from time to time.

The latest Cox Tech thinks it might be that I need a new modem (router).  He gave it a jolt too and I was able to get back online.

More Later... 

Soon after noon,I mopped and vacuumed the house.I will dust tomorrow.

That didn't last long. I still can't access the internet. 

O.K. I have the internet back but the router is too old and is not working right. When  Cox Complete Care comes on Thursday he/she will bring me a new router. 

The man I talked to on the phone that did his best to help me from Cox Complete Care, walked me through taking the router back to the factory setting. You put a needle in the little hole on the bottom of the router/modem and hold it in the for a count of 15,then you take it out and wait for the little light on top to go from red to green to yellow and then back to while  But for some reason that didn't work. The said earlier that the router was three years old and worn out and was too old and they would be bringing me a new router.

Neither computer would even recognize the Cox address that they use  to get downloaded onto the computers so he wasn't able to get himself downloaded to either of the computers  that would allow a tech from Cox Complete Care to download on the computers to work on them. So he did the best he could me instructions of what to do to fix them. It didn't work well anyhow.They just weren't able to get on the internet anyhow.

I put the correct password on the network but the Kindle still won't connect to the server and so I also can't get on my bank's site and neither the new Kindle nor the old one will accept the password.

So, I am stuck. 

I will have to wait until Thursday when the Cox tech brings my new Modem and I can have it set up for using to get on the internet. I have been stymied all day. I can't get my new Kindle set up with the correct password so I can read the Kindle. I can't log onto Amazon to get that password fixed correctly. Neither computer can get online. I can get on my blog most of the time.

Now I will take my bath. It's nearly 7:00PM...bath time. Then I will read something until bedtime. How frustrating! And I can't access Keith's blog either so I can't put the information from my blog on his. Neither computer can access his blog. 

On this desktop computer, there are messages that say "server not found" so someone is going to have  a lot of work to get these two computers working again.

Their area outage has really screwed up my computers. They can't find  anything and can't hold a signal.

Then this evening I suddenly realized my tour to Kansas City (Overland Park) to the dinner theater is Wednesday and I need to be in Independence at 7:00AM to catch the bus for the tour and Wednesday is also my hair appointment at 9:00AM. I will have to call Toni today and cancel my hair appointment or just forget about the tour. I guess I will have to cancel my hair appointment. The tour is more important and it's paid for.  

What a mess this week has been. That huge mess Wednesday in Coffeyville caused that huge outage of the internet. The computer don't hold a signal and I have an appointment Thursday to have Cox Complete Care come here and try to get everything working again.  They will be bringing me new router. The one I have is three years old and inadequate to hold a signal or even find a signal much of the time. They say "server not found".

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Thursday and Internet Problems

I slept well last night but today I am having problems with the internet. I cannot log on to anything on the laptop computer and I am not sure I can get onto my blog on the desktop computer. I ill try and see if it's just the laptop or if I have access on the desktop. The desktop computer seems to be working fine but the laptop is not getting the internet at all. I tried rebooting it but when it came back up it still didn't find the internet. Now I am having problems with  access to the internet on the desktop too.

Well, thank goodness it isn't my computers. I called Cox and their internet is down in our area. They will text me when the service is restored.

It appears local service is working sporadically but I can't get out of the immediate area. I can't reach my bank in Coffeyville.

I did manage to get the weather report on the TV even though I have limited use of the internet. I still can't get any site out of town.

Today is supposed to be 68 degrees and partly cloudy, Friday is to be 68 degrees and partly cloudy too, Saturday is to be 65 degrees and cloudy,  Sunday is to be 65 degrees and mostly cloudy, Monday is to be 72 degrees and sunny, Tuesday is to be 75 degrees and sunny, Monday is also to be 75 degrees and sunny, Tuesday is to be 75 degrees and sunny, and Wednesday is to be  74 degrees and mostly sunny. That's the next week's weather if it will just post now. 

I called Sally and asked her to go to Copan Restaurant for lunch. She was delighted to do that. That's what we did. Then I took her to Coffeyville to get a key made for her 1999 Pontiac. We thought we had it done because Ace Hardware did have blanks for a 1999 Pontiac but for some reason the new key did not work. She will have to go back to Ace Hardware in Coffeyville and have them try again.

The only internet I can get is local. I can't log onto my bank because Coffeyville is out of WiFi too. 

I called the bank and they gave me the amount of Esther's deposit. It is 3:41PM now. Still no internet on anything that is not local. My bank...for example...which is in Coffeyville...

More even later...

I have been reading this afternoon..luckily I have library books because I have no wifi for my I have been reading a library book. I also have no internet access for my laptop and barely have any for my desktop computer.

It is 6:25PM so I will go check if the cats are out there hungry.

So more later...No the cats were not out there.

I will take my bath now. It's almost 7:00PM.I will try to get back to this later...after my bath.

So More even later...

I will read my book until 9:00PM. The internet is very sporadic. The laptop is down internet. So far this desktop is holding on....barely.


Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Wednesday and Hair and Game Day

I had a terrible night's sleep last night. First I got too hot so I got up and turned on the air. I got back to sleep after that but woke again..this time too cool. So I turned it over to heat again. But by that time, I was awake too much. I could never get back to sleep. All evening I had had women call me to talk about Medicare. I told each one I had a broker from Aetna taking care of that for me and to not call me again. There were seven calls in all. I was unable to stay asleep for being concerned about whether those calls were legitimate or not. 

Having been scammed last Spring, I am overly cautious anymore about the "Medicare" calls or any suspicious calls on the telephone.  A second scam call I had a couple of weeks after that one last Spring insisted on being paid or he would kill me the next day. Cox told me to call the police so I did and the police woman here came over here and made a formal case about it. The police woman watched my apartment for a couple of weeks...just in case. Now I don't trust any calls that "may" be suspicious sounding. 

If someone calls today from "Medicare" I may ask them to tell me what their concern is....just in case it may be a "legitimate" Medicare call. I had checked in about an "Advantage" plan with the Aetna broker. 

I will get my hair done at 9:00AM in Coffeyville and then go to the library to read until time for game day at 1:00PM. I would read at the senior center but Janet keeps that place way too cool for me.

By the way, I did have my breakfast in here this morning and I did have one of those donuts with my coffee. I will have the second one tomorrow with my coffee.

I will go check out the weather forecast now and soon also the cats. It's only 5:34AM now...way too early for the cats to be out there.

More Later...

I got the weather forecast right away. Today is forecast to be 68 degrees and sunny, Tomorrow is to be 68 degrees and mostly cloudy, Friday is to be 66 degrees and partly cloudy, Saturday is to be 64 degrees and partly cloudy, Sunday is to be 66 degrees and partly cloudy,  Monday is to be 70 degrees and Partly cloudy, Tuesday is to be 74 degrees and sunny. No rain next week at all. Luckily we had some on Monday and a little bit on Tuesday.

When I opened the door at  6:00AM, Scruff was there so I took her food out to her.Then I went to get the laptop computer and when I came back in the living room, Blondie was there too and they were both eating hungrily. There doesn't seem to be any wind today. That's good. I missed my walk yesterday and I need to get my walk in as soon as it is light out there.

Both cats are gone now. They must have finished eating. I may leave the food out there for a little while just in case they come back for more. 

It doesn't appear the cats are coming back so I will go bring the cat food back in the garage and cover it.

.More even later...

It's 7:30AM now and light out so I am going to take my walk back later...

I got back from my walk at 7:50AM. I walked fast because it was cold out there and I was bundled up well too... with gloves. My ears were a little cold but not bad. It is 39 degrees out there.

I left for Coffeyville and my hair appointment at 8:20AM. I stopped at Sonic and bought a cherry limeade slush and then went to get my hair done. After that I went to the library and sat out front and read my new Kindle. Later I went on to the senior center until everyone came for game day. We had a good time and good treats and got away about 3:30PM.I came on home after I washed my car and vacuumed it out. I also took the plastic bags by Genesis. And the newspapers by Karan's.

It's 5:02 now and I will get back to my reading.

More later...

I read until time for my bath and the after that I plugged in my phone to charge it. I took it out of the bedroom plug and put it in the hall plug so it would be near in case it rang. Suddenly I had Keith on the phone. He said I called him but it must have been a fluke.I was happy to speak with him though. They are leaving a week from next Saturday to go back to Rome. Again Esther is going with him. She loves Rome. They both do. She sent me a lovely scarf the last time she went with him.

I will go back to my book as soon as I put this blog on Keith's blog.

I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Tuesday and Cookies For the First Christian Church

I slept pretty well last night and only woke up a couple of times but managed to get right back to sleep. I got hot in the night and had to get up and turn the air on and off of heat. Then I slept better the rest of the night.

Today I will go over to the church to pick up Billie Jo's cookies and then take them and all the ones I have in my car up to Independence to the First Christian Church for dessert for their dinner this evening. I got mine at Walmart yesterday in Bartlesville. Leslie had brought some to church earlier and Phyllis had hers there Sunday too but Karan is least she was Sunday... so she probably has not taken any out there. I will text her later before I leave and ask her. If she's well now, she may have taken some out there.

I am eating my breakfast here in the den now. It's 5:48AM and I guess I will go check out "the weather on the 8's" soon on TV.  Then I will check out the cats too a little later.

The cats both came for their breakfast this morning. I fed them and when they finished,I put away the cat food.

I found the weather and today is to 63 degrees and will have morning rain, Wednesday is to be 68 degrees and sunny, Thursday will be 67 degrees and mostly cloudy, Friday will be 64 degrees and mostly cloudy, Saturday is to be 62 degrees and partly cloudy, Sunday 65 degrees and partly cloudy, and Monday will be 72 degrees and partly cloudy. That's it for this week. We had rain yesterday and last night and some rain this morning too.

More even later...

I went to our church and picked up the cookies there and took all four bags to the First Christian Church in Independence. The pastor said they would not need more until the second Tuesday in November. So I will have Leslie put that information in the next two bulletins.That would be November 8th. I will share that information with those who buy cookies and the rest of the others with my group text.

More later... I am going back to my book.

I finished another book and started another one but I am tired of reading.

The sun is out and it is warm outside. It's 3:54PM now and I am bored. I am tired of reading and it's too windy to rake leaves.

So,more later...

My landlady and landlord brought me some gifts this evening. They had some frozen ground beef in their freezer and it looks like they gave me over a pound of it. The next cold day, I am going to make some chili con carne with it. It's been awhile since I have had chili with crackers and cheese. I haven't made any since my brother-in-law died last February. He always had lunch with me. Then Dee Anna, who is a teacher over at South Coffeyville, had bought a box of donuts as a fund raiser and they offered me some of those too. I took two. I will have them with my coffee in the morning. That will be a treat! And when I make that chili, I will invite Sally over for lunch.

I took my bath at 6:30PM this evening. I don't know why I was so tired.The only real thing I did was go to take those cookies to the First Christian Church in Independence.

Tomorrow I will go over to Coffeyville to get my hair done at 9:00AM and then take my plastic bags in to be reused at Genesis. I will take Karan my newspapers for the animal shelter and then go to the library to read my Kindle until time for game day at 1:00PM at the senior center. We will play until 3:00PM or 3:30PM.Then I will come home unless I go visit with Marilyn. It's always a fun day. It's nearly 7:00PM now and I guess I will go read again. There's nothing I am interested in on TV except the CBS news and I watched that this evening.

I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM as usual.


Monday, October 24, 2022

Monday and a Visit to Nancy

I slept well again last night and was up a little before 5:00AM.  I dressed, made my bed and got myself ready for the day. 

I have some laundry going and it's in the dryer now.

Sally called me last night and wants me to take her to Bartlesville to her job at the YMCA there when I go to see Nancy this morning. That's not a problem. I go to see Nancy every Monday anyhow. Sally says she thinks the problem with her van is the transmission and she doesn't trust it. I can certainly understand that. After she gets off work at 11:30AM, I will take us to lunch before I bring Sally home to Caney and Nancy back to the assisted living. I believe that will be the plan. If we eat in Bartlesville then I could take Nancy back to the assisted living before I take Sally back home. That would save me another trip back to Bartlesville to take Nancy back there. Besides, I took her to Caney last week to see her house and some friends of hers at Eggbert's there.

I will go check out the weather forecast and the cats now. It's a little early for the cats but you never know.

I finished my breakfast and coffee and am now ready to drink my Chai Latte. I even balanced my checkbook.

So more later...

I get into the living room just in time to catch the weather forecast....and Scruff...who was hungry!

I fed her after I swept off a pile of leaves from the front door. She has either gained weight or is pregnant....I can't tell which. She is still eating hungrily.

Here is the forecast. Today is to be 74 degrees and and thunderstorms (and 100% chance of rain), Tuesday is to be 62 degrees and AM rain (and 100% chance of rain), Wednesday is to be 68 degrees and sunny, Thursday is to be 68 degrees and partly cloudy. Friday is to be 63 degrees and AM showers, Saturday 61 degrees and partly cloudy, Saturday is to be 61 degrees and partly cloudy and Sunday is to be 66 degrees and partly cloudy. That's the forecast..sounds very hopeful!

More later....

I got the laundry dried and folded and put away. That ought to take care of it for another week. Next week, I will strip the bed again. I do that every two weeks.

I believe Scuff has finished eating now. I started to put that cat food away earlier but she came rushing back and ate some more. So I left it out there awhile longer.

It's not light out yet. It's only 6:55AM and it usually doesn't get light anymore until about 7:30AM. so I probably won't walk this morning since I will be picking up Sally at 8:00AM. She lives at 1st and Main so that's awhile away from me.  

What do you know! I was just getting ready to put away that cat food and now Blondie is out there eating. It's a good thing I left it out there. He is just finishing up now. Maybe I will get to put it away after all.

More even later....

I did get it put away. And then at 7:30AM I went to get Sally. We drove to Bartlesville and I took her to the YMCA where she teaches several classes.

Then I went out to the Walmart's across from Nancy's Assisted Living where she is living now and later to Nancy's home at the Assisted Living building, There were several things I can get there in Bartlesville at the Walmart where she is living.Things I couldn't get at our Caney Market. I got them there at their Walmart. Then I went to get Nancy up and have her get dressed. I had visited with her as she dressed and until time to go pick up Sally. Then we went out to Dink's Bar B Q and had lunch. After that, I took Nancy was pouring down rain by then and I drove under the shelter at the front of the building so she would not get wet..  Then I drove back to Caney and took Sally home. It rained all the way.

I came home and read my mail...mostly junk. 

More later...I guess I will read awhile. ....

It's 7:04PM Now and I have just finished my bath and put my pajamas and robe on. I will read awhile before going to bed at regular bedtime. This present book is pretty boring and I may not finish it. It depends..maybe it will get more interesting.

Anyhow, that my present plan.

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Sunday and Church

I went to bed at 9:30PM after finishing my latest downloaded book "The Professor". I slept well and was only up once in the night. And then I got right back to sleep. 

I am eating my breakfast now. In a little while I will go turn on the TV to try to catch the weather forecast and later, the cats. It's only 5:49AM now so they won't be out there this early..if at all.. 

I will leave for church at 9:45AM and get there early enough to sweep out any bugs that may have crawled in under the door...if there are any. I also like to sweep off the walks.

Melissa was supposed to be today's speaker but she texted the congregation that she has pneumonia. So Leslie volunteered to take her place. Karan is sick too. 

I did catch the weather forecast. Today is supposed to be 85 degrees and cloudy and windy, Tomorrow is supposed to be 72 degrees and heavy thunderstorms,  Tuesday is to be 65 degrees and AM showers, Wednesday is to be 68 degrees and sunny,  Thursday is to be 69 degrees and partly cloudy, Friday is to be 61 degrees and showers, Saturday is to be 65 degrees and partly cloudy. I hope that rain that is forecast for Tuesday and Friday develops!

The cats came for their breakfasts about 6:45AM, ate and left. I was going to take the food in when Scruff came back for another taste of breakfast so I left it out there awhile longer. When she finally left, I took the cat food in the garage and covered it.

It's 7:44AM now and I will get back to this later. I am waiting for the CBS weekend news at 8:00AM.

It's 8:08AM now. I have been waiting for the Sunday CBS morning news and it is on now. 

I started my walk at 8:40AM.

I got back from my walk at 9:01AM. In about 30 Minutes, I will drive over to the church. 

I got there about 10:15AM and Leslie and John came soon after. Then Phyllis came. We had a very small congregation today.

Leslie had a nice service planned though. Melissa was supposed to have had it but she had lost her voice and diagnosed herself with Pneumonia. She's a doctor so imagine that's what she has.

After church Phyllis and I went to Eggbert's in Coffeyville and had their chicken salad dinner with the muffin and fruit. As always, it was good.

I will do my letters now and send copies of the bulletin to those who didn't make it today. I sent out nine letters and bulletins. 

The leaves from the trees across the street have been piling up at my front door. I took three boxes out there to block that from happening. I put a bag of kitty litter in one of them, Cat food in a second and a bag of ice melt in the third. Maybe that will block that mess from piling up at my front door. I will give it a try anyhow.

More later..I will go read again.

No, that didn't work. The leaves blew right over the top of those boxes and still piled up at my front door. I don't know what to do about that. It's just a terrible mess. I will be glad when the trees are bare. I will mow the leaves or rake them into piles and vacuum them up and bag them and put them in the trash. That will be awhile though. In the meantime I have to deal with all those leaves at my front door. The wind makes it worse, of course.

It's 3:34PM now. I will go read some more.

I read until time to log onto the Mission Center's evening worship service at 6:00PM. I watched it on Zoom. Then afterward we visited awhile.

Now it's time for my bath and time to put my pajamas on and my robe.  I will read in my book until 9:00PM bedtime!